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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jesse’s Audiology Test & Azalea

Tim A. Cummins @ 11:45 pm  

Fun to have lunch with the whole family today!

Many of you know that my son Jesse was born functionally deaf in his left ear.

His right ear is perfect, so he’s managed to compensate for his handicap.

Today, J and I went to an audiologist to have his hearing tested and check and see if there was anything that could be done to help him.
Although he has very limited hearing in his left ear, his inner ear on that side is perfect!

The doctor was very encouraging that with amplification he could hear almost normally! Very exciting news!

We took all the measurements for the device today. We go back in a couple of weeks to actually “tune the device” in so that it works properly with Jesse.

That is really good news! The device is expensive (about $3,000) but I feel confident that we’ll find the money somehow.

Jesse is really happy about it! Super cool!

After the hearing test, we went to Azalea to help the kids with their homework. I was really glad to see Linda Small again.

She’s been a faithful volunteer who’s been in Seattle for the last couple of months visiting family there. Sure am glad she’s back!

The kids helped us do the envelopes for our monthly newsletter.

I’ll work on writing my article tonight.

I liked this license plate.
I saw this big deer in the parking lot of Canton Road Antiques in Roswell.

I thought this sign was odd.

Beautiful sunset at Azalea.
I’m so glad the days are getting longer!

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