Whirlwind Missions

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Flood! Audible! Shower!

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:20 pm  

Seems like today had a water theme.

Studied Swahili and Spanish this morning. I got this email from Duolingo today. I corrected one of their answers.

I keep making progress in Swahili.


For my Brit friends.

I got water in my house this morning. It was leaking in from one of the downspouts. Jesse helped me rig up a series of tarps to keep the water from getting in until I can get my gutter man over here to replace them.

They have to be a least 45 years old!
The tarps keeps any leaks out and funnel all the water away from the house.

Man, did seeing that make me happy!

Last week, I found a place to do my recording: FBC Mountain Park!

It doesn’t sound quite as good as a real studio, but good enough!
The requirements for the settings for the recording are quite stringent.

The flourescent lights in the room had a pretty bad buzz. I went to Walmart to get a desk light so I didn’t have to run them. This is a clip on light I got for Jesse’s plants.

Needs a bulb!

I had a problem with the sheet ripping on my bed. The foam mattress was very degraded and crumbling. I repaired the sheet and flipped the mattress. A lot better now!

Did more caulking when I got home.
Currently, I’m checking on the shower repair. I’m giving it a few minutes to make sure the repair is ok! I’ll stop and go check it now. My heart is beating a little fast!
YES!! Still dry! Now I hope that when I check the front wall of the shower it will still be ok. I had the front wall covered with a thin sheet of plastic while I took a shower to verify that the side wall was fixed. Which it looks like it is. What a blessing.
Water inside the house and outside the house tight and dry. Yeah, baby!!