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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Chamblee Managers and 12 Stone!

Tim A. Cummins @ 1:17 am  

J and I went to Chamblee this morning for our Chamblee-Doraville Property Manager’s Association meeting.


Overall, kind of a sad meeting. Crime is back on the increase, particularly violent gang related problems.

On the way to the meeting I made some phone calls. One situation in particular has me really upset. One of my partners has left his wife, shacked up with a woman and is now saying he’s not even a Christian any more. He was a strong church leader and missionary for years. It’s heart breaking. We’re left trying to pick up the pieces of shattered lives. With small children and infants involved it’s particularly sad.

I found out that one of the kids that came to our mission at Azalea from time to time was killed last weekend. He was caught in a shooting that was supposed to be for his older brother, a known gang banger.

Really shook up the kids at the mission. Chris was only in 6 grade. What a bummer. Man, what a day.

After our meeting in Chamblee, we went to Lawrenceville to meet up with a new partner from 12 Stone Church.

I took Emily over to Olde Salem to introduce her to the manager there and show her around the property.

I’m very excited that some wonderful ministry will start because of that meeting!

Then back to Chamblee to help the kids with their homework and a couple of the mom’s with their English.


Working on admin tasks now.

It’s a little after midnight now. I’m not supposed to have any solid food at all until noon on Friday. That’s when I’m scheduled for my colonoscopy procedure.

I think the prep is going to be worse than the procedure.

I’ve had a lot of headaches lately. I’m not looking forward to dealing with no food plus headache. Please pray for me.

I liked this glasses case of one of the mom’s I help with English.

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