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Monday, December 15, 2008

Ashley’s Surgery!

Tim A. Cummins @ 5:45 pm  

This morning we got up early and I took Ashley over for her oral surgery.  She had all four wisdom teeth taken out!  She seems to be doing pretty well so far.  Hurts her.
Yesterday, we went to FBC Mountain Park where we listed to Dr. Blanchard preach about Christmas–the most important thing–HE LOVES US!
After we went to church we met Kathy’s sister Ann for lunch.
The rest of the day I rested.  I hurt my back Saturday.  So I’m not sick any more, but I feel like I’m walking like an old person.  It’s better today.  It especially hurts getting in and out of the car.  Bahd luck.

Jesse and I had a good meeting with Marco and Chris Solano today. 
They are some of my best partners.  I’ve been working with Marco since 1996!  I had collected some Christmas gifts that they’re going to give out at our mission at the Falls in Duluth, GA.  Sure was great to see them!

I also took Bill Hickey out to eat.
He’s helping us repaint the apartment that the Zamoras are going to move into.  I’m glad he’s here to help!

We went by Azalea to check on the kids at the mission.  Everybody is excited that school is nearly out for a week or so!

I’m back at my home office now.  Finished my calls and email.  Everything seems to be on target with my team from Campus Crusade giving out the food on December 31st.

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