Whirlwind Missions

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Newsletters! Furnace! Bikes! Mission!

Tim A. Cummins @ 11:30 pm  

Worked on my newsletters this morning. Every February edition I send with the newsletter a page that asks “Stay on the Team.” If I don’t hear back from them, they drop of the list. Saves time and money.
My friend Al Johnson came by to fix our furnace.
It can get mighty cold! The ignitor was broken. Al is a great guy who worked with me on my first major mission construction project back in 1999! Give him a call if you have heating or air conditioning problems.

He stressed the importance of changing the filters. Got more!

Also got a new binder for the hard copy of the newsletters while I was at Walmart.
Kathy and I took our bikes to the bike doctor. My rear wheel has a major bend in it.
They told me it wouldn’t be a problem to fix. I’m pulling for them!
Over to the mission to work with the kids. Always fun!

It was good to see Abraham and his big brother Andreas today. I remember when Andreas was the size of his little brother. I’ve always liked him.

Thanks to Suburban Rentals I have enough chairs at my mission. I told the boys to take several up to the laundrimat for the residents to sit on while they waited.


K and I ate a Mohosana’s home this evening. It was fun to see the family again.


She’s actually fasting during the day. She missed some days during Ramadan because of an illness. She’s making up for those missed days.

Here’s her calendar that tells her when she can start eating.

Rainy day here in the ATL. Made driving home slow.

Admin duties.

Stomach is not digging the Bengali food right now. Bahd luck.