Whirlwind Missions

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Breaking and Entering

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:16 pm  

Decided to cut my hair again. I’d been letting it grow out. Tired of it.


Went to Stone Mountain this morning. Ran 4 miles on the elliptical treadmill. Cold outside.

Picked up Jesse for lunch. Went to Best Buy to check on some equipment we need.

Got some drinks at Kroger. I rode one of those little carts back to the store. Somebody left it in the parking lot. Too slow!

Over to the office to pick up bills. Boo.

To the mission at Azalea to help the kids.



Got some bad news over there. Apparently, someone got into the mission, stole the xbox, four controllers and all our games last night. Bahd luck. Kids were pretty upset about it, but no one is surprised. Certainly not me. I have stuff ripped off over there all the time, although normally it’s not something with much value. I’ll be able to replace it all for about $100. Then I’ll let one of the kids take all the stuff home with them every day.

Picked up Bayo and dropped him off at a store on Memorial Drive. He has a job opportunity there.

Came on home. Working on my admin stuff, archiving my book on News Gathering and my Board report.