Whirlwind Missions

Monday, April 29, 2019

Groceries! Bike! Girls! 4.29.19

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:50 pm  

I’m trying some interesting methods to generate lucid dreaming. Part of that is spending some time awake about 4.5 hours after I first go to sleep. The brain goes into REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep about every 1.5 hours. You are generating an Alpha rhythm then. The longest time periods when you are dreaming is early in the morning right before you wake up. You can see the areas when I’m dreaming around 5:30am, 7:00am and around 8:20am. My sleep quality does go down a bit. It’s actually pretty common for me to wake up around 4:30am anyway. I normally spend at least thirty minutes in prayer then.

Did some Brain Training and studied EspaƱol.

Added the episode “Plant Yourself” to my podcasts ready to release. I’m nine weeks ahead now.

I got a sticker out of the palm of my hand this morning. That gunky looking stuff is alcohol cleaner to keep the site antiseptic. Normally, I let it go a few days. It’s easier to get out then.

I redid the wrapping of this extension cord. Kathy had left it a total mess. It’s easy to do. I’m super disciplined about how I leave cords. My Papaw always told me, “Careful use gives long use.”

Had a fun talk with my buddy Anthony this afternoon. He hurt his back. Had a good prayer time with him.

Some interesting sections from one of the books I’m reading called, “What Doesn’t Kill Us.”

Got the groceries.

I put my windmills back outside. I use this set up to determine wind direction. The top one is pointed North.

I use these to determine wind velocity. Of course, I have apps that tell me exactly how fast the wind speed is. But this is an easy visual way to see it.

I went for a 12.21 mile bike ride. My goal is at least ten miles or an hour plus every day. When the weather is this nice and I don’t get a chance to work out, I get frustrated.

The cranks on my bike seem to be wobbly. I’m taking it in to my bike guru to have him take a look. I watched some videos on the problem on YouTube last night. I did what they said, but it still seemed loose. They were pretty scary talking about what could happen of it came off!

Fortunately, I have Jesse/Kathy’s bike to ride. They never use it and I got it completely tuned up. It’s ready to go! That makes it easier for me to give mine up. I can take a couple of weeks to get back!

Every two weeks, I’ve been sending an email to what I call the Research List. It’s about 650 Youth Directors that haven’t worked with us YET! I’m doing a series on how to grow their youth group.

Also includes a button to press to see what we offer for their group’s mission trip. Research says that people have to have at least eight interactions before they have even a chance to remember you.
Admin duties now.