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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Language! Westside! Shower! Yard!

Tim A. Cummins @ 10:16 pm  

I love this old picture of me and Jesse.

I thought Ashley needed this.

Studied Spanish and Swahili. Two more days in a row.

Finally beat this level. Had to give a wrong answer to win.

Went to Westside this morning.

I’m curious what makes these marks. My guess is skateboards.

I haven’t been playing djembe with the choir recently because my hands have been bothering me. They are better now.
VBS started today.

Pastor Ben spoke on running a strong race in life.

I recorded two more episodes of Verbal Surgery last week. I got them from my recorder onto my computer hard drive and labeled and captioned them.

That’s two weeks ahead.
I was hoping to record on my book tomorrow. Will probably wait till Tuesday and give my voice a bit more rest. Next team starts Wednesday morning. I’ll probably set up the Fellowship Hall tomorrow.
I convert my sermon notes into tweets on Twitter. I put five proverbs up a day. I wrote enough in the last two Sundays to fill a month.

Then I upload the tweets plus a link to my podcast onto another program which uploads them to Twitter at the appropriate times.

Ordered new address labels.

Cool looking game.

Kathy and I went to Always Fresh. Great variety of veggies there.
Came home to work on the shower. Added another layer of silicon and tested. Still leaking, but much less. Drying it out again now.
Mowed the yard.

It had gotten pretty high. It has been raining a lot. I need some dry weather before I cut it. I’ve also had some tingling in my arms so I’ve been resting them from too much heavy labor.

Went ahead and mowed even though my arms still kind of hurt and I my back is sore. I’ve found that sometimes the exercise really helps. Other times it makes it worse. I never really know what’s going to happen to tell the truth. I just do it and then see how I feel. Like biking. I wasn’t sure I could bike with my arms feeling weird. Did fine. Actually helped!

Blew the driveway and street off.

It was pretty dark by the time I finished. I prefer mowing real late in the day if I can. Way cooler and the fumes seem to dissapate better.

Definitely looked better.

I did it astonishingly fast.

I mowed quite a lot of poison ivy. I applied NuTec poison ivy oil remover lotion on my legs and took a thorough shower. I should be fine.

I saw the International Space Station for the 35th time this evening. Only saw it for a few seconds due to increasing cloudiness.

Admin duties now.
Tomorrow morning I go in for my permanent crown. Start adding money back on the credit card.

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