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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Spanish! Tripod! Bike! Oak Tree! 5.5.20

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:26 pm  

I got a new book I’m looking forward to reading. Sounds like it should be fun.

I studied Spanish a lot today.

Was a beautiful day.

Did my brain training.

I got a new tripod for my phone that I can use in my car. It worked great.

Watched El Dragon. It was episode 47 and finale of the first series. That’s listening to nearly 40 hours of Spanish.

I also listened to Radio Garden which is from Madrid and Harry Potter in Spanish as well.

Had a great talk with my Mom today. She’s starting to use the curbside pickup at Walmart and had some questions about it.

Transported squirrel number 102 today.

I biked 15.31 miles.

I wore a shirt without any jacket today while I biked. That’s the first time I’ve done that this year.

I got some wireless EarPods yesterday, but they were missing some parts. So I packed them up to send to Amazon. I dropped them off at UPS near my house.

I trimmed up the excess foam from the Oak tree I’m working on and put the pieces at the top of the gap. On Thursday, I’ll have more of the expanding foam and I’ll fill up the top gap. Once it’s all done, I’ll probably paint that foam brown.

Sliced my finger with my saw. Blood on the foam.

I cleaned my hummingbird feeders today.

Cleaned out all of the bird baths.

I checked on the pine tree that had English ivy growing on it. It seems like my last job hacking all the vines fixed that problem. The English ivy had died all the way up the tree.

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