Should I File a Claim?

1/3 of all Americans will suffer some form of temporary or permanent disability during their working life.

If you find yourself suffering from a physical and/or mental disability that is reasonably expected to prevent you from working for a minimum period of 12 consecutive months, you SHOULD file a claim immediately. 

Not only are there cash benefits available, but there may also be eligibility under either the Medicaid or Medicare systems. Furthermore, being found “disabled” can “freeze” your Social Security earnings record so that your Retirement Benefits are not reduced due to your being out of work.

Unfortunately, the Social Security Disability process is extremely backlogged, long and can become very frustrating. Most people are denied benefits at the initial level of the process and have to appeal through the system before having a fair decision made on their claim. This usually requires going before an Administrative Law Judge.



Do not risk going before the judge without expert




Why does the process take so long? 

Most people have to go before an Administrative Law Judge in order to be approved for benefits. The process has three levels of appeals and the average processing time can exceed two years.

Congress has cut the budget for the Social Security Administration and this means there are far fewer employees available to process claims.

There are currently more than 10,000 cases pending in each of the Hearing Offices in the Atlanta area and this backlog is expected to grow as the Baby Boom generation begins coming into the system.

Do I need a lawyer?

It is not required that you hire a lawyer. However, experience and results matter. There are non-attorney representatives who will attempt to represent you, but remember – the Judge is a lawyer and the Judge is not on your side.

Why go at it alone? Your changes of winning are greatly increased when you are represented by a competent and experienced attorney.

Because we do not charge a fee unless you win, you have nothing to lose by hiring an experienced attorney to advocate on your behalf.


Will hiring a lawyer speed up my case?

No. Anyone who tells you otherwise is not being honest with you. No claimant’s representative can force a judge to schedule your hearing ahead of other cases. Do not be fooled by fast-talking, unscrupulous so-called non-attorney claimant’s representatives. Just because someone retired from the Social Security Administration does not make that person an expert in the area of Social Security Disability.

Under certain conditions, such as cases involving terminal illness or dire need, it is possible to have a claim moved ahead of others, but this is rare and, even then, it can take quite a long time pursue through the system.


Does it cost money to hire a lawyer?

We only charge a fee if you win. 

No money is required to be paid unless and until you are approved and only then if you receive backpay. No fee is charged if you are ultimately denied benefits.

All fees are required to be approved by the judge who hears and decides you case. Anyone who tells you otherwise is not complying with the law and is not telling you the truth.

You should seek counsel from a competent Social Security/ SSI attorney.  There is no additional cost to you to have an experienced and dedicated lawyer, so why settle for less?


Do not pay any representative until you are approved

for benefits!



Can our office guarantee a case will be approved?

No one can honestly make guarantees that any particular case will be approved.  Many complex medical, technical and educational-vocational factors are considered in a disability case. However we can guarantee that you will receive expert, compassionate and diligent representation should you allow us the opportunity to represent you.

Because no fee is charged unless and until you win, we are extremely motivated to bring your case to a favorable resolution.

Any representative that guarantees an outcome is not being honest with you. Any representative who tells you he or she wins a certain percentage of their cases is not being honest with you.

There are unscrupulous non-attorney representatives who will tell you they win over 90% of their cases, but there is no way for them to be able to prove that and you should not allow yourself to be fooled.


What can The Law Office of Robert W. Hughes, Jr., do for me?


We will work closely with you to prepare you for your hearing and Attorney Hughes will present your cases to the judge with one thing in mind – WINNING– as soon as possible.

We will do anything and everything within the law to make sure you receive all benefits for which you are entitled.

We can handle your case through each and every step in this process. We will assist you in filing the appropriate forms and appeals and closely monitor your case through each and every step in the Social Security Disability Process.

We will make certain all available medical evidence is considered in your case. We will also make certain the Agency applies the correct legal standards and rules when determining whether you are “disabled”.

We will be here to answer all of your questions as we move through the process together. Attorney Hughes is dedicated to making certain all calls and inquires from our clients are addressed in a timely and professional manner.