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"The Lord will lead His people into battle, his arrows shall be like lightning. The Lord God will go out against his enemies like a whirlwind off the desert from the south."

Zechariah 9:14

Tim A. Cummins
5935 New Peachtree Rd.
Doraville, GA 30340


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Whirlwind Missions
5935 New Peachtree Rd
Doraville, GA 30340

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Help us have more time to "Take the Church, To the People!"


"For behold the Lord will come in fire and his chariots like the whirlwind."

Isaiah 66:15
Story Tim



Elephants and Slingshots

Night Visitor

Baby Attacks

Python Attacks

Short Pants Surprise

Spitting Cobras

Stuck in Danger!

Voi Coke

Choo Choo & the Puff Adder

Lost in Amboseli

African Drivers

Tsavo Fire

India Toilet

Lion Hill Toilet

German Toilet

Nepal & Indian Bus Rides

Kenya Train Ride

Air Madagascar Near Death Experience!

Lamu, Kenya Bus Ride

Mt Kenya Climbing Adventure

Cut in half!

Acapulco Adventure

Crack Star


Near Death Bottle Miss

Open Area Fire

Fort Stewart Soldiers

Hurricane Hugo Aftermath

Barney! The Lost Parrot!

Keep Breathing!

Guanajuato Mummies

Savannah Ghost Stories

Ventosa & Puerto Angel, Mexico

Cat Woman Stink

Smashed Baby

Drug bust!

Crashed Ladder!


Mother Daughter Hit

Rock On!


Kathy & the Bee

Hippos in Naivasha

Lemurs in Madagascar

Taj Mahal

Speaking to the Dead

Rova (Shopping Day) in Madagascar

Lion Attack! Sorta.


Gaboon Viper!

Ashley Cummins

Ashley Cummins - Armor of Cowboy Part One

Ashley Cummins - Armor of Cowboy Part Two

Ashley Cummins - Armor of Cowboy Part Three


Al & Peggy Cummins--Tim's Parents

Al A. Cummins - Kenya Baptism

Al A. Cummins - Church and the Tsetse Fly

Al A. Cummins - Catch A Thief

Al A. Cummins - Hunting in Kenya

Al A. Cummins - Fishing in Naivasha, Kenya

Al A. Cummins - Snake in Bathtub

Al A. Cummins - Cars in Kenya

Al A. Cummins - Safari Rally

Peggy Cummins - Coastal Kenya

Peggy Cummins - Snake in Bathroom

Peggy Cummins Game Parks