Whirlwind Missions

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Portuguese! 500! TimCoins! Azalea!

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:42 pm  

Studied, want to guess?

I saw this on a Tshirt while I was looking for gifts for my friends. It’s Ashley’s birthday!

These are the titles of the four I got.
My friend Anthony always says, “Tim always gives the best gifts!” Hope they like them!
If you want to get a lot done, it’s important to organize. I need dates to keep focused if there is a real time crunch.

I’ll create more stuff in a couple of weeks than most people could produce in a year. And I just added a new video project this afternoon!

I recorded my 500th episode of Verbal Surgery this morning! WoW! It’ll release early next month. What a blessing that show has been to me. A terrific outlet.

The TimCoins have been a big project. I enjoy making things for friends. Of course it’s all marketing!

I really like the look of these!

I’m also creating a package to sell. It’ll include ten videos, twenty podcasts and more than a thousand proverbs.
I organized the files and will copy them onto USB drives. I’ll be putting the whole package together soon in gold envelopes. Costs me hardly anything to do, but they’ll look really cool.

Went for a 12.86 mile bike ride.

Went to work with the kids at the mission. Of course I always have fun with the Magnificent Baby. Although it’s hard to call her a “baby” any more with a REAL baby at the table!

Today Penelope said, “Black cat” and “White cat.” She’s really expanding her use of grammar. She’s doing great with lots of different colors.
Ashley is doing awesome and the baby is thriving!

Some of the older kids help me carry chairs and tables outside. We are enjoying the terrific weather.

Went by the church to pick up some costumes for the videos I’ll be shooting.

Also took some chairs from Ashley’s house. There were so many it was hard to stack them. Put them with the rest that I have at the church.

Went by CD Tower to pick up a few Chinese things.

To the bank to deposit some money. One of our sponsors always writes in cursive. The machines can never read it.

Talked with my friend Piper to figure out when we can take her church on Safari and to the missions.

Beautiful full moon this evening. The iPhone really doesn’t do it justice.