Whirlwind Missions

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Tim A. Cummins @ 1:48 pm  

I continue to work on my video project from the 8mm film vault that my Mom and my grandfather Clyde O’Bryant had. It’s pretty cool seeing footage from 50 years ago.  I’ve watched a lot of baby video of me!  What a trip.

I have a bit more than an hour of footage to edit.  I’m breaking them down chronologically.  I’ll keep them all under 10 minutes so they can be posted to YouTube.  I feel that once I have the video uploaded to the Google-You/Tube servers, that historic record will be preserved.  Similar to having my folks tell their favorite stories on tape.

Mild outside and damp.

Here’s another video from my Dad.  This one tells about a wild church experience he had!