Whirlwind Missions

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Central Baptist Church, Douglasville

Tim A. Cummins @ 6:22 pm  

I had a fun day today with I think the youngest group I’ve ever worked with. 
The kids were elementary and middle schoolers from Douglasville.  They’re the same age as the kids they were working with.  Seemed to go well!
We worked at Azalea Place, Huntington Terraces and Huntington Creek. 
HC is where Ian and Ruthie North are moving into. 
I wanted to have the team there to immediately jump start the North’s ministry at that location.  Ruthie had already made a list of the kids that were there, their brothers and sisters and where they live!  Good start!
I met them at the church to do a briefing of the International Village and tell them to:  Take the Church, To the People!!
I took them around the Village to see the Latino and the Asian shopping centers.  The kids were goggle eyed by the idols and the different foods.
Of course the high point of the day was working with the kids.  They seemed to really enjoy themselves.  The team was made up almost entirely by girls. That, and the age of the team, made them really unique.

God always has his plans, and they always work out!

It was another super cold day.  My bedroom never got above 54 degrees.  Pretty chilly!  Outside I saw it get down to 13 degrees.  Ouch!