Whirlwind Missions

Friday, September 17, 2021

Grandgirls! Dryer! Azalea! 9.16.17

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:43 pm  

Thursday night I stayed at the mission helping kids till nearly 9 PM. Too tired to do the blog, just showered and went right to sleep. Today is a combo day.

I liked this blast from the past.




Cloudy with showers Thursday and Friday.


One of my water bottle leaked. Had to use paper towels to dry it up.

Woke up early Thursday morning to a text saying that the dryer was dead. I went to pick up Ashley’s dryer in storage at the Kendall’s house. Sadly, Kathy’s back door to her truck isn’t working. Jimmy Kendall let me use his truck to transport the dryer. When I got it home, I realized that the plug didn’t fit! Had to borrow the truck again to take it to my appliance guys to put another plug on it that would fit. Then finally got it installed. What a heavy job that was! I used lots of things for ramps including an old door and a ladder.

Once it was rewired, I brought it back to my house.

I put gas in Jimmy’s truck and in mine.

Called T&G to make sure they were ready to work on the Mercury first thing Monday morning. New sensor, emissions filter and windshield wipers.

Gassed and checked the levels in the Mercury.

Everly was very patient during the whole process. That was a blessing!

Put the request in to get the old dryer hauled off.

It works, but with used stuff you never know exactly how long. Could be years and years.

Cleaned the lint filter.

Went through all our little plastic containers. Gets to be a huge amount. Recycled and gave a way a bunch. This is what was left.

.5″ of rain.

Swept after moving the dryer in.

I have a team on Saturday and speaking at a virtual conference on Sunday.



Took the girls to the Buford Highway Farmers Market on Thursday AND Friday!

I found a banana bike for Everly. It’s super cool. She really started learning to ride without training wheels on Thursday!

I got Penelope a scooter.

Helped the kids with their homework on Thursday and Friday. Also did ESL on Friday with a couple of the moms.

Working a lot on the times tables.

Got a microwave to replace the one that was malfunctioning. This time I bought a replacement plan.

Kind of dreary weather.

Talked with Barbara Hays about her knee surgery on Friday morning.

Always studying.

Had fun with Everly.

ESL class.

Went by office to check the mail.

I have a team tomorrow morning. It’s only three or four people. Hard to get too excited about that.

I’m pooped.

Took the girls over to the other grandparent’s house this evening.