Whirlwind Missions

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Grandgirls! Doggie Park! 5.13.21

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:34 pm  

I thought this was pretty funny.

Español! I take screenshots and put them on my blog to help me memorize new words.

Took the girls to the Doggie Park. K came over for her lunch break.

Always fun to see these notifications.

I find Terence McKenna very interesting.

That seems like a lot to me.

Colder day than it has been.

Does this indicate that when you run, you can flat line?

Never too much Ashley!

We went to the Yellow River Game Ranch to check out the peacocks. We fed them peanuts from our hands.

Went to Sonic. Came home for a picnic.


We are still getting good use out of the PA boxes.

The for sale sign was put up today. I put this image on my phone and within an hour I saw ads for this on my Facebook news feed.

Still having gas shortages.

Dropped the girls off at home. Talked with some of the kids about how the testing was going. Pretty well for most of them. “I only have one F” said another.

Went by my office to check the mail.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Grandgirls! Rain! 5.12.21

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:04 pm  



I like this shot of Carl Jung.

And this lady with ravens.

Rained most of the day. Then got way cooler than it’s been.


Picked up the girls under the shelter at Global Mall.

My neighbor moved to Florida this morning. He left these umbrellas to be thrown away. I picked those up right quick. We used them today!

And our rain gear! Plus my work shoes, that were until last week were my primary shoes.

While I study Spanish on my porch, the girls usually make me food made out of playdough. This is a hippo cookie.

I think this was eggs. Or a cheese sandwich.

We go round and around as if I’m the customer (from hell) and they are waitresses. I’ll ask them for impossible things and the answers they come up with are often gold.

Everly got a little too in to it.

I spent about 45 minutes brushing and braiding their hair. I have to do it regularly or it becomes completely unmanageable.

Sewed up a hole in my pocket.

And a tear in my comforter.

Paid bills.

I finally got both girls to take a nap around 3:30. Everly was coughing and had a runny nose. I let her sleep 2.5 hours. Which I think was really good for her.

Dropped the girls off at home. We got there late because of the naps. There are less than two weeks of school left. No homework. The kids aren’t even allowed to take the laptops home. I go around and greet them and ask them how their testing is going.

Went by my office to check on the mail.

I talked to my tax guy this evening about filing my returns. Everything looks in order.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Grandgirls! Bananas! Gas! 5.11.21

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:53 pm  

I liked these sayings from other countries.



A new week with the girls begins!

Pareidolia, the ability of the brain to see faces or patterns in random things.


The girls helped me transplant my banana plants into much larger pots.

My little partners.

Gas crisis hits the ATL because of the cyber attack on the oil pipeline. I’d say 90% of the stores were completely out.

Big lines in most that had what little was left.

I remember taking a trip with three other NoZe Brothers in this from Dallas to Waco. That was a good time.

Went to the office to pick up checks and process them.

Don’t see this every day.

Deposited checks.

My neighbor for the last eight years is moving to Tampa tomorrow. He’s been a good guy. I picked up these umbrellas they were getting rid of.

Released Verbal Surgery -851- “Mufflers and Megaphones.”

Monday, May 10, 2021

Podcast! Anthony! Prep! 5.10.21

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:20 pm  


I’ve been concerned for a friend. She contacted me this morning.


Called my buddy Anthony. We talked about chutney. And lots of serious stuff today.


I love orchids.

Cloudy, mild day.

Sad article about Lake Nakuru, an area I love very much.

Saw this car. I don’t think so.

Got some potting mix from Lowes to repot my banana plants. I’m hoping that will help the grow faster.


Good lunch.

Scrubbed the tub. Looked clean at the time. This photo seems to prove otherwise.

Recorded an episode of Verbal Surgery called “Headmaster.”

Ordered groceries for pick up tomorrow.

Downloaded the new episode onto my Mac.

I finished the Last of Us 2 this evening. That was the most intense video game I’ve ever played in my life. The story was incredible. Really powerful. Thirty hours of riveting game play.

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Mothers Day! Bike! 5.9.21

Tim A. Cummins @ 7:43 pm  

I thought this was supa coo.


I actually had a person say that God would protect them from Covid AND have a carry permit for a gun.


I liked this quote.


Beautiful day!

I had a great talk with my Mom for Mother’s Day! Actually, we talk at least once a week. I was asking her about her relatives and where they grew up. She said they had a ranch above Rio Frio.

Recorded an episode of Verbal Surgery called, “Blank Page.” So good. Uploaded it to my Mac.

Rode my bike 10.26 miles. I’ve been taking it easy to let my arm heal.


I’ve been enjoying playing the Last of Us 2.

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Grandgirls! Doggie Park! Sleep Over! 7.5-8.21

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:26 pm  

I was told as a youngster that holding my breath would keep me from being stung by bees and wasps. Now I know there is science behind it. I was told they thought you were dead and wouldn’t sting a corpse.

Studied. What else is new?

I wasn’t sure of the exact definition.

Picked up the girls on Friday after having Thursday off.

We stopped and got fruit and corn on the way home. Happy face!

After breakfast, we had Brown Cows and Ice Cream Sandwiches.


My wisteria seems to be doing well. These are the new plants.

Cleaned and refilled my hummingbird feeders. I’ve only had two sightings. I hope they’re coming by and I’ve just not seen them.

Also filled feeders and cleaned the bird baths.

I planted my Mother’s Day rose bush.

I took the grandgirls to Metro Diner for lunch. That’s a big burger. Penelope ate about 2/3s of it!

Mailed my tax return signature page in.

I emailed our tax guy about Ashley and Miles return. Then it came in today.

I liked the sound of this.

K and I took the girls to the Doggie Park.

Went by to visit with Kathy’s sister Ann and see her dogs.

I fixed us smores after eating pizza.

Then baths and bed!

The next morning I blew the driveway.

One of the last things I do before the girls leave is to clean the house and put all their toys away for a few days. Helps lessen the clutter in our rooms.

Swept the kitchen and laundry area.

Vacuumed the house.


Blew off and washed the deck. The vivid filter makes it look a lot redder than it is.

Cleaned the glass doors.

Released Verbal Surgery “Pain and Gain.” So good.

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Spanish! Podcast! Rest! 5.6.21

Tim A. Cummins @ 6:58 pm  

Two 100% night’s sleep in a row. Never seen that before that I remember.

I thought this was funny.

We went to Fernbank Museum last week. They had an exhibit on the Mayan culture. I did some research on where that was. Primarily Guatemala. There is research saying that the Mayans crossed the Gulf of Mexico and went from Florida into Georgia and that some stone mounds here are very similar to the ones the Mayans built. Including the winding snake iconography.

These are quotes from Luise Calment who died at 124.

Fabulous weather.

Sí, Señor!


When I got to my recording spot at Stone Mountain, I saw a huge Oak tree had been blown over.

I really enjoy poetry, but I wasn’t digging the two sets of daily poems I was receiving, Turns out the poems I’ve memorized are on a lot of “Best Poetry” lists.

Recorded an episode of Verbal Surgery called “Lost and Around.” Excellent.

Called my Mom. For some reason, she didn’t hear me when I was leaving a message.

Miles watched the girls today. I enjoyed a restful time.

Had fun playing Last of Us 2. Such an intense story. Wow.

I was planning on biking today, but my right hand and forearm is still having issues with pins and needles sensations. I decided I should let it rest. I’ll be back on the bike soon enough!

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

PE! Bank! New PA! Azalea! 5.5.21

Tim A. Cummins @ 7:53 pm  


I’m looking forward to getting on the bike more this month.

Español cada dia.

I’ve had a change of strategy on Duolingo. Instead of going through all 9 units in Level 1, I’m choosing to go up each lesson to the 5th level in every Unit. I’ve done all the first five units up to level 5. Now I’ll work on doing that for Unit 6.


My bird feeder was on the ground this morning. My guess is a raccoon climbed the wire and broke it. I put everything back together again.

Cloudy, but no rain. We got 5″ in the last two days!


Went to the bank on the way home from Global Mall. As you’ll read later, I went by the bank to deposit more money this evening!

Another 2.5″ of rain yesterday.

I put my new PA through its paces. Tested every input to make sure it functions. I’m really only going to use the one XLR channel with my two wireless mics as well as the Bluetooth mode to talk with my phone. It sounded really good.

I scrubbed and put this old backpack in the wash. I’m planning on using it for mic cables and miscellaneous gear. I like to have it together and protected.

I got the girls doing karaoke. They had a blast.

Interesting caterpillars.

Love my girls!

They always like to cook me things with play dough.

I knew the boxes would be a big hit. Now that I was sure that the PA worked, I could let them have fun.

I was glad that Kathy got to spend some time with them today. They’ve had a great time with the doctor set I got last week.

Paid bills. That includes a $2,000 check to pay down my Master Card bill. I still haven’t been completely reimbursed for some expenses correctly with our payroll company.

Checked on the kids at the mission. They are still doing testing and all the kids are required for now to leave their computers at the school. So that means not much homework for a big. I still enjoy talking to them.

Ashley got home a bit early. Always fun to see her. I pumped up their basketball.

Went by my office to check the mail and water my ficus. Also added some more topsoil.

Deposited checks at the bank on the way home.

Gassed up the car. Checked fluids.

Edited our latest donor list. One of the letters kept bouncing. I decided enough was enough and deleted that donor from our list.

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

PE! Taco Veloz! Plaza Fiesta! Podcast! 5.4.21

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:02 pm  

This is good news.


Ni loca!


This morning, I got to my car and although the carabiner was attached to my belt loop, the key ring was gone! That’s not zesty. Checked the bed first, then pants, then car, then my recliner chair, and EUREKA my hand felt glasses.

I pulled them up and they were the ones that Kathy has been missing for weeks if not months!

Then I checked the other side and found my key ring. Amen!

Just a few minutes late for when I usually get there, still early.

It has really been raining! We had 3.5″ yesterday.

Penelope and I ate fried eggs and toast. Everly went for Special K cereal.

There was a time, before that pandemic that I wouldn’t know how to fry ad egg. Or just cook in general.

I actually had two Walmart orders today. Normally, their system lets it add on to the previous order. Today, I had to start a separate list. No big deal. I just let the guys at Walmart know to look for two orders.

While they play, I study Spanish. I do a lot of things out loud. They don’t seem to mind it.

I set up a little play station for the girls in our car porch.

Blew the area before we left on Safari.

I put the bike rack back on my car. The rear lift gate doesn’t work well anyway. I was planning on putting a new bike for Penelope on it. Usually, the Perimeter Goodwill has quite a selection of bikes and toys. Today, hardly anything. I was really shocked.

Mileage log. Getting back to normal, slowly.

Cloudy and rainy all day long. Sometimes, it was really coming down!

We went to Goodwill first. It was quite a drive and the girls were very good.

We did find a couple of “soft” toys and a two “hard toys.” Even THAT distinction has to be taken account when working with the girls.

Then to Plaza Fiesta! Man! it’s been a long time since we’ve gone through that! We were hoping the big inside playground would be open. Alas, no.

Went for cupcakes and chocolate cake. One of the best slices of Hershey’s chocolate cake I’ve ever had. The girls enjoyed their treats, too.

We got a couple of books at the walk in library at Plaza Fiesta.

Lots of photo ops.

Amazon delivered the new sound system today. Our old PA wasn’t working properly. Kept shorting out the main volume knob. This new one cost only $150 and should really help the ministry. I always follow Amazon reviews.

I really love all this PA stuff.

Amazon also delivered my new shoes! I get a new pair about every two years. The tread gets worn smooth and then they’re a slipping hazard. My old pair will serve as my biking and yard work shoes. I was amazed at how well I kept my old pair looking. I regularly scrubbed them with Ajax and kept them white. But not like this!

This is actually a learning time clock. If you push it’s left foot, it’ll tell you the time. Everly picked it out.

Got the groceries.

Released a new edition of Verbal Surgery “Attention Intention.” It’s an instant classic!

I have this little joker that I put on my Mac to remind me that today Verbal Surgery is due.

Monday, May 3, 2021

Thunderstorms! J to LT! 5.3.21

Tim A. Cummins @ 7:41 pm  

I was reading about dialects this morning and did some study on Jamaican pidgin English.

Rainy with thunderstorms all day long. We’ve had 3.5″ of rain so far today.


New week with a new group of 30 people in Duolingo. I’ve been #1 twice at the very beginning of the competition. Funny.

I usually do two lessons and two stories. Takes me about thirty minutes. I also do reading and listening drills with the TV and Audible.

I’m still trying to figure this Y or J sound thing.

Jesse and I had a fun and delicious lunch at El Torreros. On the way out, I saw this scene with two screwdrivers. I had just watched the Mitchells vs the Machines where having screwdrivers was a key part of the movie. Funny how stuff shows up.

Ordered groceries to pick up tomorrow.

The major parts of the storm may miss us this evening.

Have enjoyed playing Last of Us 2. It’s a very interesting and well written video game.

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