Friday December 30, 2005

I just finished speaking to about 600 Campus Crusade students at the Atlanta Hilton.  I gave them a brief intro and challenge and they'll be heading to 50 different apartment complexes this afternoon.

Answered my email and calls.

I'm waiting for a partner to bring over some computer stuff for the missions.  Then I'll head over to check on the teams.

I plan on running this afternoon if all goes well.


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Thursday December 29, 2005

The weather has cleared off some today.  I'm seeing sunlight come through my office windows.  PTL.

I went down to check out the crew at the Hilton.  It's the big group from Campus Crusade.  I'll make my presentation to everyone tomorrow morning.

Finished up my email and office work.

I need to go pick up some renter's insurance for our mission at the Corners and take proof of that by there this morning.

I ran 4 miles yesterday in 40:52.

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Wednesday December 28, 2005

Back to crummy ol' weather here in Atlanta this morning.  Cloudy, drizzly, cold.  Yuk.

Just finished wading through a huge stack of bills and checks.  Thank God for people's generosity!

I stopped by Staples this morning to pick up a new stylus for my Ipaq.  Still can't believe I lost the original one.  I never lose stuff like that.  Weird.

I have to do my financial support and then make a few more phone calls before I head back to Stone Mountain.

Kathy and I have been married for 20 YEARS today!  It's amazing that anyone could stand hanging with me for that long.  The places we've been to and the hardships we've endured are almost unbelievable. Yet we're still together and happy! God is good!

I need to run today, hope the weather clears off a bit.

I have a bunch of letters to mail and checks to deposit on my way home.

I need to get ready for my meeting with the Campus Crusade guys tomorrow morning at the Hilton in downtown Atlanta.  There will be 500 students working at 50 complexes around lunch time!  I have all the locations set so we just need to go do it!

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Tuesday December 27, 2005

We just got back into town.  We drove about 420 miles today and got into Atlanta around 4 pm.  No problem with the car or the traffic.  Beautiful.  We listened to the last of the book Fade.  We really liked it.  It was almost perfect timing as the story ended about an hour out of Atlanta.  I love it when a plan comes together.

Jesse's upstairs working on his computer.  He's had to change some hard drives around and he has a new wireless keyboard and mouse that he's trying to figure out how to make the same keyboard (bluetooth) run two separate computers.

Ashley has gotten all cleaned up and is already at a party with her friends.

Kathy is riding around Stone Mountain.

I'm working.  C'est la vie, baby.

Check out the new photos in the Photo Gallery of  Got some sweet ones there!


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Tuesday December 27, 2005

Monday, December 26th, 2005

We packed up our stuff from the San Gabriel Motor Courts and went over to get the kids and our sweet Sugar dog.  After lots of hugs and kisses, we headed out of town pointed North towards Dallas at about 11:30am.  That's about when I figured we'd leave.

Before a trip like this I always go to the library and get a couple of books on CD to listen to in the car.  I highly recomment you try it.  We listened to two complete books: Storming Heaven and Fade, both by Kyle Mills.  Both were excellent.

We made it 564 miles to Jackson, Mississippi and crashed out at the Day's Inn motel.  We got there about 9pm. 

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Tuesday December 27, 2005

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Day!  Sweet Potato Pie!

I had the pleasure of preaching at my Dad's church, "The Worship Place" this morning.  Even on Christmas morning at 10 am, there were about 170 people that came.  I preached from the traditional passage from Luke 2.

We had lunch at my Mom's.  My brother and his family came to listen to me and also came to lunch.

Had fun hiking the trails around town.  I found one of the best examples of Tonkawa Indian arrowheads this afternoon just before dusk.

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Saturday December 24, 2005

I thought I'd lost our Sugar dog twice yesterday.  Scared me pretty badly.  I was way out in the bush with her at Lake Georgetown and she got in some pretty thick weeds.  She finally came back.

I continue to look for stone tools in the area.  I have a collection of about 10 pieces that are pretty cool, plus some fossils.

K and I got up around 8 am and came on over to my Folk's house where Ashley and Jesse are staying.

I finished going through my email and blog.

I'll post some more pictures to the photo gallery, play some chess with Jesse and then go for a run in the country.  It's a beautiful thing!

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Friday December 23, 2005

Another fantastic weather day.  Clear and supposed to get to 71 degrees!

Answered my email and calls.

Kathy and I will be hiking in the bush in a little while. 

Ashley and my mom are back out shopping.  Today they're looking for blue jeans. 

Our family went to see King Kong last night.  It was pretty good.  Kind of long at 3 hours plus.  I always feel sad when I see man's inhumanity to man, and man's destruction of the Earth and it's creatures--even if they are monstrous.  I feel the same way for man's relentless destruction of sharks.

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Thursday December 22, 2005

Fantastic weather here in Texas!  It's what I call "Nakuru weather."  Cool, clear. 

Kathy biked over to Stillson Basin.  I ran.  All in all we did a little over 5 miles.

We got these little cars with an electric racetrack.  It's fun watching them go around the track.  Simple pleasures.

I found some pretty cool objects including several blades and a tool for processing deer tendons.  The Tonkawa Indians produced them between 800-1000 years ago.  These indians were actually cannibals!  Ay caramba.

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Wednesday December 21, 2005

It's a gorgeous blue sky day today.  I got up early and ran a little over 4 miles in about 40 minutes to my old house in Georgetown from the little Inn we're staying at.  It was fun and not too hard.

Weirdest thing was there was a cop car on the side of the road apparently watching for speeders.  As I ran up to the car it turned out to be a manniquin at the wheel!  The cops just parked the car there and put a dummy inside to scare drivers.  Ay caramba!

I walked along the river here in Georgetown looking for rocks.  I took Sugar our dog with me.  I met Kathy down there, she rode on her bike.

My mom and Ashley are out shopping. What a surprise.

I've been working on my Christmas message for this Sunday at Dad's church, the Worship Place.  I'll be preaching from Luke 2 giving it a missions slant.

I've had a headache for the last couple of days.  I guess it's the changes in the weather.

J and I have enjoyed playing chess.  He's pretty good.

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Tuesday December 20, 2005

I've been working on my phone calls, email and office work here at my folk's house in Georgetown.  I've taken over a section of their living room.

The rest of my family are working on the January '06 mail out.  We get the Dec/January mail outs in the mail early.

K and I will be getting exercise.  It's cloudy and cool but not bad.


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Tuesday December 20, 2005

Monday, December 19th, 2005

We left Tyler about 11am. 

I ran 4miles plus in about 42 minutes. I just run for a minimum of 40 minutes when I don't have a laid out track.  It was cold and steep in spots. Overall, pretty hard route.

We ate a light continental breakfast then got on the road.

I decided to take 31SW from Tyler to Waco.  It's about 40 miles shorter but man, do you have to stop through a bunch of podunk towns.  We'll take I35 up to Dallas next time.  It's faster and when travelling long distance it's about time.

I wanted to eat at Kitok's in Waco.  Alas, it was closed on Mondays.  Bahd luck.

We got to Georgetown about 2pm. A glorious homecoming indeed. 

San Gabrel Motor Inn is where we're staying.  The little rooms have been remodeled to reflect old Texas themes.  Sweet.

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Tuesday December 20, 2005

Sunday, December 18, 2005

We travelled from Meridian to Tyler, Texas.  It was about 400 miles.  We stayed the night at the Day's Inn.

We've been listening to the book called Storming Heaven by Kyle Mills.  It sure helped the time pass by in the car better.

We were driving fast today.  I'd have groups of cars travelling 80+ mph.  That helped condense the trip.

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Tuesday December 20, 2005

Saturday, December 17th

We hosted parties at Hamptons @ Lenox with FBC Atlanta's Men's Class, Highland Gardens with the Single Parents of FBC Atlanta, Woodgate with another FBA class, and the Ambers and Adelaide Park with FBC Duluth.  I have some shots posted on our website:  Click on Photo Gallery.

We got on the road headed west for Texas at about 5:45pm after I got finished with the parties.  Jesse was having computer problems (he was changing multiple hard drives out), he took his rig wth him w/o monitor. 

We travelled about 300 miles and spent the night in Meridian, Mississippi.

J and I have airmattresses on the floor.  I actually prefer the air mattress.  It's much more similar to my bed at home which has a memory foam topper.

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Friday December 16, 2005

Last night Kathy and I had the great pleasure of watching the Lawrenceville Community Theatre's production of A Christmas Carol.  Carl Barrington, the president of Whirlwind Missions' board, played Scrooge.  He did a fantastic job!  We had a good time, even though we left early.  Kathy had been up since 4:30am, she was exhausted.

Made my copies of the 2006 January edition of the Outreach Update today.  I wrote an article about Ashley working at the Oakbrook apartment complex.  She's raising funds to do her ministry over there.  I helped her some this afternoon.  I cleaned out a room and set up the three computers I brought over there last week.

Went to Sports Authority and picked up a new basketball goal for the mission at Azalea.  Somebody had run over it, destroying the goal and the wall of the median at the same time.

Also picked up a new printer for my mother in law and installed that on her machine.

Took Jouvens over to Perimeter Mall to hang out and get something to eat.  He's helped me a lot lately hauling stuff around.  I'll need his help when we get back from Texas.

Our trip starts tomorrow, even though we can't leave till after 4pm because I have 6 Outreach Events going on.  I'll shoot pictures and talk with the teams, then leave for Alabama. 

We may be incommunicado for a couple of days.  But it's amazing how many hotels have wi-fi now.  Wireless internet rocks.  Officially.

We've also decided to take our dog Sugar with us on the trip.  The kids are a little uptight about spending 11 days cooped up wtih family.  All four of us are very intense personalities.  It's interesting, that's for sure.

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Thursday December 15, 2005

Rainy, freezing weather.  Yuk.

The lights went out at about 5:30 am this morning.  Talk about an early wake up call.

I had a GREAT meeting with the missions committee from Peachtree Corners Baptist Church.  They have supported our ministry so faithfully for going on TEN years now!  Carlos Salaveria is their missions pastor and is doing a wonderful job!

There were a couple of windows broken at the mission at the Corners.  I talked with the office about getting that repaired.  They told me they'd take care of it.

I just unloaded 4 computers/monitors from a partner of ours.  Gary Ream has really helped us with supplies!  These are going to be such a blessing to the folks at the mission!

I have a meeting with an Indian woman at 3pm who is interested in working with Muslim women.  We have about six Bengali families who live at Azalea.  I hope to partner her with them.

A new volunteer is supposed to come help us at Azalea at 4pm today.  Her name is Julie.  Hope it all works out!

I'm supposed to go see A Chrismas Carol this evening in Lawrenceville.  Carl Barrington who is one of my best friends and is also the President of the Whirlwind Missions Board is the lead for the play.  I hope the weather doesn't get worse because I really want to go over there. 

I'm working on the Team Assignments page right now.  I need to put all 50 locations in the spreadsheet!

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Wednesday December 14, 2005

I'm currently on hold on a phone call (one of about 50) where I'm setting up an outreach for 500 Campus Crusade college students who will be distributing food at 50 different apartment complexes around Metro Atlanta.  SWEET!

I had a morning meeting at the Red Cross with the DeKalb County police department and managers from the Central Precinct.  They surprised me today with a Civilian Achievement award!  That was nice of them.

I'm working on my financial statements and finishing my email before I go to Azalea to help the kids with their homework.  They'll also help me with the label with this month's Outreach Update.

I'm glad to get this event organized.  It's a lot of work and takes focus to pull off properly.

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Tuesday December 13, 2005

Ran my 4 miles early this morning.  Man, it was a chilly dog.  Came in at 40:15.

I got confirmation on at least 400 college students working with us from College Crusade this year.  I've been calling the 40 complexes where they'll be giving away 5 boxes of food for 5 families on December 30th.  I've confirmed most of them.  I should have it all together tomorrow.  I may add as many as another 100 and 10 more complexes.  God is good.

Finished up my email and other calls and worked on the Team Assignment list.  Two other teams want to come help us this summer.  Excellent!

I'm going to drop off some Christmas gifts to Don Juan and then over to Azalea to help the kids with their homework.  We gave out gifts to the Azalea kids yesterday.


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Monday December 12, 2005

It was a pick up and haul stuff around day today.

I went over to Gary Ream's office to get some cubicle partitions, cable modem boxes, some little TVs, shelving, dehumidifier and some power cords.  We can always use stuff like that around the missions.  The kids use them to play video games.

Dropped off the cubicle stuff, the shelving and the dehumidifier to the mission at Adelaide Park.  I was just asked about that stuff last week.  It's amazing how the Lord works it out so quickly!

I picked up Jouvens to take him to lunch and then he helped me load up over 100 little stocking gifts which we took to Woodgate, Azalea and Oakbrook missions.  That will make the kids SO happy.  I took pictures of the give away.  They're at click on Photo Gallery.

I stopped by FBC Doraville to check the mail and drop off some flourescent lights that Gary gave us.  What a blessing.  I replaced four bulbs in the church office while I was there.

After I helped the kids with their homework I headed home.  Now I'm working on MY homework which includes my email, a tax donor letter and start figuring out where we're going to put the 400-500 college Campus Crusade students who will be helping us "Take the church" to over 40 apartment complexes on December 30th.  I have to get that organized before I leave for Texas on Saturday late afternoon, after the Christmas parties.

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Sunday December 11, 2005

I preached at White Oak Hill Baptist Church this morning.  It's a Black church.  I almost felt like I was back home in Africa.  I'm sure I'm the wildest white guy that church has ever seen.  I was fired up.

Came home and ran 4 miles in 40:06.  Cold, but bright and sunny.

This evening Kathy and I went to FBC Mountain Park.  They had a fantastic 5 grand piano concert.  As usual we were running late.  We caught the last 20 minutes.  That was plenty.  Kathy had been at Stone Mountain most of the day.  She worked out and biked around the mountain.  I'm proud that she's trying to take care of herself.
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Sunday December 11, 2005

Saturday, December 10, 2005

I started out the morning over at Perimeter Church who was having a local missions celebration.  I got to see many of the directors of our missions--they go to Perimeter.  Hundreds of people went by our display.  I made about 180 balloon animals.  Usually I have partners to help me so I can talk to people about missions rather than "what color do you want your doggie balloon to be?"  It's all good.  I just decided loving on the kids was what I do anyway so why should a missions conference be any different?  We had two groups from that conference come and help us at two different parties later that day at Azalea and at Oakbrook.  PTL!

We had great outreach today!

FBC Mountain Park hosted Christmas parties at Highland Grove (first time there ever!), Krystopher Woods, The Lakes, Southern Place, Oakbrook Pointe and Azalea.  They did a fantastic job!

City on a Hill is a group of singles from different Metro Atlanta churches.  They hosted an event at Don Juan/Pearl Lane.

A Sunday School class from FBC Atlanta hosted an event at Huntington STation.  The office was supposed to be open.  I'd talked to them several times.  Apparently the weekend staff didn't get the message.  Fortunately it wasn't super cold and one of the families let us use a table so the event could be held outside.

It always works out!

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Sunday December 11, 2005

Friday, December 09, 2005

Woke up to a problem with the van. Apparently, when Kathy closed the door on the side it came clean out of its track. Never seen anything like that before. I had to have it towed in. Man is AAA a good deal! I usually have to have a car towed at least twice a year for some reason. My mechanics fixed it later that day. Cost $160. That van is SO important to our ministry. I haul stuff around it in all the time.

Spent most of the day dealing with that and working on office stuff at home.

Then went over to Oakbrook to work on getting info out to the families about the Christmas party on the 10th.

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Thursday December 8, 2005

I had fun taking some friends around the International Village. Drew Grubbs and Bill Simms came from Sugarloaf Community Church and Mike Carpenter from Crossroads Church.  I made a short presentation outlining what we do, then we visited the three main market areas:  Asian Square, Carniceria Hispana #1 and Ngozi Tropical foods.  We covered the whole planet in 45 minutes.  Lastly we swung by Azalea Apartments to check on the kids and show these guys how a mission runs.  It was a beautiful thing.

I got the process in motion to turn on the gas at Concept 21--Delk.  I thought I'd done it already.  Gettin' mighty cold in dem dere missions.

Took a flyer for the event on Saturday over to Huntington Station.  I made a typo, so I got their email address, corrected the document and sent it back to them as a Word attachment.  Email is a beautiful thing.

I hope to do a similar maneuvor tomorrow morning by sending a flyer to Oakbrook.  Otherwise I'll have to go over there Friday morning so they can distribute them around the complex.

Crummy, crummy weather.  But still a fun day.  I need to run, but I don't run in this stuff.

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What's happenin?  Thanks for reminding my parents.  Hey, I joined Netflix.  If you want, send me the e-mail address you use for that or send a friend invite to

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Wednesday December 7, 2005

Preached to the ESL students in Clarkston this morning.  We told the Christmas story to the folks, many of who are Muslim.  Also got to share some time with Ms. Pat Maddox one of my favorite partners.  She's worked in Clarkston for years.  We have a team coming from FBC Mountain Park to help with a Christmas party this weekend.  I wanted to make sure that they were expecting the group and to help them.  Looks like it's all set up.

Went over to Oak Forest apartments to visit with Ms. Vickie.  She had about 8 big boxes of stuff given to us from the Operation Christmas Child program.  The boxes we received couldn't be sent over seas.  Perfect timing because we needed more stuff for the kids at the 6 locations that FBC Mtn Pk are covering.  They'll split the stuff up and take the toys to the kids as well as a lot of coats that they also collected. After picking the boxes up I dropped them off at the church.

I went down Killian Hill where I was supposed to pick up some other things for the mission from another partner of mine.  Unfortunately, that didn't work out--his guy had to leave early.  I'll get the van next week and pick that stuff up then.

I'm at FBC Doraville right now.  Finished my email and calls and put some financial stuff together for my CPA.  I'll put that stuff in the mail today.

I'll pick up three sets of computers in a few minutes after lunch for the new mission at Oakbrook.  I'll probably put the stuff in the Lumina for Ashley to take over there on Thursday.  I'm trying to help her out on Fridays over there.

Got a phone call from White Oak BC this morning.  Looks like I'll be preaching over there this Sunday for the Missions Emphasis.

I have my partner Drue Warner from Perimeter coming to help me with the kids at Azalea.  PTL.

I'm going to load up some chairs to take over to Highland Gardens before I leave the church.

I'm a bit uptight about my elbow with all this lifting.  Usually ends up making my tendonitis flair up. I'm trying to be careful, but I know how it goes. . . .


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Tuesday December 6, 2005

Frozen cold weather this morning. 

First assignment of the day was to go  to Concept 21 in Roswell to sign the new lease and meet the new manager, Robbi Miller.  Got it taken care of right quick then boogied over to Azalea to spend some time with Jouvens and drop off some stuff for the mission.

Went by the office to check on the mail and drop off a package for our CPA.

We had lunch at Pung Mie on Buford Highway.  That place has some of the best Chinese food around.  The group was made up of the Property Managers of Chamblee and Doraville as well as the Mayors of the two cities and two majors from the DeKalb plolice department.  And me.  We had a good lunch.  I have pictures of the event on our website:  Click on Photo Gallery.

From lunch I shot over to pickup Jerry Counselman--the new Missions Pastor for FBC Mountain Park.  He's a great guy.  The church is hosting Christmas parties at 6 locations this Saturday.  We went by The Lakes, Krystopher Woods, Southern Place and Oakbrook--where Ashley works. 

We met up with Drew Grubbs from Youth Outreach United and his regional director Adam Webb--truly two of my favorite people.  Drew interviewed Ashley about working at Oakbrook for YOU.  I wanted to get Drew in front of  Jerry Counselman too.

I came home a bit earlier than usual because I needed to drop Jerry off back at the church by 5pm.

I ran at dusk.  Cold.  Then dark.  4 miles in 41:17.

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Monday December 5, 2005

I had an appointment with two guys from Campus Crusade this morning and early afternoon.  We had lunch and visited several locations on the Prayer Walk.  We're planning to host at least 250-300 college students on December 30th.  They'll be working at at least 25 locations.  It takes a while to get the logistics lined up for that.

I have a meeting with my CPA in a bit to make sure that the ministry's taxes are good to go as well as my personal taxes.

Then I'll go to the mission to make sure that the kids are ok with their homework.


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Monday December 5, 2005

Sunday, December 04, 2005

I worked all day long on Friday and Saturday so my wife was after me to spend time with the family today.  I spent some quality time with Jesse this afternoon.  We went out to eat chicken fingers together.  He's a great kid!  I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening with Kathy.  We watched a movie and spent a few hours just talking.  I had an invitation to go to a friend's house in Sugar Hill, but Kathy just considered that "work."  Even though it was a party, she was right because all I'd do is talk work if we went.  So I decided it was better to just focus on Kathy.  It was fun.

I ran 4 miles in 42:11.  Balmy weather.  Weirdest thing is that my knee seems laterally unstable when I'm walking, but when I run everything seems fine.  I guess it's because I focus on foot placement when I run.

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Saturday December 3, 2005

Rainy day today.

I have a team from Ohio working with us this afternoon.  They're cleaning the missions at Azalea, Huntington Terraces and Huntington Creek and working with the kids.

I found out from Ernest Mocombe that he passed his first computer certification test!  I'm so proud of him!  He's like another son to me.  I took him out to eat at Golden Corral to celebrate.

I've been over at the office working on the December schedule additions, email and checking on my Ohio team.

I'll go back over to the mission in a second to make sure they're doing ok before I go home.  They're dressed sort of like Quakers with women in bonnets and them men with beards around the face and chins.  Cool. 

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Saturday December 3, 2005

Friday, December 02, 2005

I worked around the house this morning helping Kathy.  Gotta do whatcha gotta do.

Ashley and I went back to Oakbrook this afterrnoon.  We started canvassing the neighbourhood figuring out where all the kids live.  We got a map from the office so we can start tracking information.  So far we've met about 20 kids over there.  Ashley talked to Drew about working with Youth Outreach United.  She has a meeting with him and Adam the regional director to get the application started with them.

Jesse and I worked for about an hour in the evening.  We're trying to get a TV hooked up in the master bedroom or our house.  Lots of drilling and wire running.  He's getting pretty good at that!

I went through my email and also talked with several people interested in working with us in the spring and summer.  Excellente!

Not much of a day off, but got a lot of stuff done.

Posted 12/3/2005 at 2:54 PM

Thursday December 1, 2005

Did my 4 miles this morning.  It was about 40 degrees.  I don't recommend it, but it beats running at night for sure!

Talked with folks from Florida and Kentucky this morning coming to help us next year.  That's always good to hear.

Went to Oak Forest to talk with the director over there Ms. Vickie. I had planned on bringing a team over there for a Christmas party, but the team that came in the summer from NC is planning on coming back to help the kids!  PTL.  I hope to move the other local team from FBC Mountain Park to Oakbrook Pointe where we're starting work back up again.  I hope to also cover Westwood in that area.  I'll get a confirmation on that on Monday.

I just finished working on my email and made the last of my calls.  Had to figure out some issues with the new leases at two of the Concept 21 properties in Norcross and Roswell.  Should be ok now.

I'll be going to Oakbrook this afternoon to help jump start that work again with Ashley.  That's a very important location.  Be praying for that community and the 712 families that live there!

Posted 12/1/2005 at 2:7 PM

force5's Xanga Archives
Wednesday November 30, 2005

I ran 4 miles Tuesday evening.  Dark, cold, rough.  Completed my route in 44:40.  I've been trying to take it easy because my knee has been a bit tender.  Pretty much pain free.

What a great day today!

Went to Oakbrook Pointe this morning.  The manager called me up yesterday very interested in our ministry.  He heard about us from another friend of mine that works for an Apartment Renting magazine called Para Rentar.  She gave him a glowing recommendation of our work.  When the manager called me and I told him that I'd worked there for about 5 years he was flabbergasted.  I went for a meeting with him today.  I told him what we do, what I thought we could handle over at Oakbrook and when I thought we could start.  He was VERY enthusiastic about it and actually gave me keys to the clubhouse before I left!

They are talking about investing about $400/month in the program.  What a turn around!  The best news is that my daughter Ashley talked to me two nights ago about applying for jobs.  She told me, "Daddy, I put in applications in 16 places, but I don't want to do any of these jobs.  I want to do something that has some significance."  I told her I'd help her raise her support if that's what she really wanted to do. The next day I hear from Oakbrook about this opportunity plus funding!  Incredible.  I'll probably go over there with her tomorrow afternoon to introduce her to the manager and help her meet the kids.

One of my main partners is Youth Outreach United, led by Drew Grubbs.  He'd been talking to me about getting Ashley involved with their ministry.  YOU hires interns that raise their support and then work at their church and at our missions.  It really is a perfect fit and has had spectacular results.  They're set up to provide the salary for their staff once the money is raised.  This situation with Ashley, Youth Outreach and Oakbrook really seems like an answer to prayer.

I got a call from Campus Crusade this afternoon. Looks like they want to mobilze about 300 people on December 30th.  I'll be handling the logistics for those guys on that project.  I have a meeting with their team leaders on Monday.  I really learned most of what I know about evangelism from Crusade and Bill Bright is one of my heros.  I'll be back from Texas by that time and I'll get the event organized before I leave.

I'm headed over to the mission at Azalea in a few minutes.  I'll leave a little early today because it's my mother in law's 80th birthday today.  All the brothers and sisters are meeting at Red Lobster to celebrate with her.  Her husband died almost exactly 6 months ago.  Bill's birthday was December 25th, so it's pretty easy to remember.

Posted 11/30/2005 at 3:7 PM


It onctinues to amaze me how much you get done, and how many new opportunities continue to present themselves!  It is wonderful that Ashley can lead out in this new venture!

Blessings!  Orville

Posted 12/2/2005 at 3:39 AM by boydorville

Tuesday November 29, 2005

The weather is SO much better today.  I can't believe how depressed I get if I don't see the sun for a couple of days!

My knee is still a bit tender.  I hope to get out and run today, maybe just a short run--2 miles or so.

I spent the morning and early afternoon in Clarkston working with Bennett Ekandem.  We went by Wyncrest, Krystopher Woods, The Lakes and Willow Branch to square away things for the Christmas parties on the 10th of December.  Looks like everything is good to go.

We had lunch with Jon Daniels over at Madina.  He was in town from Monticello, Mississippi  to complete the final interview for his doctrate from the New Orleans seminary.  His church has come to help us several summers.

Finished re-working the Christmas schedule.  It's always a work in progress it seems.

I'm headed over to the mission at Azalea to check on the kids.

Posted 11/29/2005 at 4:4 PM

Monday November 28, 2005

Drizzly, rainy, depressing weather day.  Kathy keeps telling me, "The rain helps the plants,  Cheer up."  I try, but I still feel bummed out.  Us Africans, we don't like this rainy weather.

I went by to drop off the tag for the Mitsubishi that went dead on us last week.  Hopefully, we'll get another car we can use the tag on. 

I visited with the two apartment complexes in Lawrenceville that are near the tag office.  We had an outreach event to bring food there from FBC Lawrenceville last Thursday.  The event at Olde Salem went well, but the management completely dropped the ball on inviting residents to come from Cherokee Courts.  I couldn't believe it.  So no residents showed up from that location.  Sad.

I've been at the office taking care of email, calls and financial reports for the last few hours.  I'm trying to get everything nailed down about the coming Saturday Outreach Events for Christmas.  I'm having some problem getting for sure information from some of the teams.  It's exasperating.

I'll head over to Azalea in a little while to check on the kids and their homework.

Posted 11/28/2005 at 3:2 PM

Sunday November 27, 2005

I'll be working the next three weekends in a row.  I know from experience that that means I'm headed for trouble.  SO I try to spend some extra time with Kathy when I can beforehand.  We enjoyed a late lunch together at John Boy's on 78. 

Did some office work. 

I'll work on getting the next three weekends organized with the managers.  There's really only one that I think might be a problem and that's at Highland Gardens.  They don't have an inside room which means we either do it in the office or he lets me use an empty unit.  Either way it's problematic.  Nothing I can't handle, but it does add stress.

Posted 11/27/2005 at 6:34 PM

Sunday November 27, 2005

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Kathy and I went over to check on my mother in law today.  We helped around the house, and took her out to eat at S & S.  It's important to take care of family.

Jesse and I enjoyed watching the DVDs of Firefly --my favorite sci-fi TV series.  It was cancelled by FOX about 4 years ago.  Their new movie "Serenity" has done well.  If you have Netflix, you might consider renting the DVDs individually.  I think the writing is particularly strong, at times really hilarious.

Posted 11/27/2005 at 6:31 PM

Friday November 25, 2005

Ashley and I went shopping again over at a thrift store/antique place on Highway 20.  I found a couple of groovy t-shirts for cheap.

I met Ian North and his father in law Mr. Hines at that shopping center.  We had fun catching up on what's been going on.  Then we went over to eat at Spiced Right one of my "Food Faves,."  Alas, the place had totally changed.  No more buffet.  Just order off a menu.  They didn't even have their Sweet Sauce any more.  WHAT A DRAG!  First Benny' BBQ and now Spiced Right?  Something is definitely not right.  I bet their clientele really drops off.

I just got back from running 4 miles.  Did it in just over 45:00.  I was really trying to take it easy, concentrate on my form.  I had some swelling on my right knee and really wanted to have a pain free run.  Feels pretty good right now.

We're supposed to go over for a little party at my nephew Jason Sullivan's house tonight.  He's a good guy.  I look forward to going over there.

Posted 11/25/2005 at 4:28 PM

Friday November 25, 2005

Thursday, November 24th, 2005

We had Thanksgiving lunch at our house today.  Kathy and I will be married for 20 years this December 28th.  For the first time since we've been married she cooked a turkey.  It came out GREAT.  I was very proud of her.  She also made some delicious dressing.

We had most of her sisters and brothers over:  David, Ruth and Ali Sullivan, Bob, Ann, Katie, Laura, Mary Mitchell, Bill Doverspike, Nell Doverspike, Orene Duvall, Paul and Luke Doverspike and my sweet family rounded out the party.  It was a beautiful thing.

We rested and enjoyed the rest of the day's family time.

Posted 11/25/2005 at 4:24 PM

Wednesday November 23, 2005

Mammoth shopping spree with Ashley today.  If you really want to spend quality time with my daughter you better be ready to shop.  We covered Perimeter Mall, Northlake Mall, North Dekalb Mall and the strip malls that line Highway 124 in Snellville.  She finally found a white jacket that she wanted, but alas, no white cowboy boots in her size.  She had a $100 to spend that my folks sent her for her birthday last week.  The jacket was on sale for $53.  I thought that was pretty good.

I bought a new book today called The Areas of My Expertise.  I saw it on Jon Stewart's the Daily Show.  Funny stuff.

I went over to Azalea to hang out with Jouvens for a while and drop off a bunch of snacks and drinks for the kids.  I probably won't be back there for several days with the holidays here.

Fun day with my daughter.  Sweet!

Posted 11/23/2005 at 6:1 PM

Tuesday November 22, 2005

I put a priority on finishing the Christmas mail out, which I accomplished.  That was a big job.

I went by Kroger to pick up supplies for the mission.  I'll go by and see the kids tomorrow and give them the snacks.

Dropped by Jon Paul's house to leave some bills that had come in recently.  We're having an issue with one of the sets of bills from a mission in Roswell.  It's always something.

Updated my Teams 2005 list.  The teams coming for Christmas parties are moving along nicely. I continue to let the managers know.  Some of the locations may be a problem, because of lack of space.

I ran 4 miles this morning.  It was really cold and windy.  Felt like I was running into the wind the whole time.  Hard.

Posted 11/22/2005 at 4:10 PM

Talked to Larry Rogers. I'm really excited about joining up with Youth Outreach; I think that it's going to be a great help with the Mission over here and probably a bit of a relief for you aswell. E-mail with more info will be coming shortly.
Posted 11/22/2005 at 5:19 PM by NAPosey

Monday November 21, 2005

Rainy, messy day today.

I've been working on the newsletter mailout for Christmas.  I have about a quarter of it done so far and have the first series of envelopes with the Christmas gifts in the mail already.

I have piles more to do.  I was hoping to get that done today, but I just got a call from a manager in Roswell.  I need to go sign the new lease.  I'll work on the envelopes later.

Gotta be careful driving.  Pray for me.



Posted 11/21/2005 at 2:40 PM

Sunday November 20, 2005

It's been a sad Sunday morning.  The Mitusubshi that we've had for the last six years has finally died.  It's still running, but it's leaking gas.  The mechanics said there was so much fluid under the car (oil, coolant AND gas) that they couldn't see where the leak was coming from.  They just flat out said, "It's not worth fixing."  For an ol' African like me it's hard to swallow.  Ashley had passed her test and was going to get to use it as her car shared with her mom.  Only one day and she's having to say, "goodbye."  Bahd luck. 

I went by Staples to pick up some more bubble wrap for the Christmas mail out project.  Jesse is cutting the strips for me now.  We should have all the pieces ready to go by tomorrow.  I'll finish up the newsletter today and print it up tomorrow.  Then we can start mailing everything out early.  I try to get the December/January issues out early in case people want to donate before the end of the year.

Our family is going to Smokerise BC this evening to celebrate Thanksgiving with several other family members.  Should be fun.

Back to work.
Posted 11/20/2005 at 12:34 PM

Saturday November 19, 2005

I ran four miles this afternoon in 41:01.  The best time since I was sick.  I've really come to the conclusion that it's better to be consistant with the milage and not worry about the speed.  The speed comes depending on how strong you feel.  But to me it's more about endurance.  I feel the same way about ministry.  It's the year after year effort that yields the most exciting results.

K and I went out to eat Chinese food for lunch.  It was a well stocked buffet.  Sweet.

I came back home to work on the mail out for Christmas.  Kathy rode her bike over to her Aunt Orene's house so she could visit with her mom who was staying there for a few days.

I've got all the labels on the mail out.  All the sections are separated out.  We ran out of bubble wrap for the little gifts.  I'll have to go get more of that tomorrow.  I just finished the first draft of the article for the Christmas letter.  It's kind of a sad story really.


If any of you are interested in reading a fictional piece I'm working on called "Gabriel--an angel's angle" send me an email to I'll send you the first few chapters.
Posted 11/19/2005 at 8:55 PM

Saturday November 19, 2005

Friday, November 18th, 2005

I worked on the getting the mail out together for December.  I think I have everything I need now.

The kids got home around 2:30 pm.  We went on over to the Department of Motor Vehicles as soon as Ashley changed her clothes and shoes.  She had to look good for the driver's license picture!

The DMV was almost deserted!  I couldn't believe it.  We walked straight in and immediately got registered.  Within five minutes they were called to their respective windows: one for driving the other for the written test.

Eventually they both passed and did a great job!
Posted 11/19/2005 at 8:48 PM

Thursday November 17, 2005

Worked with the plumber this morning.  I had a gas leak in the line going out to the grill on our deck.  He got that capped off so we don't have to worry about the place blowing up.  Amen.

We're in the middle of figuring out the mailout for this Christmas.  I already bought the little gifts that we send to our sponsors.  We packaged a sample of each item and bought the stamps and envelopes to get it together.  Soon we'll start putting the packages together and then when I write the newsletter we'll put the letter inside the package and mail it.  It's a beautiful thing.

Ashley is helping me with the project.  We're at FBC Doraville right now.  I just finished working on my email and made all my calls.

After we get the labels figured out we'll go over to thelp the kids at Azalea.

Posted 11/17/2005 at 3:26 PM

Wednesday November 16, 2005

I started out the morning with a meeting of managers and the DeKalb Police department from the Center Precinct.  Lots of problems in that area.  Ironically, the more problems the apartment managers have, the more leverage I have to work there! 

I had a series of meetings with ministry partners at and around lunch today.  First group revolved around our ministry at the Corners apartments on Peachtree Corners Circle. Represented were Drew Grubbs with Youth Outreach United, Drue Warner and Scott Laravea from Perimeter, Carlos Salavaria from Peachtree Corners Baptist Church, Raphael Ospina from Victory and yours truly.  Looks like some exciting things on the docket for that mission.  The best news I heard was that there are now three Hispanic families that are attending church from that complex!  PTL.

The UNITE gathering of ministers came next.  We talked about the Adopt a School program, Katrina relief and expanding our apartment ministry.  Very exciting stuff.

After lunch I had a fun time hanging out with Chip Sweeney from Perimeter who is one of my original partners in ministry and Drew Grubbs who continues to amaze me with the amount of interns he is mobilzing into ministry.  We are all cut from the same cloth and when you get three easily exictable people together, it's pretty exciting!

I set up a couple of meetings for next week and in early December.  One I'm particularly interested in has to do with Crossroads Church.  They are a wonderful congregation interested in outreach.  You can't beat that combination.

Helped the kids at Azalea after my meetings.  Seems pretty calm over all.  Most of the major projects for this nine weeks are completed.  It makes it easier for me to work more closely with the kids that need individual help.

I continue to research the clorox fight situation from yesterday.  I have to really try and get all the sides of the story before I start punishing folks or talking to parents.  It's really easy to start coming down hard on the loudest kids and believing the ones that "never" cause trouble.

I remember when I was in school I got in trouble a lot for being loud (can you believe that?) What used to really bother me is when the occasional times when I didn't do anything and still was blamed.  I try and be sensitive to that. 

I had one little boy that regularly stole things from the mission. I finally confronted his parents with that fact.  Of course they didn't believe me.  Manuel hasn't come back since then.  I hate that.  I'll go and talk with the parents soon and encourage him to get back involved.  I'm sure he'll fail otherwise.  His whole family has real problems, including his 12 year old sister hanging out/kissing 19 year olds.  I had a frank talk with her too.  Another child who hasn't come back since. 

It's hard to tell kids how it is, without seeming condemning.  But I feel like one of their parents and that's exactly how I'd treat my own kids.

Posted 11/16/2005 at 10:10 PM

Tuesday November 15, 2005

I purchased a new camera this morning.  My old Nikon has been a real work horse.  I've taken nearly 9,000 pictures with it in the last year and a half.  It's started having some problems with the zoom lens.  I picked up it's cousin at Best Buy today, the S1.  It has a bigger viewing screen which is something I really wanted.  Sometimes my eyes had a hard time focusing on the smaller screen.  I'm looking forward to shooting some terrific pictures with it!

I'm working on our Christmas mail out for our sponsors.  I go through an evaluation of who has donated what to the ministry and send out small gifts to say "Thanks!"  It takes a while to get all the gifts together, figure out the postage and wrapping them so I'm trying to start early.

I got good news from my partners at Midway Macedonia Baptist Church.  They told me that they want to start supporting our ministry financially.  PTL!

I'll be going to Azalea in a few minutes.  Yesterday those naughty boys had a Clorox fight!  They ruined some of the kid's clothes.  I just shake my head when I think about it.

Posted 11/15/2005 at 2:42 PM

Monday November 14, 2005

Friday, November 10--Monday, November 14, 2005

Kathy and I got a night away in the N. GA mountains.  We spent the night in Dahlonega.  We had a great time looking at the beautiful leaves.  We did some walking in the mountains, nothing too serious since I was still feeling pretty week.  We stayed at the Super 8 motel.  It had a fantastic view and was cheap!

Go to and click on Photo Gallery then Trips/Dahlonega to see the pix I took!

Saturday we had a party for Ashley.  She had a bunch of her friends over.  They made a bon fire in the back yard.  She had 5 of her girlfriends spend the night.  They seemed to really have a good time.  I was glad.

Sunday I preached at  Crossview Baptist Church in the morning.  That little church is really struggling.  It's hard being in a transitional area.  The new Trickum Middle school is being built across the street.  I think there's reasons to be hopeful!  The congregation sang Happy Birthday to Ashley.  She turned 17 on Sunday!  Can't hardly believe it!

Sunday afternoon I took Ashley out for some drivers education.  I needed to teach her the rudiments of parallel parking, emergency stopping before her big driver's test on Friday. 

Sunday evening I was at Grace Fellowship for the missions conference.  They highlighted reaching the Muslim community.  They played an excellent DVD that they produced.  I was about a third of the information!  They're a great church and have really supported our ministry.

Monday I went over to Lawrenceville to take a new basketball goal to Cherokee Courts.  I stopped at Office Max to pick up some supplies for the office.  Then went to FBC Doraville to work on my financial reports for my board/CPA, set up meetings and do my email.

I'm headed over to Azalea to check on my kids at the missions in a few minutes.

I'm feeling better.  I've been on anti-biotics for three days now.  While I was typing I pulled a muscle in my neck.  Now the office smells like Icy Hot.  Bahd luck.

Posted 11/14/2005 at 3:37 PM

Thursday November 10, 2005

I'm getting the brakes on my car worked on.  I usually go through about 3 sets of brake pads a year.  I do a terrific amount of city driving.

Still feeling weak.  I'm back in bed.

Pray for me.


Posted 11/10/2005 at 3:48 PM

Will do, will also try and get you an email update pretty soon. Feel better my brotha.
Posted 11/11/2005 at 12:40 AM by NAPosey

Thursday November 10, 2005

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Still sick.  I called my doctor to get some antibiotics going.  Just feel weak.

Did some banking  Kept up with calls and email.


Posted 11/10/2005 at 3:47 PM

Tuesday November 8, 2005

I went to FBC Atlanta this morning to pick up the grills from last weekend's events.  I had plenty of help to load them up and then took them to Perimeter church.  I really appreciate Jackie Dieter at Perimeter.  She took the time to help me haul those things up and put them away.  I was feeling so crummy that it was extra nice to have help.

I had a meeting for lunch with the apartment managers in our area.  We had the Police department of Homeland Security make a very informative presentation.  The feedback from the events last weekend from the managers was outstanding.

I came home after taking the left over BBQ to the Mocombe family.  I'm still feeling really weak.

Just knocked out the last of my office work, now I can lay down.


Posted 11/8/2005 at 4:18 PM

Monday November 7, 2005

I stayed home today to rest.  I'm still feeling pretty weak, stuffed up, head ache.  Turned out Ashley stayed home too, similar feelings.

I made the order for the manager's meeting tomorrow.  I'm bringing the food, and leading the meeting.

Back to resting.

Posted 11/7/2005 at 5:4 PM

Monday November 7, 2005

Sunday, November 6, 2005

We had the final day of the missions conference at FBC Atlanta today.  I had a great time speaking to the Single Parents class.  We had many interested people say they wanted to get involved. 

The evening conference also had an international food bazaar.  That's always fun.

I got home around 10 pm last night, totally exhausted.  I'm still feeling a bit sick, coughing and weak. I plan on adjusting my schedule to rest in bed on Monday.  If I try and stay kind of around the house I think I can recover more quickly. 

Posted 11/7/2005 at 10:10 AM

Saturday November 5, 2005

Today FBC Atlanta hosted Impact Atlanta!  We had Outreach Events at twenty-three different apartment complexes.  During the debriefing time we discovered that over 67 men, women and children had accepted Christ including a whole family!  PTL!  It was very exciting to see the church mobilized on that scale.  I have hundreds of picturers from the event on or Photo Gallery.  Go to for more info.

I dropped off the bread racks back to Kroger and my way to eat supper with Kathy.

I came home utterly exhausted and slept for about an hour and a half.

Just finished my email.

Posted 11/5/2005 at 8:47 PM

Friday November 4, 2005

My partners from FBC Atlanta and I picked up all the food and supplies for the Impact Atlanta Outreach Events happening at 23 locations tomorrow.  The good folks at Kroger helped us get that together.

I'm still feeling a bit weak so I came on home after we loaded it up and went back to bed.

I'm better some.  I have to get up early for our work tomorrow.  I have to be at FBC Atlanta at about 8am.


Posted 11/4/2005 at 9:58 PM

Thursday November 3, 2005

This morning I had a great meeting with a potential new apartment partner at Highland Grove.  This is an Equity complex.  We've worked with them before at Adelaide Park.  My home church of FBC Mountain Park wants to do a Christmas party at several complexes.  I'd like to open work in that one because it's so near to the church.  Jerry Counselman is our new minister of missions.  He went over there to talk with the manager.  I'm trying to show him I do this sort of stuff.  It's always best to see it in action.  After the meeting we went over to the church to talk with Debbie Braswell--she's in charge of the children's ministry.  I'm really looking forward to some great things around Christmas!

Then I shot over to Perimeter Church to pick up 22 little BBQ grills to be used by my partners at FBC Atlanta.  I thank God every day for my partnership with Perimeter.  They have been SO supportive in all phases of our ministry.  May God continue to bless them!

I had a meeting with Myrek Hufton of World Harvest Church after I ate a quick lunch.  He's an MK from S. Africa and was born in England.  He's a terrific guy.  We have so many things in common.  I expect some powerful ministry to happen with their help in the Roswell area. 

Before the meeting with Myrek I had a few minutes and fell asleep in my van under a shade tree.  Sleep when you can.

Then back to FBC Atlanta to drop off the grills from Perimeter.  Tom Neville helped me unload them all. 

Went to the mission at Azalea to check on my kids there.  I had to go pick up some ink for the printer (this time color--I bought black ink yesterday).  Everyone is doing fine.  They're looking forward to the block party on Saturday.  Azalea is one of the 23 sites that FBC Atlanta is covering.  My partners at FBC Duluth are also doing ministry this weekend.

I FINALLY got to see Ashley this evening.  They were crashed out by the time that I got home from the missions conference. She's such a sweetheart.  I really miss my family when I get to working too much.  I'm also still feeling pretty week.  Just worn out.  Maybe I'll get a little more rest tomorrow.  In my dreams. . . .

Pray a little extra for me, eh?


Posted 11/3/2005 at 7:47 PM

Wednesday November 2, 2005

We're getting ready for the big Impact Atlanta event this weekend.  We'll have teams from FBC Atlanta in 23 locations this year.  FBC Duluth is also helping us at several locations. 

Went to Party City to pick up some supplies for the event this morning.

Stopped by FBC Atlanta to set up my display for this evening.  I'll be going back for this evening's missions event later on.

I'm feeling kind of week, like I may be coming down with something.  I took some extra vitamins and will try and rest before going to Azalea.

I've held off running till I feel better.  Still doing my pushups/sit ups and Tai Chi.

Rest time.
Posted 11/2/2005 at 2:54 PM

Tuesday November 1, 2005

After spending a good time with my folks, they took me to the airport in Austin.  I flew back home arriving about 8pm.  Great to see my family!

Tired, but happy.


Monday, October 31, 2005

We left Kerrville pretty early after speaking with two other families that support our work.  It was great to talk with old friends that have prayed and given to support our family for so many years.

My mom and I went on down to Uvalde to meet with some of my relatives.  Two of my Aunts live in that area:  Ophelia and Anna Belle.  Aunt Ophelia is 94 and looks like she's in her 70s!  Incredible.  They are both just sharp as tacks.  It was great to be able to visit with the.  That's special for my mom as well.  That generation is going to be with the Lord soon.  It's important to make the time to spend with them.  I'm glad that my wife always encourages me to do that!

We came home to Georgetown around 5pm.  I had a great visit with my dad and my brother and his wife (Jim and Kathy) came over later that evening with their daughter Katie all dressed up for halloween.  She was a little princess and just adorable.  I enjoyed taking her to the store and buying her bags and bags of candy. 

Dad and I stayed up late talking about ministry and family.  Good times!

Posted 11/1/2005 at 1:35 PM

Tuesday November 1, 2005

Sunday, October 30, 2005

I had the delight to speak to a senior ladies Sunday School class from FBC Georgetown this morning.  Many of the ladies I knew from the 70-80's when my dad (Al Cummins) was pastoring that church.  We had a good time together.  They had sent an offering to help us buy school supplies for the kids this summer.

From that class, I went over to the Worship Place which is the church that my dad is pastoring in Sun City--a very wealthy retirement community near Georgetown.  They sponsor our work in Atlanta as well.  I spoke at the two Sunday morning services as well as to another SS class.

After lunch my mom (Peggy) and I drove to Kerrville, Texas in the hill country so meet with several other partners in ministry, specifically Bryan and Ada Betty Finley.  Bryan was one of my dad's long time friend and has been like an Uncle to me.  It was great to visit with them.  I'll be coming back to Texas in the spring to speak to the whole congregation.  I was supposed to do that this time but there was a scheduling conflict so I just met with individuals instead.  Most of the time that's the most effective anyway.

I love the Texas hill country.  It is fantastically beautiful with rolling hills and plenty of white tail deer.

Posted 11/1/2005 at 1:30 PM

force5's Xanga Archives
Sunday October 30, 2005

Saturday, October 29th, 2005

I marched in the parade with my Frat brothers from Baylor.  We had a fun time.  Watching Tech roll over us wasn't too hot.

We got home and then went over to Wendy's house.  She a good friend of the Commagere family in Georgetown.  The whole family was there along with Pat Young from McAllen and my brother Jim and his wife Cathy!

We carved pumpkins and yakked till the cows came home!

Posted 10/30/2005 at 12:42 AM

Sunday October 30, 2005

I had such a good time up at Baylor this weekend.  I got to hang out with my Frat brothers, looked around all the new buildings on campus, marched in the parade for Homecoming and watched Texas Tech clobber Baylor.  That part wasn't so hot.

I've slep about 30 minutes in the last two days.  I reckon I better crash.

Posted 10/30/2005 at 12:38 AM

Friday October 28, 2005

I had such a good time up at Baylor this weekend.  I got to hang out with my Frat brothers, looked around all the new buildings on campus, marched in the parade for Homecoming and watched Texas Tech clobber Baylor.  That part wasn't so hot.

I've slep about 30 minutes in the last two days.  I reckon I better crash.

Thursday, November 27, 2005

Flew to Austin. Texas this afternoon.

I handled a situation at the Corners with a basketball goal and called a partner that was interested in volunteering on Fridays at Azalea.

I enjoyed getting to see my folks.  We had curry. We also had David Morse and his family.  They are missuionaries to Malawi.  Pat Young came up to see me from S. Texas.  Great to see all my old friends.

We went over to Jim's house later this evening.  It was fun to hang out with my brother's family.

Posted 10/28/2005 at 2:4 AM

Wednesday October 26, 2005

Today I had "The Great Candy Throw" at Azalea.  I buy a bunch of bags of candy, line the kids up on one side of a line and throw candy to them.  It's a LOT of fun.  The kids go crazy, and so do their parents.  I'll be in Texas during Halloween, so I went ahead and had a fun time with them today.  Doesn't seem like they've had that much homework lately.  Hard to figure sometimes.

My room is filled with the odor of peppermint right now.  I saw a show about natural pest remedies.  The guy said that rats and mice can't stand that mint smell.  You have to buy real peppermint abstract--the kind you get from health food stores and put it on cotton balls or add it to water and spray it.  I did both.  Two nights ago I felt something nibble on my shoulder.  I jumped up like a rocket and saw a mouse scurry away.  Last night while I was typing I saw another mouse run up a vertical pole.  I didn't think that was possible.  You  won't believe this but RIGHT NOW I just saw that blankety blank blank mouse just run up that pole! My heart is still beating.  I only hope that perhaps the smell will drive them away.  It's when I deal with things like that that I realize just how blood thirsty I can become.  I was trying to be nice.  . . use a little peppermint. . . but if I have to bring out my plastic bat again, by God I will.

See I go through all these thoughts in my head, like "What harm could that mouse really do?"  But it's just the thought of it.  Ay caramba.

I'm psyched about going to Texas tomorrow. Pray that I'll have a safe trip.

Posted 10/26/2005 at 10:28 PM


Hey man. I've commented on your site before, since I worked with your ministry for a week in July. Well...I'm glad you're coming to Texas, I wish you could stop by Canyon and see Aaron McFatridge and the crew. Good work man.


Posted 10/27/2005 at 7:24 PM by bigdrummerboy1

Tuesday October 25, 2005

I went to Kroger this morning to talk with the new manager.  I wanted to make sure that he got the fax we sent him for the food order.  Looks like FBC Atlanta will be covering THIRTY locations in two weekends.  We'll be feeding about 3,000 people.  So we need to make sure that we have the food ready to go!  Green for go on the order.  PTL.

Visited two managers in Lawrenceville at Cherokee Courts and Olde Salem to let them know about the big Thanksgiving party that my partners at FBC Lawrenceville will help us with.  We'll feed 60 people on site at OS and will transport another 40 people from CC over to FBC L.  Looking foward to that!

I was interviewed by the media team at Grace Fellowship this morning.  I'm one of their missionaries.  This year the theme of the missions conference will be reaching Muslims.  They wanted to know some basic facts about how to do that and what we're involved in locally.  I hope the shoot went well and that a LOT more people from that great church will get involved.

Right now I have Jouvens Mocombe helping me load up 45 chairs which we'll be taking to the new mission in Roswell--Harmony Bay.  My partners from the Restoration Church of God are doing a great job reaching the kids with the Gospel.  The work is only a few weeks old and already we have regular attendance of over 40 kids!  Soon they'll have somewhere to sit!  Pray for my arm.  My tendonitis really bothers me when I have to do a lot of lifting---which is one big reason why I have Jouvens helping me.

After we load those chairs, we'll go over to Azalea to help the kids with their homework.

I ran 4 miles last night in 44:11.  It was drop dead cold with a biting wind.  I dressed warm and did ok.  I never can figure out why it is that no matter which way I run the wind always seems to be in my face!

It was Jesse's birthday yesterday.  He's 15.  We had fun looking through old pictures of him as a little kid.  He's just about as tall as me right now. 

Off to load chairs. 


Posted 10/25/2005 at 3:0 PM

Monday October 24, 2005

I've been stressed out this morning. I really want to get the food order in for this massive outreach we're doing on November 5th in the bag.  We'll be serving in at least 21 complexes feeding a couple of thousand people.  That's not something you do on the spur of the moment.  I need to get the final figures so I can get the new manager at Kroger working on it.  Hopefully, I'll be able to nail that down tomorrow.

I went by FBC Atlanta this morning to try and get that info, but they were out.  Bahd luck. I've written email and called so hopefully I should get that soon.

I made all the calls to the managers involved.  At least I know that end of the stick is taken care of.  Plus the other supplies that aren't covered by Kroger  (table cloths, balloons, face paint. . . ) is also done.

I also have the logisitics set up for the big Thanksgiving outreach that FBC Lawrenceville is doing next month.  I'll go square that away with the managers tomorrow. 

I have an interview about our Muslim work with some folks at Grace tomorrow morning then I'll go up the road to talk with the managers involved with the FBC Lawrenceville outreach:  Cherokee Courts and Olde Salem.

I also called the counselor at the Lakeview Elementary school in Conyers.  I'm trying to get our team involved with the school system rather than starting something separate from them.  We'll see what happens. . . .

Lots of Christmas stuff is being organized now too, especially for our work on Beaver Ruin and in Cumming.

I've taken care of my financial report and church report as well as my calls and email to folks.

I'm trying to get everything done before I leave town for Texas on Thursday.

Lots of plates spinning . . . .

Posted 10/24/2005 at 3:55 PM

Sunday October 23, 2005

Early morning for me today  I spoke to the Brotherhood of FBC Lawrenceville this morning.  This church will be helping me serve a Thanksgiving meal to two complexes where we have work.  Their pastor Lamar Holley is a great guy and is interested in our ministry.  I pray that their church will get fully engaged in the community soon.

I came home and slept for a while.  I'm not an early morning person.  It was beautiful to watch the sun rise, but I'm a sun set kind of guy really.

I played with our outreach band CRUZ this afternoon at Calvary Christian Fellowship where Lester Ruiz--our percussionist--leads the music.  We played five songs for the congregation.  It was a lot of fun.  I always enjoy hanging out with my brothers.  We've been playing together for a little over 7 years now.  When we first started playing, Tito and Lester were both single, now they're married with kids. 

Tomorrow is Jesse's 15th birthday.  What a happy day that was for me.  With Ashley's birth there were complications and as the doctor wheeled her off for an emergency C section I laid down on the floor and wept because I thought that my wife and my little baby were both going to die.  With J we went in, got the epidural and an hour later they cut the baby out and we were parents for the second time.  None of that 48 hours of drip to induce labor.  Horrors.

I'm pooped.  I'm stressed too because of the big events coming up with FBC Atlanta in two weeks.  I always get uptight when I have to leave pieces of the puzzle (like the list of food that Kroger is getting for us) to other people.  When I have it on my plate I KNOW it's going to get done.  I just have to take a deep breath and trust that the Father is going to work it out like he always does.

Posted 10/23/2005 at 6:37 PM

Sunday October 23, 2005

Saturday, October 22, 2005

I ran 4 miles today in 43:41.  I've been trying to take it easy.  Get the miles in, don't worry about the speed.

I finished the newsletters and got them mailed off. PTL.  I'm trying to get all that done before my trip to Texas.

Stayed up late watching Baylor play Oklahoma.  We got beat in double overtime.  It's still amazing how much better Baylor is playing.  I would have thought we'd be creamed by OU in Norman.

Posted 10/23/2005 at 6:29 PM

Friday October 21, 2005

I've got a bit of a stiff neck right now.  I've been writing newsletters and it starts hurting after a while.  I try and do some, take a break and repeat.

I made the copies for the newsletters.  There are 214 individuals/churches on our list currently. I write a short personal note to everyone of the supporters.

Did the shopping this morning.  I went to the new Kroger and talked with the manager again about the big event on November 5th.

J and I are updated the Team Assignment page on the web.  I try to keep that current as much as possible because the teams depend on that resource.

Ran 4 miles last night in 43:14.   Untl last week I had always said that I run 12-14 miles a week.  But on analyis I actally run 16-18 miles a week because I run 4 out of 7 days. 

After all that running I guess I need a nap.

Posted 10/21/2005 at 3:51 PM

Thursday October 20, 2005

In about two weeks we will host FBC Atlanta in about 25 complexes around the Metroplex.  The logistics of feeding a couple of thouand people is enormous.  This morning I spent time making calls to my partners verifying we're where we need to be.

Next week I'll be travelling to Texas to speak at a couple of churches.  That takes me out of the loop locally right before the event so it's really important that everything is ironed out early.

I went over to Michael's and Party City to make reservation for some of the supplies that we'll need.  The manager assured me they'd have what we need by the 2nd.  The actual event is on Nov. 5th.

I'm also working on getting the newsletter out earlier than usual as well.  I want that to be completed before I leave for Austin.  The kids at the mission will help me with the labels and stamps when I get over there in a little while.  I bought the stamps and picked up more envelopes this morning.  Looks like I have all the raw material I need now.

I finished taking care of my email (a new team looks like they're on the way to help us next summer PTL) and just wrote my article for this month's Outreach Update.

I was up late last night.  CRUZ had a practice at 9pm last night at Calvary Christian Fellowship where Lester leads the music.  Our band will lead the music next Sunday.  It's always such a blessing to hang out with my two brothers and jam.  I picked up a pedal for my guitar this week.  It sounded terrific last night.  Sweet!

I need to finish laying out the newsletter so I can print it tomorrow morning.  I'll head over to Azalea in just a bit.


Posted 10/20/2005 at 2:33 PM

Wednesday October 19, 2005

I've been working on making sure that the big outreach of Impact Atlanta on November 5th goes off without a hitch.  I went by the new Kroger store and met the new manager that is taking the place of Randy Nason who I've worked with for the last three years.  I want to make sure they're will be a smooth transition.  I've also contacted Tom Nevill who is the missions director for FBC Atlanta to make sure on the number of locations we're going to cover (around 30) and that he faxes over the list from last year.

Been in contact with the ESL teachers at Azalea.  I'll be moving that team to a new location as of next week.  Just a lack of interest at Azalea.  Teachers are too valuable to have them at a location where they're not being used adequately.

I'll be collecting the refurbished computers for our mission at the Corners in a moment.  I had to wait till there was someone at home so I can pick them up.

The kids at Azalea need a lot of help with these projects.  I'll be out of town for about a week going to Texas next week.  Man, were the kids ever uptight about that.  Lots of wailing and gnashing of teeth at the thought that I won't be there to bail them out.  I do plan on having a party for them next Wednesday for Halloween.  I'll throw a bunch of candy to them.  It'll be fun.

I have a rehearsal with our Outreach band CRUZ tonight at Lester's church.  We'll be playing the worship service this coming Sunday.  I also got a call from the pastor of FBC Lawrenceville who wants me to speak to the Brotherhood this Sunday morning at 7:30am to discuss the plans for taking food to two of the complexes where we have work in his area for Thanksgiving.

Lots of plates spinning. . . ..

Posted 10/19/2005 at 11:55 AM

Tuesday October 18, 2005

I've spent most of this morning working on the action items I had from the Board meeting last night. 

I've put in the requests for the 2 new persons to help us.  One is a regional director to help me expand our base of operations, both with churches, volunteers, managers and city officials,  The other is a person skilled in grant writing/fund raising as well as working with Internationals.  We'll see how that goes.  Lord, bring them to us!

The second item was to check on the requirements that the IRS has for 501 c 3 non profit organizations.  I was making sure that we're doing everything that need to happen to keep us in good standing with the government.  That turned out to be a harder job to find than I thought.  But with perserverance I did finally track down the data.  Looks like we're good to go.  I forwarded the info to my board and CPA.

Also took care of my email and calls to the folks that needed my help.

I'm setting up some appointments to check out our new work in Forest Park and to see new possibilities of getting our team involved at the schools in Conyers.  As you may remember, our mission there was sold to another owner who offered to give us discounted rent, but still wanted US to pay for a ministry that is helping THEM.  Go figure.

After lunch I'll go to Azalea to help the kids with their projects.  I know that at least three of the kids will get a zero if we don't get it done.

I need to run tonight.  I feel tight and stressed.

C'est la vie, baby.

Posted 10/18/2005 at 12:48 PM

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Monday October 17, 2005

Kathy and I just watched "Behind the DaVinci Code" on the History Channel.  I've just started listening to the DaVinci Code on books on CD.  I like listening to books while I ride around going to the different missions.  I feel like I learn something.

I had a great time with my Board this evening with two of my favorite people: Carl Barrington and Tito Ruiz.  These guys have been such a blessing to me over the years.  It was a productive time.  I've been given some good ideas to act on, so that's always exciting. 

I was at Azalea this afternoon typing up 3rd grade research papers---600 words with a bibliography.  I thought that was a bit much for this age kids, but they seemed to do pretty well with some help.

I took Kathy's bike in for repairs this morning.  She has been so good to ride regularly.  She's ridden that bike into the ground.  It needs repairs.  The good thing is that it's a Nashiki bike.  We bought it at a pawn shop for $100.  It weighs about half what a normal bike weighs.  The first time you lift it you're astonished.  I'm getting some new wheels, brakes, chain and a tune up with lubricating all the cables.  She's really going to enjoy riding around Stone Mountain after that.

Posted 10/17/2005 at 11:14 PM

Sunday October 16, 2005

Kathy and I enjoyed watching two rather obscure movie tonight.  We watched My Architect which was directed by Louis Kohn's son.  Kohn is probably the most important architect that America has produced.

The other movie was a French film called Monsieur Ibrahim.  It's the story of a 15 year old boy in France with no mother and a father that doesn't take care of him, and how the relationship builds between the kid and a Turkish store owner across the street.  I really enjoy hearing French.  I spent so much time learning that language, and now I hardly ever use it.

Pas de chance.

I also enjoyed some quiet time at Stone Mountain.  Went over my Bible memory verses.  Some of it was pretty rusty, but I still knew almost all of it.  Amen.

Posted 10/16/2005 at 9:53 PM

Saturday October 15, 2005

Jesse and I just got back from seeing the movie Serenity.  I really liked it.  Kind of a space cowboy movie.  We also enjoyed looking around the book store and then going over to Radio Shack to pick up a set of screwdrivers he needed.  Ever hear of a Torx screw?  It's a special set of tools used in computers

I did the shopping this morning.  Always something to do around the house.

Kathy had a problem with her bike tonight.  Apparently the brakes and steering both went bad.  That's not a good thing when you can't stop and can't steer!

Posted 10/15/2005 at 9:8 PM

Saturday October 15, 2005

Friday, October 14, 2005

My mother in law Nell Doverspike wasn't feeling well.  Kathy and I made a visit to get her something good to eat (KFC) and do some yard work.  Sometimes something simple like that can make a person feel a lot better.  It's so important to take care of our elderly parents.  I wish I was closer to Texas so I could help MY folks from time to time.  I'm glad my brother is there to help them.

Ran 4 miles in 40:11.
Posted 10/15/2005 at 9:6 PM

Thursday October 13, 2005

Today was "carpet day."  I was supposed to have the carpet man come anc clean at 8am. I started calling their office at 11am.  Eventually I had a guy come and work on my carpet at 1pm.  I left for Chamblee about 2:30pm.

Went by the office to get the mail and check on the plants.

All morning long I worked on the report for my Board of Directors.  I have a board meeting on Monday.  I completed compiling the documents and made the copies before the carpet guy came over. 

Went to Azalea to help the kids with their projects.  Miguel is doing a mobile on Magnesium.  The 5th graders have a "Flags of Latin speaking coutnries," plus a geography project related to a future career goal.  It's part of the same project where several kids got "F"s because they didn't finish the paper.

I got home and went straight back out with Jess who is doing a project for his Honors Biology class.  He has to take notes about 10 different locations or ecosystems in the area.  We went by Stone Mountian this evening before it got dark.  I forgot my new car (!) didn't have a Stone Mountain sticker on it.  I had $32 on me, but I needed $35 to get the sticker.  So I dropped Jesse off in a patch of wildflowers and went to get the extra dinero.

We had a good time hanging out together.  I'm such an outdoors person and J seems to just be completely happy sitting in his room in front of the computer.  When he's outside with me, looking at the birds and the bugs, I really feel like he's part of my gene pool.

Posted 10/13/2005 at 9:24 PM

Wednesday October 12, 2005

I had a great meeting with Todd Harrison this morning.  He's a big supporter of what we're doing and did a great job as the director of the mission near Sugarloaf Parkway.  He's moved and I'm hoping to plug him and his sons (who did a fantastic job for us at the other mission) to one of the new missions in Lawrenceville.  I took him to eat at Cafe Istanbul.  I ate so much hot sauce I can really feel it in my stomach.  Worth it!

We had a huge mess in front of our office this morning.  The Korean church had had a party and because the dumpster was full they left a bunch of trashbags on the ground.  I try to help around the church, especially with the heavy stuff.  I was throwing garbage into the dumpster and came to the last bag which was REALLY heavy. I had to swing it up into the dumpster and it ruptured--extremely funky kim chee went everywhere.  The smell was almost unbearable.  I scraped up as much as I could and threw it into the dumpster.  Then I felt ants biting my leg.  I was standing in a pile of fire ants!  I couldn't even brush them off because my hands were covered with this hideous kim chee.  I went into the church, washed my hands off about four times then stripped off my pants to get the fire ants off me as they were crawling/biting up my leg.  Bahd luck.

I have my Board Meeting next week.  I'm in an analyis mode of what's been accomplished.  It's a lot of work to go through stuff, but it always amazes me to se what God has done in just the last year.  It's great to work for the King!  I'm busy collecting information and getting it all printed up to give to my Board of Directors.

I'm headed over to Azalea in a moment.  Several of the kids have projects due.  I'm helping with Periodic Table projects, Eco systems projects, Spanish projects and book reports. It's like I have 20 kids besides Ashley and Jesse.  C'est la vie, baby.

I did have some good news.  In Jesse's bedroom where we had the 55 gallon aquarium break, it seems the plywood didn't warp--just the carpet.  With some struggle I was able to get the carpet to lay back down pretty well. PTL for that!

I also found out that the Egyptian guys that I've been working with lately who work at the Shell Station near my house are Christian! I was amazed and pleased.  I'd been sharing with the manager about what I do.  I've given him prayer cards about our ministry and articles that were written about us  I can see now why he was so supportive--he's one of US!  He told me that there are about 400 Egyptian familes in Metro Atlanta that are Christian.  Good news!  They come from a Coptic Christian background, similar to many of the Ethiopians I work with.


Posted 10/12/2005 at 3:14 PM

Wednesday October 12, 2005

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I took Jesse to school this morning.  He had overslept.  Bahd luck.

I had a positive meeting with Nick today.  He's the director of the mission at Glennbrooke on Franklin Road.  He's stuck with it in difficult circumstances.  Kids over there had a knife fight practically in front of the mission last week.  That family is being evicted.  PTL.  I'm glad that he's going to stay. I'm praying that we can get a really positive roommate for him to share that place with.

I had lunch with my friends from the Chamblee-Doraville Property Manager's Association.  I met a lady with Catholic Social Services who wants to do an after school program for 22 kids.  She didn't know what to do.  I talked with one of my manager friends and she will start working with the kids at Chamblee Heights next week.  That's a real answer to prayer.

Ran 4 mi in 42:22.

Posted 10/12/2005 at 12:34 AM

Monday October 10, 2005

We had a disaster at our house two nights ago.  A sort of interior Hurricane Katrina.  The 55 gallon tank that housed our Oscar fish ruptured.  55 gallons of water released in your house is never good, espcially if my bed room is below the tank!  Fortunately, we got the water and it didn't mess up anything too badly EXCEPT the plywood flooring in Jesse's bedroom.  Now it's all warped.  What a pain.  It'll be a fairly major job to repair hopefully I can get a couple of friends to help me do it.

I guess tanks just bust like that from time to time.  The manager of the pet store where I go said that they sometimes develop flaws over time because of the weight of the water.  If it's not supported EXACTLY right it can rupture. 

I took care of banking and other office work this morning.  I'm spending the afternoon with the kids since they have the day off.  Jesse has a couple of major assignments I'm helping him with.

Ashley spent the night at a girlfriend's house last night.  She'll be home in a little while.

Posted 10/10/2005 at 5:19 PM

Sunday October 9, 2005

Kathy and I left Opelika this morning and went over to Auburn to check out that campus. It was quite lovely with many red brick buildings that looked somewhat like Baylor.  Of course MY campus looks a lot better. 

We drove back without any problem.  It started raining just as we got onto 285, so we were almost home.

We had a fish tank disaster this weekend.  The 50 gallon tank for the Oscar we have "Big O" ruptured.  The bottom pane of glass just cracked wide open.  What a mess.  Unfortunately some of the plywood flooring has warped so you can't open the door the whole way.  I'll try putting something really heavy on that spot to even it out.  I guess it's possible.

Kathy and I had a lot of together time this weekend.  I was glad she could come with me for this trip.  She likes working with college students, especially when they're out working in the community, so she enjoyed that. 

I'm glad to be home.  I'll probably take most of the day tomorrow and spend it with my kids.  I know we'll have to go see if we can't find another fish tank.

Posted 10/9/2005 at 8:46 PM

Saturday October 8, 2005
We visited the service project sites this morning. They built a ramp for a crippled man, mowed several yards, planted flowers and worked with a dynamic youth ministry called Lifesavers.

It's still overcast, but at least it's not raining.

I need to run.


Posted 10/8/2005 at 3:11 PM

Saturday October 8, 2005
Friday, October 7, 2005

Kathy and I drove down to Opelika, Alabama. FBC Opelike has come to help our ministry twice. Their college group called Mission Possible invited me to come speak on their service project weekend. They were a very enthusiastic crowd and did a great job helping in their community.

Visited the Lifesavers ministry. They have a fleet of buses that go around their community and pick up at risk kids. They have Saturday Sunday School. They had about 200 kids listen to the message in song and word.
Posted 10/8/2005 at 3:9 PM

Thursday October 6, 2005

Rainy day today. Alright by me. My trees seem so thirsty.

Just got finished running 4mi in 42:12.

Several of the kids got F's on their papers--or lack thereof. Then the teacher says go ahead and do it anyway? What's the motivation if you already gave the poor kid an F?!! I really feel like I need to go do there and try and help these teachers be reasonable. To ask a 5th grader in this environment to type a paper for them is just crazy. It presupposes so many things: access to computer WITH internet, printer, supplies for the project, someone to help the find the information, someone to help them type the paper . . . the list goes on and on.

Diana tells me, "I told her that I don't have a computer to type the paper."
I replied, "What did she say?"
She said, "Get Mr. Tim to help you."
Sometimes I get tired of being secretly famous.
I just one guys trying to help all these kids. The hard part is when you try to get the kids to actually think and write down their own words. It's very difficult for them to do that, and as a student of languages I know just how they feel. I used to be pretty fluent in Malagasy--the language I used in Madagascar. I'm sure I'd sound retarted if I tried to write 600 in it.

It just makes me want to go down to that school and yell at people.

The principle is a friend of mine. I know that the teachers are given certain requirements that the children must meet. It's not their fault really. But it's somebody's fault.

Lala salaama
Posted 10/6/2005 at 8:6 PM

Wednesday October 5, 2005

Well today I made the transition into my new car that my doctor gave me!  It's a 2002 Chrysler Concorde.  I'm enjoying it thoroughly.  The Lumina (a car my doctor also gave me!) was a real work horse.  I'm still not sure if we'll keep it around for our use or give it to someone else.  I'm trying to get Kathy to start using the Lumina rather than the Mitsubishi which she normally drives.  I was hoping that Ashley would use the Lumina since it's a nice, heavy (ie safe) car, but she thinks it looks like it's an "old person" car.  C'est la vie, baby.

My first stop this morning was at Clarkston  International Bible Church where I preached to the ESL students that attend class at that location.  Dekalb Tech (Kathy teaches ESL for them at their Buford Highway location) runs the classes but on the church's property.  There weren't quite as many people there since we were serving food and it's Ramadan now--so most of the Muslims chose not to be around the food we provide.

I also picked up some donated computers from the Corners apartment and took them over to my computer repair man--Clatie Lewis.  I should have several ready to take back there next week.

I had a hard day at the mission yesterday because the kids had SO much homework.  The 5th graders have to write a 600 word research paper.  They were pretty much totally unprepared.  Even though I had helped them with their outlines, introductions and research they still hadn't done any other work on their own.  My guess is there will be a lot of incompletes before they get it all done.  If they turn it in one day late (tomorrow) their grade is reduced to a D.  Ay caramba.

I'm getting psyched up for a conference I'm going to over at Auburn University this weekend.  One of the student ministries is doing outreach on Saturday.  They're basing their work on the model that we use here in Atlanta.  The main guy in charge came and worked with us here during the summer.  It's always exciting to see people catch the vision and actually DO SOMETHING!

My elbow feels better today. I've still be massaging the pressure points that relate to that tendonitis.

I ran 4 miles last night (literally in the dark--thankfully I have little LED blinkers to keep cars from smacking me!).  Ran it in 42:42.

I'm headed over to the mission to see if we can work on those papers with the fifth graders.

The response from the Outreach we had this last weekend was fantastic.  My contact at Perimeter said they mobilized around 1,500 people from their church alone! Sweet.  The majority of those folks helped at our missions.

I tried to add a name to my phone last night and it said it was out of memory. I had over 500 contacts in that directory.  Yow!  I deleted some folks to make room for others.  I still have their contact info, I just don't normally call them (they were leaders of teams during the summer,).


Posted 10/5/2005 at 3:4 PM

Tuesday October 4, 2005

I had a TERRIFIC time this morning/early afternoon with Wesley Horne who is the Assistant Pastor at E. Cobb Pres. Church.  He is definitely my kind of people, a real field operative who actually served in the Special Forces.  Sweet.  It's always fun to hang out with like minded folk. Helps keep me fired up and ready to rock!  I'm praying over time we'll see many of the folks from his church get into the community.  It's a very wealthy part of the city.  A really tough mission field for sure.

Just got finished putting together a packet for a couple of supporters to look through. 

Also got the paper work together for the new car that was given to our ministry.  PTL!  I have the tag in hand and the insurance is on it now so Wednesday will be my first day to be on the road with it.  I start out preaching to a roomful of Muslims over at Clarkston Intl. Bible Church in the morning.  A great way to break in the new ride!

I'm off to Azalea to help the kids with their homework and get some of their projects knocked out.


Posted 10/4/2005 at 4:11 PM

Monday October 3, 2005

I worked in the Lawrenceville area today.  I spoke with the two managers that we work with off of 5 Forks Trickum road.  The work at Cherokee Courts and Olde Salem is going well thanks in large part to Grace Fellowship Church and Youth Outreach United.

I had lunch with Lamar Holley the Senior Pastor at FBC Lawrenceville.  They're in the middle of the Contemporary/Traditional church split. Sad.  He hopes to support our ministry through his church and the procedes from a book he wrote called Kidstuff for Grownups. Groovy!

The big news is that I was given a new car last night!  What a BLESSING!  This is the 18th car we've had given to us in the last 9 years.  God is in the miracle working business. 

My elbow has still been hurting.  I did more research on acupressure treatments and have been massaging the areas related to tendonitis.  It has helped a LOT.  Hurts while you're doing it, but the the pain is less afterwards.

Salama sana

Posted 10/3/2005 at 4:38 PM

I'm coming to GA around Thanksgiving and then again after Christmas.  Will you be around?
Posted 10/4/2005 at 1:51 PM by eternaldig

Sunday October 2, 2005

I enjoyed Grace this morning.  Buddy preached from 1 Timothy on "Finishing Well."  It's easy to get started, the finishing part is the hardest.  I really think life is so much more like a long distance run than a sprint.

I ran 6.2 miles in 1:12: 53.  Windy and cloudy.  Although it's a long way, it's still a LOT better than it was running in the summer--even at 9 pm!

Did a lot of reading at Borders after church on massage therapy, acupuncture and acupressure.  I worked on the acupuncture points that relate to my problem (tendonitis in the elbow) and it does feel better.  I also use Tiger Balm.  But it sure doesn't make me the best smelling person in the room.

C'est la vie, baby.

Posted 10/2/2005 at 10:15 PM

Saturday October 1, 2005

I just got back from playing a concert at Wyndham Creek.  Cruz rocked!  It was actually a rehearsal of sorts.  We played all new music for the first time.  It still came off great, although I didn’t sing as much as I normally do, because I was having to watch the chord changes more carefully.

 In the Hippocratic Oath, one of the main tenets is “First do no harm.”  When playing in a band that means, only play if you know what you’re doing.  It never hurts to have an instrument drop out for a few bars.  It makes it musically more interesting.  So in some sections I just concentrate on singing.  Singing AND playing is quite challenging, especially if you’re doing it in another language.  And if you really want fun, many pieces of music are written in Sol Fa language.  Ever heard of that?  It’s the DoReMeFaSoLaTiDo, thing.  In that language Do is equal to what I learned as “C.”  Re is equal to “D,” Me to “E” and so on. So I’m translating twice—the language and the way the chords are written.  Sweet.

 There were a lot of people at the concert.  Tito preached great and sang amazingly.  And I think Lester may have played the best I’ve ever heard.  Really amazing percussion.

 This morning and early afternoon I spent with the team from Turkey Creek Baptist Church in NC.  Their puppet team “Caraway Street” does a fantastic job.  The were a blessing to the community at Huntington Creek


Posted 10/1/2005 at 11:35 PM

force5's Xanga Archives
Thursday September 29, 2005

I spent this morning over at Hamptons at Lenox making sure that the flyers were ready to go to promote the team coming in from SC tomorrow. They really do have an awesome puppet ministry. I think the residents are going ot love it.

I will also have the same team at Huntington Creek on Saturday.

I went over to the office after lunch to finish my financial report, take care of email and blog before heading over to the mission at Azalea to help the kids.

I had a positive conversation with Roland about a friend of his daughter's who is a Buddhist and has terminal cancer. I explained how difficult it is to reach the Vietnamese population because the see conversion to Christianity as a personal insult to their family---which is a HUGE priority for Asian people.

My tendonitis in my elbow still hurts. I'm trying to take it easy on it and it seems somewhat better. Pray.

Posted 9/29/2005 at 3:26 PM

Wednesday September 28, 2005

I had a meeting with the Center Precinct of Dekalb County this morning. About 8 other managers showed up along with the leader of the Gang Task Force and the Net team.

I've been on the phone constantly to help get the logistics ironed out for this weekend. I was told everything was taken care of by the other directors. Now they want to add about 6 locations to the mix. I'm still waiting for confirmation of those numbers and volunteers before I start putting things into motion. Ay caramba. I hate this last minute stuff, but that's just part of the gig. C'est la vie, baby.

I also am coordinating a team from SC who are coming to do a big puppet show at two other locations. I'm working on the flyers for that and will hand those out/post them tomorrow morning.

I'm headed over to Azalea to help the kids with their homework. Since they've been off for two days they probably have a ton.

Then I have a meeting at 6pm with the managers/police from the North Precinct which covers the Buford Highway area. That's a real expansion area for me so these meetings are critical for establishing relationships.


Posted 9/28/2005 at 3:10 PM

Wednesday September 28, 2005

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Ashley and Jesse had school off today. Since the kids at the missions don't have school either, I spent extra time with MY kids!

Kathy still hasn't been feeling well. She's been running a low grade fever for about a week and a half. She's been on anti-biotics and she's still having some problems.

Took care of email, financial report of donors and multiple calls about this weekend: Compassion In Action with Perimeter and Victory Churches being the main players. We'll have events in 11 locations, mobilizing around 300 volunteers.

Ran 4 miles in 43:23.

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Monday September 26, 2005

I always enjoy starting new work and today was no exception. I took my van this morning and after mailing my 220 newsletters I went over to Azalea to pick up tables and chairs that I had brought up from Conyers.

I decided to also get some extra chairs from FBC Doraville so in all I took about 30 chairs and three tables, plus some trash cans, tp, paper towels, cleaners, white boards and a couple of computer monitors. I'll have the computers I need ready to go in a few days and then I'll take them up there too.

I got to see Harris Carlock who is the regional manager. He's always so happy with our work, so it's nice to have a guy inside corporate on our side. I filled out all the paper work and got all the equipment unloaded. I also took some pictures of the place to show some partners.

The only downside to the place is it is all the way in the back, which makes it a prime target for break ins. It is a gated community, so maybe that will slow down the problem. Hope so. I talked with some of the maintenance guys to have them go by and check the place out from time to time.

I was also supposed to meet up with the director of Glenbrooke while I was in the area. He's a young guy that I've had some reservations with. I have another team over there to help him and we've had some issues. I went over there to talk with him. He had told me when he was going to be in. I fit in to HIS schedule and he didn't show up! Ay Caramba! One would think that when the big boss comes by you'd be there with bells on. Hard for me to believe.

I'm currently on hold with the Marietta power people trying to get the electricity turned on. The gas seems to be on because I have hot water in the apartment which is leaking badly. I won't start paying for that until the leak has been repaired---that's for sure.

Once I have a team on site and running, we'll discuss setting up the internet. I'll get a couple of computers over there running with educational software soon.

My kids have the day off today and tomorrow because of the gas crunch caused by Rita.

I'm glad I'm done with this month's newsletters. My tendonitis in my right elbow makes that kind of job really hurt. I used a dolly to carry the chairs around. I have to be careful with my little aches and pains unless I want them to get worse!

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Dude, I wish our gas prices were that high...then we'd get out of school! But...I guess overall it would be a bad thing. Keep on the rockin' work man...tell the kids the peeps from Canyon say hi.


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Was there, sorry about the missed meeting. I must have been washing the dirt off in the shower. I was trying to rush to fit into your schedule.
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Sunday September 25, 2005

Went to Grace this morning.  Buddy preached on 2 Timothy 1, Paul being the worst sinner of them all.  Aaron wasn't there to lead the music.  Disappointing.

Ran 6.2 miles this afternoon in 1:15:47.  Seemed the the wind was blowing against me the whole time.

I did a lot of yardwork yesterday.  I mowed my whole 1/2 acre.  Normally I only do the front part, but I was trying to get it prepped for winter.

This week promises to be intense.  Tomorrow I sign the lease for the new mission at Concept 21 Delk which will also service Bentley Manor--their sister property across the street.

This weekend is the UNITE weekend "Compassion in Action."  I also have a team coming in from N. Carolina to do a puppet show.

The Governor closed the schools in response to the Hurricane Rita situation.  My kids have off the next two days. 


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Saturday September 24, 2005

This morning I woke up and started laying out the design for this month's Outreach Update.  I got all the pictures and text in place and then I went to make 220 copies.  After getting the copies finished I went to Kroger and bought groceries.

Came home and worked on getting the newsletters out.

Quiet day.

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Friday September 23, 2005

I had good conversations with the director of the Corners this morning, Ron Owen.  They have a new manager there, we're trying to keep everything running smoothly.

FINALLY got a face to face meeting scheduled with the Pastor of FBC Lawrenceville next week.

I'm also figuring out how to handle a situation at Glenbrook in Marietta.  I have two tems there and I want to keep everyone on the same side.  That's not always easy.

Ran 4mi in 44:48.  I was taking it easy.  Felt kind of sore and I had a head ache.  C'est la vie, baby.

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Thursday September 22, 2005

I enjoyed hanging out with Norwood Davis from Crossroads church today. We enjoyed excellent kabobs at Cafe Istanbul. We checked out most of the facets of our work. We saw Oak Forest which is an entirely African American complex, Willow Branch which is totally refugee from Eastern Europe, the Middle East and N. Africa. Then over to Azalea which is mostly Latino.

We also visited the markets that I use to introduce people to the International Village: Asian Square, Ngozi Tropical Foods, Carniceria #1 and Enigmas.

I normally don't have the time to let people see a complete picture.

I went over to Azalea and helped the kids with their homework. The kids also helped me with the labels/stamps/stickers for the monthly newsletter.

I also went to the Vidal famiy's house and hooked up the internate for them. I pray that they will be able to use that resource to do better in school.

Have I mentioned the Gabriel Project?

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Wednesday September 21, 2005

I had a major meeting with many of my partners this morning/early afternoon.  It was related to what we're doing with the Katrina victims.  Looks like over 33,000 households have been displaced to our area.

Made some great contacts with a couple of other churches in the Roswell/Marietta area.  I have a meeting set up with E. Cobb Pres. next week to get their church involved at the apartments in their area.

I'm headed over to Azalea to help the kids with their homework.  Yesterday, the computer that is set up for the internet went down.  For some reason the computer crashed just as the browser window would open.  The dreaded blue screen of death appeared and the computer just sat there looked contrite.  I took it over to Mr. Clatie's house to swap out with another machine.  I'll get that on line this afternoon.  We have about 5 kids working on big projects for school.  Couldn't have been a worse time for it to break.

Two of the kids really had me going yesterday.  I had helped them with their outlines two days ago.  Christian comes up to me and says, "Mr. Tim, I got a D- on my outline.  I told you my teacher was really hard."  Then Chris comes up and says, "and my teacher gave me an F."  I was aghast!  I couldn't believe it!  A few minutes later they told me they were just kidding and they both got A's.  Little devils!

That's why they call it "missions."



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Aaron has a xanga too, it's undergroundministries but he never updates. I hope the kids at Westwood and Huntington Ridge are doin' alright, tell them we said hi.


Posted 9/21/2005 at 4:58 PM by bigdrummerboy1
We've added an after school program at Westwood. I'm working on having a Bible Study of there too. The Sawyers are working hard over at the Ridge. What's your email address? I'll hook you up with the players at both places.


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Tuesday September 20, 2005

I went over to Walmart this morning to pick up supplies for the mission, mainly food and some office supplies we needed.

I made some calls related to an assignment at Clarkston International Bible Church for tomorrow.  I was supposed to preach to the international ESL students, but the class was cancelled because it's a teacher work day.

I participated in the Chamblee-Doraville Property Manager's meeting for lunch.  We had a representative from the Dekalb Police Department there.  I'd heard about Phyllis Middleton from her counterpart in the Center Precinct.  I will probably be a member of the new Buford Highway Corridor Crime Watch meeting as well.  It meets on the last Wednesday of the month at 6pm.  The area south of Clarimont is their main focus.  There are over 20 complexes within a mile of that location.  It's a growth area for me and it saves SO much time if I can meet all the property managers at one time.  Although it does put me home late, which means trouble on the home front, but I think Kathy will understand.

When I got back to the office I sorted all the email addresses of the managers that I have and sent out an email to all the managers with these addresses.  Our hope is that if they have problems with a resident, when they evict them, they'll give the other managers a heads up about the situation.

I'm headed over to help the kids with their homework in a few minutes.

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Hey, I worked with your ministry this summer! I'm from Canyon TX, with the group led by Aaron McFatridge.


Posted 9/20/2005 at 5:54 PM by bigdrummerboy1

Monday September 19, 2005

I went over to the Corners this morning.  They have a new manager over there named Tracy.  I took some salads and a cheesecake to the office for the staff since Tracy said she couldn't get away for lunch.  I also took a schedule of upcoming events and a list of what we've done in the last year plus some pictures we had of one of the block parties.  We have some exciting things on tap for the fall at that location.  I was glad to be able to share with her briefly waht we're going to do.

Called Felix Lora about the break in we had at Southern Trace last week.  We're planning on boarding up the window where they keep breaking in--this is the fourth time in a year.

Got the utilities sorted out for our mission at Hamptons at Lenox and squared away the water bill at our mission that we're closing in Conyers.  I hope to have a meeting with school officials and the ESL folks at DeKalb county next week so I can get the volunteers back on line asap.

Received a call from NAMB about some volunteers on the way up here for some interviews.  They may want to help with an Outreach Event.  I'll try and set that up for them.

On to the mission at Azalea in a few minutes as well as taking some documents over to Clatie Lewis who works on our computers.

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Saturday September 17, 2005

I ran 6.2 miles today.  It was tough.  I normally do 4.

It was hot again.

Ashley got her dream come true today when the guy she's been so interested in asked her out for lunch.  Groovy.
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Thursday September 15, 2005

I just got back from eating lunch with Tommy Hinely who is the director of missions for Rockdale Baptist Church in Conyers.  I set him up with three computers for their Senior Adult Center and another one for the Spanish Pastor they work with.  I'm glad to get this equipment out the door and into the hands of people that really need them!

We had Ethiopian food together.  The owner, Sam, is a Christian man who wants to return to Ethiopia to do evangelism!  Wow, that's a surprise, since most of the Ethiopians I work with are Muslim. 

I took care of my other office work and turned in my financial reports this morning.  I'm headed over to the mission at Azalea in a few minutes.

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Wednesday September 14, 2005

I went by Staples this morning to pick up the supplies I need to outfit the mission at Huntington Creek.  We're starting the new ESL classes over there tonight.  I got the toilets looking good, so hopefully our volunteers will be happy with the place.  I also took over the white boards and other cleaning equipment to keep the place looking good.  I mopped the floors and the counters and the management had the carpet cleaning guys over there this morning so the place really looks nice.

Took care of depositing checks to the bank after Staples.  Always good to see the donations come in so we can keep doing our work.

I finished the rest of my financial report, email and calls regarding evictions a few minutes ago.
I'll be heading over to Azalea to help those kids in a few minutes.  I'm going to lecture them about helping me today.  If I don't see changes I'll probably close the mission down for a couple of days just to show them I'm serious.

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Tuesday September 13, 2005

Today I had David Wheeler for our "Ride Along" program.  Basically he just shadowed me for the day.

I met him at the church.  He arrived as I was finishing the first part of my financial report.  First stop was to the Hamptons at Lenox apartment complex.  I had to pick up the lease for the new mission, which is just upstairs from the old mission location:  EE--8.  Once I signed the lease, David and I went over to the Georgia Power Company office.  We had to establish the new account for the power in the apartment.  Unfortunately, the previous tenant had owed money, so I had to do the start up in person.

After we succesfully opened the account, we went to Clarkston.  I showed David a typical store in our area which was stocked with groceries from other countries.  It's eye opening stuff when you see that every container has foreign language labels.

We had lunch at Madina where we met with Bennett Ekandem.  We enjoyed good fellowship and then toured the mission at Willow Branch.  Bennett has about 15 computers all networked together.  It looks really impressive.  He's reaching lots of people with the Gospel.

From Clarkston we went to Avondale where we met with Chris Skinner, my partner with the Atlanta Youth Project.  I got a computer/monitor/keyboard together and took it over to a Liberian family's apartment.  They were so excited to see the equipment.  I set it up for him to make sure that everything was working properly.  Chris will help them get the internet so they can contact friends back in Liberia.  It's a beautiful thing.   Chris is also doing outstanding work.  I really try and support go getters like him.

We went over to Office depot where I bought some extra telephone line and a surge suppressor to use with the computer we just set up.  Chris went back to set that last detail up.

David and I then went over to Azalea.  I dropped off some other school supplies that the kids at the mission needed.  Then I took David back to the church so he could get in his rent a car and head back to the airport.

I shot back to the mission to help the kids.  There were SO many kids, and every one of them seemed to be desperately needing help and with major projects to do.  I felt completely overwhelmed.  Sometimes I just get so tired of loud, messy kids.

 Then I got a phone call from a volunteer that's going to teach ESL at one of the missions.  She was complaining about how terrible the apartment's condition was in.  I explained to her that we all have to try and keep it clean, but with heavy use the place is always going to seem like a shambles to some degree.  I had heard from her before, and went over to the apartment expecting to see a total disaster.  It was actually pretty good.  I told her that these missions can't be kept in perfect condition unless you want to yell at the kids constantly.

  She was especially concerned about the toilets.  I kept expecting her to volunteer to clean them, but eventually I realized that wasn't going to happen.  So I told her that I would be glad to go over and clean the toilets, and maybe she could just keep them looking good.

I mean, there's only X amount of  good times with cleaning toilets. 

It just makes me shake my head.

As I'm doing these dirty jobs (and there are a lot of them--not that I'm complaining) I keep saying to myself (and sometimes out loud when the kids are around) "I have a Master's degree and I'm on my hands and knees cleaning up for dirty kids who don't think gravity applies to them."

Man, I just get so frustrated, and tired.  The lady also needed a white board.  So I went into the girl's room at the mission to find my brand new, $175 whiteboard/easel completely taken apart.  I found the legs in the kitchen but all the bolts were gone, rendering the stand useless.

My head's still shaking.

I got home totally whipped, but I hadn't run in two days so I HAD to run today.  Which I did.  I put in my 4 miles in 42:24.  Not exactly burning up the road, but the way I felt . . . .at least I did it.

C'est la vie, baby.

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Monday September 12, 2005

I just got back from Conyers where I had the sad task of getting my stuff out of the mission that we had there.  I should have a new place to take the equiment soon.  Hopefully we're going to start working in the elementary school near a trailer park that is almost entirely Hispanic and by far the neediest area in Rockdale County.  Where we had work WAS the neediest area, after three years we have seen huge changes in the community.  I have to feel good about what our team was able to accomplish in that location.  The subdivision was sold to an investment firm made up of 11 different owners.  Although they did offer a $200/off of the rent, $550 is still way more than we can afford.  I have to believe this is all God's timing, although everyone seems to be focused on Katrina right nigh.

I'll drop off the extra chairs/table at a new mission we're starting in Marietta soon.  We're working out the final details of that move this week.  My partners from Youth Outreach United are helping me in two locations on Franklin Road in Marietta.

I'm sitting on hold right now getting the power/gas transferred from one apartment at Hamptons @ Lenox to an upstairs one.  The lower one got flooded. I also had to get the utilities over at the mission in Conyers turned off.  Takes time. . .

Off to Azalea now to help the kids with their homework.

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Sunday September 11, 2005

I went to Grace Fellowship this morning. Buddy preached on our response to tragedy.

I'm worried about all these new  (19,000) refugees that have entered Metro Atanta en masse. It's a really big problem that the cities/counties don't have a good game plan for.

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Sunday September 11, 2005

Saturday, September 10, 2005

I got up early this morning and made a presentation on Communication in a Multicural Setting at the Gwinnett Neighborhood Leaders Institute.  It was broke up into two parts:  Communication and how it relates to Neuro-Linguistic Programming--how we sort information and being perceptive on other's body language.  The second part dealt with language learning, my theories behind the practical gaining of a language.

Ashley is involved with helping host a party for her best friend--another Ashley!  They're having a Hawaiian theme. 

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Thursday September 8, 2005

I just got back from speaking at a Missions Conference in Villa Rica, GA. Midway Macedonia had their missions fair tonight. I enjoyed speaking to their folks. I think there are several couples that will plug into our work at Hickory Falls apartments. It's a long drive, nearly an hour from my house.

I had a terrific meeting with the management of Gwinnett Place Apartments off of Sweetwater Road and Pleasant Hill this morning. Looks like we'll be able to start a mission there soon. I'm going to help with a block party at the complex to get things rolling. The manager and her regional boss will be there. That's the time to show up with our best food forward. I feel like after that we can seal the deal on using the laundry room which is going to be refurbished.

I got to Villa Rica early to avoid the traffic. I set up my display and then ran a little over 5 miles in the country near their church. I ran for 52:14. I remembered this particular run from last year. It has the largest, longest hill I've ever seen. Made it up no problem. Well, maybe a little problem. . . .

I'm still so wired from talking to all those people. I'm off the scale on extroversion. Extroverts actually get more energized from being around people.

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Wednesday September 7, 2005

I had such a good time for lunch today with two of my favorite partners: Chris Skinner from the Atlanta Youth Project and Vickie Randall from Oak Forest Apartments. I'm trying to get those two to work together since they're in the same area. I've found that people are SO much better off when they pool their resources.

Katrina victims continue to flood into Atlanta. I'm trying to help get them housed. Not an easy thing to do. I've sent the word out to the managers/corporate guys I know to see if they can house some of them We'll see.

Went to Staples this morning to pick up office supplies for the Mission at Azalea.

Just got off the phone with Clatie Lewis who helps me get the donated computers ready to go. I'm taking a set up over to Azalea to use for the educational software I've got loaded. Then I'll help the kids with their homework.

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Wednesday September 7, 2005

I had such a good time for lunch today with two of my favorite partners: Chris Skinner from the Atlanta Youth Project and Vickie Randall from Oak Forest Apartments. I'm trying to get those two to work together since they're in the same area. I've found that people are SO much better off when they pool their resources.

Katrina victims continue to flood into Atlanta. I'm trying to help get them housed. Not an easy thing to do. I've sent the word out to the managers/corporate guys I know to see if they can house some of them We'll see.

Went to Staples this morning to pick up office supplies for the Mission at Azalea.

Just got off the phone with Clatie Lewis who helps me get the donated computers ready to go. I'm taking a set up over to Azalea to use for the educational software I've got loaded. Then I'll help the kids with their homework.

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Tuesday September 6, 2005

One of my favorite events every year is Impact Atlanta which is hosted by First Baptist Church of Atlanta--Dr. Stanley's church.  Last year we held Outreach Events at 30 apartment complexes.  This year we aim to do even more.

I had our first meeting with the new staff from FBA that will be helping us pull it off.  I talked about the logistics involved with such a mammoth outreach, why we do it and what we expect to gain from it.

I also found out that it's on the 5th of November so it's possible that I may be able to go to Baylor for Homecoming.  It's my 25th anniversary, which is special, but the main thing is to see other friends and visit with my Dad there in Texas.  Hopefully it'll all work out.

Just got back from Office Depot, needed to pick up some supplies for the office.  I'll be heading over to Azalea to work with the mission kids in a few minutes.


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Monday September 5, 2005

Kathy seems to be feeling better. 

We ate breakfast/lunch with her mom Nell and aunt Orene.  Ashley and I joined them at IHOP.  I was glad we got to visit with them.

We came home and rested for a while, then Ashley and I went to Northlake Mall.  She was shopping for a hoody in preparation for the cooler weather.  We didn't find that, but she did get a little vest.

I've been working on Su Doku puzzles.  Ever seen one of them?  They're a Japanese puzzle recently imported to the States.  It's a series of 9 boxes each with the numbers 1-9.  Every column and row has to have all 9 numbers, but no repeats.  I think they're hard, but challenging.

I've been using the EyeQ program.  My reading speed is over 1,000 wpm now.  I figure with more practice--there are a lot of eye and reading exercises--I could double that.  I started out at around 600.

I paid bills today.  Is it just me, but is everything just way more expensive these days?

The Mitsubishi cost right at $500 to get put right.  The wheel bearings and hub were just flat worn out. 

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Sunday September 4, 2005

Kathy has been sick the last few days.  I've been trying to help her feel better. 

I ran today, 4 miles in 43:44.

Jesse and I burned a bunch of limbs in our back yard.

Ashley dyed her hair really, really blond.  We're still getting used to it.
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Friday September 2, 2005

Thursday, September 1, 2005

I have never seen anything like this--except when I lived in Kenya in the 80s: NO GAS!  I was shocked.  It certainly makes my mission harder.  Last week I had two 100+ mile days.  It's one thing to be expensive, it's another not to be able to get home!  It's a long way to ride a bike from Gainesville and Cumming!

I had a stay home office day today.  Made phone calls, set up appointments, went to the bank/post.  I did find one gas station open and gassed up at over $3.00/gallon.  I'm going to try and stay around the house for the holiday weekend and save my gas for the appointments I HAVE to do for next week.

I ran 4 miles in 42: 14.
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force5's Xanga Archives
Wednesday August 31, 2005

I just got off the phone with David Morse who is on furlough from Malawi!  He's like my little brother, and I didn't even know he was back in the States.  Bahd luck.  He and his sweet family are doing great and it was such a blessing to catch up with him.

I had a meeting with the managers in the Chamblee/Doraville area for lunch.  Seems like things are pretty quiet in town.  The cops let us know that they're planning a major bust of MS13 gang members in September.  Hope not too many innocents are caught in the crossfire of deportation.

I picked up some new educational software to use in the missions.  If we can get these kids to stay in school and do better there's a least a chance for these communities.  Their real needs are spiritual and that's where our priority is.  However, there has to be a way to establish relationships and education seems to be the way to do that.

Our new ESL classes fired up last week.  Tonight is the second day of the new locations, pray that they will go well and many adults will be led to Christ through them.

I ran 4 miles last night in 39:59.  I'm glad it's getting cooler.


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Tuesday August 30, 2005
I just returned from Roswell. I had a great meeting with my partners in the area: Perimeter Church, FUMC Roswell and Restoration Church of God. We had lunch with the manager from Harmony Bay as her main maintenance supervisor. Things look very positive to start new work in that complex in about two week. They'll be doing a Bible Club and we should be able to swing some ESL classes there soon as well. PTL.

I also dropped off a bunch of school supplies to N. Lanier BC and their Spanish Worship Leader Jonathon Morris. I didn't have a whole lot left so I went and bought about $200 more stuff to support the new work. They should be distributing the material on Thursday evening. Excellente! Looks like Tim Yarborough from First Redeemer church in Cumming will also be helping. Sweet.

I've got to go to the mission in a second. I can't believe these kids already have projects coming due. Ay caramba.

Posted 8/30/2005 at 3:1 PM

Monday August 29, 2005

I just got back from eating lunch with Sam Bandela and Bob Speers.  Sam was my mentor when I first came to Atlanta and taught me a LOT about doing missions.  He is now in charge of reaching India for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.

I'm doing office work:  email, bills, letters . . .  Never stops.

I finished writing the letters for this month's Outreach Update this weekend.  This afternoon I'll have the kids at Azalea help me put the stamps and return labels on them and then I'll put them in the mail stream.

God bless New Orleans.  Katrina looks to be a very naughty girl.

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Sunday August 28, 2005

I enjoyed going over to Grace this morning.  The music was awesome.  Buddy did a good job preaching from Eph. 2.

I went over to Borders after church to look at some books.

Came home and then ran 4 miles in  40:58:59.  Rode the stationary bike for 42 minutes, 17.2 miles.

I've been working on newsletters for what seems like hours.  I'm writing about 210 personal notes each month.

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Saturday August 27, 2005

We just got back from a good time over at Ann Mitchell's house.  She's Kathy's elder sister.  We had delicous hamburgers that Bob cooked.  All of Kathy's brothers were there:  Bill, David and Paul.  Normally we don't ever get to see David's family because his kids are real sports champions so they're always at a tournament somewhere.

Kathy's mom Nell seemed pretty frail.  I just don't think she wants to live any more, ever since her husband of over 50 years passed away.

I rode the stationary bike for 30 minutes.  I did about 11.5 miles.

I have a sticker in my foot.  Bahd luck.

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Saturday August 27, 2005

Friday, August 26, 2005

I finished producing this month's Outreach Update this morning.  I went over to Staples to pick up the extra supplies I need for that mail out, plus did the shopping for the kids at the new Mission Points in Cumming.  I bought about $250 more supplies for those two communities---plus it'll help with the adults in the church's ESL program which starts in two weeks.

I made all the copies for the letter and printed out the labels.  I've already started working on writing the letters.  I've have the kids at Azalea help me with the rest of the stickers on Monday.

I ran about 5.3 miles in 1:03:20.  It wasn't too hot, but I ran on the side of the road with no shoulder for part of the way.  Too much traffic.  More stress than it was worth.

I enjoyed eating with Jesse this evening over at Zaxby's.  Kathy was riding around Stone Mountain while we did that.


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Thursday August 25, 2005

I just got back from a meeting with partners in Cumming, GA.  There are two trailer parks loaded with Hispanics that we need to reach with the Gospel.  N. Lanier BC has brought on board a new worship leader for a Hispanic Church they want to plant whose name is Yonathon Morris, from Chile.  I went over to the trailer parks with him and talked to the manager.  The school supplies that were collected by FBC Mountain Park and by Briarcliff BC will help us kick off that work.

I also had Tim Yarborough from the NAMB and who is a member at First Redeemer in Cumming as well as Chip Sweeney my partner from Perimeter/UNITE come by to talk about what we've got going on.

I'll take the school supplies over to N. Lanier BC early next week.  We'll do the distribution on September 1st.

I also had some bad news today.  Looks like our mission at Hunting Creek in Conyers has been sold out from under us.  We never pay for rent and we can't really afford $745/month so it looks like I'll need to transplant that team over to another location--sooner rather than later.  I wait on the Lord to help us know what to do.  Pray for this situation.

I also got a call from my Dad that he's in the hospital with some type of Upper GI problem.  He was passing some blood, but not too much.  He is in ICU in Georgetown Hospital.  He hopes to be released soon once they know what's going on.  They think it's related to some of the meds he's taking.   Pray for Daddy too.

I have to go over to Azalea and work with the kids to help them with their homework.  I bought music books for two of the children that will be taking band this year.  I'm proud of that!

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Wednesday August 24, 2005

I had a very informative and productive meeting with the Gang Task Force of the DeKalb  County this morning along with about 12 managers from the area.  It's always good to make more relationships both with managers and the PD.  I hope to be able to help them with their web site as regards info on Gangs.

I've been in the office for the last couple of hours getting email taken care of and making phone calls setting up meetings.  I'm trying to make as many calls as possible and cutting down on driving.  These gas prices are hard on everyone, but especially people that have decentralized programs, ie. ME.

I'm headed over to Azalea to help the kids with their homework in just a few minutes.  Take a deep breath and think "Patience."

I ran 4 miles in 44:00 last night.  It wasn't too hot, but the humidity was close to 100%.


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Tuesday August 23, 2005

This morning I worked at my office at FBC Doraville for about 30 minutes, then went over to Azalea to pick up Jouvens Mocombe.  He rode with me the 45 minutes up to Gainesville for lunch.  I set up a meeting with Dave Channell from Blackshear BC (THE church in the area), Ralph Johnston from E. Lanier Pres., Michelle Swartz from the Columns apartments, Brandon Smith from the YMCA and Drew Grubbs from Youth Outreach United.  We ate at Taco Veloz.  I got the final go ahead from the Regional Director of the apartment complex that we could use/renovate an area initially slated to be used as a laundry room.  We'll use it for an after school program, ESL classes and Bible studies.  We're really excited about this.  I think it's going to work out great.

I always enjoy getting the team together, coming up with a game plan, and expediting it!

On the way home I got a phone call from Terry Earl, the director of our mission at Hunting Creek in Conyers.  Apparently, the property has been sold and the new owner says "pay rent or get out."  I've got a call into them to see what's going to happen.  Pray for this.

I took the whole family out for Chinese food tonight.  It was a good time of togetherness.  We had the whole place to ourselves as the restaurant does primarily a delivery business.

I ran my 4 miles tonight in 44:04.  It had just rained, but wasn't nearly as hot as I've been enduring.

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Monday August 22, 2005

I came home so tired tonight.  I don't know how many of y'all really experience this heat, but it's something.  The humidity just clobbers you.

I picked up three more sets of computers for the mission at Westwood.  I packed them in the car at Mr. Lewis' house, brought them out to the church so I could plug everything in and make sure it worked, packed it back into the car, then went to Westwood where I had to make about 10 trips up two flights of stairs.  I was sweating like a stuck pig.  Man.  The manager has promised to get a DSL line up to them.  I think that's great.

I heard back from Oak Forest today.  They were having trouble with the internet I set up for them.  I told her a couple of things to try, and sure enough it was working.  Amen.

I picked up the trophy's for the boys at the mission.  They were SO excited.  I also made plaques for Jouvens and Miguel.  I'm a believer in rewarding kids with special things when they do well. 

Unfortunately, the mission was a mess today.  I had brought over some watermelons and they left the rinds on the counter.  I tossed the junk and made the kids help me clean it up.  If you're not careful you can get too fixated on keeping the place clean.  The bottom line is with heavy use you'll get a mess.  The mission is filled with kids.

I heard that Perimeter is going to do 6 complexes rather than the usual 25 this October.  They're planning on doing larger events at the 6 missions that they regularly support.  There's definitely something to be said for that.  I do feel sad for the other 20 locations that will get a whole lot of nothing. . . c'est la vie, baby.

Did I mention it's hot?

I'm looking forward to going up to Gainesville tomorrow morning.  We've had some Outreach Events at one of the local complexes.  I received permission to renovate a storage room and turn it into a mission with regular after-school and ESL programs.  I love it when a plan comes together.

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Sunday August 21, 2005

Kathy and I participated in the dedication of Lester and Nadia Ruiz' baby, Sophia this morning at Calvary Christian Fellowship in Duluth.  It was a beautiful ceremony.  All the brothers were there plus Tito's folks.  Jack Wolf is the pastor of CCF.  He did a good job with the dedication.

After the service we went to eat at Golden Corral.  It was fun to hang out with the grand kids.  Tito and Lester have SUCH sweet heart kids.  It was such a delight to be around them. 

I came home after church and worked on posting all the pictures I took onto the web site.  It's good for the church folks that didn't get to come to the party/dedication to see what happened.

I also posted a set of pix of the infamous chip pile.  May it always be spread.

I went to the pool at Stone Mountian to soak up a few rays, did about 8 sets of Tai Chi, came home, dressed out and ran four miles.  I did it in 45:33.  It was still hot even after 7pm.  Sweated like a stuck pig.

I'm better now.

Groovy stuff happening this week.  Can't wait to see how it all unfolds.

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Sunday August 21, 2005

Saturday, August 20, 2005

We had such a good time at the party at Tito's folk's house.  It was is ordination celebration.  There was a great crowd and the food was fantastic.  I took lots of pix.  I especially enjoyed the Nicaraguan tamales.

I spent the afternoon with Ashley and Jesse.  We ate at the Weathervane Cafe.  Carl Barrington turned me on to that place.  It has the best chicken fingers on the planet.  No lie.  After eating, we went to several Army/Navy stores.  Jesse wanted to look for some supplies for his boots and some under armor.  Fancy name for underwear.  Couldn't find any.  Bahd luck.  It was still fun to be with them.  I discuss politics and economics with Jesse, I ask Ashley what she thinks and she says," I only want yellow shoes."  Classic.

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Friday August 19, 2005

I rode the outer ring road around Stone Mountain this morning on my bike.  The route I ride is 7.3 miles.  I had to get off the bike and run it to the top of several hills.  I rode for 52:53 minutes that includes water breaks.  I can tell you, riding in the real world is a LOT harder than riding a stationary bike.  There are some beautiful water scenes on that route.  I love the reflection of the mountain in the water.

I took Kathy and her mom to lunch today over at Folks.  I had fried catfish.  Excellente.

Rested for an hour, then got up and hung out with Jesse of a couple of hours.  I really enjoy talking with him.

I go outside and it's like living in an enormous terrarium.  The humidity has to be around 99%.

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good to hear that you're cycling.  We'll have to hit the streets when I come to GA.


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Friday August 19, 2005

Thursday, August 18, 2005

I spent the morning at Perimeter going to a seminar on focusing your ministry to help get more team members.  It was profitable.  Most of the things I was already doing, that's always good to hear.

I had a dentist appointment at 3pm.  I had already had the doctor look me over a couple of weeks back.  This time the dental hygenist had her fun with metal tools in my mouth.  She was kind of rough.  I kept thinking she was going to dislodge fillings or my crown.  Ay caramba.

I watched Shaolin Soccer this evening.  I don't know if you liked the movie Kung Fu Hustle, which I thought was brilliant, but Shaolin Soccer is the previous film.  It was really good.  I liked that Tai Chi had such a big part of the movie. 

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Wednesday August 17, 2005

The Unite Churches in Gwinnett County are gearing up for the Compassion In Action weekend in October.  I had a meeting with many of the major players for lunch today.  Drew Grubbs and his non-profit Youth Outreach United has really come on strong by bringing teams to lead the work for our ministry.  We spent about three hours talking and preaching at each other about stepping up and accelerating what we're doing in Atlanta.  The job is SO huge, we have to really think BIG.

There are two main areas we're talking about one in Marietta and the other in Lawrenceville. There are some major things percolating.  I'm really looking forward to being stretched.  When I'm starting new work and seeing new churches catch the vision for reaching their community it's very exciting for me.

Went to Azalea to help the kids with their homework.  Expanded numbers, associative property of addition, millions, billions, trillions place. . . what fun.

Also made a list of what each of the kids were missing.  Seemed like primarily binders, dividers, book covers and calculators.  Thank God the churches have been so generous with their gifts.  I still have enough to take to some of the other missions too.  PTL!

Ashley and I went to Kroger to buy groceries.  I was so tired when I got home I had to fall into the bed for thirty minutes before I was up to that task.

We've had some spectular lightning storms in the Metro Atlanta area recently.  "In Whirlwind and Storm is His way," as Nahum would say.

I didn't run tonight.  Too pooped.

I found out this morning that I've been invited to participate in a conference at Perimeter.  It starts at 8:30am.  I go to very few conferences where I'm not part of the program.  I'm looking forward to being on the receiving end for a change.


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Wednesday August 17, 2005

The Unite Churches in Gwinnett County are gearing up for the Compassion In Action weekend in October.  I had a meeting with many of the major players for lunch today.  Drew Grubbs and his non-profit Youth Outreach United has really come on strong by bringing teams to lead the work for our ministry.  We spent about three hours talking and preaching at each other about stepping up and accelerating what we're doing in Atlanta.  The job is SO huge, we have to really think BIG.

There are two main areas we're talking about one in Marietta and the other in Lawrenceville. There are some major things percolating.  I'm really looking forward to being stretched.  When I'm starting new work and seeing new churches catch the vision for reaching their community it's very exciting for me.

Went to Azalea to help the kids with their homework.  Expanded numbers, associative property of addition, millions, billions, trillions place. . . what fun.

Also made a list of what each of the kids were missing.  Seemed like primarily binders, dividers, book covers and calculators.  Thank God the churches have been so generous with their gifts.  I still have enough to take to some of the other missions too.  PTL!

Ashley and I went to Kroger to buy groceries.  I was so tired when I got home I had to fall into the bed for thirty minutes before I was up to that task.

We've had some spectular lightning storms in the Metro Atlanta area recently.  "In Whirlwind and Storm is His way," as Nahum would say.

I didn't run tonight.  Too pooped.

I found out this morning that I've been invited to participate in a conference at Perimeter.  It starts at 8:30am.  I go to very few conferences where I'm not part of the program.  I'm looking forward to being on the receiving end for a change.


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Tuesday August 16, 2005

This morning I delivered my financial report to my treasurer and mailed all the letters that I wrote last night.  I went over to the bank and deposited the latest check from the North American Mission Board.

The kids had a basketball tournament at Azalea.  I went over to the trophy place that I use and ordered some small trophies for the boy's teams that won and also placed an order for two small plaques for Jouvens and Miguel in appreciation for the work they did at the missions this summer.  I think small tokens like that really mean a lot to people--especially to kids.

My afternoon was taken up with a meeting I had with Robyn McHenry.  She is a potential candidate for a mission director living on site.  There are a number of problems with her doing the job, primarily she doesn't have a roommate and she can't drive.  Those are some significant challenges, but can be overcome if she's willing to try.

It poured down rain in Chamblee today, so I didn't get to go to Azalea like I normally do.  When the weather is like that, all the kids stay at home and don't go out.  They still don't have any homework so I didn't feel like I HAD to go over there today.  The kids always miss me, but they understand that I have lots of things going on that can sometimes pull me away from the mission.

Posted 8/16/2005 at 6:7 PM

Get Robyn a bicycle. It's the best answer to any challenge.  She can weave in and out of traffic, save gas and insurance money, stay in shape and have it sitting around the house instead of a roommate.  I think I just solved all your problems.
Posted 8/17/2005 at 2:22 PM by eternaldig

Monday August 15, 2005

I picked up a LOT more school supplies today at FBC Mountain Park.  They are such a generous church. 

I had a fun morning today.  I got to eat lunch with Carl Barrington the President of the Whirlwind Missions board.  He's such a great guy.  He and his wife have really been there for us over the years.  I ask a powerful blessing on people like that!

I took a load of school supplies to our new mission at Westwood, then dropped off more at Adelaide Park and for the Ambers. 

I enjoyed talking to Cindy Hunnicutt who is the children's director for Restoration Chuch of God in Roswell.  They'll be helping us start the new work at Harmony Bay in Roswell.  I dropped off school supplies there as well.  The manager says she will help get an area downstairs in their office for us to use.  Hope that works out.

Went by Azalea to drop off the rest of the supplies and to see if any of the kids need any help.  Being that it was the first day, they didn't have any homework.  I helped clean up the mission and then came over to my office at FBC Doraville.

I've been working on my financial reports (donors/expenses), answered all my email and wrote some letters.  I'm ready to head to the house, get some exercise and relax!


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Sunday August 14, 2005

I had a very tranquil day.  I spent time at "the club," what I think of when I mean Stone Mountain.  The pool was absolutely quiet.  I had the whole place to myself.  Soaked up sun, worked out, swam, tai chi, practiced memory verses.  I nearly have all of Mathew 5 down.  Some of it is hard since I'm learning the King James version of it.

I cut branches off of the trees in my back yard this afternoon.  I'm trying to give the back yard more of an airy feeling.  I have a LOT of trees and it can get very still back there.  I eliminated most of the branches till about 15 ft.

Got a chain for my bike so I can leave it, run to it and continue a course by bike.

Ashley and I went around Stone Mountain and she counted off tenths of a mile to me while I marked the map.  I had always heard that the path around the mountain is 5 miles long.  It's actually 4.8 miles.  I figured out how to add the extra .2.

Sometimes I have to wonder what drives me to come up with harder courses than what I already have.  Jesse says, "if you run different paths it's better for your brain."  He never really explains why.  He just says stuff like that.  He's funny.  But I find myself thinking about what he says.

 He wrote me a note yesterday that said, "Every day I strive to be more like you."  Dunno where he got the quote from, but does make one feel good.

My back is still a bit sore.  I did extra Tai Chi this afternoon.  Rode 30 minutes on the stationary bike.

I bought the wide screen version of Kung Fu Hustle tonight.  Great flick.  It came with a documentary about the evolution of martial arts movies.  I found it very interesting.

One point that kept being repeated is the duality of martial arts with the physical and spiritual.

True dat.

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Saturday August 13, 2005

I'm still sore from the pine chip experience.

I ran 6.2 miles around noon today.  Not a good idea.  My 10K route goes from the top of my street to Trickum Middle school. It is extremely hilly.  I made it in 1:21:42.  Not exactly a record, but as my Daddy would say, "I got through it."

I pedaled the stationary bike tonight for about 45 minutes--just a little over 17 miles.  I was watching Around the World in 80 days while I pedalled.

Jesse and I discuss politics and economics nearly every night. He is a smart puppy.

Ashley helped me with the wood chips yesterday for over 2 hours.  I sure did appreciate that.  Kathy pooped out after 30 minutes of sort of working.  C'est la vie, Baby.

I'm doing some research about a reading program called Eye Q.  Trains the eye to scan/absorb material faster.  I want to put the program into the hands/eyes of the kids at the different missions.  Reading is THE skill that keeps many of these kids from succeeding.


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Saturday August 13, 2005

Friday, August 12, 2005

Thursday evening I came home to a horrifying scene. My wife had ordered a HUGE load of wood chips to our house, which was dumped in the middle of our driveway effectively blocking in the van.  I was FURIOUS. 

It's times like those that a person really sees what he's like.  I have so far to go . . .

Bottom line I spent about 3.5 hours shoveling pine chips.  Kathy helped about an hour.

Hard, hot work.
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Thursday August 11, 2005

I had a terrific time today re-opening the mission at Westwood apartments in Norcross. We had such a wonderful work going there when Ian was here.  Once the volunteers leave the work starts.  That complex has REALLY had some tough times and I'm glad to see God's people helping make a difference there.  I had a good meeting with my new Director at that Mission--Eddie Mattison.  Glover Baptist Church will be taking the lead role in the complex.  Eddie and I spent about an hour cleaning the room up and getting it ready for next week.  I'll bring over some computers to try and get the place up and at full speed.

I dropped off another computer to our mission at Huntington Ridge this morning.  Ben and Julie Sawyer and their three children live there and are the on site missionaries.  I'm trying to do everything I can to help their work. 

I worked on the missions in what I think of as Area 4 today, that's the Jimmy Carter/Buford Highway/Norcross-Tucker part of our work.  I had a GREAT meeting with the new boss of the Huntington Properties.  He was very complementary of our partnership.  That always makes me feel good.  We have work at the Terraces, Ridge, Village, Creek and Hamptons @ Lenox which are under his management.

The good folks at Briarcliff BC dropped off a bunch more school supplies to the mission at Azalea today.  I'll be taking a lot of that stuff to other missions in our area.

We tried to have the basketball competition at Azalea again today, but the rain came by the bucketloads again.  Bad luck.

My Dad is still suffering with back problems.  The doctor told him he couldn't get that shot because of complications with other meds he's taking.  That's not good.  Keep praying for him.

I stopped by Victory World Church today to give my thanks for their teams that have been helping at the missions in the Peachtree Industrial area.

Got to chat with Steve Varner from Glover Baptist Church today.  He came over to Westwood to meet with the manager and get to know the work that we're starting there.  He's one of my favorite preachers.

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Wednesday August 10, 2005

I spent time on the phone today getting the new locations for our 5 ESL classes underway.  I went by Hamptons at Lenox and Huntington Ridge to let them know the good news.

Also talked with the manager at Chamblee Heights about starting the classes over there.  I started the work there about 5 years ago when I worked for CDMC.  When we started Whirlwind Missions (4 years ago TODAY!) I no longer had access to that location, even though I had renovated the place and raised the money to make it happen.  The other ministry center had abondoned the location and the manager begged me to help.  So it looks like I've taken over the work again.  I told the manager I wasn't going to work there unless they took the other ministry's name down from the building.  Does that sound petty?  I don't intend on putting our signage up, I just don't want to be associated with another group that quits on people. 

I did my school supply distribution for the kids at Azalea today.  I was supposed to also have a basketball tournament for the boys, but it was pouring down rain.

I picked up a computer that had been reformatted for the mission at Huntington Ridge.  I'll take that over to the mission tomorrow.

I got a call from Ms. Vicki at Oak Forest.  She was SO thrilled that the printer/computer/internet is all working.  I don't think she's used to working with people that say they're going to do something and then actually do it . . .and fast.  That's why we're  #1, baby.

My Mom emailed me today that my Dad is having severe back problems again.  He couldn't preach Sunday.  If you knew my Dad, you'd know it has to be REALLY intense pain, because Daddy is really tough.  Pray for him.

Today after over 2 years of dieting I came in at my target weight of 160 lbs.  I really couldn't believe my eyes.  I've lost 36 lbs.  I ate Indian food for lunch.  Doubt I'm at 160 now!

Ran my 4 miles yesterday in 42:44.  Got rained on most of the way.

I need to go home and check on my kids.


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Tuesday August 9, 2005

I went back to Oak Forest this morning.  I had a feeling that the printer wasn't going to work so I bought them another one.  Sure enough the other wasn't printing correctly, so I'd made the right decision.  That mission should be ready for school now with a computer with internet plus a way to print.

Next stop was Perimeter church where I picked up the lists from Goldrush from the summer--all the kids names and where they lived/complex.  Should be a big help to our ongoing ministry.  Ashley will help type all that info up.

While there I had lunch with Chip Sweeney who is one of my main partners.  We listened to a live radio/phone broadcast with Henry Blackaby--the creator of Experiencing God.

Went by Peachtree Corners to chat with Carlos Salaveria who has been leading the charge at the Corners for his church.  They were all in a staff meeting.  So it goes. . . .

Dropped off the keys with Ann Harris at Town and Country Apartments.  One of the teams I had there had forgotten to return them.  I finally tracked down the set of keys and returned them to Ann.  That's a minor miracle.

Sorted out the water bill at Huntington Ridge.  They have a new service which has caused us some problems.  Hopefully it's cool now.  I'm setting up an auto pay service with them.

Talked at length with partners in Cumming about new work up there.  I'm setting up a lunch meeting with the major players in the area to get things really rocking.

Had the same set of conversations with my partners in Gainesville.  I'm really looking forward to some great stuff happening there.

I need to go over to DeKalb Tech to pick up some books for my wife who will be teaching over there tomorrow.  I went by yesterday but they weren't ready.  C'est la vie, baby.

Caught up on my email and phone calls.

Back to the field.

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Monday August 8, 2005

I woke up before 6:00 am this morning to make sure that my sweet kids were ready to get going for school.  They have to catch the bus at 6:40am which I think is brutal.  I reckon they'll get used to it.  I walked them up the hill and had a prayer with them before they left.  They sure are growing up and looking great!

I went over to Oak Forest this morning to set up and install the internet for that new mission.  Those kids need SO much help.  It's a really tough area and I pray that the churches will step up to the plate and come tutor the kids.  Looks like Mt. Zion BC in Snellville is going to help some, PTL!

I met with some of the kids at Azalea to make sure they knew that I'll be doing the school supplies distribution on Wednesday at 2pm.  That way if they're missing stuff I can pick it up for them on Thursday.

Believe it or not, I had a call from my mission director at Huntington Ridge this morning that said she had a bunch of kids come by that were unaware that school started TODAY!  Incredible.

Took care of banking and email at the office. 

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Sunday August 7, 2005

Kathy, Ashley, Kathy's sister Ruth and I ate at several different restaurants at Northlake Mall today. I usually eat a gyro and so did Kathy.  We took Ruth out for her birthday lunch.

Later, Ashley and I looked for clothes and books for school.

I came home and ran 4 miles in 42:15 and rode 24.3 miles on the stationary bike.  I'm a bit saddle sore now.

The kids go to school tomorrow.  Lord, protect Ashley and Jesse and all the rest of the kids going to school for the first day.

Kathy has been at her mom's house most of the day cleaning for her while her mom's out of town at her brother in law's.

Posted 8/7/2005 at 7:54 PM

Saturday August 6, 2005

I just got back from playing with my band Cruz.  We had a concert and Outreach Event at Huntington Ridge.  Bob Williams was there from Briarcliff Baptist Church to help us with the PA and record what we did.  Tito and Lester Ruiz played beatifully and Tito's wife Patricia and their son Jacob were also there.  Kathy usually makes all of our concerts and is our biggest fan, but she was too tired to come tonight.  I missed her.  She was spending extra time with Jesse before he goes back to school.

I rode 23 miles on the stationary bike this morning is an hour.  I heard that the new exercise requirement to stay healthy is 30 minutes per day, every day.  I had always heard 40 minutes every other day was sufficient.  So now when I don't run, I'm trying to get a workout on the stationary bike.  It's fun to see how many were calories burned and how fast you're going.  I've been able to get it to 37 mph.  Without gears I'm not sure how much faster I can make it go.  If it fell off the stand, I'd probably shoot through the wall.

Ashley and I went to eat at Red Lobster.  I couldn't wake Jesse up and Kathy was riding her bike around Stone Mountain. Good food, good company.

After our concert tonight the band went out to eat at Mi Pilon--excellent Dominican food.  It's on Buford Highway, just south of Beaver Ruin.

Posted 8/6/2005 at 10:1 PM

Friday August 5, 2005

Today is my "long" run day.  I normally run four miles at least three times a week.  Today I ran around Stone Mountain, which is a 5 mile run.  I did it in 51: 41.  Then I got on my bike and rode around the mountain.  Wasn't too hot, but hot enough.  I'm not sure how fast I can ride around the mountain.  I'll be measuring that.

I just took Ashley and Jesse over to Staples to pick out their school supplies.  I still can hardly believe that I have two children in high school.  Ay caramba.  I must really be getting old.

When I hit 47 this July 12th, I officially started to think of myself in terms of 50.  That's a lot of years around the sun!

I had five phone calls this morning before 8:30am.  Normally that's no big deal, but officially I'm still on vacation---even though I still do all my email and phone calls.  No big emergencies, but it helps to keep the plates spinning if I call people right back.

Big stuff in the fall.  We have several new sites opening up if all goes well.  Three in Lawrenceville for sure.  At least one more on Franklin Road in Marietta.  Plus, I'd like to expand what we're doing in Gainesville.  Gotta stay focused. . . .

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Thursday August 4, 2005

We just got back from Parkview High School where we walked around the campus making sure that Ashley and especially Jesse knows where they're going.  Jesse is a Freshman this year.  I hope it all works out well for them.  Ashley's biggest concern is who she'll eat lunch with!

Ashley and I went to FBC Mountain Park this morning to pick up a van load of school supplies for the mission kids.  We gathered all the goodies and then drove to Chamblee to drop them off at Azalea.  I'll distribute the materials to the kids at the mission and then drop off some to several of the other missions.

Ash and I also ate Indian food at Annapoorna--her favorite and then went to Perimeter mall to do some last minute shopping.

Posted 8/4/2005 at 8:27 PM

Wednesday August 3, 2005

We got back from Chattanooga this afternoon.  We enjoyed laying out at the pool this morning and into the early afternoon.  I got some serious UV rays for about two hours.  I enjoyed doing some Tai Chi near the pool. 

I was glad that Kathy wanted to drive.  I sure didn't want to.

The guys at the pool we were at wanted to take a picture for their new web site.  So we're going to be on it.  I thought that was funny.  If they had any idea how many pictures there are of me on the web . . . .

Once we got back into town we went over to check on Kathy's mom.  She's doing pretty well.  She's going out of town for a few days to be with her husband's brother and wife.  She didn't seem to excited about going.  She was afraid she wouldn't get enough rest.

I'm glad to be home.  We sure had a good time.  I needed that alone time with Kathy. 

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Wednesday August 3, 2005

Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Biked in the St. Elmo area.  Fantastic! Up and down and around the hills.  Feel those thigh muscles burn!  Great older houses in this city.

Kathy and I enjoyed eating at the Cracker Barrel for the last couple of breakfasts.

We biked around the Chattanooga Nature Center.  They had a cool Bald Eagle as well as some Red Wolves.  Sweet.

We hiked to Sunset Rock.  I got to watch a couple of guys do rock climbing and then rappel down the rock.  Excellent.

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Wednesday August 3, 2005

Monday, August 1, 2005

We biked around the Reflection Riding area just east of Lookout Creek.  It was about a four mile loop.  We enjoyed looking at the birds and the battlefields.  Lots of bugs, so I'm glad we were riding.

I ran 4 miles in 41:44.  It was beautiful running with the mountains in the distance.

We got a lot of use of the bikes.  That has really been fun.  Very different from running.

We ate local Mexican food.  Pretty good.  I thought I forgot my hat there.  Fortunately, later I found it under my bed at the hotel room.  Amen for that.

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Wednesday August 3, 2005

Sunday, July 31, 2005

We decided to leave early for our Chattanooga trip.  Kathy drove us up in the van.  We took both of the bikes.

We stayed in Lookout Valley on the west side of Lookout Mountain which overlooks Chattanooga. 

We went to Sunday night church at Lookout Valley Baptist Church.  We enjoyed the fifth Sunday sing and . . . . ICE CREAM fellowship!  Can't beat that.  The best was the peach ice cream.  It was the bomb.  We had a lot of fun with them.

We rode the river side trail in the bikes.  It was fantastic.

I kept feeling like I was in the Tour de France.
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Wednesday August 3, 2005

Saturday, July 30, 2005

I ran four miles today in just over 40 minutes. 

It rained for most of the day.

We enjoyed watching Million Dollar Baby with Clint Eastwood--one of my favorites.

Ashley received her last check for working for our ministry during the summer.  She sure earned that money.

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Wednesday August 3, 2005

Friday, July 29, 2005

Kathy and I went to Target to get a replacement bicycle for one we bought there a few months ago.  We hardly used it and then the gears broke.  They were good about exchanging it for another one.  I'll be riding it.

I fixed the stationary bike that was given to us.  I did about 20 miles on it the first day.  Took me about an hour.

Ashley went over to her friend Tara's house for a birthday party.  She had a great time.
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Thursday July 28, 2005

I just finished my administrative duties for our ministry.  I did the finacial report which includes the donations and expenses on two separate spread sheets.

I answered my email and sent notes to the summer teams who still haven't sent their love offering to our ministry for their participation.

Ashley and I spent about 2.5 hours writing notes on all the newsletters.  We are up to 201 sponsors.  We added about 25 families/individuals who donated when my father in law Bill Doverspike died.  I will put them on the mailing list until February and will then ask them if they want to continue on the list or not.

This is Ashley's last day to be working with us during the summer. She has been such a HUGE asset to our ministry and has really made my job a lot easier and more fun!  I wish I could spend that much time with Jesse as well.  We spent on average about 50 hrs/week together over the last 7 weeks.

I'm supposed to run this evening.  We'll see how it goes. . .

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Wednesday July 27, 2005

Ashley and I just got finished shooting the first five locations that the team from FBC Rockwall, TX are covering.  I got some sweet pictures of the kids there.  I emailed the pastor from their church in TX about the resource.  He was excited to see the kids from his church in action.

I did some research on the Photo Gallery of our web sites last night and was astonished by the numbers.  We had over 15,000 hits on those pictures in just July!  Ay caramba!

We are almost to the 16,000 picture mark for that Photo Gallery.  What a huge body of work!  My wife always says, "Tim, you live to hear yourself talk."  She's right about that.  Perhaps we need to add . . . "and shoot pix!"  Having a digital camera and a place to store/organize and archive all of my work is awesome.  I have three file cabinents full of the pictures I've taken over that last 9.5 years, but it sure is better to have all that stuff on line!  That way everyone has access to them and can print what they want. 

The team from Monticello BC, MS did a great job of painting the mission at Azalea.  I couldn't believe how fast they knocked that job out.  Excellente! Their team did a clothing distribution in the Avondale area yesterday.  Got some great pix as well as fomenting some terrific relationships with folks in that area. 

I need to go mail a little book in Spanish to a mother from Harmony Bay in Roswell whose child is really interested in the Bible.  Took me a while to track a picture book about Bible stories down, but I finally found something decent.


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Tuesday July 26, 2005

I ran my 4 mille trail tonight.  Even after 8pm it was tough.  I came it at 51:07.  This last weekend I ran the 5 miles around Stone Mountain in 48:48.  The run tonight seemed a lot harder.  Still hot.  Hard to breath because of the humidity.

I hung out with the team from Monticello Baptist Church, AL today.  I had a meeting with them this morning at the Comfort Inn to discuss the service project they were going to do.  I decided it wasn't a good idea to be working out in this heat on a striping the parking lot project.  So they'll be focusing their attention to the Azalea Mission.  It needs a fresh coat of paint.  I'm looking forward to facing the fall in a renovated area.  Groovy.

The team from Monticello is working at two new sites for this summer:  Kensington Manor and Southern Pines.  They've had really good response there.

I started Ashley a savings account today.  She was excited about that.

That run wore me out.


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Monday July 25, 2005

Man, it was hot today.  I walked along the asphalt and felt like life was being sucked out from me. 

I had a team from near Dallas, TX in town today.  They couldn't believe how hot it felt here.  Yep!

We actually had a team no-show today.  Very rare, but happens.  My guess is that the youth director changed jobs and just dropped the ball.  C'est la vie, baby.

The two teams we had in town did great.  Monticello, AL was a return trip. They're working at Kensington Manor, Southern Pines, Krystopher Woods, Willow Branch and Southern Woods.

My other team is from Rockwall, TX--near Dallas.  They're working in Highland Gardens, Azalea Place, Huntington Creek, Huntington Terraces and Ridge, Westwood, Adelaide Park and the Ambers.  I baby sat their big bus.  I really have to help the big vehicles get around metro Atlanta.  After the first set of drop offs and pick ups, they usually have it wired.  The rest of the week I can be in my POV.

No running for me tonite.  Too hot.  Too tired.

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Sunday July 24, 2005

I've had a restful day enjoying the morning with Kathy.  I was really tired after yesterday.

I forgot to mention that I also helped move a bunch of our furniture around in the house, so I'm pretty sore this morning.

I have three teams in town for next week, the last week of the summer.  We'll be covering 20 locations, so I think that's sweet.

I plan on taking a few days off the first of August to spend some extra time with my wife.  She's put up with a lot over the last two months. 

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Sunday July 24, 2005

Saturday, July 23, 2005

In the spirit of the Tour de France, Kathy and I had a race around Stone Mountain.  Most of you guys know that the trail around the mountain in 5 miles long.  She normally takes about two hours to go around it on a bike.  During the summer I usually run about 10-12 minute mile, so I can almost always get around it in less than an hour.  We started about 9:30 am.  She had about a 20 minute head start.  I came in at 48:48:13.  I barely beat her up the last hill, which means she more than halved the time she normally gets around it.  So I figured we both had a good day.

I came home after eating a picnic at the pool at Stone Mountain and worked in the yard for about an hour.

Then I went to the store to pick up the supplies for the Outreach Event at Don Juan in Chamblee.  We fed about 50 people.  The folks from First Baptist did a great job helping Take the Church to the People.

I came home pretty tired.  Enjoyed watching the Tour de France.  Today was the last time trial with Lance Armstrong beating everyone!  It was uber.

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Friday July 22, 2005

I don't know if you cats have heard, but its HOT outside.  Ay caramba.  I walk around sweating like a stuck pig. 

Ashley and I went over to Best Buy this morning to pick up some software for the new mission at Oak Forest.  I took the new computer (new for them, actually donated by the Learning Tree--thanks!) yesterday and got it hooked up.  Early next week I'll put the dial up software on it and make sure it's ready to rock.  Whirlwind will pay the monthly charge of $9.95.  Juno actually has a pretty good product.  We're using it at several missions.

We went by Perimeter mall on the way to check on the teams.  I needed some new sunglasses and a new wallet.  I've had this old one for over 12 years!  When the money looks like it's starting to fall out, I reckon it's time for a change, eh?

This is the last day for the team from FBC Bonifay, FL.  We went over to the missions where they were at for the first session:  Azalea, Huntington Terraces and Huntington Creek.  I took more pictures, and I'm actually uploading them while I'm typing this up.

I still need to work on this month's Outreach Update.  Ashley is working on the article and the other two pages will be the article that the Atlanta Journal Constitution wrote about me last weekend.  It's pretty cool.

Then we'll head for the house and maybe chill by the pool for a while at Stone Mountain with my sweet wife.

This week has been SO intense.  I'm ready for a rest.

Tomorrow I have an Outreach Event at Don Juan, but that should be pretty easy to handle.


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Friday July 22, 2005

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Ashley and I went to the dentist this morning for a cleaning and check up.  We were both given great reviews.  Amen.

We then went out to FBC Duluth to pick up the names of the kids for World Changers.  Unfortunately, the list wasn't at the desk like I was told it would be, so they're just going to mail it on to me.

We collected the Agape Puppet team at FBC Doraville and then took them to Oak Forest in Scottdale, Shallowford Gardens in Doraville, and Highland Gardens in Chamblee.  They were very well received by the residents.  They have a terrific way of sharing the Gospel.

Then I went over to West Wood to check out the block party that FUMC Canyon, TX were hosting.  It went great and the people were so happy.  Excellente.

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Wednesday July 20, 2005

Ashley and I went to check on the teams at Azalea and Highland Gardens and to take a couple of my older guys from Azalea to help my girl's team from the BSU.  It'll work out fine.

I picked up some computers for Oak Forest.

Tweaked the team assignment page.

Sent in a proposal to Bell South to help us at the missions.

Talked with Ian about how his family is doing in Chicago.  He's always a blessing to me.

Coordinating with N. Ptree BC on a clothing and school supply distribution  a couple of weekends from now.  I did a flier for them in Spanish.

Ran 4 miles last night in 41:44.

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Tuesday July 19, 2005

I got the word early from my Florida team that they bit off more than they could chew with the three sessions during the day.  SO, I had to call the three managers for the morning sessions and explain to them that the church couldn't come to help after all.  Man, I hate that.  C'est la vie, baby.  The folks from Bonifay have still done a great job at Azalea, Huntington Creek, Huntington Terraces, Lake Colony, North Chase, the Corners, Fox Fire and Wyndham Creek.

I picked up a new basketball goal for the mission at Azalea and dropped it off for the kids to put together.  I stopped by there a few minutes ago and everything was looking great!  I'm planning on having a basketball tournament for the kids this week, so they're excited about that.  I'll pick up some little trophies and get their names put on it.

I put together a package of material for some new partners in Roswell--World Harvest Church.  I've heard they're active in the area from some of the residents, so I look forward to working with them and helping them accelerate their ministry.

I've been riding around with the big bus that the folks form Bonifay brought.  It's important that the bus driver really has it wired before I let him go on his own.  It can be pretty complicated.  I gave him maps with directions, but they still need someone to sit on the floor beside him and tell him, "Now get in the left lane, bear to the right, it's the first entrance on the left."  Many times we have to let the team off on the side of the road because we can't get the bus into the complex. 

I"m still getting feedback from the World Changers crew.  I expect well over 100 professions of faith before I get all the numbers.  I know for sure that there were over 73.

Ashley has been helping me type up the lists of the kids that came to the Backyard Bible Clubs.  Right now she's out in the hall in front of my offica at FBC Doraville working on the posters that I've created over the years.  We're updating them and then we'll hang them on the walls that lead to the Whirlwind Missions--Special Operations Command.  Sweet.


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Tuesday July 19, 2005

It was another 100 mile day.

We have two teams in town right now, one from FUMC Canyon, Texas, the other is FBC Bonifay, FL.  I had to babysit their big bus.  I have to ride at least one complete set of drop offs and pick ups to make sure the driver has it.

Took some of the crafts left by last week's team to some new work at Chamblee Heights.

We covered four of the missions this afternoon, since their bus from Florida was about three hours late.  It all worked out fine--they still did a set of sessions this afternoon.  Tomorrow they'll be covering three different sets of missions.  That's unusual.  We'll see how it goes.

Today was my day to run, but we didn't get home till after 9pm, so I blew it off.

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Sunday July 17, 2005

I spent extra time with Kathy today.  I've been so busy lately that I needed to earn some extra points with her.

We hung out at the pool at Stone Mountain.  What I affectionately call, "The Club."  It reminds me of the British sports clubs I enjoyed in Kenya at Nakuru and Mombasa.

I put out some pine bark chips in the area where Kathy parks the Mitsubishi.

Jesse changed his room around including the tank where "Big O" lives==his big Oscar fish.

I watched Lance and Ivan Basso fight it out in the Tour de France.  I love that stuff!

I went through all my Bible memory verses which contains:  Psalm 139, The Whirlwind Verses, Isaiah 40, the Messiah liberetto, Psalms, 123, The Roman Road and Matthew 5--The Sermon on the Mount.  It takes about 45 minutes to go through them all.  These days I'm experimenting to see how long I can go and still keep the memory fresh.  Seems like four days is ok so far.

It sure was nice to lay in the sun.  But I did get a little burned.


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Saturday July 16, 2005

I had a rest day today from work.  I enjoyed sleeping later and watching the Tour de France live.  Sweet.

Got my gear on and went for a 5.5 mile run.  Just about wore me out.  Ran a little over an hour 1:06.  Super humid.  After I showered, relaxed with more bike racing on TV.  It's great to watch the video from the mountains in France.  It feels like you're there with them. 

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Friday July 15, 2005

This was the second time this week Ashley and I drove over 115 miles in a day.  Ay caramba.

Our work is very decentralized:  plenty of people need our help.

We started out near Sugar Loaf checking on the World Changers team at Herrington MIll.  Later in the day I found out the the manager at Magnolia Village had been moved there.  The manager at Wood Terrace had been moved to Magnolia Village.  Seem like a basket turnover approach from Corporate.  I was just glad we worked at all 3!

We checked out what the team from NC had left for us at Comfort Inn and dropped the supplies over to Azalea.

I met with Ms. Vickie at Oak Forest.  She's running a program for around 75 children.  It was incredible to see!  I'm so glad we had a World Changers team over there.  I'm putting some more help in that area next week.

Our final assignment was to cheer on the three teams in Lawrenceville at Cherokee Courts, Olde Salem and Magnolia Village.  I got shots of the groups at the first two, but just missed the team at Magnolia Village.  I had a good talk with Connie who had just been tranferred there from Wood Terrace.

I finished my financial reports, additions to the maps and changes to the schedule when I got home.  I wasn't able to do any admin work today until I got home.  It's about 11pm.  Now I feel like I can really relax.  It's a beautiful thing.

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Thursday July 14, 2005

This was my last day of briefing the teams at Goldrush over at Perimeter Church.  The teams are always so enthusiastic and are a blessing to me in a big way.

Nick, Ashley's boyfriend, rode with us today.  It's fun to have him along.

We checked out the new work in the Scottdale area this afternoon.  Avondale Crossing, N. Decatur Manor and Oak Forest are just going great.  They are being served by the groups from World Changers which are made up of 11 different churches.  There were over 60 kids at Oak Forest along.  PTL!

We also went by to see the team at Briarlake Village.  They are also doing great.  I'm so proud of all these young people spending part of the summer to Take the Church To the People!

I'm working on my office stuff right now, email, financial report, etc. while I wait fo the later teams to get started.

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Wednesday July 13, 2005

I enjoyed briefing the missions teams from Goldrush this morning.  I had some of my summer staff from the Georgia Baptist Convention/Student Union with me.  After the meeting at Perimeter I went over to Briston Park to confirm that the manager knew what would be going on.  I'm glad I did, because the Assistant Manager hadn't relayed my message to her and she didn't know anything about it.  Ay caramba.  It all worked out.  It always does.

We went over to pick up more supplies at Party City and crafts at Michaels.

We went by to check on the team from East Lanier, they worked at Harmony Bay, the Crossings and Park Ridge.  They had a rough go yesterday, but the place was really hopping today!  I was so pleased.

Ashley and I went out to North Peachtree Baptist Church to get the final report from Clements Baptist Church.  They served in 8 new locations in Marietta on Franklin Road and in Doraville.  They had 43 conversions! That is amazing to me.  PTL.

I didn't run this evening.  Too pooped.
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Tuesday July 12, 2005

I spoke at the initial day of Goldrush at Perimeter this morning.  It's the first of the three days they'll be doing missions in 22 locations around Metro Atlanta including Huntington Terraces, Foxfire, Huntington Village, Wyndham Crfeek, Azalea, Shallowford Gardens, Don Juan, Corners, Foxwood, Adelaide Park, Huntington Ridge, Bristol Park, Huntington Creek, Briarlake Village, Westwood, Concept 21-Roswell and Harmony Bay.

I checked on the team from FBC Powell, TN on the Roswell Road missions, just inside the perimer.

Ashley and I stayed in a parking lot on 285 for over an hour trying to get to the team from Clement BC who is working in Marietta.  Couldn't get to them.  Bad luck.

It really rained on the way home.  Ashley did a good job driving.

We ate at a new place for me, and for Chamblee:  Pig and Chick.  Good bbq.

I posted about 150 new pix today on the Photo Gallery of Goldrush teams,


Did I mention I turned 47 today?  Ay caramba.
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Monday July 11, 2005

This morning I met with FBC Powell, TN.  They are staying at Comfort Inn.  I briefed them on what to expect at the missions then came back after lunch to take them to Sandy Springs Mission, Southern Trace, Sierra Creek, Lake Placid and Sierra Place.  They had a great time even though we are suffering the last blows of the hurricane.

The teams from World Changers got through the morning, although the weather was worse then.  I'll be checking on many of their 14 locations tomorrow and the rest of the week.

I have really been aggessive on documenting the work of our ministry.  I try and take a full representation of the work of every team that comes through to help.  I think it means a LOT to the team after they get home.  Many of the churches post the pictures on their web site or show them at church while their team is still here!

I bought a new SD card for my Ipaq/pda.  I got a gigabyte card for $99!  That's hard for me to believe.  I plan on putting pictures of every mission on that card as well as parts of the web site.  Then I can just put the card in my pda and set the slide show to run and the viewer can take a virtual tour of the place!  Drue Warner from Perimeter gave me the idea of carry a little packet of pictures with me.  With the Ipaq I can carry hundreds.  Sweet tech! I haven't really done much with the HP Image Zone software.  It's cool, yo.

I ran 4 miles in 39:44.  My third mile, which is flatter and down hill I ran in just over 8 minutes.  It's a tough course with category 4 hills.  (as they say in the Tour de France.)

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Sunday July 10, 2005

I covered the team from Clements Baptist Church from Athens, Alabama this morning.  I went to their first five locations at Glennbrooke, Cinnamon Ridge, Bentley Manor, Concept 21--Delk and Courland Club.

Then I went to FBC Duluth to speak to the 200 youth at the World Changers conference.  I briefed them before they do their missions tomorrow.

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Saturday July 9, 2005

Up and at 'em early this morning.  Got my kahawa (kah hah way---coffee in Swahili) and saw the article that Bill Osinski wrote about our ministry.  Groovy.  I took pictures of it and posted the article in the Photo Gallery.  It's under "Something Different."

I was with my team from Athens, Alabama today.  We opened work in 7 new locations in Marietta.  We had teams at 8 locations on Franklin road in all.  They also worked at two more locations:  McEleroy Manor and Courtland Club in Doraville.  The did a fantastic job.  Very enthusiastic.

The newly revised Map 6 of the Franklin Road area worked great!

I'm watching more biking.  Go Lance!

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Saturday July 9, 2005

Friday, July 8, 2005

Ran my 4 miles this morning, dragging my dog Sugar behind me.  Came in at 43:45.

Jesse and I went to see Fantastic Four this evening.  He doesn't like to wear his glasses so we sit on the third row.  Yow!  I feel like I'm in the middle of the action.  I'd give it a B+.

Ashley is spending the night at her friend Ashley's house.  They're going to lake tomorrow.  I'll miss having her with me on Saturday.

The Tour de France rocks.  If you get OLN, check it out.

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Thursday July 7, 2005

I enjoyed my partners Agape Puppets working with us this afternoon at Chamblee Heights, Azalea and Don Juan.  Linda Summers did a great job with her team.  I enjoyed taking the whole group out to eat at Madina in Clarkston.

It was good to be back over at Chamblee Heights.  I haven't worked there in a couple of years because there were very few kids that lived there.  Now there are more families. 

I'm enjoying watching the Tour de France with Kathy in the evenings.  She's a great bike rider.  We rode to school 6 miles every day when we lived in France.  Two nights ago the stage ended in Tours where we used to live.  Sweet.

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Wednesday July 6, 2005

Ashley and I went to eat lunch and have a meeting with Drue Warner and Chip Sweeney from Perimeter.  They are two of my favorite partners and long time friends.  We talked about mobilizing more people, how to get workers into the schools and setting up an internship program in the complexes similar to Drew Grubbs is doing with Youth Outreach United.

The last three hours I've been working on correcting the Team Assignments page to reflect the changes I made yesterday and putting the final touches on the Contacts page--the main index for the mission section of the web site:  What a job!  Lots of little things to correct: making sure the codes were right for the missions, highlighting the names of the complexes, adding new contacts. . . the job seemed endless, but I finally knocked it out and sent it to Jesse to post on the web for us. 

I'm very proud of the web site and the work shows. 

I had a great talk with a new partner named Brandon Smith who is leading the YMCA in Gainesville.  He's renting gyms from the public school system and doing Bible studies with the kids we're mentoring.  This is very similar to what we were talking about earlier with the Perimeter crew.  He's sending me his workbook for me to take a look at.  Groovy.

I'm ready for a run.

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Tuesday July 5, 2005

I woke up around 5 a.m. this morning. Just kept thinking and thinking about all the things I need to do before the day was over.

I decided to go to Herrington Mill first.  That's the complex that I have the least mature relationship.  It's located off of Atkinson road near Discovery Mills off of 85.  I met with Brent, one of the leasing agents and everything went great!

From there we went to FBC Duluth to meet with the staff for World Changers coming up July 11-15.  I had some extra maps and information to give Marc White and Brian Holland, my two main partners at the church.  It was their staff meeting so I got to see everyone in one whack.  It was a beatiful thing.

We shot straight over to FBD Doraville where I had a lunch meeting with Sam Letson, the pastor.  We have four girls coming to work with us for two weeks.  I went over with him what the girls will be doing and where.  Valuable time.

Then back to the field to nail down the last site for sure.  Courtland Club is huge--over 500 apartments and according to the management 100% full.  Incredible!  I talked with Doris the assistant manager. She's been there for years so she remembered the teams well.  She was very excited we were back!  I got back in the car feeling enormously satisified with myself.  Then my cell rang.  Bad news.  It was Betty from one of the new sites in Mariette--Lantern Ridge.  Corporate told her she had to be there while the team was there.  Unfortunately, she doesn't work on the weekend.  So I decided to try another complex in the area where I'd worked about three summers ago:  McAleroy Manor..

Claude Teatro is the manager there.  I've known him for years.  He was very agreeable to having a team on site, so my mission is complete!  Next week we'll have nearly 1,200 volunteers working in 54 sites.  We'll have people working in Roswell, Marietta, Alpharetta, Norcross, Duluth, Lawrenceville, Atlanta, Chamblee, Doraville, Avondale Estates, Scottsdale and Clarkston.  It will be the largest outreach in the history of the Metroplex, manned almost entirely by young people.

Our success is directly attributable to YOU!  It's people like you that read this blog and really know what's happening on the front lines.

The van barely failed the emissions test.  I have to take it in to get worked on.  The van has been such a blessing to our ministry.  I haul stuff around in it all the time.  I don't even have the back benches in there.  That makes room for the band's equipment.  Pray it won't be anything too hard to repair.

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Monday July 4, 2005

We enjoyed another restful morning.  Of course this is July the 4th which in Hot 'Lanta is know n as the day for the Peachtree Road Race.  I had pretty much said I wasn't going to run the full 6.2 miles during the summer because it's just so hard on my body.  But when I checked the weather it was about 72 degree and completely overcast.  So I figured if there was a day to give it another shot, it's today.  ESPECIALLY since the Peachtree Road Race was won by not one but TWO Kenyans.  Suh weet.

I finished my course, which is extremely taxing in 1:20:52.  Certainly no record since my best time is under an hour, but with the heat and humidity involved I still was happy for getting it done.

I took the family out for Red Lobster for lunch.  It's fun to have the whole family there.

I came home and took about an hour and a half nap.  I was really pooped after my run and we pretty much left just as soon as I got out of the shower. 

I'm enjoying watching Lance Armstrong race his bike in the Tour de France on OLN.  Talke about a superb athlete.  I'm so proud he's American!

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Monday July 4, 2005

Sunday, July, 3, 2005

K went to  Stone Mountain to ride her bike the 5 miles around.  Ashley and I went over to Grace Fellowship.  Unfortunately, the sermon was from 9-10am so we missed it.  I still went around and greeted many of my friends including Buddy, Randy and Tyler. 

We dropped by Borders Books for a few minutes before going to meet Kathy over at SriThai.  I enjoy Thai Rama, which is a coconut based curry flavor and A and K got Yellow Curry.  It was all good.

Restful day.
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Monday July 4, 2005

Saturday, July 2, 2005

I took Ashley over to get her hair done at a new place near the Media Play on 78.  She loves how they did her dew.  I was glad.  The last time she went in for a cut they really messed it up and she went into her room and cried.  That was a bummer.

I enjoyed hanging out and looking at books for a little while.

While I waited for Ashley to get finished, I went through all my summer schedule and the teams coming in to figure out exactly who I still needed to talk with in the next four days in order for the schedule to be set.  It's still a lot of contacts to be made, but I feel confident we can get it all together.

Ran another 4 miles today in just 44:47:78.  It was hot and humid.  I felt like I was running in a fish tank.
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Friday July 1, 2005

After running my 4 miles this morning (45:34:34) I got cleaned up and Ashley and I went over to the bank to take care of some business and then over to Jerry Counselman's house to work on the new maps coming up for the new missions.  We have several new areas so it's a lot of work for him right now.  He's willing to teach Jesse how to do it, so hopefully I can get J to work on it.  He has a lot more time to give to the mission that Jerry does.

Then to Kroger to pick up some equipment for the 5 Outreach Events we're hosting tonight with the help of Bon Air BC from Richmond, VA.  I was able to get some grills from Kroger for about $10/each.  Beauty. 

We dropped off grills at the missions and then checked on our construction team working at Azalea.  They're making fantastic progress!  Bravo, FBC Mountain Park!

I'm headed back to the missions to check on the team's progress.  I'm leaving Ashley at my office at the church to work on some roll sheets we have for the missions to help with the future teams coming to the area.

It's so hot out there it's incredible.  I always find it ironic when people find out that I'm from Africa, they always say, "Man, it's REALLY hot there."  Where I grew up in the Rift Valley of Kenya it was 6,000 ft, so I never had a summer or winter growing up.  It was 72 degrees all year round.  This weather is MUCH more intense.

Ay caramba.


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force5's Xanga Archives
Thursday June 30, 2005

We started our day going over to Rehoboth Baptist Church to pick up the roll that my team from Agricola had left for me.  They'd taken it with them to Missisippi but mailed it on to Atlanta.  Sure enough, it was waiting for me at the office at FBC Doraville.

We went by Party City to pick up more supplies for the 5 Outreach Events we're hosting this Friday with the help of Bon Air BC from Richmond, VA.  Also went to Michael's to pick up some extra small brushes for face painting.  They actually had 10 small brushes for $1.00!  That's the first time I've ever been in that store and thought it was cheap!

Ashley and I went back to Marietta this afternoon to try and square away the 10th mission for the team to work at.  We went over to Madison Hills, but just missed the manager.  We finally caught up with her after lunch.  She didn't give us approval, but said she'd talk with corporate which I doubt will happen.  I called another manager who also is with the same company to get her to talk to the manager at Madison Hills.  Maybe it'll happen. . . .

We also dropped off proof of our liability insurance to the manager at Autumn HIlls which is also in Marietta.  We'll have to go back to the area again to try and get it set up for the team coming in next Friday night.

We went by to check on the FBC Mountain Park team twice today to take more pictures of the progress--which is terrific.  I just hope they can knock it all out by tomorrow.  Still looks like quite a lot to do.  I'm trying to be calm . . .

I was really frusrated this afternoon.  Not getting that final mission approval in Marietta just about drove me crazy.  We waited for over 2 hours for her to get back from lunch.  That's just wrong.  Then to not get approval . . . man!  I'm still fuming.  Breathe deep . . . .

I've been cranking out paper work for the last two and a half hours, something I'm not crazy about doing, but has to be done.  Completed the email, changed the new team schedule, did the financial report, worked on additions to two maps, made copies of receipts for the teams and finished my daily log.

I think I'm ready to go home.  I need to run bad.  My frustration level is way too high right now.  Nothing 4 miles won't fix.  PTL.


Posted 6/30/2005 at 7:10 PM

Wednesday June 29, 2005

Ashley and I went to the Center Precinct Crime Awareness meeting at the Red Cross in Avondale.  We met with about 10 managers and 2 officers.  We listened to their problems and took notes.  I set up three locations from that meeting for World Changers:  Avondale Crossings, North Decatur Manor and Oak Forest.  They are more African American than missions we normally work at, but I think they are ripe for the Gospel.

After taking pictures of the new missions and making a map to go by for Jerry Counselman to put on the web site, we drove over to Marietta.

Driving was a different experience.  This is the second day that we've used the Mitsubishi rather than my Lumina I usually use.  The Lumina had a messed up water pump.  Cost about $360 to replace.  I also had the emission tested, and we passed.  PTL.  I have over 151,000 miles on that car so nothing is really taken for granted.  I dropped the Mitsubishi off at the mechanics to get tested tomorrow morning.  That car drives like a golf cart, it doesn't have but one gear:  high.  So you take off really slowly.  It's ok, but not great.  I now see why Kathy has been driving the van a lot more.  Plus it's easier to carry her mom around in the van than in the Mitsubishi.

In Marietta we closed the deal for the team to come to Autumn View and we started another new site at Lantern Ridge off of Roswell Road.  Tomorrow we'll go to set up the final site off of Delk Road.  I know the one I want to work at, but the manager wasn't there to make the final decision.

I was exhausted, but after taking a shower I took the kids out to see War of the Worlds.  It was fun, but a little too much of a Hollywood ending for my tastes.

Posted 6/29/2005 at 11:59 PM

Tuesday June 28, 2005

Ashley and I worked for about 2 hours this morning over at the library writing the 186 people/churches that are on our newsletter list.  We got them into the mail just after noon. 

We ate lunch at Indian food (Annapurna) then went to check on my teams at Azalea, Huntington Creek, Huntington Terraces, Highland Gardens and Wynchase.

I also have a men's team that is working at FBC Doraville and at Azlea repairing the floor and the cabinents and painting the kitchen at the church.

I updated our Team Assignment page (including 6 new dates with Peachtree Corners BC) and answered all our email.

Contacted Dr. Tony Roman who is the pastor of N. Peachtree BC.  They're interested in working with us in the Tilly Mill area at Wyndham Creek.

Coordinating the feeding of the teams for World Changers in two weeks at our mission locations.

Ashley and I will be going to Marietta tomorrow to sort out some of the new locations in that area for next Friday.

Posted 6/28/2005 at 3:49 PM

Monday June 27, 2005

I started the day off making copies of this month's newletter.  We're up to 185 recipients of our Outreach Update.  That usually takes about 20 minutes.  I provide the paper and they charge me .04 cents a copy.

The men's group from FBC Mountain Park is working at Azalea remodeling the floor and cabinents as well as repainting the kitchen at FBC Doraville.  Tough work and they're doing a fabulous job.

I had a briefing with the two churches working with us this week:  FBC Alpharetta and Bon Air Baptist Church from Richmond, Virginia.  They're working at Huntington Creek, Huntington Terraces, Highland Gardens, Azalea and Wynchase.  Paul Honnaker is leading th group.

The other team from FBC Alpharetta is led by Jonathon Wilson who is in charge of Student Work at NAMB.  We started new work at two locations:  Park Ridge and the Crossings.  They also worked at Concept 21-Roswell and at Harmony Bay.

I helped the bus get around to the five locations, went back to check on my men's team and then rode over to Roswell to help the team from FBC Alpharetta get their sites going.  It's always harder in a totally new location.

I came back to Azalea and the kids helped me label the envelopes.  Ash and I will work on writing them tomorrow morning before we go into Chamblee.

I ran 4 miles tonight in 42:25:94.

Posted 6/27/2005 at 10:47 PM

Sunday June 26, 2005

We just got back from Briarcliff Baptist Church where I spoke to the Sunday night crowd.  I also let Jouvens Mocombe, Miguel Cruz, and my daughter Ashley say a few words of testimony.  They did a great job and the congregation loved them.

I spent this morning catching up with admin work.  I wrote and worked on the graphics for this month's Outreach Update.  It's about the passing away of my father in law this month.  Sad.  Yet victorious.

I finished pasting up the graphics and I'm getting ready to crash.  I need to make the copies before I get into work.  I have the team from FBC Mtn Park doing a construction project at FBC Doraville and at the Azalea mission.  I need to make sure they're doing ok.  Don't want a bunch of men standing around waiting for materials, that's for sure.


Posted 6/26/2005 at 11:44 PM

Sunday June 26, 2005

Saturday, June 25th, 2005

Midway Macedonia Baptist Church, from Villa Rica, Georgia, came over to Azalea Place to help us with an Outreach Event there.  Cruz provided the music for the event.  We fed hotdogs and snow cones and shared the Gospel. 

The photographer from the Atlanta Journal Constitution came over to take pictures of the event to go along with the article they're writing about our ministry.

The weather helped us as it wasn't too excruciatingly hot.  PTL.  It was so good to see the band in action.  We rocked.

Ashley helped us out a LOT including taking a bunch of pictures and helping me get everything packed and unpacked.

I took Ash and Jesse out for Thai food for supper.  Kathy was spending some extra time with her mom.

Posted 6/26/2005 at 6:26 AM

Sunday June 26, 2005

Friday, June 24, 2005

Kathy and I went over to Stone Mountain this morning to get some exercise.  She biked the 5 miles and I ran it.  Made the course in 49:06.  Pretty hot, but made it around fine.

We got back from the mountain and went to the airport to pick up Ashley.  She flew in from Texas this afternoon.  Sure was good to see her!

Fun day with some good exercise.
Posted 6/26/2005 at 6:22 AM

Thursday June 23, 2005

I worked up in Roswell this morning with a new partner Jonathon Wilson who is with NAMB doing student work.  He is the interim youth director for FBC Alpharetta.  They'll be doing a one day mission work at 4 of the complexes in Roswell on Monday.  I took him over there for a pre-site visit.  It was a good time of going back to the new missions and strengthening relationships.

I have a ton of paper work to do and my printer at the office just decided not to work.  Man that's frustrating.  Spiritual warfair.  I'll take it over to Office Depot and see what they can do.  I was hoping to get the kids at Azalea to help me with the stickers for this month's mail out.

Had good feedback from Jason Pope who is the director for our mission at Hamptons at Lenox.  They've had some teams there recently that have done some excellent work.  Groovy.

Perimeter church brought their middle schoolers to Huntington Creek today to re-stripe the parking lot.  It looks fantastic.  The kids did a fabulous job.

I'm still working on the mail out and trying to get some documents created for our long term work:  A generic flier that teams can download and adapt and a Tim's Team Tips for having the best experience possible.

I need to go pick up 4 computers from Clatie, get another printer, get the mailout ready and check on the teams.  Ay caramba.  Stupid printer.

I ran 4 miles in just under 40 minutes last night.  That's the fastest I've gone in a long time due to the heat.  I'm still on target for running over 600 miles a year.

Posted 6/23/2005 at 2:28 PM

Wednesday June 22, 2005

I had a fun and extremely valuable time with Randy Rainwater and leadership from Grace Fellowship:  Rob Grose and Denise with their Children's ministry and Drew Grubbs with Youth Outreach United.  We discussed plans for moving forward with the new work in Lawrenceville.

Bill Osimsky from the Atlanta Journal Constitution rode around with me to see the missions and sat in on the meeting we had with Drew and Randy. I started a new mission at Wood Terrace, so he really got to see the birth of things as well as some of our key leadership. Excellente!

I also verified Saddlebrooke and Oakbrook Point as two other World Changers locations and finally got a final (?) count of the numbers we'll be hosting.  We'll cover at least 14 and perhaps 16 locations.

I just got a call from the manager of Preston Chase on Franklin Road.  They are really excited about us coming. Groovy.

I need to go check on teams and take some painting supplies to Huntington Creek from Azalea before they leave.


Posted 6/22/2005 at 4:51 PM

Tuesday June 21, 2005

This morning I had a meeting with Edwin Lamb and Gerald Bailey who are the crew chiefs from FBC Mountain Park.  They'll be helping us repaint the kitchen at FBC Doraville as well as deal with some drainage issues in our parking lot.  They'll also be repairing the flooring and cabinents at the mission at Azalea.

I took two of my partners to lunch today, Jouvens and his brother Ernest.  They've both been big help to our ministry over the years, especially during the summer.

I'm working out which new missions to start on the Norcross-Tucker road and Buford Highway corridors for some of the teams coming into town.  I hope to get that squared away tomorrow if possible.

I also got a call from the team coming in July to help us on the Franklin Road area in Marietta.  I'll probably but two of their teams to also start work for us on the Buford highway corridor.

Got word from Ashley yesterday that she got contacts! I know that's a lot better than dealing with glasses all the time.

I ran 4 miles last night in 41:21.  It was cooler last night, not to muggy.

Posted 6/21/2005 at 2:8 PM

Monday June 20, 2005

I had an early meeting with the team from Agricola Baptist Church from Mississippi.  I gave the team a briefing and then took the leadership around to the 8 missions where they'll be working.  I had lunch with them and then shot over to the office to check on my email and return the phone calls I'd had.

I got some issues squared away with Edwin Lamb who is leading the construction team from FBC Mountain Park that will be working on the mission at Azalea and at FBC Doraville.

I'm in contact with Landon Collins from Bon Air BC from Richmond, VA trying to get some of their issues resolved.

I'm now headed over to the missions to check on the teams.

Posted 6/20/2005 at 1:26 PM

Sunday June 19, 2005

I enjoyed a great lunch with my family and mother in law as well as Bill Jr. and Paul, two of Kathy's brothers.

We also went over to the cemetary to see Bill Doverspike's grave.  There were no headstones, so it was a little hard to figure out which grave it was.

Jesse went with us and we enjoyed our conversation.

Posted 6/19/2005 at 4:21 PM

Saturday June 18, 2005

I got up and out of the house early.  I had a team in from Turkey Creek Baptist Church from North Carolina.  They're called the Carraway Puppet team.  They really did an excellent job.  They actually did the voices live and didn't lip synch the stuff.  Pretty impressive.

They set up and performed for the kids at the mission over at Azalea.

We all had a good time.  It was hot but worth it.

I just got back from seeing Batman Begins with Jesse.  Tight.

Posted 6/18/2005 at 10:56 PM

Saturday June 18, 2005

Friday, June 17, 2005

I got up and started running at around 10 am.  I did 6.2 miles in 1:14:21.  I'm having trouble getting used to this heat.  I can't believe it's THAT much harder to run when it's 15 degrees warmer, but it is.  The humidity plays a big factor too.  I do the four mile run pretty much no problem.  That that last mile or two . . . .ay caramba.

I rested in the early afternoon.

Kathy and I went out to Stone Mountain.  I stayed and climbed to the top of it in the dark.  I wanted to see the fireworks burst below me.  It was cool. 

I enjoyed quoting Isaiah 40 from the top of that mighty mountain.  "Prepare ye, the way of the Lord.  Make straight in the desert a highway for your God.  Every valley shall be exalted and the crooked straight.  Then the glory of the Lord will be revealed and all flesh shall see it together.  For the mouth of the Lord has spoken it."

Any of you guys Messiah fans?  Handel rocks.

Posted 6/18/2005 at 10:53 PM

Thursday June 16, 2005

I had a great meeting this morning with Paul Honnaker from Bonaire Baptist Church from Richmond, Virginia.  We had lunch over at Azteca and then I took them over to the 5 locations that they'll be covering in about two weeks.  I also showed them the three areas where we do the Prayer Walk:  Asian Square, Ngozi Tropical Foods and Supermercado #1.  Basically you see the whole world and what they eat in about an hour!

Today's my last day with the team from Meadowbrook BC.  They did a great job and had 15 conversions in one location.  Last night with me team from Mobile, Alabama they had at least 12 kids make a decision for Christ!  That's what it's all about!

I finished up my bi-weekly financial report for my treasurer and I'm setting up some meetings with some local pastors for next week, besides getting all the email and the new schedule on line.  I had to change part of one schedule because the team that's coming from Richmond is bringing one big bus.  It's important that the missions where they'll be working are close together because it takes so long go get the kids on and off the bus plus the travel time.

I'm looking forward to a rest day tomorrow (read: long run).  I have teams coming this weekend.

Posted 6/16/2005 at 3:47 PM

Wednesday June 15, 2005

I'm not sure if anyone's told you, but it's HOT outside!  Holy moley.

I spent this morning with a new partner, Pastor Alan Madden from Simonton Baptist Church in Lawrenceville.  Adam Webb has been helping with his youth group.  Adam works with Drew Grubbs and his Youth Outreach United team.  I took Alan over to Magnolia Village, Olde Salem and Cherokee Court to meet the managers and scope out the location.  Alan used to work with the International Mission Board in Korea for 8 years.  I know he has a heart for internationals and I'm sure some wonderful ministry will be done there with the help of his church.

After making sure the Lawrenceville missions are running, I went over to Norcross to check on my teams working at Northchase, Wyndham Creek and Huntington Ridge.  They are having a super time and everything seems to be working according to plan.  They covered three other missions in Chamblee earlier this afternoon.

Then I welcomed in a team from Tillman's Corner Baptist Church located near Mobile, Alabama.  Kevin Bussey is their youth director.  I used to work with Kevin when he was at Peachtree Corners BC here locally.  Good guy.  I gave them the "Cambodia" presentation and then helped their big, ol' bus get around Chamblee. 

In just a few minutes I'll rush back onto the bus to help them get their team.

It's a beautiful thing.

Posted 6/15/2005 at 6:45 PM

Tuesday June 14, 2005

I got a little later start this morning than normal because I got home so late last night from Lawrenceville.  (Like around 9:30pm)  Jesse has his nights/days kind of mixed up. So I decided it was more important for me to spend time with him than to immediately head to the office.  He's a really smart youngster and is always fun to talk with.  I hope to take him and Kathy to see Mr. and Mrs. Smith tonight.

I had a meeting with the directors for the Refugee Resettlement program for Lutheran Social Services today:  Kay Trendell and Linda Thompson. We hope to work together in the Roswell Road area near 400 and in Lawrenceville where they'll be putting new refugees from Turkey.

I'll leave the office to check on the teams in the area in a few minutes.

Man, it's hot out there.

Posted 6/14/2005 at 3:0 PM

Monday June 13, 2005

I had my briefing with my team from Meadowbrook BC in Alabama this morning at FBC Doraville.

As soon as I finished getting them sorted out, I shot over to Clarkston to check on my teams from Grace.  As I had anticipated, there were hardly any kids out.  They have summer school for the kids that aren't doing well which is about 100% of the kids we work with.  I told the leadership that's what it would be like.  NOW they believe me and will change the time for tomorrow.

I picked up Jouvens and took him out to eat, then we met the team back at FBCD.  Jouvens took the team to Azalea and then will take them over to Huntington Ridge.  I took the other two teams to Huntington Terraces and Huntington Creek.  At three I'll take them over to Northchase and to Wyndham Creek.

It's hard to get the kids out and going, but I think they'll come.

Tonight I go over to Lawrenceville to check on the Grace teams that will be over at the three new missions.

Posted 6/13/2005 at 2:31 PM

Monday June 13, 2005

Sunday, June 12th, 2005

This morning I preached at the Youth Worship Service at Grace Fellowship.  They had about 250 kids.  About 100 of them will be doing mission work next M-Fri at 10 of the missions:  7 in Clarkston and three new ones in Lawrenceville.

Kathy and I spent some good time together at Stone Mountain.  It was a fantastic sunset.  The clouds were amazing.

I was supposed to run, but it was raining, so I'll have to wait for Monday for that.

Posted 6/13/2005 at 2:28 PM

Saturday June 11, 2005

K and I went to Stone Mountain.  We hiked about half way up.

It was drizzling on us some.  I had to be careful with my bare feet on the slippery granite.

I worked on my sermon for the middle schoolers at Grace.  It's on Father's Day. I call it, "Who's your Daddy?"

I'll use some scripture from the Lord's prayer and from Matthew 5 and 6.

We're all missing Ashley.  I sent her some postcards this morning and got others stamped so we could send her some later.


Posted 6/11/2005 at 10:38 PM

Friday June 10, 2005

Kathy and I took Ashley to the airport this morning.  Everything went fine.  The traffic was really bad going North, but fortunately we were going South and didn't have a problem at all.  We came back using I85. 

Ashley was brave and didn't seem up tight at all.  Good for her.  I'm sure she'll be a big blessing to my folks in Texas.

K and I went to eat at Piccadilly.  The fried catfish might have been the best I've ever had today. It was straight out of the hot grease and excellent!

We came on home.  I got dressed out and went for a 4 mile run.  It was over 80 degrees with near 100% humidity.  I went out thinking I'd do 6.2 miles, but when I got to the 2 mile point I said to myself, "Who am I kidding?  Just do the 4 miles and get back without killing yourself."  I ran it in just under 48 minutes.  Man, it was hot. And it's only going to get hotter.

After a cool down and shower I rested for a while.  Kathy had a bunch of her family come over tonight for fried chicken.  It was fun.

Posted 6/10/2005 at 10:23 PM

Thursday June 9, 2005

Ash and I were back in Lawrenceville again this morning this time taking a crew from Grace Fellowship led by Randy and Anita Rainwater.  We checked out the same three missions where we went yesterday.

I had planned to eat lunch with them after the briefing, then head back to Chamblee to help with my team from Aberdene, NC but Randy decided that we should go check out the Clarkston locations as well.  I felt that was an excellent idea, especially since he'll be driving the big bus.  That makes the logistics of how you drop people off much more challenging.

We went to the 7 missions in Clarkston, and then had some tea and baklava over at Talar's Tent, one of my favorite Turkish cafes in Atlanta.  The owner is from Iraq.  Her name is Layla.  Eric Clapton would dig this place.

After taking the teams around, we went out to the pool at Stone Mountain to relax.  I'm pooped.

Getting psyched up to take Ashley to the airport tomorrow morning.  We have to leave the house around 9am.

Posted 6/9/2005 at 11:17 PM

Thursday June 9, 2005

Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Ashley and I spent most of the afternoon in Lawrenceville getting the team leaders up to speed at the three new complexes where we're starting work:  Cherokee Courts, Olde Salem, and Magnolia Village.  Looks like they'll be terrific places to work!

We spent the morning with the team from FBC Aberdene helping them get around the missions.

The first part of the day Ashley drove me around to 6 different missions in the Peachtree Industrial area.  We handed the managers the schedule for the summer. Very exciting!

Posted 6/9/2005 at 11:13 PM

Tuesday June 7, 2005

We're working on the schedule for the teams.  I'll be taking over the schedule for each of the complexes to about 8 locations this afternoon.

We're at FBC Doraville right now.  A couple of the kids threw some rocks and hit the building below FBCD.  Unfortunately, it was the Doraville Police Department's building.  One of the sargeants came over to talk with the boys.  There was crying and apologizing.  Hopefully, it'll all turn out ok.

Off to the missions to go help the teams from FBC Aberdene.

Posted 6/7/2005 at 12:57 PM

Monday June 6, 2005

It's hot, baby.

My team from FBC Aberdene rolled into town last night.  They had some problems with their van but they made it.

I had my initial meeting with them this morning at FBC Doraville.

I got a phone call from the manager at Northchase.  Apparently they have a problem with kids getting into the club house after hours.  I reckon someone is leaving something open.  Of course we get blamed, and probably rightfully so.  I sent email to all my partners using the facility to let them know again that we have to be double careful.

Another phone call came from a regional director of an afterschool program running in several complexes where we have work.  Sounds like they're up tight about having any church people doing churchy stuff.  We'll see if they eventually make us quit.  I don't think it's at that level yet, but it could be.  We keep doing what we're doing until they say we have to leave.

There is another complex in the immediate area where they have carte blanche to work.  Pray for continued openess one place or the other.

Ashley and I got the two teams to their four sites.  That's the main reason I have Jouvens and Ashley helping me:  too many teams in too many different locales.  The FBC Aberdene team is mainly working in the Chamblee area.

I need to go and check on the last team and go pick up Ashley who is helping them get started.

Posted 6/6/2005 at 4:54 PM

Monday June 6, 2005

Sunday, June 5, 2005

The weather cleared off some today.  PTL!

We went to church over at Grace Fellowship.  Chuck, is the COO of NAMB, spoke at the service.  His wife just died a little over a month ago.  Sad.  He did a great job speaking on getting involved in the community.

We ate at SriThai, on 78 and 124 for lunch.  I enjoy Thai rama when I go there.

I ran 4 miles when I got home.  Ran it in 42:48:41.  It was pretty tough.  Running in the heat is hard.

Kathy and I went to the zoo until it closed at 6:30pm.  There weren't many people there since it had been raining.  The pandas were the most fun.

I took care of several phone calls related to the team coming on Monday.

Posted 6/6/2005 at 4:49 PM

Saturday June 4, 2005

Better weather today.

I took Kathy and Ashley out for Red Lobster.  Excellent.

Kathy went to take her mom over to the beauty shop.  I hung out at the house, tried to relax.  Ashley and I went over to do a little shoe shopping then we hung out at Media Play.  I like to go over there and flip through some magazines.

The yard has finally started to dry up a bit.

I watched Sky Captain last night.  I wasn't that impressed overall.  Just ok.

I have Appleseed in my dvd now.  So far it's some pretty cool anime.


Posted 6/4/2005 at 10:32 PM

Saturday June 4, 2005

Friday, June 3, 2005

I spent my whole morning of my day off waiting for my oil to get changed (10-40 Max Life) and my tires rotated.  I set my folding chair up outside and read and went over all my memory verses. 

So far I quote all of Psalms 139, Whirlwind Verses, Isaiah 40, The Messiah Liberetto, Psalms 23, The Roman Road, and now I'm working on Matthew 5--The Sermon on the Mount.  I've been working on this memorization program since January.  It takes me about 40 minutes to quote everything that I have in my head.

Now I'm trying to figure out if I have to go over ALL the verses EVERY day or can I skip days.  Cuz what's happening is that it takes me so long to go through all my stuff, that I don't have a chance to learn new stuff.

I've never tried any kind of massive memory challenge before, so I don't really know how long my brain will retain data before I have to review it.

I ran for the first time in a week today.  It's been raining for about 5 days straight.  I ran 10 k or 6.2 miles.  I ran it in about 1:17:40.  The humidity was over 90%.  The first four miles were no problem, but the last two were tuf.

Posted 6/4/2005 at 10:28 PM

Thursday June 2, 2005

Ashley drove me around today.  Chamblee is a lot more difficult to drive in than around Lilburn.  She did a good job.  I didn't yell at her too much.

We worked on the missions on the Jimmy Carter/Buford Highway, Norcross Tucker area today.  That included Huntington Ridge, Westwood, Southern Woods, Huntington Village and at Azalea.

I pretty much have the summer schedule set up, except for the World Changers group that still is not sure how many people they will have coming.  They will cover some where from 14-18 locations.

I brought Miguel Cruz on board as part of our Summer Staff to help Jouvens at the mission when Jouvens is helping me at other locations.

The Westwood mission seems to be getting a lot more dangerous.  I'm only putting teams there when they have the cops covering the location.  C'est la vie, baby.

This is the first day it hasn't rained in a week.  I hope to go run today.

Posted 6/2/2005 at 5:38 PM

Wednesday June 1, 2005

Ashley and I worked in the Lawrenceville area today.  We're setting up locations for Grace Fellowship who are hosting some summer camps in ten locations, both in Lawrenceville and in Clarkston.

We verified that we were good to go with the later time (7-8:30 pm) at Magnolia Village and at Cherokee Courts.  We also checked out Olde Salem apartments which are right beside Cherokee Courts.  The manager there, Jean, will talk with the owners tomorrow to verify that we're ok to work there.  If all goes well we'll also have Drew Grubbs and his crew from Youth Outreach United/Sugarloaf Community Church working at these three locations in the fall as well.  That would be awesome!

We also went by Staples to pick up some office supplies we needed.  Then over to Best Buy to get a prepaid cell phone for Jouvens Mocombe to use during the summer.  It's a Verizon phone so I can make unlimited calls to him.  Excellente!

It's a rainy day.  My body needs to run, but I just don't see it happening in this weather.  Bahd luck.

Posted 6/1/2005 at 5:10 PM

force5's Xanga Archives
Tuesday May 31, 2005

This morning Ashley and I went over to meet with Nell Doverspike, my mother in law and check out how she's doing.  I videotaped the service yesterday and I dubbed it off onto a VHS tape for her to watch.  Kathy spent the night with her last night.

Then we shot over to First United Methodist Church of Roswell to have a meeting with Tim Holt.  I missed him last week when I had the tire blow out on the van.  We ate lunch at Taco Prisa along with all the other Mexicans in the area.  Then over to Parkridge apartments where we're starting new work.  I met the manager--I knew Marcella from working at Briarlake Village.

Logistically, it's easier to work in groups of complexes near each other.  I started work at the neighboring complexes of Concept 21--Roswell where we've had work for over 2 years. We'll also be working at Woodcreek, Harmony Bay (Mariana, used to be the manager at Chamblee Heights), and the Crossings.  Very exciting stuff!

We stopped by Azalea to check on the kids and bring them some doughnuts.  I helped Ernest Mocombe design and type up a resume then went over to Office Depot to get some resume paper for him to use.  He's a smart kid and I really want him to succeed.

We're at my office right now.  Ashley just finished gluing on the labels for the T-shirts for the summer teams.  I got my email done, then I'll work on expense reports, new missions photos for the photo gallery (nearly 14,000 pictures on our site!), and the directions and new contacts for Jesse to add to the web site.  Lots of admin work.  C'est la vie, baby!

Posted 5/31/2005 at 5:27 PM

Monday May 30, 2005

Today was the funeral for Daddy Doverspike.  That was a tough gig.  We got through it, as my Dad would say.

I led the music for the congregation.  That's not my strong point, but I did the best I could.

Each of the family members and many of the congregation had an opportunity to share about Bill Doverspike.  He was a great man and will be missed.

Later, we went to the graveside service at Rehoboth Cemetary. 

Then Ashley and I went over to Orene Duvall's house, the sister of Nell, Bill's wife.  We had a good time visiting with the visiting kin folk.  There are really some great ones in this family.  I'm proud to be part of it.

Tomorrow Ashley and I get back to the mission work.  It's been a busy ministry weekend.  A different group to those I usually minister to.

We have a meeting with Tim Holt and I hope to get the work ready for the teams coming to the Marietta area.  I plan on starting at least three new mission points tomorrow if all goes well.


Posted 5/30/2005 at 9:11 PM

Sunday May 29, 2005

Ashley, Jesse and I just got back from the observation of the body which I affectionately call the "creep show."  Being around dead bodies is so against what my culture is. I was really uncomfortable.  The body just looked "too" real.  We got through it.

We made the rounds of everyone there and we left.  Kathy thought we should have stayed longer, she tried to pull me right next to the dead body.  I bolted for the door.

Weird I should have such a strong reaction.

I took a bunch of pictures of the get together.

Tomorrow I lead the music for the funeral.  Never done that before.


Posted 5/29/2005 at 8:23 PM

Sunday May 29, 2005

Saturday,  May 28, 2005

Kathy went over to her mom's house early.

Ashley and I went over to take her lunch from Wendy's and spend some time with her.

Later A and I hung out at the pool at Stone Mountain.  Kathy came and met us there.

Jesse is happy just hanging out at the house.  He gave himself a Ranger haircut.  Really short around the sides with just a patch of hair at the top.

I'm still working through my grief process.  The strangest thing is that I felt like he died three weeks ago when he was in the hospital.  I did all my crying then.  We he came out of the hospital I was shocked.  It was like Lazarus.  When he did finally die, I felt like I had already experienced his death. 

Posted 5/29/2005 at 10:39 AM

Sunday May 29, 2005

Friday, May 27, 2005

Kathy went early Thursday evening to be with her mom.

I took care of the kids here at the house. 

Ran 6.2 miles in 1:18:06.  Still getting used to the heat.

Posted 5/29/2005 at 10:35 AM

Thursday May 26, 2005

GREAT day today!  I took Ashley and Bennett over to eat at Istanbul Cafe with our new pastor at FBC Mountain Park--Dr. Bill Blanchard.  He's an MK from India and used to serve as a trustee of the International Mission Board.  He's a terrific guy and I really look forward to hanging out with him more often. 

I was talking with Carl Barrington last night.  He's the President of the board for Whirlwind Missions.We were laughing together about this blog and how I usually put down where I ate.  I guess it's because so much of lunch times are spent with partners in the ministry.  Part of it is my African upbringing.  Most of the big decisions are actually made over a meal.  The committee meetings are only to put the official stamp on what has already been decided!

Ashley told me last night that she wanted to work with us during the summer.  I really need her help to get the teams to the correct destinations.  I'm glad she decided that she wanted to do that.  PTL!

I just finished up my email and soon I'll get over to helping Ashley work on this month's newsletter.  We write personal notes to about 170 people each month.  It's a lot of work, but it's definitely worth the time.


We just got a call that Bill Doverspike--Kathy's daddy just died.  Pray for the family.

Posted 5/26/2005 at 4:22 PM

Wednesday May 25, 2005

This morning I picked up the supplies for the newsletter over at Staples and the Post Office.  I have everything I need now and will get the kids at Azalea to help me with the labeling after I leave the office.

I was supposed to have a meeting with the Central Precinct this morning, but they cancelled it because only three managers and I said we could come.

I just got out of a meeting with the Chamblee/Doraville Property Managers Association.  We had the Home Depot guys buy lunch and made a presentation.  The big news is that the Federal Government is mandating the use of a more efficient type of AC unit--13 SEER.  It's supposed to be better for energy consumption, but will cost the owners an arm and a leg to get it done.

I picked up Jouvens to go with me to the Manager's meeting.  They like to see young people making a contribution back to the community.

I finished up my financial report for the donations and will start working on my June newsletter before I go over to Azalea.

Posted 5/25/2005 at 2:18 PM

Tuesday May 24, 2005

I had a meeting with Edwin Lamb with FBC Mountain Park this morning.  He's the leader of the team from the church that will be leading the service project this year.  He's a great guy and very talented.  We'll be working on several projects around FBC Doraville including some drainage issues and painting the kitchen.  We also went by Azalea Mission to check out some repairs that need to be done including repairing holes in the walls (thanks, kids!), new flooring in the kitchen, and installing some new cabinents.

I picked up Jouvens while I was at Azalea and then we went over to FBC Atlanta to get Tom Nevill who is in charge of their missions program.  He went on a missions trip to N. Africa and the Middle East last fall, so I thought he'd enjoy eating at Istanbul Cafe.  It's a really cool place.  It even has big pillows that you sit on on the floor.  We got kabobs and Turkish chai.  It was really excellent.

Jouvens came back with me to the office.  I've just about completed my office work: email and changes on the Team Assignments.  I sent the changes to Jesse, who will post them on the web site tonight.  It's a beautiful thing.

I ordered a Tallit (prayer shawl) and a shofar (the ram's horn that is used as a trumpet) from Israel last week.  They came in today.  I've enjoyed sounding the shofar and asking for the Lord's blessing on our troops!

Posted 5/24/2005 at 3:13 PM

Monday May 23, 2005

Man.  What a day.

It started out rough when I had a blow out in my front left tire in the van.  I had to wait 3 hours for the tow truck to take me to the tire place.  I couldn't get to the spare because I had the 200 pound moon walk in the bed of the van.  The guys at the tire place worked me in pretty quickly, but all it all it took 4 hours to deal with the tire challenge.

I dropped the moon walk off at Suburban Rentals and then headed over to the Learning Tree to pick up a "few" computers that they had for me.  It turned out to be 41!  I had to put them on a cart, go down the freight elevator then stash them in the van.  I also had 6 monitors and 2 overhead projectors!  That was a lot of hauling stuff around.

I came home and ran 4 miles.  It was still over 80 degrees.  I sure wasn't running too fast.  I did the 4 miles in just under 48 minutes.

Ashley and I just got back from Red Lobster.  I had the fried seafood platter.  Stuffed.

Posted 5/23/2005 at 9:0 PM

Monday May 23, 2005

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Ashley helped me with the Local Missions Fair at First Baptist Atlanta.  We talked with at least a hundred people.  I think we have good prospects from about 6 people.

The Amazing Whirlwind Simulator is always a big hit along with the candy:  Hershey's Kisses, Snickers and M&Ms.

I've also added making balloon animals.  Ashley made over 150!

After the fair we broke the set down and put it back in the van along with the moon walk from the health fair.  We had a party for the kids at Azalea.  We served ice cream and let the kids jump in the moon walk.  They had a blast.

Then Ashley and I went shopping for shoes.  She got some green high heels from BCBG--some high fashion NYC place she like. 

Posted 5/23/2005 at 8:53 PM

Monday May 23, 2005

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Today we had a Health Fair at North East Plaza right of off N. Druid Hills and Buford Highway.  It was a partnership between Perimeter church, Briarcliff BC, Sugarloaf  Community Church, St. Joseph's Hospital Mercy Clinic and Whirlwind Missions.  We provided the moon walk, the food and the games for the kids.

We saw about 250 people and handed out tracts in Spanish.

Posted 5/23/2005 at 8:49 PM

Friday May 20, 2005

Carpet cleaning day.  Don't get much better than that.

Mexican guy named Leon came to clean it.  He did a good job.  We gave him a nice tip.

It's been raining off and on all day long.

Didn't get my run in today.  Just worked on Tai Chi forms.

Ashley and I went to see Star Wars III.  I'm a big fan of the series and I enjoyed this one, too.  It was still sad.  Watching anyone go to the dark side reminds me too much of work.  I think about al those kids I'm working with, and I think about the ones that are in jail, or already have babies.  It's even sadder in real life.

Kathy and I enjoyed a nice breakfast/lunch at IHOP.  I had a country omelette and Kathy enjoys the shrimp.

Posted 5/20/2005 at 9:44 PM

Thursday May 19, 2005

I've been rambling and scrambling all day long!

Started out picking up a big box of toothbrushes for the health fair on Saturday at Buford Highway/N. Druid Hills.  Thanks to Bennett Ekandem for that!

Went over to FBC Atlanta to set up my missions display for the local missions fair this Sunday.

Had a great meeting with Mike McCoy who is with Champions for Today.  Mike used to play for the NFL.  He's got a great heart for evangelism.  It was fun to hang out with him. I've sent intro emails to four of my most serious partners about him.  Hopefully some good will come out of it.

Then went to Roswell to pick up the Moon Walk from Suburban Rentals. I sure do appreciate all that Tim Hutchinson and his business have done for our ministry over the years.  They've given us 100s of chairs.  In fact most of the chairs at the missions came from hi.

I'm at the office right now.  I had a short meeting with Ed Keibler who will be picking up tables and chairs for the outreach on Saturday.  I'll be bringing them back.  I also put away some computers/monitors that were just given to us yesterday. I'll be taking them to my partners at REBOOT to refurbish so we can use them in the missions.

I stopped by Azalea earlier today to pick up the tent that I had there and to drop off some goodies for the kids.  I plan on taking the moonwalk for the kids to use this Sunday after the missions fair.

I'm pooped.

Posted 5/19/2005 at 4:49 PM

Wednesday May 18, 2005

Man, it's been a high speed day!

You know it's been crazy when I have to sit here and think about what happened before lunch!

I'm enjoying this new aromatherapy/shoulder heat pack you warm up in the microwave.  My neck has been bothering me (too much time staring at a computer screen trying to figure out team logistics for the summer . . ..)  The wrap really seems to help the muscles in my neck.  Beauty!

I came over FBC Doraville this morning to work on my email and assignments page.  I also got the new pix for the missions compressed and uploaded to the photo gallery.

For lunch I had a meeting with Felix Lora who is the director of the Sandy Springs Mission on Roswell Road.  We've been partners for about a year, but with Arturo leaving the mission at Southern Trace, Felix will be stepping up to the plate for him.

We also went to check on the missions at Southern Trace (the window was broken--we'd had another break in), Lake Placid (a new manager who is VERY excited about us coming to help in the summer, Sierra Creek (new manager, LOTS of new kids) and a new mission point called Sierra Place.  Griselda who used to manage ST is now at Sierra Place.  A very common scenario.

We actually had the managers at Sierra Place and at Lake Placid offer us rooms to work out of.  God is good!  Now we just need people to come help us staff it!

I went to Azalea to check on the kids.  Not much going on as their last day for school is Friday.  They're excited about it.  I plan to bring the Moon Walk over there on Sunday for the kids to play on.

I also went by Party City this morning to pick up the balloons and face painting stuff for the health fair on Saturday on Buford Highway.  We're still figuring out the logistics for getting all the stuff over there.  They wanted to start the health fair at 9am.  I told them I can't be there before 10 am.  I still have to get the food to take over there the morning of the event.  I can only do so much, so fast.

Posted 5/18/2005 at 6:28 PM

Tuesday May 17, 2005

I was in the Alpharetta area this morning.  I set up a missions site for our Gold Rush program at Bristol Park.  I'll work on the map and the contacts information later.  I got some updated pictures.

Then I went by to see my partners at Perimeter Church. Most of them were in a meeting but I at least got to see Jackie, who is one of my best helpers over there.

Cruised over to First United Methodist Church in Roswell for a meeting with Tim Holt for lunch.  Unfortunately, he sent me an email this morning which I don't normally check till after lunch.  I went there, but he had had a change.  C'est la vie, baby.  I rescheduled our meeting an to go check out the new mission areas of next Monday.

Ate lunch at Perimeter mall on the way home. Had a Gyro.  Excellente.

Been working in the office taking care of all the scheduling changes/logistics for the summer teams for the last two hours.  Man, this stuff gets complicated.

My partners from Perimeter told me this morning that they are expecting over 850 people during Gold Rush!  That's over 200 more than last year.  We'll start putting into motion a better way to put all those people into a missions experience for next year.  I'd love to cover 50-60 locations with that large a group!  Lot of work for me setting it up, but WOW what a massive effort for the kingdom!

I need to go on over to Azalea to work with the kids.  I'm running late.  Dad gum admin work.

I ran 4 miles last night in under 39 minutes.  I have to be careful not to push too hard when it gets hot.

Posted 5/17/2005 at 4:7 PM

Monday May 16, 2005

I went over to Clarkston this morning to square away the 7th location for Grace Fellowship Church for June 13-17.  The Lakes was the last location.  It took some talking on my part, but it looks like it's good to go. PTL.

I will also be organizing the 3rd location in Lawrenceville for the same church.  That will make 10 locations in all.  The three in Lawrenceville will also run through the fall.  Very important!

I finished the first part of my financial report for the Ministry, knocked out my email for the morning and now I'm getting ready to go to Gwinnett's Family Church for a meeting with Todd Harrison for lunch and to check out the mission I started in that area in the Fall.

Bennett Ekandem--our regional director in Clarkston--let me know that he picked up 150 toothbrushes to be used in our ministry.  Perfect timing since I have a health fair this weekend!

Posted 5/16/2005 at 11:11 AM

Sunday May 15, 2005

Kathy and I ttook Jesse out for Thai food.  He's such a "stay at home" kid that it's always fun to get him out and enjoy his company.  He's so smart.  He's a bit too argumentative.  I know he's going to give his teachers fits.  There aren't too many people who like to think.  J is one of them.

We had Thai rama and cashew chicken.

Posted 5/15/2005 at 3:8 PM

Sunday May 15, 2005

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Went out to Stone Mountain.  Enjoyed some sun.

Ashley and K went out to eat at Red Lobster.

It was cooler today.  K went to visit her dad this evening.  He seems about the same.  They put him oxygen.  His feet seem really swollen still.

Posted 5/15/2005 at 3:6 PM

Sunday May 15, 2005

Friday, May 13, 2005

This is supposed to be an unlucky day, but it was good for me!

I enjoyed a 4 mile run, but it's going to be hard getting used to the heat.

I took the new map of the Lawrenceville missions over to Jerry Counselman.

Worked at the home office on email.

Posted 5/15/2005 at 3:4 PM

Thursday May 12, 2005

I've been working on the Lawrenceville information this afternoon.  I have the map drawn, the contacts added and the directions finished.  I'll drop that info off to my graphics guy tomorrow morning.  Jesse will work on getting that onto the web site this evening.

I just got off the phone with Duke Forrester of Hebron Baptist Church.  He gave me some valuable info about the Carolinas apartment complex in Lawrenceville.  We'll probably try and work at another location.  He said most of the families had moved out of there.  Good data.

I talked with YWAM this afternoon.  They've committed to bringing two teams one in June the other in July.  They'll cover 6 locations. Two will be in Lawrenceville.

I went by to see Bill Doverspike this morning in the nursing home.  He seems a bit better but still can't get up and walk.  His feet are really swollen.

Looks like we'll have over 20 groups coming to work with us this summer.  Two of the groups are multiple churches:  Gold Rush and World Changers.  That will put us to nearly 100 churches working with us this summer.


I'm off to check on the kids at Azalea.

Posted 5/12/2005 at 3:45 PM

Wednesday May 11, 2005

I spent the morning in Lawrenceville today.  Grace Fellowship is planning on a Summer Camp experience for the kids in Clarkston and Lawrenceville.  I worked on setting up three locations where they can hold that camp. They will be in 7 locations in Clarkston too. They will also be working in Lawrenceville on Wednesday evenings starting in the fall.  Excellente!

We'll be working in Cherokee Courts, Carolinas and Magnolia Village--which is another PRS property where LITE house has work.  I've really appreciated that partnership!  I'm counting on some marvelous things happening there.

I enjoyed a delicious lunch buffet at a Country Cooking kind of place.  One of my favorite things about starting new work is checking out all the cool places to eat in the new area!

I picked up some T-Shirts from Goodwill for our Prayer Trigger project:  shirts from around the world that teams can buy to promote prayer for foreign missions and generate some funds for the ministry.

I updated the Team Assignments page and I've started working on the new map and the new missions to be added to the Photo Gallery and the Contacts page.  I should have all of that taken care of by tomorrow night.

I'm headed over to Azalea just as soon as I finish loading the pictures of the new missions onto the Photo Gallery.


Posted 5/11/2005 at 3:50 PM

Tuesday May 10, 2005

Worked in Marietta this morning.  I confirmed our location at Preston Chase and had a great talk with the manager at Autumn View.  That property should confirm early next week.  That will make 8 properties we'll be working at this summer.  Excellente.

I did lunch at the Mediterranean Deli that I like off of Franklin Road.  Sweet.

I checked on my teams from Hebron Christian Academy at Don Juan/Pearl Lane and at Azalea.  They brought more people with them today, so I also had them cover the kids at Woodgate.  The feedback was very positive so hopefully we'll get them plugging in more regularly or at least more (a LOT more) next year.  The pre-schooler thing was new for us, but it worked out well.

I've been in the office the last couple of hours trying to figure out the logistics for the teams, adding new locations, working on the key for the Team Assignment page and emailing partners that need to send me more info.

I compressed the pictures I took this afternoon of HCA and posted them on the web site.

I'm checking out the exact locations for the new missions we'll be working at in Lawrenceville.  I had a good talk with Mary Demonbreun who leads the teams from Grace Fellowship about where we'll be working in the fall.  I'll get that set up first thing next week.

Also set up meetings with Todd Harrison who is leading the charge in the Mills Creek area with the Gwinnett Family Church. 

Also setting up a lunch with Felix Lora who is my partner at the Sandy Springs Mission who works with us in the Roswell Road area.  I hope to get some new work started/accelerated with him.  It's such an important area.


Posted 5/10/2005 at 3:29 PM

Monday May 9, 2005

I worked with two teams from Hebron Christian Academy this afternoon.  The had balloon animals, painted faces and had some coloring books for the pre-school kids at Don Juan/Pearl Lane and at Azalea.  The kids had a great time and the little kids seemed to really enjoy it as well.

I talked with JD Plummer this morning.  He was going to come and check out some of the missions, but it didn't work out.  That's why I've worked on the web site so hard--he can see where they're going and never leave his office!  It's the beauty of a virtual reality.

Some of the kids at Azalea had skipped school.  Not sure why.  I'm headed over there right now after I pick up some doughnuts.  I'm working with the kids on some Bible verses I want them to learn. It helps to have some motivation!

Gorgeous weather outside.

K went to help her dad this morning at the nursing home, then went over to work at Avondale school. 

Posted 5/9/2005 at 3:27 PM

Monday May 9, 2005

Sunday, May 8, 2005

I had a good day with Kathy at the mountain. 

I came home after getting supplies for the lawnmower and for J's new fish tank and getting groceries.  I worked in the yard for another two hours.  Man, the dust was incredible.

I'm getting the stuff together for Monday morning with Hebron.

Took care of all the email questions from teams coming.

I  bought a couple of dog toys that I'm using for a foot massage.  I roll them under my feet.  Feels groovy.

Posted 5/9/2005 at 10:53 AM

Saturday May 7, 2005

I just got finished working in the back yard.  It's really hard to mow back there.  I did it for over an hour and then one of the back wheels fell off.  I'll have to get a new bolt and washer tomorrow.

I spent the day with K over at the mountain.  Gorgeous weather.  We enjoyed talking and soaking up rays.  We walked about half way up the mountain.  I wore flip flops.  Probably wasn't too good an idea.  But I still did fine.  

I did a lot of tai chi at the park.  My knee was already a bit tender.

I watched Taxi today with Queen Latifah. I like the driving scenes around New York.  I kept imagining that we'd been in exactly the places: 34th and Broadway.


Posted 5/7/2005 at 10:17 PM

Saturday May 7, 2005

Friday, May 6, 2005

I ran 6.2 miles around Stone Mountain (plus 1.2 miles) in 1:04.

Came home and put the new lawn mower and weed whacker together and mowed the lawn for about three hourse.

Tough and dusty.

Posted 5/7/2005 at 10:14 PM

Saturday May 7, 2005

Thursday, May 5, 2005

I worked with the kids at Azalea.  Everyone seemed in good spirits.  Ernest told me he got a new job with UPS and helping as a waiter at a hotel. Good news for him!

I made the Team Assignment page up to date.

Posted 5/7/2005 at 10:13 PM

Wednesday May 4, 2005

Ashley wasn't feeling well today, or else just had spring fever, so she's riding with her ol' dad. She's always a blessing.

It was a Clarkston day today.  I started off at Clarkston Intl. Bible Church where I led the Bible study for ESL group that is from Dekalb Tech.  The church got billed from the City of Clarkston for trash problems related to that meeting, so we had to set up some rather strict guidelines for the students: no cups or plates leave the building.  That frustrated some of the people who get the coffee/cookies and then leave before the Bible study even starts.  C'est la vie, baby.

After that meeting, we met up with Bennett Ekandem to set up the teams coming for the summer that I'm coordinating.  We talked with the managers at Willow Branch, The Lakes, Indian Valley, Indian Creek, Kristopher Woods, Woodside Village and Wyncrest.  We're good to go on all of them except the Lakes, which we'll confirm on Monday.

Looks like Woodside Village and Wyncrest are both going under different owners and different management groups.  Fortunately, the managers that we're working with are staying put so everything should be business as usual for us.  I had a meeting with their corporate people while I was talking with the managers.

I also had a meeting with Melvin Morris, my partner from LITE house, this morning.  I really like him and the feeling is mutual.  He's helping us set up some new partnerships in Lawrenceville.  It's great when you work with the boss, because all their employees normally fall right in line.  It's a beautiful thing!

We went out to eat Chinese food afterwards.  It a great buffet, one of my favorites.  Bennett was feeling sick, I hope he didn't give me anything.  I was sick enough last week.

He went home for the rest of the day.  I have a tendency to keep doing what needs to happen until it's done.  That's hard on the people I work with, who sometimes like to split the job up into several days.  Usually every day is packed and I can't afford to come back if I can knock the job out right then.

A and I are headed over to the mission in a few minutes.

Posted 5/4/2005 at 3:27 PM

Tuesday May 3, 2005

I just about completed the info on the new missions in Marietta.  Every time I add a location to the network (or like yesterday 6!) that generates several lines of information.  I have to add the new mission on the Contacts page, I have to change the map, come up with a code for eath mission (eg Azalea--AZ), create a directions page, take pictures of the property, compress and upload them to our Photo Gallery.  I have to add descriptions to each mission on the Photo Gallery.  I haven't gotten that far yet. 

I had problems with the internet at my office today.  I was hoping to send documents to Jerry and Jesse.  Had to wait till I got home.  It has really helped doing office work at the office instead of always at home.  This laptop has been a HUGE blessing to our ministry.  Of course that means I've always got work around me.  That has it's downsides. 

This morning I went to Stone Mountain to pray and to work out.  I then went to Barnes and Nobles to look for books on Mandarin and different types of massage.  I've been wanting to do massage therapy on my knee.  Which is feeling much better, btw.  I love bookstores.  I enjoy looking at books.  They are such a huge repository of knowledge.  And even though I love the net, there's just something about books. . .

I ran my 4 mile route in 40:34 today.  So I'm just about on track to what I was before I got injured.  My third mile, which is the sloping downhill part of my course, I ran in just over 9 minutes. 

Ashley, K and I went to the mountain to enjoy a beautiful sunset.  It was fantastic.

I was really hungry and told the girls I wanted Turkish food at Cafe Istanbul in Decatur.  Ashley was up for it, but Kathy passed.  I was disappointed she didn't want to go.  She probably will next time.

Posted 5/3/2005 at 10:55 PM

Monday May 2, 2005

Today was Marietta day.  I worked on setting up the week of July 8-12th for Clements Baptist Church.  They'll be bringing about 40 people.  I'm setting up eight sites specifically for their four teams.  I made what I hope will be the 8 placements.  I'm for sure on five.  The others I'll have to wait on for a couple of days, but I'm optimistic.

I started out at two of the new ECI properties:  Concept 21-Delk, and Bentley Manor.  Both are beautiful properties.  Then went over to Glennbrooke where we have a mission and picked up our director there: NIck Posey.  He's doing a good job in a tough environment.  I took him out for gyros.  There's a Turkish deli over there that is just uber!  The food was fantastic.  I also like going to the grocery store that is connected to the restaurant.  The have these 5 gallon jugs of green olives that are terrific.  You dip a ladel in and take a couple out to try.  I always try one of most of the vats.  Really great olives.

I squared away some business with Glenbrooke apartments regarding a water bill then went across the street to Las Colinas.  Although the management was positive about us being there, I found out the Boys and Girls club really ramps up their program during the Summer.  They were expecting about 40 kids from that complex.  It's really not a good plan to try and compete with other programs.  It can cause really negative feelings all the way around.  So I decided not to put a team there or at Hamptons which is their sister property, or at Ridgepoint---BG club said they picked up kids from there too.

I also went by Ashton Place, Autumn View, and about 6 others.

I took K and A out for Mexican food at Torrerros.  Excellente.

Then A went to help me do the shopping.  I've found I can do the shopping on about half the cost that Kathy does it--mainly because she gets a lot more stuff than is just what's on the list.

Posted 5/2/2005 at 8:47 PM

Sunday May 1, 2005

I'm feeling hot on my cheeks.  Kathy and I had the whole day together.  I followed her out to Stone Mountain.  We enjoyed sunning and walking up the trail togther.  Later we had Arby's for Market Fresh sandwiches and then to the ball field for more hanging out.  We needed time like that.


Posted 5/1/2005 at 10:12 PM

Sunday May 1, 2005

Saturday, April 30, 2005

Ashley and Jesse and I hung out together.  We went to eat at Red Lobster--a special treat for Jesse.  Then we went to Michaels to look for beads so Ashley can make some of her own designed jewelry. A cheap hobby.

Then we went to the hospital to visit Bill Doverspike in the hospital.  He was looking weaker than when I saw him on Thursday.  The oxygen mask they have on him looks really uncomfortable.

At Barnes and Nobles I got a cafe au lait, J got an expresso.  I always enjoy bookstores.  I like the tangential nature of going over one row and having a whole new category. 

J was really looking for a new PDA/Smartphone.  He's been working hard to earn his money.  I think he's settled on the Seimens SX 66.  It's tight.  We have a family plan for Cingular and he'll pay for his access to the net.

I had a TON of email to answer tonight.  C'est la vie, baby.

Posted 5/1/2005 at 12:20 AM

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Saturday April 30, 2005

Friday, April 29, 2005

Jesse and I went to see Kung Fu Hustle tonight  It was great. I thought the martial arts were terrific and it was really funny, too.

I ran 4 miles in 44 minutes. 

Heavy rain in the evening.

Posted 4/30/2005 at 11:8 PM

Thursday April 28, 2005

I worked on getting the newsletters out this morning.  Everything was in the mail by noon.  Excellente!

I must be prayed up, because Media Play actually had the copy of Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams that Jouvens needed for his English class.  Sweet.  It doesn't seem too long, so I know he'll be happy about that.

I'm at the office right now.  I got all the questions that the teams asked me answered.  Unfortunately, one of my teams is working a weird schedule:  Friday through Tuesday.  Which means there will be a one day overlap between teams.  Looks like I'm going to have to figure out about 15 new places for teams to work because of that.  No really big deal, but I hate to leave nearly a full week blank for our main missions.

I'm headed over to Azalea to help the kids, and give Jouvens his book, then over to St. Joseph's to check on Bill Doverspike.

I plan to run tonight.  Hope I feel better than last time.

Posted 4/28/2005 at 2:36 PM

Wednesday April 27, 2005

I went to the Central Precinct meeting of the Dekalb Police this morning.  It's when the managers get to talk directly to the Sergeants for their area.

Had a delicious lunch at Madina, with two of my bet friends, Bennett Ekandem and Pat Maddox.  We sorted out things for the summer.

Went to the mission to check on the kids.  I'm still trying to find Streetcar Named Desire for Jouvens.

Went to see Daddy in the hospital.  He's doing SO much better.  We had a great 15 minute conversation.  He was completely lucid.  I'm so happy about it.

Posted 4/27/2005 at 8:5 PM

Wednesday April 27, 2005

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I ran 4 miles today.  It was the hardest dad-gum run I've had in a year.  I was feeling good at two and three, but that last mile wasn't pretty.  I still made it but felt like I had jelly legs.  I'm so crazy sometimes.  I have so much pride.  I just couldn't be satisified with 2 miles.  Oh, no. 

When will I ever learn?

I guess it's part of what makes me what I am.

I did a full day today, including helping the kids at the mission.

Posted 4/27/2005 at 8:2 PM

Monday April 25, 2005

Still weak, but worked a half day today.

I got my copies made and all the supplies I need for my monthly Outreach Update.  That includes, envelopes, stamps, labels, paper.  I'll have the kids at the mission help me put those together tomorrow.

Sounds like my father in law is having a set back.  He's having trouble knowing where he is.  I think the meds are having their usual good and bad effects.  I hope to go by there tomorrow.  Depends on how I'm feeling.  I really didn't want to get around any seniors when I'm sick.

I watched the House of Flying Daggers this afternoon.  Great movie.  Made me think about Hero, which I think is the most beautiful movie ever shot.

I've also enjoyed blasting aliens in Halo 2 while I've been recuperating.  I hardly every play video games, but I have to admit it has made the time go by faster.

Posted 4/25/2005 at 9:35 PM

Sunday April 24, 2005

I'm still feeling weak, but not aching.  With all the rain we've had the air has been cleaner, which has helped my headaches.  PTL.

I went to FBC Doraville for Paul Reynold's ordination council.  Before a person becomes a "Reverend," they have to be voted on by a group of pastors.  We ask the candidate questions, vote on them and then they are presented before a church body.  I went at 2 pm for the council questions. 

Paul is a great guy and has been a real asset to our ministry at Foxfire and Northchase.



Posted 4/24/2005 at 9:44 PM

Saturday April 23, 2005

Feeling a little better.  No more stomach problems.  Still body aches.

Ate breakfast at Krystals with Ashley.  Took meds.  I'm resting again now.

Posted 4/23/2005 at 1:4 PM

Saturday April 23, 2005

Friday, April 22, 2005

Sick.  Achey.  Severe diarreah.  101 fever.

Posted 4/23/2005 at 1:3 PM

Thursday April 21, 2005

I worked from my home office today.  The pollen is really getting to me.  I get these splitting headaches.  Not for much longer I hope.  I went by Walmart and Kroger to find some supplies for the mission.

I picked up a cradle for Arturo's ipaq that we're getting for him.  He's done a wonderful job for us.

I finished all my email and have started making team assignments at specific locations.  As it happens, the majority of the labor is in one week.  Sorry I couln't spread all that help out.

Ashley seems to be getting around better.  Today was her Science Gateway test.

I waited for Jesse to take him home from school, but he wasn't expecting me so I ended up waiting and he ended up walking the three miles.  Bahd luck.  Good for him I reckon.

Posted 4/21/2005 at 6:3 PM

Wednesday April 20, 2005

Well it was another sad day for me today.  I had lunch with Arturo Castaneda who is like a son to me.  He has done such a good job at the mission at Southern Trace.  He and another partner are moving to NYC to work in planting a church.  I'm pleased that I've been able to train him so he's prepared for that work.  We ate at Azteca. I sure am sorry to see him go.  It's mighty hard to find guys like Arturo.

Fortunately, I had a computer rig ready to go so I was able to send him to NYC with a set up.  Thanks be to God who continues to be so generous to us.

I went and visited St. Joseph's this morning.  My father in law still looks really fragile.  I just don't see him lasting much longer unless the Father intervenes on a miraculous level.  Sad.

I went by to visit the new manager at Huntington Ridge.  Her name is Sira.  I've been by there three times and have yet to connect with her.  Bahd luck. Maybe next time.

I'm headed over to the mission at Azalea to check on the kids.  They're having CRCT testing this week so they don't really have homework.  I just go over there to love on them for a while.  Then I'll go back home to check on Ashley and see how her leg is doing and see if Kathy is holding up ok.  She is dealing with her grief by working constantly.  She was outside mowing the lawn at around 9:30pm!  Whatever works for her. . .


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Tuesday April 19, 2005

I got a package in the mail yesterday from the Missions Director from Church of the Apostles---Jeff Falkowlski.  He's a cool guy and really committed to missions.  He sent me some bi-lingual CDs from Dr. Yussef's Bible studies in Arabic/English and Farsi/English.  I took them down to Clarkston Intl. Bible Church this morning to give away to the ESL students from Dekalb Tech who speak those languages.  My prayer is that many of the Muslims in that area will hear the Gospel through this particular ministry.

Next stop was Chic-Fil-A corporate headquarters where I had a meeting with Toni Branyon who used to be the director of our work in Conyers. She's going to make a pitch to her boss/corporate board about getting CFA involved in the schools across America.  I'm her supervisor for the North American Mission Board and have tried to help her through her ministry journey.  This could conceivably be something really big.  I don't see our ministry necessarily tied into it, which doesn't bother me at all.  But I do like the idea of getting CFA employees involved in the local community. Most of their employees are committed Christians.

I'll be going over to the Mission in a few minutes to check on the kids.  They are in the middle of CRCT testing so they don't have homework.  Then I'll go over to pick up my mother in law and take her back to the hospital around 4pm.

This thing with my father in law dying is really shaking me up.  Toni said to me this morning, "Tim, you look so burdened."  Yesterday, my doctor told me, "I've never seen you so quiet."  Both observations were true.  I got to CFA early, sought out a quiet, wooded area that reminded me of Kenya, and just prayed and worked on Messiah verses.  I felt better, but still burdened.

C'est la vie, baby.

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Monday April 18, 2005

This day just got harder and harder.  I thought the physical thing was bad enough.  Now they've moved my father in law into the ICU center at St. Joseph's.  It doesn't look good.  I've really been depressed about it.

I left my cell phone in my car while I was working in my office.  When I got back to the car I had messages from Ashley and Kathy.  Ashley had hurt herself during track practice.  I needed to get home NOW and take her to the hospital.  Nothing shakes up a parent more than news like that, I can assure you.  On the way home I called back to Dr. Pat who I had just seen hours before.  She managed to work us in, see Ashley, assure her that this injury would heal, BUT she would not be able to run in this weekend's track meet.  Ashley was really disappointed, but at the same time when something hurts that badly it only makes sense.

Nick came with us and carried her around in his arms.  It was really cute.  I'm glad he was there, cuz there was no way for me to do that.  After seeing the Doctor we went for Thai food at SriThai.  It was excellent.

Then we went to track down some crutches.  The thrift store near my house is open late on M/W/Friday so we were able to get some great crutches.  And the manager of the store GAVE them to us.  I really appreciated that.  He helped fit them to her and everything.  Then we went over to Eckerds to get a prescription filled for some anti-inflammatory meds.  It all worked out just fine.

I heard Dr. Pat lecture Ashley about "Stay off it so it can heal."  At the same time I kept thinking about my knee and the four miles I had just run the day before.  Every day I resolve to let me knee rest.  Perhaps I can stick to that resolution at least for a few days.


Pray for my father in law, Bill.  He might not even last the night.  I can't hardly even get my mind around that fact.  Hurts too much.

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Monday April 18, 2005

I had one of my favorite things today: a full physical.  Ouch!

The nurse taking my blood did a great job and got my vein on the first jab.  PTL!

I also had to have a Tetanus shot.  No big deal.

My EKG was great, blood pressure excellent.  In fact all in all, except for the pain in my knee from over use I'm a regular Tiger Tank.

After the physical I went over to St. Joseph's Hospital to check on my Father in law.  They just transferred him to the ICU floor. That's never a good sign.  In fact, my sister in law, who is a nurse, said she doesn't think he'll last out the week.  I've been really bummed out about the whole situation.  I really love him and it's terrible to think about him passing away.  Life is fragile.

I took Kathy out to eat Gyros to get her away from the hospital for an hour.  I'll be going back over there to check on her mom and see if she needs to go home after I work with the kids at Azalea.

Stress city.

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Sunday April 17, 2005

I enjoyed a great worship service this morning at Grace.  Ashley went with me.  Kathy wasn't feeling too well after her marathon yard work day at her Mom's house.

After all my talk yesterday, I still went out and ran 4 miles this afternoon.  I went slowly, quoting verses and concentrating on my technique.  I also went with the ice route after my run, to prevent any swelling.  I still feel a bit dumb.  I've avoided my Tai Chi exercises, as that is what is really hard on my knee--lots of balancing on tender joints.

I've always said that the hardest thing about working in ministry is working with the other ministers.  I just received this email from a woman that I helped get started working in the apartments off of Plaster Road.  She and her organization have "taken over" the place under her leadership.  For nearly a year and a half I've taken a hands off attitude.  She contacted me a week ago to ask about putting a team at one of the other mission locations.  Of course I told her that was fine and asked that if I had a team during a week they didn't have ministry I'd like to bring them to the Station to work with those kids.  She basically told me "no."

Honestly I couldn't really believe it.  Why would she resist giving the children something fun and potentially reach them with the Gospel?  It goes against every strategy I've ever believed in.

She started quoting how the children had enough and that her board had decided that it wasn't in their strategy to have us work there, too.

I've fretted about this situation since then.  I keep going over in my head, is this just a pride issue on my part?  Did I get my feelings hurt somehow and just want to get back at her?

Finally I decided the bottom line is the kids need to hear what the teams have to offer.

So tonight when I got one her "we don't need your help" emails, I informed her, "You have no authority over me whatsoever.  You wouldn't even be there or have the apartment if it wasn't for me.  I consider your attitude inconsistent with the Gospel.  If I decide to bring a team there I'll inform the manager."


It's like I'm tired of her pettiness and I'm not going to let it hurt the welfare of the children.  Either she can partner with us, or she can shut up and get out of the way.

That's the reason I know I have so far to go in the Christian walk.  I get so dad gum angry when I hear this kind of complete caca coming out of some Christian leader's mouth.  Where's my patience?  Where's my sweet attitude? 

This is WAR and she is acting like she doesn't want soldiers in one of the worst areas in town!  Ay caramba.


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Sunday April 17, 2005

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Saturday April 16, 2005

My knee has been bothering me again.  It doesn't really hurt, it just feels tender when I climb stairs.

I went with Ashley today to visit St. Joseph's.  Kathy had left really early in the morning to take her Mom over there.

Ashley and I ate Indian food at Annapurna's.  It was excellent.

We then went to check on the teams at Azalea, FBC Doraville and Huntington Creek.  They were the youth group from Sugarloaf Community Church.  They did a great job!  Drew has a great crew.  I took a bunch of pictures which are on the  Photo gallery.

Ashley and I went to Perimeter mall to let her shop and we also went to Barnes and Noble book store, which is what I do for fun.  I always enjoy looking through the bargain books.  I found a new guide to Tai Chi.  I enjoy adding to my library of books about subjects I'm interested in.

I also read a bunch of running books and I think I've come to the general consensus that I should stop being stupid and just plan on resting for at least a few days, if not more and let my knee actually heal up.  Running is my therapy.  I get so stressed out in my job, dealing with so many problems that people face that I end up wound up so tight that I feel like I'll burst.  Plus this pollen has given me headaches for days in a row.  It's not zesty, I'm telling you.  So the idea of not working out is really hard for me to swallow.  I just have to think in the long term and relax about all my training. 

Like I said, that is really a tough pill to swallow.

Plus, I have the joy of having a complete physical on Monday morning at 9:15am.  That is also stressing me out.  I mean COMPLETE physicals, if you catch my drift.  The kind that makes it tough to sit down.  And I just hate giving blood.  My veins aren't always easy to hit.  It's not rare for them to have to stick me 3 times to get what they need.  That is always just a laugh riot.  NOT.

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Saturday April 16, 2005

Friday, April 15, 2005

I had a busy day for being my day of rest.  Oh, well.

I spent most of the morning over at St. Joseph's trying to help with my father in law.  He's not doing very well, and my mother in law has been sitting up in a chair for three days straight with very little sleep.  I finally encouraged her to go home and got her to lay down and get some rest.  Her daughter Ann stayed with her Daddy.  I continue to pray for him.

I went over to FBC Doraville to check on my mail and noticed one of the Spanish men from Calvario Baptist Church working on the parking lot--filling holes with asphalt.  I talked to him about the drainage issues next to the Fellowship Hall.  I ended up buying about $300 worth of material so they could finish the project.  It's just a small way our ministry continues to support the church.

I came on home to check on the kids getting back from school. They all seemed fine.

I went for a 6.2 mile run.  My knee is still bothering me, so I ran slowly.  Did my course which is an extremely hilly one, in about 1 hour and 15 minutes. 

Later that evening, Ashley, her boyfriend Nick, and Jesse and I went to see Sahara.  I thought it was a really fun movie!

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Thursday April 14, 2005

I enjoyed a fun breakfast with Kathy this morning.  We had omlettes.  Yumbo!

I shot over to Mi Pilon for lunch with Brian Feagans and Bill Osinki--reporters with the Atlanta Journal Consititution.  I'll be doing an article with those guys.  Brian covers Gwinnett county and Bill's beat is the Religion section of the newspaper.  We'll be talking about our work in the complexes and chatting with some of the directors of our missions.  Should be pretty good.

I'm at my office right now.  I worked on transferring utitilities to the ministry's name for our work at Huntingiton Ridge.  I was able to get a couple done, but the rest I'll have to wait for the previous director to cancel them in her name first.  We were trying to avoid the connect/disconnect/reconnect fees involved, but alas, that's just the way it is.

Just got off the phone with Seth Chadwick who is a previous partner of mine from Perimeter.  He's working in N. Carolina and will be bringing a team down to help us at the end of the summer.  He also wants to get a similar work started in his area, so of course I'm happy to help him expedite that as well.

I'm headed out the door to go work with the kids at Azalea.

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Wednesday April 13, 2005

I started off an early day at Providence Christian Academy where I spoke to Carl Barrington's Missions class about. . . you guessed it--Missions!  I always enjoy talking to young people about our work and hopefully some of them will get plugged in.

I then shot over to Clarkston International Bible Church where I did the Bible lesson for about 60 Muslim folks.  They seemed to be pretty attentive.  That's always nice. 

My Father in Law is still in the hospital at St. Joseph's.  I went by to visit with them this morning and had lunch with my brother in law, Bill.  Daddy doesn't seem to be doing that well.  I guess hospitals aren't supposed to be terrifically comfortable places to stay. 

I just finished a meeting with the folks at St. Joseph's Mercy Clinics.  We're setting up a Health Fair with them for May 21st.  I'll be setting up the cops/fire dept./gang info and probably entertainment end of the program.  Plenty to keep me busy.  Hopefully, we'll get the go ahead on the location which we hope will be at North East Plaza early next week.

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Tuesday April 12, 2005

I mailed a Hunter Thompson comic book to Ian this morning.  He's a big Hunter fan.  I hope he digs it.

I spent most of the morning at St. Joseph's Hospital.  Kathy's Dad fell yesterday and broke his shoulder.  Hopefully he'll be able to get out soon.  We're not sure what is causing the weakness in his legs.  He's also seeing a neurologist while he's there.

I went by our Insurance carrier so I could update the list of missions where we have coverage.  We have about 17 on our list.  We have work at a lot more places, but where it's outside or where the work is with teams coming for special events they told me it wasn't necessary to include them.

Jesse and I both had headaches all day long yesterday.  This pollen is really clogging up my head and pressurizing my brain.  Ouch.

I sent off a DVD to NC this afternoon to a team that will be coming to work with us.  Ian's good work continues to pay off.

I have a team coming to look at the FBC Doraville drainage issue this week.  I hope they can get that squared away.  I think we need a load of gravel to make a French drain.  I'm looking foward to see what their take is on it.

I'll be going over to the mission at Azalea in a few minutes.  I had such a good time with them yesterday.


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Monday April 11, 2005
I've been working on my photo gallery.  Some of the pictures are extraordinary.

Take a look at the NYC pix Parts I, II, III, and Savannah Spring Break 2005.

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"Would uncle Tim say that this piece is engaging enough senses?" I actually thought that as I was writing the last piece.


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Monday April 11, 2005

I feel like that Country Western tune, "Back in the saddle again . . . "

A very intense day for me.  My main thing I was stressing out about was the large event wth Johnson Ferry in 10 locations.  They decided that they don't have the manpower to do it.  I feel sorry for the communities that will miss out, but I sure feel better about it.

I set up the service projects in two locations for Sugarloaf Community Church.  Talked with the manager and set up the needs list for the team.

I went to Azalea today and hung out with the kids.  We had an ice cream party for them all.  It was fun.

I went over to the Game Stop store with Jouvens to pick some new (used) games for the mission and some equipment that we needed.

I also squared away some banking issues I was having (their mistake not mine) and that turned out just fine.

I asked Paul Reynolds for some software I needed for the Ipaq that I gave Ashley.  He has it, so that was a real blessing.

I came home and took a nap.  Boy, did I need it.  I was so stressed out that I didn't sleep well last night.


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Sunday April 10, 2005
I just got finished watching Deerhunter with Kathy. A very powerful, and well shot movie. Still sad. It was my favorite movie for years after college.

We went to Grace Fellowship this morning. Buddy spoke about the old and the new covenant. I'm glad we're living in this day and age.

I've been kind of sad and depressed lately. I guess it's cuz the vacation is over and I'm looking at an almost never ending schedule of assignments. I'll feel better once I get back to work.

I ran a hard 6.2 miles this afternoon in 1:15:18. My knee has been a bit tender so I've been taking it easy and not trying to push myself for time, just distance.

I'm nearly to the end of Part II of the Messiah verses. I'm on card 27 out of 34 cards in this series. I remember the verses, but I don't always remember the order or the verse location. That polish comes with time. I still go over the Psalms 139, Isaiah 40, and the Whirlwind verses before I go through the Messiah material. It takes me nearly 25 minutes to go through everything I know. Quoting scripture for that long is amazing to me. It's cool too, because when I listen to sermons I keep linking all the other material in my head.

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Sunday April 10, 2005

Saturday, April 9, 2005

I'm pooped.  I worked in the yard for about three hours this afternoon.  Got it pretty much back into shape.  I burned a lot of the sticks and dead limbs that were laying around.  I've been picking them up for the last few weeks, today I got rid of them.

We just got back home from eating at Torreros.  I had fajitas.  Kathy and Ashley came with me.  They had chimichangas and chile rellenos.  Excellente.

We went over to Nell and Bill Doverspike's house around lunch time to take them to S & S.  They eat there nearly every day.  Kathy's folks are doing well, but seem to be getting more fragile every time we meet.  Nell broke her toe last week.  She seems to be getting around better.

I got a KVM switch for Jesse.  Now he's able to tie in his computer and the other Dell computer that we had at the house. All the files I use are on the Laptop that I carry with me to work and use at my house too.  I'm glad we're getting some use out of the other computer.  It was just sitting there collecting dust.

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Saturday April 9, 2005

Friday, April 8, 2005

We decided to head back to Atlanta today because the weather was looking so iffy.  We had a day of rain and it was ok, because we went to the mall, but I couldn't see paying all the extra money for the weekend rate, and still hang out on a cloudy beach.  So I'm back in the saddle here in Hot'lanta.

I've waded through about 100 emails.  Fortunately, not too many really urgent things.  Kathy was really getting after me about checking my email.  "Your work is always more important than your family.  Worrying about that email is just another sign of that."  So I try and listen and avoid rushing around trying to find a hot spot to log into.

I have some really big events happening next week. We have a major outreach with Johnson Ferry Baptist Church.  We're planning on 10 Outreach Events simultaneously, plus service projects with Drew Grubbs and the Youth Outreach United team in three more locations.  So I have to get my game face on to make sure that these go well.

Plus the new mission at Hamptons and Lenox, plus new work in Lawrenceville with Pastor Carter, plus the work at Glennbrooke in Marietta. . . . . I have to take a step back and focus on prioritizing logistics and taking it one step at a time, otherwise it can become overwhelming.

I've done this stuff for so long now that my confidence in the Father somehow always pulling it together is boundless.

I ran 4 miles in 44:04:78.  I was taking it easy.  Pure stress relief. 

I love this time change.  I can still run at 8:30 pm and can see.  It's a beautiful thing.

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Saturday April 9, 2005

Thursday, April 07, 2005

 Rainy day today.  We got up around 9am and it wasn’t too bad.  We enjoyed a good breakfast of omelets, waffles and pancakes at the Sunriser Diner. 

 Around noon the clouds really came in.  Then it really started to rain.  Kathy and I went back from our walk to the apartment to get shelter and I took the kids over to their room.  We had to split up our group because Jesse wanted access to the internet.

 We rested for awhile and then went to Savannah Mall.  We walked around there after eating some Mexican food at El Portro’s.  It was ok.  The mall had a pretty cool rock shop.  I saw a double terminated amethyst.  In all my born days I’ve never seen anything like it.  The owner gave me one and I immediately noticed that it had too many facets. All quartz and their relatives always grow in 6 sided figures.  Sure enough he told me they were manufactured when I started quizzing him about it.  I’ve seen double terminated quartz crystals, but as far as I know the amethyst ones don’t exist.

 After shopping we went to check out a movie.  Sin City by Frank Miller opened this week.  I liked it, although it was hard to follow the story.  Too much of the story was missing from the movie I reckon.  Still, I liked it.  I thought it was the best adaptation of a graphic novel I’d ever seen.

 We came on home to the island tonight.  We decided to come on home tomorrow,  it’s not worth the weekend rate if there’s not going to be good sunshine to enjoy.  Hopefully it’ll be dry tomorrow on the ride home, because the doors will leak because of the straps on the turtle for our overhead baggage.

 The boys were really tired and went straight to sleep.  We’ll call it an early night as well.


Wednesday, April 06, 2005

 We just got back from Savannah.  Ashley, Nick and I went to the Savannah Ghost tour.  It was fun to hear spooky stories. 

 We had ribs and fajitas at One Eyed Lizzy restaurant on River street.  Ashley loved the ribs, but I didn’t think the fajitas were all that good.  Not as good as what I get in Atlanta.

 We also enjoyed going to the River Street toy store, and to Rails and Sails.  But the best place was Savannah Candy Store.  Ashley bought this huge lollypop. It was so cute watching her eat it.

 I bought Jesse a helicopter thing you shot in the air.  Unfortunately, I shot it up into a palm tree.  Bad luck.

 We had absolutely fantastic weather.  Beautiful sunshine and cool air.  We got some good rays.  I went over all my verses while I tanned.

 I enjoyed an omelet at Sugar Shack.  The owner used to work at the Embassy in Cote D’Ivoire.  His wife is from Puerto Rico and also speaks Spanish.



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Saturday April 9, 2005

Tuesday, April 5, 2005

 We enjoyed hanging out on the beach soaking up rays.  I ran about a mile with Ashley then put in another 4.5 miles up and down the beach.  I got some pretty big blood blisters on both of my big toes.  Bad luck.

 I had fun with my star maps checking out the constellations. It’s so clear and not much light pollution.  Excellent.


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Saturday April 9, 2005

Monday, March 4th, 2005

 We were still getting used to the time change.  I slept till 9am, but it was really 10 am.  I got up and then went over to Ann and Bob’s house to get the turtle for our car.  There was no way we could get all the stuff we needed to take in the trunk.  We strapped the turtle on and got everything in.

 Jesse wanted to take his computer, so we took his whole rig.  We all want him to have a good time as well. 

 The only bad thing about the turtle is that it isn’t really designed for our car, there isn’t a rain gutter on the car.  Which means that there was a terrific amount of wind noise.  Oh, well.  It was still ok.

 Nick got over to the house around 10am.  We finally got packed and left around 2pm.  We ate a quick lunch at Arby’s and then got onto the road.  We finally got into Savannah around 6:30pm.

 I went for a run while the rest of the group went to walk on the beach.  I did 4 miles in just under 40 minutes.

 We went to Stingray Ray’s for fried seafood.  I had grouper and shrimp.  It was delicious.  I really enjoy it here on Tybee.  It’s really quiet.  The weather is fantastic.  It is a HUGE difference from Manhattan!  I like this better.


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Saturday April 9, 2005

Sunday, April 3, 2005

Our final day in New York City, and in many ways the best day.

 We started out at our breakfast place, Ambrosia.  We had Omelettes and Belgian Waffles.  Both were delicious.

 We then took a subway train over to 51st and Lexington to take pictures of Ashley on the same grate that Marilyn Monroe used to promote the 7 Year Itch.  I took a bunch of pix of her.

Then we went down to take shots of CBGBs—where the Ramones and Talking Heads got their start.  Ashley took a shot of me on the stage.  Cool.

 We went to Le Figaro next, where Jack Kerouac and William Ginsberg used to hand out.  I had Café au Lait and Ashley had a slice of cheesecake.  Excellent five and food.

 The weather was still kind of crummy, so we didn’t get to look through street vendors.  That was disappointing, but nothing we could really do about it.

 While we were in Greenwich Village we also went over to the apartment complex that they shot as the location shot for Ross’s apartment in Friends.

 Then back up to 52 street to see the New York Library (cool lions), then over to the UN building complex and see the Chrysler building.

 We had about an hour and a half to get back to the Menno building before Super Shuttle picked us up.

 We walked about a mile and a half back to the Menno, but we stopped at Duke’s for a delicious cheeseburger.  It was loaded with movie memorabilia.  Fun.

 We caught the Shuttle back to Newark airport and made the flight back to Atlanta.  We arrived about midnight.  Pooped.

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Saturday April 2, 2005

We endured some really EXTREME weather today.  We started out early.  I wanted to see a taping of the Conan O'Bryan show.  In order to get tickets you had to make a reservation six months in advance,  Obviously, we missed that.  However, you could also get standby tix but you had to be at the entrance to the studio at 9am.  So, we made our plans to get up and out of the house early, which we did.  We skipped breakfast and went straight over to Rockerfeller Center.  It was raining and miserable.  As we're walking over to the studio, the last block there, I'm thinking to myself, "Sure isn't a lot of  traffice."  Then it hits me.  This is SATURDAY!  They only tape M-F!  I stopped Ashley and explained my mistake.  C'est la vie, baby.

We had a hearty breakfast at the Astro Restaurant, just across the street from the Radio City Music Hall.  It was jammed with tourists.

There have been a few things that I've noticed about NYC:

1.  There are Starbucks EVERYWHERE.
2.  The majority of the people in this city seem to have Ipod earphones.
3.  The people here are very helpful and friendly. 

I've never felt in danger and have almost always been treated courteously.  People have really gone out of their way to make sure that we found the right train or have given us directions.  I felt like we were back home in ATL.

After breakfast we braved the wet weather and went up to Central Park and then past Trump Towers and over to Bloomingdales.  We cruised around all 8 floors pretty rapidly.  Ashley said she doesn't really like shopping in a place that's overpriced and that she knows she probably won't buy anything.  We still scoped it out and even got a free cappacino out of the deal---special for Saturday morning customers.  It was a cool place.  Very fancy.  We have a Bloomingdale's at Perimeter Mall in ATL, and honestly I thought ours was as good, just not as extensive.

Then we headed south to Soho.  The weekends are the big days for the outdoor vendors.  But in the rain, they just don't show up.  That was disappointing.  We walked over the entire area where they have their stands, but noone was there.  Bahd luck.

We decided since the weather was crummy that we'd do a museum instead.  My favorite 40 years ago (1966 to be exact!) was the Natural History Museum.  We enjoyed the Rose Space center and went inside the Hayden Sphere to watch the "Are we alone?" program narrated by Harrison Ford.  It was cool, but I wish the seats would have laid back more. 

From the space section of the museum we checked out the Dinosaurs on the Fourth Floor and the Gems/Minerals on the First Floor.  That was about all I could tolerate.  Ashley had a great attitude.  I always appreciate that about her.  It was kind of hot in there for us because we were dressed for the weather outside.

When we exited out of the building on the Central Park side we were buffeted by 30-40 mph winds and torrential rains.  We had these little umbrellas that were some good, but we still got soaked.  For a while we just hugged the side of a building and looked at each other like, "What do we do now?"  We made it around the corner to another flea market, which I thought might be inside, but it wasn't, so it didn't exist.

It was about 3pm by then so we ate at a little Deli.  I had a quesadilla and Ashley munched on a sandwhich.  Not bad.

We decided to go on down and see what other stores where open, but the weather was still really bad and it was hard to just wander around and have fun.  In that kind of weather you need a game plan.  Aimless wandering doesn't work well.

Eventually, we decided to go check out the 1/2 price theatre tix, but when we got to that area we looked at each other and said, "You know we really don't even want to do this."  So we blew it off.

My feet were just feeling horrible after being soaked for about 9 hours, so I said, "Let's head back to Menno, dry our clothes, let our feet recover and then we'll try again later."  It's about 7pm and that's what we did.  Ashley soaked her feet in hot water with oil and then dried them off carefully.  She's reading a magazine now.

We'll head back to the streets in a little while.  Probably for more shopping around Union Square.
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Friday April 1, 2005

Man, am I whooped.  It's about 8:18pm right now.  Ashley and I just got back from shopping.  She got some really cute stuff at Forever 21, then we rushed over to the Astor Theatre to see if we could catch the 8pm show of Blue Man Group.  They were sold out.  We may try and go and catch another show later.

We started out our morning eating omelets and french toast at the Ambrosia restaurant just around the corner from Menno.  It was really delicious.  The waiters were pretty surly.  We had a Chinese woman serve us.  I started greeting her in Mandarin.  She actually smiled.  Beauty.

Our first order of business was the Statue of Liberty.  It was really foggy, so our skyline views were less than stellar.  You couldn't hardly see the Statue until you got pretty close to it.  We decided to actually go to Liberty Island, rather than just sail around it on the Staten Island Ferry.  We waited in line for about an hour before we finally got on the boat to go visit it.  The almost confiscated my Smith and Wesson pocket knife.  I begged for clemency and started running the "I work with the cops in Atlanta, I'm one of the good guys," line.  The officer said, "We'll give you a courtesy privilege, just don't take it out of your pocket."    10-4 officer. 

Lady Liberty really was amazing.  We walked around her, took a bunch of pictures and jumped headed back to the boat.

I'm intrigued by the history of this city, especially as regards to George Washington.  We ate lunch at the Fraunces Tavern which is where George used to hang out.  I like to think maybe I sat in the same area.  It isn't like going to the Holy Land kind of cool, but it was still cool.  We had the lunch special which was a delicious cabbage soup, chicken parmagiana (which was kind of dry) and a fabulous strawberry tart.  It was about $20/person which is high.  But it was one of the few things I really wanted to do in this city, along with seeing Hendrix’s studio.

We marched through the financial district, then over to the Trinity Church and St. Paul's church, which is in the shadow of Ground Zero.  It was very emotional for me going through that area.  It reminded me of the verses from Psalms 139, "Shouldn't I hate those that hate you?  Shouldn't I be grieved with them?  Yes, I hate them, for your enemies are my enemies."  I cursed Bin Laden and asked that the Lord would, "Go out against His enemies like a Whirlwind off the desert from the South" which is from Zechariah 9:14.

Then we moved on up the island towards Greenwich Village and Soho, which are the centers of the bohemian/fashion culture.  We checked out a Himalayan book store where I picked up a new book on Tai Chi and my favorite stop which was to take my picture in front of where Jimi Hendrix had his Electric Ladyland Studios.  That guy made some really amazing music there.  He had a huge impression on my guitar style. 

The architecture in the area around Soho is uber and I love the old brownstone buildings.  The new ones just don't have much character.


We marched back up to Union Square to do more shopping at the Forever 21 store.  Thank you, Jesus—they had a chair to sit in!  PTL!  I sat and looked at the map book I brought with me, looking like a total tourist, while Ashley shopped to her little heart’s content.  We may very well go back there later.


After we got skunked on the Blue Man Group idea, we came on back to Menno. We needed to drop off our stuff we bought, rest our legs and I needed to download the pix I took today from the SD card, compress them and then reformat the card.  I can get about 120 pictures on the card.  It was almost full.  I love this digital stuff.  I feel so much more freedom to take pictures if I know that there is really no down side.  I just shoot and archive them in our Photo Gallery.  It’s a beautiful thing.


We’re just about rested enough to go back out.  We may go try and get something else to eat.



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I understand what you're saying, and I ALWAYS appreciate your prayers.  What I think about the cross, though, is that while Christ died FOR us, and while his suffering heals us, Isaiah says that Christ was smitten and afflicted by GOD.  I was saying that it was the perfect removal of guilt, because God put Christ on the cross and poured out his wrath.  We are not allowed to live under the burden of guilt.  God accomplished it all.  That's the point.  The point is that He won't let me beat myself us because it's all on Him now.

I don't see why you disagree with me on that.

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Thursday March 31, 2005

It was pouring rain this morning when Ashley and I started our big adventure in New York.  We woke up about 7am.  Or at least I did.  I think Ash stayed up most of the night, she was too excited to sleep.

 I was a bit concerned that I had left enough time for us to get there since the traffic can be brutal when it’s raining.  And it was pouring.  We hit a couple of snags, but otherwise made it just fine.  We stopped in for a quick bit of breakfast at Chic-fil-a before going to the airport.

 The rain had just about quit when we got to the airport.  Just long enough for us to jump on the park and ride bus.  Thank you, Jesus.  We got checked in just fine with time to spare.  In fact the flight was running two hours late because of the weather.  So we were PLENTY early.  We finally boarded and got to Newark, Liberty Airport after about a 2.5 hour flight.

 We decided to take the Blue Shuttle bus. For $14/person they took us all the way to the city and dropped us at our door!  PTL that was a blessing, cuz even with rollers the bags were pretty hard to deal with.  We got checked in, and headed straight on out to the city.

 We were pretty hungry so we got us a gyro at a little deli just around the corner from the Menno House where we’re staying.  The owners were Polish and pronounced it “Jie Roh.” It was still pretty good, but not as good as I can get in Atlanta.  We walked through Greenwich Village and Soho, then headed over to Broadway.  We walked through Union Square and checked out a really cool Eastern shop.  I bought Ash a bracelet from Tibet for about $8.00.  That was a great deal.  Most of the stuff we’ve looked at in this city has been VERY expensive.  Ash is very conscious about spending money, and even when I wanted to buy her something, most of the time she wouldn’t let me.  So it goes.  I’m not going to force her!

 We made it over to Times Square at about 9pm. We checked out the three story Toys R Us, which was having a grand opening of the new Star Wars toys at Midnight.  They had a full scale ferris wheel inside the building.  But the coolest thing was the T-Rex animatronic dinosaur.  It was sweet.  They also had some great Lego sculptures of the Chrysler and Empire State buildings (both of which we saw tonight in all their glory) as well as a Statue of Liberty.

 My legs were feeling pretty pooped and I asked Ashley if she wanted to take a subway back to Gramercy Park.  She said we could just walk.  I started walking again and after awhile she said, “There’s a subway station.”  All I could say was PTL, baby.  We got on the train at Grand Central Station which is a destination in itself.  Shot over to Union Station and boarded the L train to 1st avenue.  We had to walk about three blocks back to Menno, but that was a LOT better than the three miles it would have been from Times Square. 

We just finished taking showers and now it’s time to rest before we get going again tomorrow.


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Wednesday March 30, 2005

I just returned from the Hamptons at Lenox which is located near Buford Highway and N. Druid Hills.  I signed the lease and dropped off the material for the new mission there including tables, chairs, school supplies, snacks, etc.  I just finished getting the utilities turned on. 

I'll be taking a couple of computers over there when I get back from Savannah, around April 10th.  We'll turn on the telephone to have access to the net for the kids and their school projects.  Clatie Lewis has 4 computers ready to go, plus the laptop that Carl Barrington gave me.  I plan on giving that one to Ernest Mocombe.

Ashley and I will be taking off to New York City tomorrow morning.  We're super psyched up.  I hope to be able to log on the the web while we're p there so I can take care of business while I'm away.    If I can't I guess that's why they call it a vacation. 


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Tuesday March 29, 2005
Ashley is now officially the "Fastest White Girl in Gwinnett County."  Last Saturday she competed against the top 48 runners in the county.  She was the only white girl competing. She made it to the finals and she came in #6.  I think it's pretty amazing.

Very productive day.  I had a meeting with the managers and the team and their leaders at Northchase and Foxfire.  Paris is the manager at NC and he's been super stressed out.  I tried to set up the meeting yesterday and he was too swamped to talk to me.  And you know what?  It kind of pissed me off.  I am so proud.  I was like, I can't BELIEVE this guy can't talk to me for one minute.  So today when I talked to him I was nice, but when I got even a hint of static I went straight into, "Paris, I got no problem putting my team at another location."  Man, did he ever do some serious back stroking then.  Sometimes I just really like yanking people's chains.  The bottom line is we provide a very valuable service and they better be grateful, or I'm moving my team to another, more proactive location.

Ash and I are getting psyched up for NYC, baby.

My knee is a little sore.  Whenever I practice new forms of Tai Chi (I'm at Form 9 of 24 now) I hold positions too long and it hurts my knees. 


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Monday March 28, 2005

Crummy, wet weather today.  Really depressing.  I felt sad the whole day.

My car is really missing a lot.  I went by and talked to my mechanic this afternoon.  I'll drop it by this evening for them to work on tomorrow morning.  Please, Lord, don't make it be too expensive.

I went by Northchase and Foxfire to set up things for the new team that will start working there in two weeks.  The manager at Northchase was busy posting bills so I didn't get to talk with him.  Bad luck.  I left all the info and will go by there tomorrow morning to make sure things are squared away.  It kind of made me upset that he couldn't take two minutes to chat with me. Oh, well.  Foxfire went great, although they fired Irving last week.  He was a good man.  I'm sorry to see him gone.

I was supposed to take Ashley to her track meet this afternoon, but it got rained out.  I have a meeting tomorrow with the teams going to Foxfire and Northchase.  That will probably keep me from going to see Ashley run.  I was really upset about that too.  When my kids/wife say things like, "You care more about the missions than us," it really hurts me.  Even though I try to make sure I can handle family responsibilites, it doesn't always work out that way.  Another reason I was feeling sad today.

Got home and was so blue that I decided that I'd better go out for a run, even if the idea of running sounded loathsome.  I ran deliberately.  Did the 4 mile course in 44:02: 07.

C'est la vie, baby.

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Sunday March 27, 2005

Kathy and I enjoyed a fun, although wet, time at the zoo.  Highlights were the elephants trumpeting when they were caught outside their pens and hail started to hit their huge backs.  We also liked talking to the keeper of the pandas.  He said one of the the orangutans actually speaks sign language!

The whole family went to eat at Red Lobster.  We talked about what Easter means to us.  It was valuable.

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Saturday March 26, 2005

I spent the day with Ashley at the Gwinnett County Championship held at Mills Creek school.  Her first race was at 9:40am.  She ran the four by four hundred meter relay with three other girls.  She ran the second leg.  She ran like a gazelle, and their time was good enough to get them into the finals on Monday.

She also got to run in the open 400 m.  She won her heat and will get to compete in that on Monday as well!

It was really bright outside today.  Gorgeous weather for running.  I ran about 6 pm and did a 4 mile run.  I had some swelling and soreness in my knee from my last run, which was my personal record for the 4 mile.  So I've been taking it easy.  Today I ran pretty hard, but not my hardest.  I kept telling myself this was a "fun run."  So I didn't have to push to go real fast.

My favorite t-shirt slogan today was "My sport is your sport's punishment."

I had a nice nap after getting back from the track meet. It's hard to believe how much just sitting in the sun can take out of a body.


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Friday March 25, 2005

My kids have the day off today, being Good Friday.  Ashley is riding along with me today.  As I'm workin on this entry, she's writing newsletters.  She's such a blessing to me.  We've already been by the three missions where the teams were working on service projects to see how they were doing and to shoot pictures.

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Friday March 25, 2005

Thursday, March 24, 2005

I had to do some rushing around early this morning to get the sites firmed up for my team from Anniston, Alabama.  They did a prayer walk in the morning, then did a backyard Bible club in the afternoon.  They had an awesome time.

Chuck Benson, my partner from Nashville, TN, rode with me to Villa Rica to check on my West Georgia team.  We visited a new site, The Preserve, and Doug Allison--my director in that area--set dates for two block parties for the two complexes we're working in.  I shot pictures for the Photo Gallery as well as had a lunch meeting with Jeff--the missions director of Midway Macedonia BC, located half way between Villa Rica and Carrollton. 

We drove back to Atlanta and we checked on how the day went with the Alabama team.  They were SO excited.  It's always cool to see how the missionaries get involved with the work.

My knee is still bothering me a bit.  Little swelling and tender.  I did some Tai Chi, but decided not to run.


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Wednesday March 23, 2005

I finished up the graphics for the April edition of the Outreach Update.  Looks good!  I visited with Chuck Benson from Nashville, Tennessee while I worked.  He's here to see how we do what we do, plus ask advice on some of his methodology.  He's fun to have around so that's cool.

We went to the mission in Marietta to get the new computer into the apartment at Glennbrooke.  It's looking good over there.  We have work there now two days a week.  Nick wasn't really supposed to move in until he had a partner to live with.  I was a bit surprised by him being there, but with God's protection it'll be ok.

I was planning on picking Chuck up on my way to Villa Rica tomorrow morning over in Clarkston.  I showed him where to meet me.  That plan has changed because I have to square away a team coming in from Alabama first.  I kind of freaked out when I got the message, because I thought the team had cancelled.  I'm glad they're coming, but that was a change I wasn't expecting.  Hard for me to preach to everybody to be flexible, when I'm not.  It'll all work out fine.  I'll go into Doraville early tomorrow just to make sure that all the managers are aware of what's going on.  I didn't have a solid schedule from the team until this evening.  Ay caramba.  Maybe I am reaching the limit of what I can handle.  Naah!

I got the copies done for this month's mailout.  I want to have it done early before we head out of town for Spring Break.


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Tuesday March 22, 2005

This morning I had a terrific meeting with Ron Owens is one of the directors for the mission at the Corners and the new manager there, Sonia Upshire.  She's a friend of mine from a long way back and recognized me immediately.  It's all about relationships, baby.

We had fun talking about future plans.  Looks like some good stuff will be going on there.

I spent a little time at the bookstore this morning.  I'm interested in Judaism and how it relates to my faith.  I want to know more about the Holy Days and festivals and what it meant to Jesus to be Jewish.

Went by Office Depot get supplies for this month's mail out so the kids can help me with the labels.  I looked up the PDA I want to get: HP Ipaq 3115.  I don't have a secretary so that device has been absolutely invaluable.  It's incredible how much info I have to keep track of.  And as I tell my partners, "Bro, it's only going to get worse."  Or better--as the case may be.  Does that seem true to you?  Doesn't life always seem to get more complicated?  Even for a bush boy like me.

It's raining pretty hard in Doraville today.  I just printed out my labels and I'm getting ready to go to the mission.

I pretty much have the first part of the Messiah memorized now.  It's a total of 34 note cards,  I have 14 finished.  Long way to go--but what a GREAT trip!


It's late now and I'm at home.  I ran my Personal Record for my 4 mile track: 37:00:56.  One of these days I'm going to run in a flat environment (maybe NYC or Tybee Island!) and see how fast I can really go.
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Hey uncle Tim, I'm back with a vengeance.  You're a runner like I'll never be.
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Monday March 21, 2005

I spent the morning working the phones.

Don Devlin, the director of the missions at the Ambers and at Adelaide Park came by to drop off some paint.  I also hooked him up with a computer and bought the mission a printer. 

I ate lunch with Pastor Sam, here from FBC Doraville.  We enjoyed Mexican food together and talked about our work.

Looks like if all goes well we'll still have a team working on the 26th in Cumming at the new mission point we've established there.  There are at least three churches in the area that are interested in working with us.  Hopefully, we can get them set up to do something.

I'm doing research on hotels at Tybee island.  I'm trying to find another room for Jesse and Nick to stay in.  J is also adamant about having internet connection.  The place where we'll be staying won't allow us to tie up their phone line.  I'm looking at hooking up the Sandcastle Inn--which was the first Days Inn in the country.

I'm looking into new PDAs.  Mine, which has been a total work horse, has started randomly cutting off.  Can't have that!


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Monday March 21, 2005

Sunday, March 20, 2005

I preached at Glover Baptist Church this morning.  The choir sang part of their cantata.  There was a group of 50 people from Liberty University there.  I thought Steve Varner did an excellent job of preaching from Revelation on the church of Philadelphia.

Ashley and I went to eat with Carl, Pat and Michelle Barrington at the Manchuria restaurant.  It has one of the best buffets I'm aware of.  The food was excellent.  The place was totally packed with Latinos.  It's incredible how dense the population is over there.

I rested the rest of the afternoon then went for a 4 mile run in 38:32:53.


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Monday March 21, 2005

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Ashley and I enjoyed working with the team from Clements BC, Athens, Alabama today. We met at FBC Doraville, then went for a lunch at El Azteca.  After lunch, we went to N. Peachtree BC to check on the posibilites of staying at their facilites.  Looks like that's what they will do.  Then we drove by a couple of the other missions before a hosting an Easter Outreach Event at Huntington Terraces.  We had a terrific time and had about 20 kids participate.  The whole event is located on our Photo Gallery.

After the event, Ashley and I enjoyed some time together.  We went to Cumberland Mall and to Perimeter Mall.  She bought a couple of little outfits.

We got home about 7pm and then Kathy and I enjoyed watching the last of the movie Equalibrium--an excellent Sci-fi action flick.
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Friday March 18, 2005

I just got back from running my 10 K--6.2 mile  "Trickum" run.  That goes from the top of my hill over to the second speed bump of Trickum middle school.  There are three really tough hills in that run.  You either train or complain. 

I'm working diligently on the Messiah memorization project.  I'm up to card 14 of 34.  Great stuff.  Isaiah, Malachi, Acts, Luke, Matthew. . . all the hits! I think this is a good precursor to the Red Letter Edition--my memorizing all the words of Jesus in the Bible. 

I'm ready to rest for a while and then maybe watch Equilibrium again.  A really interesting movie.


Gorgeous weather!!

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Friday March 18, 2005

Thursday, March 17, 2005

It was a hauling stuff around day today. I started off going to Stockbridge to pick up bicycles from the Walmart there.  They had over 50.  I got 15 packed into my van.  I asked FBC Stockbridge and the missions association of Henry county and both told me they didn't have any room to store some bikes until I could get them all into the International Village.  I felt like Joseph who kept being told, "No room in the inn."  I decided I'd do the best I could and leave it like that.

I dropped off the bikes at Azalea in Chamblee and then picked up an extra table to take over to Adelaide Park on Beaver Ruin.  I got the rest of the tables (four in all) and 32 chairs from my storage areas at FBC Doraville and then took them over to the mission which we are restarting today.  We are also continuing our work at the Ambers which we started when AP closed.

After helping the kids with their homework, I came on back home.  Needed some rest for sure.

Went to sleep pretty early, before 12pm.  Thursday night is my "Friday" night.  I try and take Friday as a day "off."  I still do all my office work and phone calls, but I try not and schedule any appointments.

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Wednesday March 16, 2005

I spent this morning in my "home town" of Cumming!  Not really my home town which I consider as Nairobi, Kenya--but Cumming is pretty close to Cummins!

I'm working with Tim Yarborough who works at NAMB and is a member of First Redeemer Church.  We went to several sites before deciding on Glenridge Mobile Home park.  It's almost totally Latino. Tim will be taking a few kids over to do a Easter Egg hunt on the 26th.  Concorde BC, also in Cumming, will be helping there too.  It's almost directly across the street from N. Lanier BC. My prayer is they'll come on board as well.

It's a rainy, drizzly grey day, but my heart is mighty happy about the way things are turning out in that area. 

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Tuesday March 15, 2005

Spent hours on the phone today.  Working on getting some of the new missions up to speed.  Takes time. . .

Went by Staples to buy more school supplies for the new mission re-opening at Adelaide Park.  I'll take tables and chairs over there on Thursday afternoon.

Got some problems over at Glennbrooke in Marietta squared away.  I told the manager to send the bills directly to my office at FBC Doraville.  They were just sticking them on the door and I never got them.  Should be taken care of now.

I look forward to seeing the kids at Azalea in a few minutes.  I missed them since I was in Alabama last weekend.

I ran 6.2 miles this morning in 1:02:19.  That's my "Trickum Trail" which has three extremely tough hills.  Great work out.  I've been so stressed out lately that my left eye has started jumping.  That's my warning sign to reign it in a bit, plus get more exercise.  Terrific run.


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Monday March 14, 2005

I went to my office at FBC Doraville to pick up the mail and check on phone calls.  I deposited checks and then came home to work on my financial report.  I got all of the reports done so I'll take them to our treasurer tomorrow.

The whole family went to Zaxby's tonight.  Delicious teriyaki sauce.

I wanted to run, but went out to eat with the family instead.  I hope that the weather will be ok so I can run tomorrow.  Sure don't want to run in the rain.


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Sunday March 13, 2005

I just got back into Atlanta.  It was a much easier trip coming home than going down.  I didn't have the sun in my eyes, plus I didn't have to fight road work stopped traffic.  After the disappointment of not getting to see Ashley run, that was almost toom much.

I had a terrific time at FBC Frisco City.  I spoke to the youth group and at the 11am service.  The church provided a lunch for the congregation after the service, then Pastor Mark and the youth director, Chris and I went around the community to do some research on where they should start work.  We made some pretty good contacts and I think the church is ready to move forward now on an Easter outreach.  I wish them all the best.

I enjoyed a great talk with my Mom on the way home tonight.  It's always good to hear from her.

I'm looking forward to crashing out in my own bed tonight!

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Sunday March 13, 2005

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Kathy got up at 6am to take Ashley to Parkview.  She had to get on the bus at 7am to go over and run in the Duluth Relays at Duluth High School.  She was going to run in the 4x400 relays.  Her partner did a false start and so her whole team was disqualified!  Man, I was disappointed by that.

I then got in the car and drove about 6 hours to Frisco City, Alabama.  When I took the gig I thought it would be a couple of hours to get there.  Turned out is was nearly to the border of Louisana and Florida.  It was way out in the country.  I enjoyed looking at the stars in a nearly dark environment.  It was really cool.

I slept well, although I sure did miss my bed!


Friday, March 11, 2005

I enjoyed a restful day today.  It was really windy. 

I ran 4 miles in 40:34:15.
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Thursday March 10, 2005

I spent this morning going through computers and monitors to make sure that everything was running smoothly before I trook them over to the new mission in Gainesville.  The person I had working as a director there just about drove me nuts.  And not only me, but the rest of the team and the manager at the apartment.  I might be able to get along with someone, but when they start messing up the relationship we have with the managers . . . .bottom line I had to relieve her of duty.  She didn't take it well.  I had talked to her Missions Pastor and he totally agreed with me.  I went ahead and got all of the supplies that we'll need for the party except for the ice and buns which are time sensitive.  The actual event will take place on Easter Saturday, the 26th. 

I hate firing people.  But sometimes a soldier is called upon to make hard decisions.

It happens from time to time, but the good and great ones so far outnumber the bad ones that it's hardly statistically relevent.

Sometimes I trust a little too much in my ability to get someone up to speed.  I'm reminded of a line from Chariots of Fire, "Man can't put in what God left out."

Ashley ran her heart out this evening at the track meet.  She got beat at the end of the 400.  Hard to take.  She's a trooper.

It's really cold this evening.  The stars are out.  I may go out and look at them.  I wish the lights were out in the Elementary School Parking lot.  That place is up on the hill and has a wide viewing area.

Posted 3/10/2005 at 9:48 PM

Thursday March 10, 2005

Wednesday, March 9, 2005

I picked up the 5 refurbished computers from Clatie today.  I'll take two of them to Gainesville, two to Marietta and give one of them to a elderly couple from FBC Doraville.

I helped the kids at Azalea.  Daisy had some problems with Tasha again. I may have to go talk to their mothers again.  The girls do NOT want me to do that.

Updated the Team 2005 assigment list.  I already have a team staying at N. Peachtree BC!  That's going to be a great partnership.

Went over to the Hamptons at Lenox to talk with Diana the manager about the new mission we're starting.  We changed the apartment we were thinking about---it was too messed up.  She's going to give us another one.  She also told me she's 9 weeks pregnant. Congratulations.

Talked with Harris and Tina.  I have to have patience with Tina.  She means well, but sometimes she almost scares people off.  Everything seems to be in a crisis mode with her.

Looks like the team from Concorde BC where I preached last weekend will be coming to help us.  Excellente.

I ran 4 miles last night in the dark and cold.  41:39:50.

Posted 3/10/2005 at 8:6 AM

Tuesday March 8, 2005

I had a great meeting this morning with Jonathon Carnes.  I used to work with him when he was at Rehoboth.  He's at North Peachtree BC now.  They have a terrific facility for hosting teams, and he's willing to do it for $10/person/week.  You can't beat that!  We enjoyed eating at Azteca.  He's only been there three weeks so far, and his future father in law is the Pastor!  Oh, boy!

I checked my mail at the office and went by Azalea to take some supplies.

Ashley had a track meet that I went to attend. She did great!  She's running relays, so you can't really tell what's going on because they're spread out, but she passes just about everybody she's close to.

K and I took Jesse out for Chinese food this evening.

It was cold and windy out there watching A run.

I brought my palms in from outside.  Looks like we're expecting freezing weather again.  My begonias completely died out, but the primrose and petunias are just fine.


Posted 3/8/2005 at 7:32 PM

Monday March 7, 2005

It was a teacher work day for Gwinnett county so my kids had the day off.  I enjoyed having Ashley as my sidekick.

We went over to Walmart to buy some supplies then dropped off my wife's car to get the tires rotated and some new wiper blades.  Apparently, it has such a bad oil leak that the oil is pretty clean.  We just have to keep filling it up.  It's a lot cheaper than having the engine re-done.

We went over to FBC Doraville to check on the maill, then shot over to Annapurna restaurant to have lunch with Jon Hamby.  I really miss hanging out with him.  We talked about his new job and the situations in Clarkston.  We discussed the mission for nearly 2 hours.  I don't think Ashley was prepared for that.

I took her on home so she could work out.  I didn't get to go to the mission. She has a track meet tomorrow and on Thursday, so I'll only be able to work with the kids on Wednesday this week.  It saddens me, but I have to put my kids a priority, at least sometimes.

I came home and enjoyed watching the first part of Chariots of Fire again.  I've watched it a couple of times lately and have thoroughly enjoyed it. 

I love to run.  I did 4 miles today in a slight drizzle in  41:31:06.

My neck is kind of bothering me a bit tonight.

Posted 3/7/2005 at 7:54 PM

Monday March 7, 2005

Sunday, March 6, 2005

I preached at both morning services at Concorde Baptist Church in Cumming, GA.  The church had such a sweet spirit.  They were a blessing to me.  The youth group has agreed to come and help me this summer for a week.  Excellente.

I preached at FBC Mountain Park this evening.  I gave a quick "sitrep" about the the status of our missions and how far we now work around Atlanta.  Then I preached on "Prepare a War" based on Joel 3 and Ephesians 6.  I love that church.  They've been so supportive.


Posted 3/7/2005 at 5:34 AM

Monday March 7, 2005

Saturday, March 5, 2005

We had a fun family day.  Laid back and peaceful.  K and A and I went out to eat at Red Lobster.  We enjoyed the beautiful weather out on the porch.  I'm working on the sermons for Sunday.


Posted 3/7/2005 at 5:31 AM

Monday March 7, 2005

Friday, March 4, 2005

I had such a fun day.  The highlight was a 10k/6.2 mile run around Stone Mountain.  I set a personal record of 57:49:78.

I can now quote all of Isaiah 40.  It takes me about 20 minutes to quote everything I know.

Ashley stayed home today.  She was feeling poorly after the track effort on the 400 M race.

Posted 3/7/2005 at 5:30 AM

Friday March 4, 2005

Thursday, March 3rd, 2005

I enjoyed a great time of fellowship with one of my best friends Chip Sweeney and our friend Scott Laravea and a young couple interested in working and living on site at Huntington Ridge.  Ben and Julie Sawyer have a terrific background for doing this work.  They hope to move in during the Summer. 

I took care of some business in my office before going to meet with the Perimeter crew. 

Later I enjoyed watching Ashley run track.  She did great.  I got some good video of her.  Her last race was a 400 meter relay.  She ran her heart out, came on home and just about collapsed.  So proud of her!

I enjoyed watching a TLC program on crop circles.  I'd like to see one one day.

I've had several near perfect run throughs of Isaiah 40 which means I need to work on the next set of material.  I'm thinking about memorizing the entire Messiah libretto by Handel.  Most of the material comes from Isaiah and chapter 40 in particular.  I've printed it out but I have to decide if I want to learn the KJV version (which is what is sung) or the NAS, which may be a more accurate translation from the Hebrew text.  I enjoy using my Pocket PC and the Pocket Bible which has Strong's Numbers--which is a way of determining the exact Hebrew/Greek word used in the Bible and the possible translations of the word.  Basically, it enables me to make my own, unique translation.

Posted 3/4/2005 at 12:10 AM

Wednesday March 2, 2005

I spent all morning in Clarkston today.  I started out at Clarkston International Bible Church where I spoke to about 100 Muslims on the topic "Who is Jesus?"  We had a short time together and then coffee and cookies.

I had lunch with Byron and Clarence from Henry County who are interested in working with Multi Housing ministry.  I gave them my presentation and the "Five Levels of Engagement" and look forward to hearing from them.  Hopefully they'll call back soon and I can go get some work going on in that end of the stick.

We ate at Madina on Memorial Drive.  I love that roast goat!  I also invited Bennett to come along and fellowship with us then we went to Willow Branch to show him what a mission looks like.  They seemed interested.  We'll see what happens.

I'm at my office now.  Just finished working on my email.  Then I'll head over to Azalea to help the kids with their homework.


Posted 3/2/2005 at 2:57 PM

Tuesday March 1, 2005

I just finished trying to shoot a rat in a pantry in our kitchen.  I have a Walther PPK bb gun that I'm pretty good with, but it's hard to get a kill shot.  I need to stick with the bat.  I probably could have killed it tonight if I just would've used a bat.  But it wouldn't have been as  fun, I reckon.

I took over the dehumidifier and TV to Adelaide Park.  I'll end up having to drag all the tables and chairs back as well.  I should have plenty.  Especially of those folding metal chairs.  I've given the other chairs to other missions that opened in the meantime.

I went to Lowes and picked up a new birdbath for my back garden.  Also got a hose and a 5Gallon water drum for the Whirlwater I filter in the back yard.

It's been a weird day full of snow and sunshine at the same time.

I had my lunch assignment call in sick with a bad knee.

I went to the office and took care of the mail.  Went to Parkview to watch Ashley run, but the meet was cancelled because of the snowy and extremely windy weather.  I stayed out in my car and waited for about two hours and practiced the verses from Isaiah 40.  I'm getting close to having a perfect run through, but not quite yet.

I also memorized the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi.  What I remember so far, "Lord, make us instruments of thy peace.  Where there is hatred, let us sow love.  Where there is injury, pardon; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope;  where there is darkness, light; where there is sadness, joy."  I think I missed one of the couplets.

I got all the financial reports done and emailed to our CPA and Treasurer.

I'll drop by the hard copy tomorrow.

I look forward to speaking at the Clarkston ESL class, and having lunch with a team from another county interested in starting work similar to ours.


Posted 3/1/2005 at 11:43 PM

force5's Xanga Archives
Sunday February 27, 2005

I just finished a delicious meal with Helen and Richard Brigman.  She cooks like my grandmother, so I've had two wonderful meals in a row!

I spoke to the 1-6th graders this morning at FBC Aberdene and gave a brief greetings in both the 8:30/11:00am worship services.

I'll be speaking to the youth group at 6pm and to the evening service at 6:30pm.

I didn't sleep well last night.  Whenever I have an early morning gig I normally wake up every hour during the night figuring I missed it.  So I'm looking forward to a nap right now.


Back again!

I just finished preaching at FBC Aberdene.  The service went great and I also got to speak to their youth group.  I couldn't believe that they had nearly 40 kids there!  They were receptive and I hope some will get to come help us in Atlanta.

I took a good nap and then went out and ran right at 6 miles in just under an hour.  It's a beautiful place to run.  My destination was the Bethesda Presbyterian church which was established in 1788!  Incredible!

I'm pooped, but I still need to work on my monthly newsletters.  I have about fifty more to do.


Posted 2/27/2005 at 2:16 PM

Saturday February 26, 2005

I'm in Aberdene, North Carolina right now.  I just finished eating at Zeb and Evelyn Moss's home. They are dear friends of mine and fellow missionaries from Eastern Africa.  Zeb was the main Media Missionary for the area and had a lot to do with me getting into missions.  Evelyn is a fabulous cook.  I enjoyed her chicken pie, squash casserole and peach cobbler immensily!

It was a pretty long trip up here, nearly 7 hours.  I stopped a couple of times to get something to drink and stretch, but the last section you just go through these little towns and it takes forever. 

I'll be speaking at FBC Aberdene tomorrow.

This area is noted for its fantastic golfing.  There are over 40 golf courses in the immediate area!  The US Open will be held here this year.

I already miss my sweet family.  I have some pictures up and the kids wrote me some sweet notes.  I don't much care for these out of town trips.  I accept very few invitations to speak like this.  This church came and helped me last summer so I felt like I really needed to come.  They were an excellent team.  Plus I wanted to see the Mosses who are like family to me.

I need to work on newsletters.

Posted 2/26/2005 at 9:14 PM

Friday February 25, 2005

I let Jesse stay home one more day. I went and picked up all his school work for him this afternoon.

I got all the new Outreach Update pasted up and took it over to make copies.  I used family pictures for the theme this time.

K and I went to IHOP tonight to eat.

We went over to the church by Walmart to look at the starts.

I have to get ready to go to North Carolina tomorrow morning.


Posted 2/25/2005 at 10:56 PM

Thursday February 24, 2005

Jesse is still feeling poorly.  He seems a bit better.

I deposited some checks into the bank (PTL), and went over to Staples this morning to pick up supplies for the mailout this month.

I ran into Mike Chandler who is the Missions Director for FBC Mountain Park while I was buying stamps at the Post Office.  It was fun to share with him about how the Lord continues to expand the work, as well as talk about this weekend with our church plans on calling a new pastor!  Finally!

I went to Azteca to eat lunch and heard a conversation between an Jewish woman who had converted to Christianity and a Lebanese man.  I prayed for her as she shared the Gospel. 

I wrote this month's newsletter about that experience, printed of the labels for the mailout and now I'm heading over to Azalea to help the kids and have them help me with the labels.  They always seem to enjoy helping, "Mr. Tim."

The kids are a blessing to me.

I'm getting prepared for my road trip this weekend when I return to Aberdene NC to preach at a missions conference there.

I'll be away from my family for three days.  Don't like that.  But you have to do it sometimes.

Posted 2/24/2005 at 3:45 PM

Wednesday February 23, 2005

Started out this morning with a sick boy.  Jesse is running a slight fever and has a sore throat.  He seems like he's getting better, but I still had him take the day off .

Went for a meeting with Jerry Counselman who is our Graphic Design coordinator for our ministry.  He's creating the new maps:  Map 2.1 which covers the southern end of Buford Highway near N. Druid Hills, and Map 7 which shows our three missions in Conyers.  They'll be on the web site soon.

The Crime Watch meeting with the managers of the Central Precinct of DeKalb county was this morning at the Red Cross building off of Covington Highway.  I made some good contacts with some of the police officers.  Bennett was there too, so we were able to talk strategy for our work in Clarkston.

I spent most of the rest of the morning trying to track down Watership Downs for Jouvens.  I finally found it at the Barnes and Noble bookstore near Perimeter mall.  PTL.  I also got a new game system for the mission to replace one that broke.  I'll probably try and get it fixed and take it to another location.

I'm at my office at FBC Doraville right now.  I'll finish up my email/notes before I go to Azalea to work with the kids.

Ran 4 miles last night in 40:02.


Posted 2/23/2005 at 2:54 PM

Tuesday February 22, 2005

I finished my NAMB annual MSC report.

I worked on catching up my daily blog.

I ate lunch in  Marietta with one of our directors Jean Hines who's started work in the Dallas area.  It's exciting to see how our work continues to progress and expand.

I finished the new maps for the missions: an extension of map 2--which goes further south on Buford Highway and Map 7 which locates the missions in Conyers.  I also got the directions to the missions completed.

Soon I'll be working on the updated Contact list.

Picked up some more sea salt for our marine aquarium.

Worked with the kids at Azalea.

Posted 2/22/2005 at 10:37 AM

Tuesday February 22, 2005

Monday, February 21, 2005

I had 18 things on my "To Do" list this morning.  Ay caramba.

The kids had the day off so Ashley went with me to help me get the stuff knocked out.

I got her some new track shoes with spikes for our race days.  Cool.  We went to Fleet Feet--that place is outstanding.  It's right by Perimeter.

I went and bought two new stands for the ESL classes at Briarlake Village and took them over to the mission.

We went to Perimeter Mall to pick up some more Burt's Bees supplies and some lotions.  We always enjoy Teavana when we go there-- a specialty tea place.  I had a chance to talk with the Lieutenant and the Sargent for the North precinct while I was there.  The LT is a member of Grace Fellowship.  That was probably the most valuable meeting I'll have all week--and it was set up by the Father!

Went by Kmart to pick up some supplies for making the Mission T Shirts.

Dropped off the new lease at the Corners.

Came by the office at FBC Doraville to pick up the mail and tried to make a call into DELL to get a new battery for the laptop.  Unfortunately, the warranty doesn't cover batteries.  Bad luck.

The van has problems.  I'm getting the brakes worked on.  Apparently, a piece of the brake pad wedged itself into the wheel so it wouldn't turn.  It'll cost about $700 to get it all fixed.  That van has been SUCH a blessing to our ministry.  It's amazing how much stuff I've hauled around in it.

Picked up some snails for the baby octo.  We think he's still living.  If the snails don't survive I'll have to get them out of the tank, unless the crabs eat them.

I went to Lowes to pick up some supplies for my new garden area outside my back door.  Got some new plants, soil and some suet feeders for the birds.

Later that evening we had a incredible hail storm, about marble sized hail.  The new plants look like they survived fine.

What a day!
Posted 2/22/2005 at 10:35 AM

Tuesday February 22, 2005

Sunday, February 20th, 2005

I spoke in two SS classes at FBC Conyers: a singles class and a young marrieds class.  Hopefully a few of them will get involved in our work at the missions in Conyers.

I confirmed with Mark Paul about an Easter outreach on March 19th at Hunting Creek, Briarcreek and Highland Orchard.

Looks like this church is going to up their community outreach significantly.  We'll see. . .

Posted 2/22/2005 at 10:26 AM

Tuesday February 22, 2005

Saturday, February 19th, 2005

K and I hiked around Stone Mountain.

We really enjoyed eating Zaxby's chicken this evening. 

Posted 2/22/2005 at 10:24 AM

Tuesday February 22, 2005

Friday, February 18th, 2005

K and I enjoyed a delicious breakfast together at IHOP.  Love that country omelette!

Had a good rest day.  Went up to Stone Mountain.  I enjoyed making a small rock village on the mountain on the quarry side.

Ashley and her boyfriend Nick and J and I went to go see the new Keanu movie "Constantine."  It was ok, but I didn't like it that they had the angel Gabriel as a bad guy.  How wrong can that be?
Posted 2/22/2005 at 10:22 AM

Tuesday February 22, 2005

Thursday, February 17th, 2005

I had brunch with the seniors at FBC Conyers.  Shared briefly about our ministry in Metro Atlanta.  Heard a presentation by Linda Johnson about the Stone Mountain ministry.

Started new work at Hampton Orchard and Briarcreek in Conyers.  Went to the two complexes with Terry Earl.

I came back to Oxford, near Conyers this evening to speak to a home meeting of a SS class from FBC Conyers.  Didn't have too many people (6) and they also had Kenny Cash speaking to the same group.  Not particularly good planning on that.

Watched a special about the Shroad of Turin.
Posted 2/22/2005 at 10:20 AM

Wednesday February 16, 2005

I just got back from FBC Conyers.  Their missions conference starts this week.  We had a banquet and then a Wycliff missionary Dennis Cochran spoke on Esther.  It was powerful stuff.

Terry Earl and I went over to two new apartment complexes in Conyers.  The first one and by far closer to FBC Conyers is Briarcreek.  Boys and Girls club serve that complex, so my vote is to go to plan B which is at HIghland Orchard.  This was a Miles managed property, but it was recently taken over by Lane management.  The asst. manager Julie was very enthusiastic about having "church people come help with the kids."  I think both locations would work out.

I started work at a new location this morning.  It's Hampton @ Lenox--which the Huntington property group aquired about 8 months ago.  We have work at Huntington Terraces/Station/Village/Ridge/Creek.  So it wasn't hard to have them buy into giving us an apartment.  I've worked with the manager over there, Diana Prieto, for years.  Jason Pope will be the director.  He's from the Salvation Army.

I went to the Ch/Dor Property Managers Association meeting today at Sheltering Arms.  We had reps from the Dekalb Northern Precinct speak with us.  Two detectives from CID, a Sargent and the Lieutenant with the Uniform division.  One of the detectives covers the area around Hampton @ Lenox.  He said they have some, "Serious gang problems over there.  I heard one of the gangs uses a vacant apartment for their meetings."  Ay caramba.

Posted 2/16/2005 at 11:25 PM

That sounds awesome for the most part, but the gang activity is uncool.  I will be praying about the gang activity...
Posted 2/17/2005 at 9:27 AM by Unworthy_Servent

Tuesday February 15, 2005

I'm feeling better today, PTL!

Unfortunately, Jesse is sick.  I stayed with him at home as long as I could before I had to come on down to the office.  He was sleeping soundly when I left,.

I went to Staples first thing to get my packaging together to send the DVDs and some prayer cards to the teams coming down to help us.  Went to the post office to get the stamps.

DVDs are so much easier to mail that big ol' VHS tapes.  It'll cost about $1.50 to get them to the teams.  Not bad.

Got a letter from our lawyer about serving as a registered agent.  I'm trying to get that changed.  Surely that can't be hard to do.

I have a meeting with Drew Grubbs and his interns this afternoon at 3:45 pm to discuss the new work we're starting in three locations.  I'm excited about that.  Especially the new work at Huntington Creek.  No much was going on there except the teams I'd bring in the summer.

I also got candy for the kids for Valentines.  I'll have to give it to them late since I went home early yesterday since I was feeling bad.

Posted 2/15/2005 at 11:45 AM

Do you mind people posting comments?  I wasn't sure becuase no one ever posts. (By the way this is Tommy, the person who has been trying to reach you concerning Huntington Chase.)
Posted 2/15/2005 at 1:6 PM by Unworthy_Servent

Monday February 14, 2005

I went over to Lowes on 78 to pick up four mats for FBC Doraville.  The didn't have the large mats so I eventually went over to Chamblee on Peachtree Industrial to go and get them. 

I also picked up another type of bird feeder.  One of the squirrels figured out how to pull the top off of my other feeder, bite through the chain, and then carry the top off!  I'm still using the broken one, but in the back yard now.  I don't mind the squirrels and have put up a feeder for them too.  I just want them to stay away from the bird stuff.

Dropped the mats off at FBC Doraville and got the mail, which included NAMB checks.  I deposited them in the bank on the way home.

I'm still feeling kind of puny so opted for going back home to work on office stuff.  Donor and Expense Reports are done bi-weekly.  I need to get those files over to our treasurer.

Posted 2/14/2005 at 2:38 PM

Monday February 14, 2005

Sunday, February 13th, 2005

We picked up the Ashleys at FBC Mountain Park.  Richard King spoke on evangelism.  He did a good job.  They had some people in the audience as cast members in a drama "The summer is over the harvest is ended and I am lost."

We dropped Chance and Ashley Baird off at their house (the night before Chance had to go in through the doggie door.)  Then we went to Ruby Tuesdays.  We enjoyed excellent Sirloin, medium well.

My ear is hurting pretty bad and the glands in my left jaw are swollen and painful.  I decided to stay in bed and try and chill and shake off this bug.

Posted 2/14/2005 at 2:34 PM

Monday February 14, 2005

Saturday, February 12th, 2005

I've started trying to fix up the back yard by our side porch.  Normally that part of the house is just for loacing and unloading equipment into the van.  It's an area I've ignored.

I feel kind of weak.  My ear is hurting worse.  I'm taking tylenol.

I painted the chimes I bought gold  I like that better than the dark green.  Brighter is better.

Kathy and I waited at Provinos for about 45 minutes before deciding to go to the Thai food place in the same shoopping center:  Srithai.  Pretty good.  I especially like the coconut ice cream.

Posted 2/14/2005 at 2:31 PM

Monday February 14, 2005

Friday, February 11th, 2005

We had a party at our house with Kathy's parent, Bill and Nell Doversike, her brothers Bill and Paul and her sisters, Ann and Ruth.  It was Ann's bithday.  We had KFC and spice cake, lots of beans and wings.

Ashley and her friend Ashley Baird went to Disciple Now at the Kathy and Jim Harden's house.  There were about 8 people in that group.  They seemed to have a good time.  Joel Goddard also spoke.

Jesse had Chance over to the house until Sunday afternoon.

I sneezed a couple of times today and my left ear has started to hurt.

Posted 2/14/2005 at 2:27 PM

Thursday February 10, 2005

Today is DVD day.  I'm been working on making more copies of our DVD for the teams coming to work with us.  I got all the equipment set up in my office, but eventually had to call Ian in Chicago to figure out where he put the final project.  It was titled "menubennettintro."  Wouldn't have guessed that one.  Got more labels, a label maker and more cases for the DVD blanks that I already had.  I'll make a total of about 50 when it's all said and done.  I'll start mailing out the finished product next week to the teams.  I still need to know the snail mail address of a few of them.  It's amazing how we work by email and cell phone and don't even know their address.  What would we do without email?  Cry.

It's been rainy here for the last couple of days.  It's clear now, but really windy and about 45 degrees.  I look forward to running tonight if I can.

I handled some appointments this morning with my partner at Perimeter Chip Sweeney.  We're going to have lunch in March with a family that wants to move into on of our missions as on site directors.  We've never done that before!  I'm curious to see how it will work out.

Also solidified plans with Shadowbrook BC which will come with about 90 people on Saturday 2/26.  They'll be working in at least 7 missions.  I've talked them into doing a backyard Bible club sort of thing rather than these service projects.  Sometimes we need the service projects, but I really prefer if the teams work with the kids.

Kathy and I went out to eat last night at the Differents--a Chinese food place.  I had General Tso chicken.  It was a little tough, but tasty.  Afterwards I took her to the movies.  We went to see Oceans 12.  It was ok.  Not as good as the first one.

I'll be working with the kids at Azalea in a few minutes.  I always look forward to that.


Posted 2/10/2005 at 2:7 PM

Wednesday February 9, 2005

I'm working in the rain today.  I got some storage boxes for the projects that we have going on. I'm getting more shirts together and will post pix of the country shirts soon.  Check out what we have going on in the Photo Gallery at

I'm also getting all the gear together to start making DVD copies of our promo video.  If you're interested in receiving one of those, let me know and I'll see what I can do.  Email me at

Looks like I got some dye from the tshirt project on my world jacket.  Hope I can get it out.

I'll be working at the mission with the Azalea kids in a few moments.

Just got email from the Atlanta Vineyard church that they will start support our ministry financially.  PTL!


Posted 2/9/2005 at 2:16 PM

Tuesday February 8, 2005

I'm still working on our t-shirt project for the summer.  I'm thinking of it as a "Prayer Trigger:" something that will remind people to pray for the unreached people groups of the world.

It takes two forms, the tie dye shirts from different countries and the tourist types of shirts from around the world.  We'll able to sell those shirts pretty cheaply.  Really "sell" isn't the right word because we're pitching it as a sponsoring/adoption of that country and it's people group to help our continuing role in the International Village.  We'll only offer the shirts during the times I make presentations to the teams coming in to help us.  I've also done research on the iron on transfer material and it works really well too.

Ate some bbq over at Spiced Right.  Always good.

I picked up new kinds of string for the tie dye as well as a big rope for the kids at the mission to practice their jump rope skills.  They seemed to enjoy that last year.

I had a talk with Ingel from Perimeter yesterday.  She's bring a team from Perimeter to work at the missions on Wednesday evenings.  Probably at The Corners and at Azalea to start.  It's a beautiful thing.

It's been a relaxed day so far.  I sure need them.


Posted 2/8/2005 at 1:14 PM

Monday February 7, 2005

Worked on the new Outreach Update list for March.  We drop people off the list every year at this time to make sure that everyone still wants to be on the team.  That saves us time and money for the ministry.

I had a great lunch with Larry Vaughn and Ibu Lois Chuang who is the wife of  Pastor Moses of the Indonesian church.  They are using our apartment at Glennbrooke for their Bible studies and cell group.  They may start meeting over there on Sunday as well.  We'll see how that goes.

Got a new plant for my office:  Fasciata--a bromeliad from Brazil.  Always one of my favorites.  Got a couple of light bulbs to keep the Ficus happy with a little extra lumens.

Talked with Mike Riggins at NAMB about the scholarship that we're giving Bennett for his trip to Kansas City to study fund raising.

Been in touch with a team in N. Carolina.  Hopefully they'll be coming down to help us.

I have a meeting with Ingle from Perimeter at 5pm over at Azalea to discuss the Singles group getting involved with several missions in the Peachtree Industrial Area.  I'm looking forward to their help.

Contacted Debbie Lamb at FBC Mountain Park to organize some service projects for the Disciple Now teams this weekend.


Posted 2/7/2005 at 3:55 PM

Monday February 7, 2005

Sunday, February 6th, 2005

Kathy and I went to the zoo this afternoon.  It was very interesting.  I saw a giraffe swallowing, up and down that long neck.  Kangaroos having an intimate (although lots of gawkers) moment made for an unusual day.

Went to the Missions Conference at Blackshear Place BC in Gainesville.  We had about 300 people come through the missions fair.  It looks like we'll have a good core team to start working over at The Columns at Chicopee.  Excellent.

Got home about 9:30pm.  Whipped, but happy about how things went.

Posted 2/7/2005 at 11:8 AM

Monday February 7, 2005

Saturday, February 5th, 2005

I walked up most of Stone Mountain this morning.  Enjoyed making some pencil sketches of some of the views.

Ashley went to Ash B's house to spend the night.  They went over to Allison's house for a party.

Jesse went to spend the night with Chance for his birthday.  There were 5 boys there playing Halo 2 together on a XBox lan.  Boys with their toys.

K and I had a great evening together. 
Posted 2/7/2005 at 10:51 AM

Monday February 7, 2005

Friday, February 4th, 2005

Had a terrific "me" day.  Got a new Sansdisk mp3 player--1 gig! 

Ran 5mi around Stone Mountain in 46:19.  Felt like a Tiger Tank.  It was one of the best runs ever.  Working on cards 6-8 from the Reap the Whirlwind kata.

Neuro-Programming material has some up to date info on relaxation tapes.  Based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming by Grinder and Bandler.  They have imbedded pulses for brain wave entrainment at the Alpha/Theta levels.  Very interesting and has really helped me rest in the evenings.  Transparent corporation makes the equipment.  I've been interested in this field for over 20 years and it's amazing to see how the science has evolved in the last few years.

Posted 2/7/2005 at 10:47 AM

Monday February 7, 2005

Thursday, February 3rd, 2005

Made new Whirlwind display maps for conferences.  Created the Metro Atlanta map which includes Gainesville, Austell, Conyers and Villa Rica.  Also made a display with maps 1-6.

Watched "Bend it Like Beckham," a super flick that made me homesick.  Lots of familiar Indian stuff on it.


Posted 2/7/2005 at 10:42 AM

Wednesday February 2, 2005

I spoke to the mostly Muslim crowd at Clarkston Baptist church this morning for the outreach they do for the Dekalb Tech students.  I spoke about Paul's conversion.

Went to my office to catch up on my email, then went to lunch with Don Devlin--my mission director for the Ambers.  As I had guessed, Adelaide Park's manager apologized for the way she had treated us and invited us to come back.  We will, but on a limited level since we still have work at the Ambers, just down the street.

I rushed over to Clarkston to pick up Bennett so we could go to the Atlanta Union Mission and pick up over 150 coats and blankets for poor refugees.  It was way over in Fulton county.  We got the stuff and distributed them at Woodside Village, CBC, and Willow Branch.  A lot of people will benefit from that!

Helped the kids at the mission with their homework.  I'm especially helping Tabias with his research paper on WWII.

I fixed our sign at the FBC Doraville property.  The wind had blown about half of the screws through the sign.  It was hanging pretty loose.  I got some small nails and a hammer and repaired it properly.

I'm back at my office now finishing the rest of my email before I go over to Glover Baptist Church.  I'll be speaking to two Awanas groups over there.  I always like speaking to kids, so it should be fun.

Then I'll go back home.  Kathy has been complaining about her tooth again.  She had a temporary crown put on it last week.  I hope it's ok. 

Posted 2/2/2005 at 6:5 PM

Tuesday February 1, 2005

I had lunch with Bennett Ekandem this morning.  Then we went over to Woodside Village to talk with Asa Brown, the manager, and Terrah Hunt who is the LITE house director.  We'll be bringing winter coats to their complex on Wednesday afternoon.  It turns out that Terrah is married to a Muslim man.  That will make our work a LOT more complicated, but not impossible.

I scheduled an Outreach Event in June with Midway Macedonia BC and a Summer team from Tennessee this afternoon.

I also got more binders for our work at the missions and bought snacks.

Bennett and I also talked about the Counselman family and how to get them more involved with our work in Clarkston.

Mike Riggins is supposed to send me an email about the registration fee for Bennett to go to a support raising conference in Kansas City.

Posted 2/1/2005 at 3:43 PM

force5's Xanga Archives
Monday January 31, 2005

Went by the bank to deposit checks from NAMB.

Went to the PO to mail the last of the sheep/goat letters.  Still had a few left because of the icy weather--no pickup.

Talked with the managers at Huntington Creek.  Got it organized to take over the mission bills.  I hope to be putting regular teams over there soon with the help of Drew and Youth Outreach Atlanta.

Also talked with Zuli and Juanita at Huntington Station.  I've worked wth those two for years.  I'm glad things are going well for them, although she told me they have over 70 vacancies.  Ouch.

Went by Perimeter Mall.  I was looking for a book of quotations.  Still haven't found what I want.  I did find some more Bert's Bee's products for Kathy and Ashley while I was there.  I also enjoy the Teavana place for hot tea.  I tried the Jasmine today.  It was excellent.  Had a Teriyaki Chicken Gyro too.

Picked up another basketball goal for the mission at Azalea.  I have a couple of other partners who want to help with that.  I have plenty of places to put the others if they come through.

Got two checks from NAMB--another before the year end.

Ordered more labels for the shirts for the summer.

Did the financial report for January.

Got the info for the W9s for Sandy and dropped them off at her husband's office.

I know the kids will be excited about the new goal.

Ran 4mi in 38:52.  Around 40 degrees. 

Posted 1/31/2005 at 3:16 PM

Sunday January 30, 2005

The weather was still cold and icy so the folks at Blackshear Place BC decided to postpone the missions fair.  Supposed to be on in a couple of weeks.  Hopefully I'll still be able to go.

I had a nice walk to the school with K, then we went to Piccadilly for fish and grilled chicken and then over to her folk's house.  They seemed really lonely and just talked and talked. . .

I didn't sleep well last night because the power went out.  I only got a few hous of sleep.

I did the iron on transfers again.  I got them to work better with less heat.

We had internet problems, but between J and I we got everything to work again.  AMEN.

Posted 1/30/2005 at 10:6 PM

Sunday January 30, 2005

Saturday, January 29th, 2005

Worked on Iron On transfers.  Figured out how hot to make the iron.  I'm excited about how good it looks. Burned my hand practicing it.

Ash and I glued force5 labels onto the shirts we worked on.  Sure beats stitching them in.  The hot glue gun works really well.

I brought my office chair down.  I'm still using my bed but it's nice to have that.

I worked on cleaning up my room.

Ash found the remote to the camcorder.  AMEN.

Posted 1/30/2005 at 10:3 PM

Sunday January 30, 2005

Friday, January 28, 2005

Freezing rain started.

Ashley got moved up to the fastest group in track.  She took off a bit too fast and pulled a muscle in her thigh.  Fortunately, I went over early to watch her run and got to bring her on home.  The rest of the team quit at the same time.  Weather was terrible.

Got all the letters in the mail. 
Posted 1/30/2005 at 10:0 PM

Sunday January 30, 2005

Thursday, January 27th, 2005

Working on the Sheep/Goat newsletter.

I bought a lot of Valentine's stuff for Oakbrook and took it over to Sheri for her to use with the kids.

Worked with the Azalea kids.  They helped me with labels.


Posted 1/30/2005 at 9:58 PM

Thursday January 27, 2005

Wednesday, January 26th, 2005

We're trying to figure out the W9 situation for the folks that worked for Whirlwind this year.  We had some graphic and web design work.  I'm really pleased with both.

I brought all the t-shirts home.  I'll organize them with the info I took and then post them on the web soon.

I'm still working on the mailout.

Sometimes I just feel overwhelmed with everything I have going on.  I have a tremendous amount of mission conferences going on right now.  Looks like February and March are really going to be busy too.

The kids had really torn up the mission. I spent about an hour trying to get it cleaned up and organized.  Frustrating.

I came home and ran 4 miles in 41:52.  It's been a bit warmer.  I felt better after I ran.

Posted 1/27/2005 at 11:55 AM

Thursday January 27, 2005

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I'm working on the mailout for this month.  I have to go through the list and see who wants to stay on it.

Worked at the mission.  The kids were really wild.

I rinsed and hung up the last of the t-shirts that we did.  Some of them are really beautiful.  There are a few duds too.

Posted 1/27/2005 at 11:52 AM

Monday January 24, 2005

After dropping Jesse off at Trickum, I went over to Clarkston.  I dropped off some old suitcases for some of the families to use.

Then drove the van to Marietta where I met with my friends from Advanced Tele Media.  They gave me a bunch of computers, white erase boards, modems and pictures for the missions.  I packed them up then took the load to Clatie Lewis who volunteers for an organization called "Reboot."  They take old computers and refurbish them for seniors, the handicapped and the disenfranchised. I've given him a lot of stuff.

Got 27 shirts unfolded and rinsed out.  They're drying now in my strorage area at FBC Doraville.  I still have another 23 to do.  I can't believe I did 50 shirts.  Holy Moly this has been a lot of work.  But the results were excellent.  Some of the shirts are really interesting and beautiful.

It was Ashley's first day at track practice.   She said she had a pretty fun time.  I'm pulling for her.  It just occured to me that Richard King, the youth director of FBC Mtn Park used to help with track.  Hope he still does.

I ran 4 miles tonight in 42:22.  My right knee was hurting a bit. 

I practice my memory verses over and over.

Here's my first one:

"Oh, Lord, You have examined my heart and know everything about me.

You know when I sit or stand.  When far away you know my every thought.

You chart the path ahead of me and tell me when to stop and rest.  At every moment you know where I am.

You know what I'm going to say before I even say it.

You both precede and follow me and put your hand of blessing on my head.

This is too glorious, too wonderful to believe!

I can never be lost to your Spirit, I can never get away from my God.

If I go up to Heaven you are there.  If I go down to the place of the dead, you are there.

If I ride the morning winds to the farthest oceans, even there you will guide me, your strength will support me.

If I try to hide in the darkness, the night becomes light around me.

For even darkness cannot hide from God.  To you the night shines as bright as day. Darkness and light are both alike to you.

You made the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit them together in my mother's womb.

Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex, it is amazing to think about.

Your workmanship is marvelous, and how well I know it.

You were there while I was being formed in utter seclusion.

You saw me before I was born, and scheduled each day of my life before I began to breathe.  You recorded it in your book.

How precious it is, Lord, to realize that you are thinking about me constantly. 

I can't even count how many times a day your thoughts turn toward me.  And when I awaken in the morning you are still thinking about me.

Surely you will slay the wicked, Lord.  Away, bloodthirsty men, begone! They blaspheme your name and stand in arrogance against you.  How silly can they be!

Search me, O God, and know my heart, test my thoughts.  Point out anything in me that makes you sad, and lead me along the path of everlasting life."

Psalm 139

I run and quote that over and over.

If you've ever studied martial arts you would know the word "kata."  A kata is a series of movements which incorporate a series of different blocks and punches.

I've come to realize that memorizing scripture----and I mean big chunks of scripture----takes a certain mental discipline similar to learning different karate moves.

I call this my "Reap the Whirlwind" kata.  There are 8 index cards worth of verses that I'm learning.  I'm still getting them down.  I imagine myself stading before a crowd giving a dramatic reading.

It starts out:

"Reap the Whirlwind."
Hosea 8:7

"And behold the Lord will come in fire and his chariots like the Whirlwind."
Isaiah 66:15

"The chariots of God are myriad; thousands upon thousands.  The Lord is among them at Sinai, in holiness."
Psalms 68:17

"In Whirlwind and Storm is His way."
Nahum 1:3

"And the Lord opened the servant's eyes and he saw.  And behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire around Elisha."
2 Kings 6:17

"Thou didst ride on thy horses, on thy chariots of salvation."
Habbakkuk 3:8

"He will also lift up a standard to the distant nation, and will whistle for it from the ends of the earth.  And behold, it comes with speed swiftly.

It is neither weary or stumbles, none slumbers or sleeps, nor is the belt at its' waste undone, nor it's sandal strap broken.

Its' arrows are sharp, all its' bows are bent.  The hooves of the horses are like flint, and the chariot wheels like a whirlwind."
Isaiah 5:26-28

I have commanded my consecrated ones.  I have called my mighty warriors.
Isaiah 13:3

And it will come about after this that I will pour out my spirit unto all mankind.  Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams and your young men will see visions.
Joel 2:28

That's about as far as I have memorized.  That's a little over half of what I have to memorize.

Want to know something else?  I've been considering attempting to memorize every word that Jesus ever said in the Bible.  All the red in the red letter edition of the Bible.  Seems doable.


Posted 1/24/2005 at 10:30 PM

Sunday January 23, 2005

I spoke at the Missions Conference at Peachtree Corners this morning to the same Singles Class that I went to last night.  I made my full presentation this morning.  They seemed interested, we'll see if they "just show up."

Ashley came to help me this morning.  We went to eat lunch with David & Debi Doverspike and their kids at Moes. It was really good.  I got my usual "Joey Bag of Doughnuts."  I'm still not sure what that refers to . . .

We got home but before we did, I stooped over to pick up a cup from the ground and completely ripped out the butt of my suit pants.  Ay Caramba.  Sure glad that didn't happen BEFORE I had to make my presentation!  Those pants are headed for the garbage probably.

I got home and crashed out for about an hour.  Then got dressed (with other pants!) and headed back for the mission fair which started at 4:30pm.  It was well attended, but I have to wonder if the Falcons playing at the same time affected some of the crowd.

Ken Hemphill spoke at the evening session. I still have some resentment towards how he and his crew handled Dr. Dilday's dismissal from Southwestern.  Man that was a bad scene.  Locked him out of his own office like some kind of a criminal.  Ouch.

Jouvens and Anna Lisa both helped me at the mission fair this evening.  I wanted Anna Lisa to be there because PCBC had volunteers that help at her mission.

I hope to get the shirts undone tomorrow.  I'm looking forward to that, but it's still a big process to rinse each of the 50 shirts out and then put them in the Synthrapol to set the colors. 

Posted 1/23/2005 at 9:30 PM

Sunday January 23, 2005

Saturday, January 23, 2005

Super cold day today.  Drizzly.  The wind picked up to around 40 mph later this evening.  Monster cold.

I spoke to the singles class of Peachtree Corners Baptist Church for their fellowship dinner.  It was hard to find the place, but I did and was able to have some profitable conversations with many of them.

I got home after 10 pm and K and A were still gone.  They went to go see Nick swim.  He didn't quite make the county team. 

I went to sleep before 11pm.  So tired.

Posted 1/23/2005 at 9:23 PM

Sunday January 23, 2005

Posted 1/23/2005 at 9:21 PM

Sunday January 23, 2005

Friday, January 20, 2005

This was T-shirt day.  I mixed colors and then Ash and I tie dyed shirts for about three hours.  We did 50 shirts in all.

I got a terrible headache.  Probably because I didn't eat until after dark.

I will unfold the dyed shirts on Monday down at FBC Doraville.

Posted 1/23/2005 at 9:21 PM

Thursday January 20, 2005

I spent this morning picking up odds and ends for the t-shirt project.  Now that I have the stuff together, the next time will be easier.

I went and scoured the t-shirts in a big 5 gallon tamale/menudo pan.  You have to add this chemical called syntrapol to hot (140degree) water.  They're soaked for five minutes then taken out of the water and rinsed a few times.  I have them in two big plastic containers.  They're still wet.

Tomorrow I'll mix the urea water to pre-soak them and then mix the dyes.  Today I bought about 15 plastic squirt bottles for applying the dye.  I got them cheap at this hair salon place.

I hope to dye the shirts tomorrow afternoon once Ashley gets here.  Or at least I'll save some for her to do to.  We should have plenty of dye. 

Ashley and I ran two miles in 20:12 tonight.  I hate running in the dark.  I put my blinkers on, and I think I'm safe. . . it's just a bummer running in the dark.

I got the printer at the mission working again.  I had to download a driver, re-install it, re-boot and it worked.  I also got more ink.  Multilple problems.

Posted 1/20/2005 at 10:29 PM

Wednesday January 19, 2005

I had a terrific meeting with Drew Grubbs and his crew from Sugarloaf Community Church.  We decided on adding Huntington Creek, Northchase and Foxfire to their locations where they're working.

Talked with Paul Reynolds about his ordination and about the work at Northchase.

Finished tying the T-shirts.  I'm studying the dyeing process now.  It's fairly complicated to do correctly.

Bob Speers and I went out to eat at China Delight.  I had their buffet.  It was pretty good, but the food wasn't really hot.  The manager's meeting was cancellled, so I'm glad I got to at least hang out with Bob.

It was a gorgeous sunset tonight.

Posted 1/19/2005 at 7:42 PM

Tuesday January 18, 2005

I took Paul Jimenez, the local missions director from Johnson Ferry, over to Glennbrooke, one of our new missions in Marietta.  We had lunch at Ruby Tuesday and we met several ladies that were interested in Missions from North Point, Crosspoint and a ministry to women.

Got some supplies from the fish store near the church for the octopus tank.

Helped the kids over at Azalea, then took Jouvens out to eat at El Azteca.  We'll be going over to the Atlanta Vineyard at 8:15 to make a presentation to their missions committee.

It is incredibly cold!  It was 19 degrees early this morning.  Ouch!

Posted 1/18/2005 at 6:51 PM

Monday January 17, 2005

We enjoyed Red Lobster for lunch.  J, of course would rather sleep in that eat out.

Ash and I went over to Perimeter Mall.  We enjoyed the company and seeing a new mall.

We cleaned house.

I'm pooped.

Posted 1/17/2005 at 11:49 PM

Monday January 17, 2005

Sunday, January 16th, 2005

I preached at Gwinnett's Family Church this morning.  We had to roll out of our house pretty early.  The church is by the Outlet Mall in Collins hill.  The church was very receptive.  They're getting ready to start helping with the after school program at Herrington Woods.

It's turned really cold.

I worked on tieing t-shirts for our project.

Posted 1/17/2005 at 11:48 PM

Monday January 17, 2005

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Kathy and I enjoyed a movie togther.  We saw Elektra.  It was pretty good, but not as good as I was hoping.

We worked around the house.  Good family time.

Posted 1/17/2005 at 11:46 PM

Friday January 14, 2005

I put up the new bird feeder today.  Also got a metal trash can to store the food in.  That way I can keep the garage from getting cluttered.

Also bought a Ficus for my office.  Got a pot and soil to plant it in.  I look forward to putting that in.

We ate Mexican food with Ash and Nick this evening.  Nick gave me his Grandmother's St. Francis of Assisi statue.

Ash and I ran 2 miles in 20:29.  Fast for the trail to Rockbridge.  She actually raced up the hill to finish up.  Awesome.

Posted 1/14/2005 at 9:47 PM

Thursday January 13, 2005

Headed out to pick up the rest of the Christmas presents at the Ambers but unfortunately for me Don had already handed them out.  No big deal I reckon.

I'm doing research on linguistics.  Spent some time in the book store looking for resource material.

I went by Goodwill to check out t-shirts.  I'm still looking for good designs and cheap shirts to tie dye.

Met with a Bosnian from Yugoslavia this morning.  He's helping me understand the European communities near Lawrenceville, at Hi 29/Jimmy Carter.  He says there's a lot of Russians in the area that go to church at the Orthodox church off of Killian Hill.

Went down Buford Highway to check out new locations for missions.  One couple from the Salvation Army had mentioned Peachtree Creek apartments.  I went by there.  Nothing firm, just a recon of the area.

Went to Plaza Fiesta to talk to the manager about our band Cruz playing in that shopping center.  Unfortunately, he wasn't there then.  I'll have to go back another time.  I'm still really early because we won't start playing until March.

Jesse got the new team material posted on the web site last night.
Posted 1/13/2005 at 3:34 PM

Thursday January 13, 2005

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I met Jeremy Graves today, he's the new senior pastor for the Vineyard Chuch in Marietta.  We had a good conversation, then went over to check out Glenbrook then meet two people who he thought would like to be involved with our ministry.  Nick is 20 and seems to really be attracted to this type of work.  Brian is a contractor and is also taking leadership courses in his church.

I helped the kids at the mission this evening.

Went for a 2 mile run with Ashley.  We did it in a little over 22 minutes.  I'm trying to take it easy on her since she's just getting started running.

I picked up the Student version of Office.  Jesse needs it for his computer so he can update the website with the excel spreadsheets for Teams 2005.

Ashley and I put up her new beach scene mural of a sunset over the Maldives.  It's a beauty!


Posted 1/13/2005 at 1:41 AM

Howdy, Nick!

Great to have you on board!

Vaddas was running the place the last I knew. CAll me on my cell early next week and we'll get it going. Did you get a key?


Posted 1/15/2005 at 7:6 PM by force5

Hey Tim, this is Nick fromt he Marietta Vineyard. I checked out the apartment complex today and Thursday, talk to Glenda? The woman running the complex, and got kind of her vision of what she wanted to see with the ministry. I left you a message on the phone number on your card. I'd love to get together with you sometime soon and discuss how I can begin to get involved and get this thing really running. I'm all for jumping head long into it. My cell number is 770-853-0752. I think it's a beautiful thing you're doing.

P.S.-As you know I am not bi-lingual, however my father is, and he works about three minutes down Franklin Rd. He's an ex-Pastor and I'd love to get him involved as well, possibly doing 1 night a week as an ESL class or leading a Bible study. Just some thoughts.

Posted 1/14/2005 at 4:44 PM by NAPosey

Tuesday January 11, 2005

Went to Marietta to get the file cabinents and fans from ATM.  Got them and took them over to the FBC Doraville where I'm storing them until I need to take them to a mission.

I got the brakes fixed on the Lumina.  I took the van today.  Needed brakes on the front end.

Had lunch with Bill Doverspike, we ate at China Delight.  It's "iron sharpens iron" when I'm with him and I need that stimulus regularly.

I didn't have the keys to the mission today, so I took the van home early and worked on other errands--we need a new basketball goal.

Posted 1/11/2005 at 8:53 PM

Tuesday January 11, 2005

Monday, January 10th, 2005

Today was tire day.  I spent over four hours waiting for them to put the new tires on, align the front end and test drive.

Shot on over to the mission.

Posted 1/11/2005 at 8:47 PM

Sunday January 9, 2005

Jesse and I raked the front yard today and got the leaves out of the bushes.

I took Ashley over to Emily's house and then picked her up around 4:45 before I went to the mission. She went with me to work with the kids.  We got pizza and then I told them the story of Daniel in the lion's den.

We enjoyed a talk with my Mom in Texas on our way home.

Posted 1/9/2005 at 7:47 PM

Saturday January 8, 2005

Had a terrific hike around the Stone Mountain on the South Slope.  Awesome!  Scary at times because it was so steep and slippery.

I took J and A over to the "Under the Wave" store to get some blue and scarlet legged crabs.  We enjoyed steaks at Ruby Tuesday and then walked around the mall.  I bought Jesse two books on computer programming.

Posted 1/8/2005 at 11:9 PM

Friday January 7, 2005

Had a terrific morning.  The weather was perfect.  I ran a suprisingly quick 47:08:63 five miles around Stone Mountain.  I felt like a tiger tank.  At that pace I would have broken an hour in 10 k (6.2 mi).  I've only done that once before.

After the run, I went to the quarry and up to the dojo.  Somebody had moved the rock sculpture and made another one to replace it.  Theirs looked good too, so I wasn't too upset. 

Enjoyed working out at the base of the mountain.

Had a delicious Philly Cheesesteak.  Picked up a copy of the Little Prince.  First time I've read it in English.  I also picked up the new novel by Mitch Albom, of Tuesdays With Morrie, fame. 

I created the new schedule for the Outreach Events and also the Teams 2005 list.

Posted 1/7/2005 at 5:25 PM

Thursday January 6, 2005

I went to Marietta to pick up about 20 small tvs and some white boards from the ATM business that was moving today.  Gary Reams is a friend of mine from Peachtree Corners BC. He generously donated the stuff. I gave the TVs away to about 15 families at Azalea.  They were so excited!  It's fun to be generous.  Sure is better to give the stuff away than to just store it and collect dust.

I helped the kids with their homework this afternoon before we distributed the stuff.

I enjoyed lunch with Gary, Kathy and Rick from ATM.  We ate at the Mediterranean Deli off of Franklin Road.  Excellent Gyros cooked by a Turkish lady. 

It's been a rainy day today.  Fortunately, we were able to load an unload the tvs during dry spots.

I also took one of the dry erase boards to the mission at Foxfire and met the new manager Sa--pronounced SAY.

Posted 1/6/2005 at 6:29 PM

Wednesday January 5, 2005

I preached to a crowd of refugees at Clarkston International Bible Church this morning.  They are students at Dekalb Tech which meets on the church campus.  I spoke about Daniel in the lion's den.  They seemed to get something out of it.

I potted my cactus from Texas today along with the piece for the cactus on Stone Mountain.

Checked out a rock store in Stone Mountain.  I got a shark's tooth, a lingam from India, Mookie rocks from Arizona, and  two textites from Indonesia!

I also bought some African Violets and an Dendribium hybrid orchid from Walmart.  They add a touch of life to my office. 

Worked with the kids at the mission.  They were glad to see me.  Of course they were hoping I'd brought more presents. . . .which I had.  I couldn't believe how much homework the kids had on their second day back.  Yow.

Ashley had her schedulre all changed around.  She said some of the classes were too full so they were shifting some students around to make more room.  She was bummed by that.  Now she doesn't get to eat lunch with Emily. 

I walked two miles tonight up to the Elementary School.  The dog and I made it in about 38 minutes.  I run right at twice as fast as I walk.

Jesse stayed up past his curfew last night.  So I took the computer away today.  He wasn't happy about it, but was amazingly ok with it.  The kid is basically nocturnal. 


Posted 1/5/2005 at 9:26 PM

Tuesday January 4, 2005

K and I went to S & S to eat lunch with her mom and dad. 

Then we hiked up Stone Mountain.  It was a beauty day.  Our last day of the Christmas Vacation.  Sigh.


Posted 1/4/2005 at 8:8 PM

Monday January 3, 2005

K and I went over to her folk's house.  She had lunch with them while I did some errands.

Picked up the shoebox gifts from FBA and had a nice talk with Tyler and Tom. 

Took the gifts over to Azalea and talked with some of the kids.

Deposited the check from NAMB at Bank of America.

Went to my office and took some of my new stuff from Texas.  Painted the fossils gold.  The look pretty cool.  I left some of them the natural color.  Also fixed the mask.  I restained it with the same natural color. Looks great.  Also put out the ivory money. 

Went home and ran 6.2 miles in 1:05:16.  Tendons are tender.

Posted 1/3/2005 at 6:48 PM

Monday January 3, 2005

Sunday, January 2nd, 2005

Ashley and I repainted her room a less dramatic (lighter) shade of orange.  We had to prime over what we had done and then repaint with the other orange.  It looks great and she's happy.

K and I walked to Walmart, which is about 4 miles.  Beautiful sunset.
Posted 1/3/2005 at 6:43 PM

Saturday January 1, 2005

We slept in pretty late.  K and I went to eat Chinese food at the Hong Kong restaurant.

I worked on Ashley's room.  We painted it orange.  It looks too dark.  We'll probably go back to Lowe's and get a shade lighter.

K and I enjoyed walking and watching the sunset.


Posted 1/1/2005 at 11:48 PM

Saturday January 1, 2005

Friday, December 31st, 2004

We had our New Year's Eve party at our house.  Bill and Nicki, Ruth and David, Bill and Nell came over.  We ate chili and chips and watched old home movies from Madagascar of Ashley singing like and angel and Jesse covered with chicken pox.  Bill and I discussed spirituality for ours.  They finally left at around 1:30 am.

I took Ashley and Emily over to Starbucks. We also went to Lowe's and picked up all our painting supplies.

K and I walked to the park with Sugar.
Posted 1/1/2005 at 11:42 PM