Whirlwind Missions

Friday, December 14, 2007

Tim A. Cummins @ 7:42 pm  

Spent over 5 hours today hauling around over 300 chairs from Perimeter Church.  Jouvens came and helped me load them into the van.  We took them to Azalea and the other young men there helped us unload them.  They’re the really good kind of plastic/mental chairs that stack in place perfectly.

On our way back from Perimeter for the last load we dropped off abougt 60 for Paul Reynolds at Northchase.  They’re having a big Christmas party with food and gifts and needed the extra ones.  I sure was glad I could oblige!

The other chairs we’ll store at Azalea and start spreading them out around the other 30 missions in Metro Atlanta.  They won’t last long.  People always need chairs.  Whirlwind has provided the majority of chairs for two church plants in the last year.  Glad to be a part of that!

Had a fun lunch with four of the young men I’ve been working with over the last 11 years:  Jouvens and his brother Ernest, Joe Jones, and Bubba Utin.  I took them over to Golden Corral on Jimmy Carter.  I got a kick out of watching them eat until they could hardly move!  Those guys are like sons to me and I’m glad I got to spoil them a little bit during this holiday season.

We had a fun party at Azalea yesterday.  They provided a good leadership role model for the little kids.  Fun to see them all grown up.

When I get back from Texas, I plan on shooting a movie with those guys. I want to go through the old pictures I have from Azalea with them  A walk down memory lane so to speak.  Sure do love those guys.

And YOU too!


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