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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Candy Throw! TX Prep! Mission! 10.31.18

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:21 pm  

Studied languages. Making real progress. I can especially tell when I’m listening to Radio Garden from Spain at full speed.

Got the Muse out to do some brain training this morning. I’m going to start doing it again for at least 5 minutes a day.

This borders on overkill, right?

Neighborhood geese out for a stroll. They often block traffic and everyone just chills. Groovy.

Recorded a new podcast. I shoot for two a week. “Flex Tape” is a great episode.

Went to Walmart to get candy for the kids. Spent $80. Glad I did, we had a LOT of kids (and parents!) this evening.

Got checked in for my flight to Austin tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing my people and going to Waco to do the NoZe Brotherhood thing.

Besides my normal language study, I realized that I can translate ANY text into the original Hebrew (or GREEK!) with apps I have on my phone. They give a pronunciation guide! I already have 1 Chronicles 29:10-13 roughed in. I know all the words in Hebrew now. I work on smoothness of execution and making sure I know what every word means in English next. It will become part of my regularly quoted material. After I’ve said it a few hundred times it gets really easy!

Dropped off materials we used on Sunday at the church. I’d left some extra stuff in Ashley’s car, which isn’t good with the girls!

Had a great group of kids join in on the Great Candy Throw! This was just some of them!

The parents didn’t get in the picture, but believe me, they were heavily involved. LOL!
Penelope hanging out.

LOVE my girls!

It’s such a blessing to see them regularly!
Some of the kids didn’t get as much candy. You have to be aggressive! Elver shared his. I appreciated his attitude.

Got gas on the way home. Speedway is a new place and has the lowest prices in the ATL that I’ve seen.

Put the final touches on packing. Did a weigh in. Under 40 pounds, although I’ll add bathroom stuff tomorrow which includes my One Year Bible. Not much more weight. I’ll return at least 10 pounds lighter when I leave gifts!

Perhaps the biggest change for my packing includes my “new” laptop! This is the first time that my office is fully portable in over a decade. I’m so glad that Jesse was able to work his magic on Ashley’s old laptop. Apple said it would cost around $800 plus to fix. Their geniuses aren’t as smart as my genius! Jesse FTW!

The only thing I do with my old PC is the newsletter and my twitter feed. I use a mouse for that stuff. Everything else has been transitioned to my Mac Air. I just use a touch pad on my Mac. Maybe one day I’ll do that stuff on it, too.

Admin duties now.

Looking forward to my trip.

I’ll work on more language stuff this evening before I crash.

I’ll shoot for heading to Ashley’s house around 10:00 am. I normally like to be at least 2 hours early. Plus, it’ll take an hour to get to the airport from Chamblee. I’ll save at least $50 on parking by not driving my car there. No big deal for a two hour train ride back and forth which will cost me $5.00.

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