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Sunday, February 28, 2010

FBC Mountain Park

Tim A. Cummins @ 3:09 pm  

This morning Kathy and I went to our home church, First Baptist Mountain Park. It was great to see many of our friends again.

I liked Richard King’s encouragement towards incremental spiritual growth. Learn a Bible verse this year. Spend a minute praying a day.
He had a high jump stand on the platform set to about 7 foot. How people can jump that high is beyond me.

It was also great to hear our new Minister of Music Josh Sutton this morning. We’re looking forward to hosting a team from the choir in a couple of weekends.
Pastor Bill Blanchard preached on Prayer–a subject a really resonate with. He used the Lord’s prayer as a model.
I think the best thing I did in 2009 was the BetaPrayer project. If you’re interested in prayer, check out this link.


Kathy and Jesse and I went to Imperial Garden for lunch.

I always think their orchids are so beautiful Art by God!

Working on admin jobs now. Jesse now helps me with the Financial Reports we do for Whirlwind. Always good to have help!

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