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"The Lord will lead His people into battle, his arrows shall be like lightning. The Lord God will go out against his enemies like a whirlwind off the desert from the south."

Zechariah 9:14

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"For behold the Lord will come in fire and his chariots like the whirlwind."

Isaiah 66:15
White House Faith Based
Community Initiative Taskforce

Hello, my friends! I'm glad you decided to check out this link.
The following notes are from the White House Faith Based and Community Initiative Task Force that met in Washington, DC. My notes are in condensed form for quick assimilation.

White House FBCI

Rick Warren prayer

Catharine Ryan
Thanks for helping our nation. Accomplishments and next step. 13th conference and first national conference.

Over 20 million have a drug and alcohol problem.

Over 500,000 homeless every night.

Faith, love and compassion is the language we need to speak.

Hope, help and healing.

Sarina--house of hope

President Bush

Thanks for helping and serving in the army of compassion. You represent the people of faith. It's important for our government to work with faith based initiatives. We've worked with over 10,000 faith based orgs.

Cabinet leaders are here. Welcome these orgs they're doing a better job the federal govt.

Had a round table discussion with community leaders. Where there is despair we must provide hope. We need to help people be able to dream.

USA receives 10s of thousands of refugees. That is a good thing. We need to help them.

Governments can hand out money, but it can't put an arm around someone and tell them we love them.

We welcome the army of compassion and will not discriminate against you.

The faith based programs help save people's lives.

Gives people goals in a way that the government can't. We need to focus on the results---not the process (faith.)

It's a powerful change agent when you start reading the Bible.

America changes one heart at a time.

I understand there's a separation of church and state, but we're interested in if you're getting results.

There's a difference between a process and end result debate. We spend billions of dollars (1.1) this year for FBP.

We're trying to provide money to groups that have never received funds.

The inner city church knows what works. How to grow from little to big. Social entrepreneurs are what we're looking for.

We're looking for feedback on our system so we can better what we do.

Jim Towey is the director. He was Mother Theresa's lawyer.

Are we succeeding and where are the bottlenecks? Some of the states block the federal funds. If they do the research they'll find that FBG works.

Access to recovery--$100 million where the addict makes the choice.
Best programs point to a higher power.

There is hope for kids with mentoring programs.

Inmates need help with prisoner re-entry from churches.

It warms my heart to be the president of a country with so many caring people.


Partnerships: Expanding your Organization through Innovative Collaborations

Thom Campbell--US DEPT Health Human Resources (4 billion budget)
Ast. to Wayne Horne.
Works with Compassion in Action funds. Funding goes to collaboration--cooperative agreement program. Works together with groups.

Lori Kaplin--latino youth program
Youth Center. We work with all nationalities. We started very small. Partnerships are a key. We operate two ice-cream shops. Marriages of love and convenience. It's important that you share the core value. Write and share with each others. Be careful when you apply for grants that who is the lead agency.

John Stahl-Wert--Pittsburg Leadership Foundation --- working together to accomplish great things. 26 years old. Congregations, non-profit, agencies together. Meaningfulness of spiritual values. There need to people that focus on partnerships in the community.

Art Fine--Jewish Family Services. New Mexico. To perfect and repair the world. There is room for smaller agencies. Bigger is not always better. Collaborations between govt and FBG are good.
Pitfalls--if two groups have different outcome goals there will be problems.

Mark Whitlock--business loans, funding small biz. Placed over 6,000 people in last 12 years. Teaching kids how to invest in the stock market. Find a way to partner with someone.
CDFI--get an enhanced rating.



Desiree Sayle

Volunteer management.

Therese Lyons

Volunteer network

Volunteerinput. Org five sections
FAQS #28 how do we recruit?

It's successful if the volunteer sticks with it.

Usa Freedom Corps--to encourage volunteers.

People volunteer because they are driven by the mission of the organization. How have I impacted another person's life?


You can use religion to determine who you hire. The organization needs to keep it's vision so it's ok to hire who believe the same way.

Ofbci. Gov

Have to do something with the volunteers regularly. Keep the kids in focus "don't let the kids down one more time."

Do a self-analysis and make sure you're on target.

What is the mission and communicate it. Train the trainers.

Tell the stories of individual's lives. That gets the message across.

Have the volunteers tell their own story.

Jim Towey--director of fbci

Love until it hurts.

Culture war--what is the role of fbg in America.

Don't measure your value by the size.

God doesn't call me to be successful but to be faithful. Mother Theresa.

The strength of the country is based on its love.

The worst disease is loneliness. MT

Can't discriminate if they're not Christian, can't preach with it.

I'm a pencil in the hand of God writing a love letter to the world. MT


State and local government interaction.

Jeremy White--
Federal level org to iron out differences at state level.

Steven Goldsmith--former mayor of Indianapolis

Pragmatic aspect of this--partner with people closest to the problem.

Take advantage of the organizations in the neighbourhood.

Provide solutions with a spiritual aspect.

Civic switchboard--connecting supply with people offering services.

Lisa McFadden
Florida fb initiative--one of four main focuses

Work with transition government. Hold monthly meetings with department heads.

Businesses and faith based groups work together to do the best job.

Strong network with the field workers. Email lists.

Jamaal Moses
Baltimore. 700 fb groups. Baltimore Rising-- looking for mentors for kids. Do something with the vacant properties letting fbg use them.

Malcomb Byrd
Philadelphia started fbi group in 2002.


Something good and right about marriage.


At risk youth

Relationship building is a key in grant writing.

Wanted federal funding for tutoring.

Called a representative to help walk through the process. Reading and math help. Pre/post testing.

US Dream Academy-- grant from us dept of education.

People will give if they know what the money is for. They want to know who your partners are. You need an active board. They need to see what is actually helping.

The majority of funds should go to the services not salary.

Volunteers are a big part of the picture.

It's all part of trust. Your best friend's best may not be you.

Seed first to get long-term success.

Don't be dependent on just one source of funding,

Paid a technical adviser to help write the grant, and save the template.

Supplemental education--talk with department of education. No child left behind program. Those moneys are being held for you.

Pull up all 7 agencies. Fbci.Gov

Capital compassion fund organizations.

Keep records of who you've worked with and where.

Research on Faith Based groups

Kathy Kermer-Klein
Child psychiatrist

1/4 at risk of not achieving success in life in adolescents.

So many children are failing to thrive. Many are community problems. We need to restore and rebuild our communities.

Most are due to a lack of connectiveness in our society. Our brains need attentive nurture. Invest in our children will go into the next generation.

We need to rebuild authoritative community.--what is right and wrong.

1. Treats child as an end in itself.
2. Needs nurturing environment.
3. Adults set standards.
4. Core of work by non-professionals
5. Multigenerational
6. Diverse
7. Emphasis on spirituality.

Families and houses of worship.

Byron Johnson-- Baylor

Teen Challenge

Fbo--20 billion/year

Religion is good at protecting us and give us meaning in life.

Get university to help research.

Gregg Behr--Forbes Fund

Pittsburgh story--partnering with fbg since 1910.


97% serve low income
1/3 operating in deficit.
Food, housing, youth development.
For fbg.

Better than secular at keeping volunteers.

Partnerships with other groups help with funding.



Fasten. Org



Americanvalues. Org

Wmca. Net

Sen. Rick Santori

Care act--author under compassion in action.

How do we get people to donate more. Charitable Giving act.

make appointment 224-3121 ask for congressman.

511 dursen

Saxby Chambliss sr-416 russell
Zell Miller sd-257 dirksen

Johnny isaacson 132
Charitable tax act
His legislative
Tucker Shumack--will contact me

5612--zip plus four

John Linder
1727 longworth

sanford Bishop 2429

Max Burns 512

Jim Marshall 502
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Jack Kingston
Rayburn 2242

Mac collins
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Phil Gingrey
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