Whirlwind Missions

Friday, November 19, 2021

Grandgirls! Taco Veloz! AZ! ESL! ISS! 11.19.21

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:14 pm  

For sure! Except for the lip thing.



We had fun looking at the Poinsettias.

I bought two big bags (the picture shows contents of one bag) of ripe bananas for $2 each. I processed and put the banana pieces into gallon bags and stored them in the freezer. Later, I’ll take them out and make smoothies. If I freeze the banana, I don’t have to add ice. It’s makes a frozen smoothie on its’ own. I also add Kachava.

Never too much Ashley!

While Everly and I were at Ingles, I noticed this box. Organic Ice Cream cones? Really?

Cada dia, mas y mas.

Deposited a check.

Cleaned and refilled the birdbaths and feeders.

We seem to be having more problems with the mail these days. This VM from a supporter.

Went to the office to check the mail. Actually did this twice! The mail hadn’t come when I got there around 1:30 PM.

We had fun at Taco Veloz. Penelope is so funny.

They both ate great.

The net I bought is not staying tied to the rim properly. I’m getting zip ties to secure it next week. I just ordered them on Amazon.

Love my girl!

Helped the kids at the mission. Still working on multiplication tables.

Also had an English lesson with one of the Moms while I was helping the kids.

The girls enjoyed using the markers with the dry erase board.

Sky is so beautiful.

Saw the International Space Station for the 73rd time this evening. I was with Penelope and Everly headed to the other grandparent’s house from Chamblee. We stopped and tracked it for the few minutes it was visible.