Whirlwind Missions

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Grandgirls! Doggie Park! Sleep Over! 7.5-8.21

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:26 pm  

I was told as a youngster that holding my breath would keep me from being stung by bees and wasps. Now I know there is science behind it. I was told they thought you were dead and wouldn’t sting a corpse.

Studied. What else is new?

I wasn’t sure of the exact definition.

Picked up the girls on Friday after having Thursday off.

We stopped and got fruit and corn on the way home. Happy face!

After breakfast, we had Brown Cows and Ice Cream Sandwiches.


My wisteria seems to be doing well. These are the new plants.

Cleaned and refilled my hummingbird feeders. I’ve only had two sightings. I hope they’re coming by and I’ve just not seen them.

Also filled feeders and cleaned the bird baths.

I planted my Mother’s Day rose bush.

I took the grandgirls to Metro Diner for lunch. That’s a big burger. Penelope ate about 2/3s of it!

Mailed my tax return signature page in.

I emailed our tax guy about Ashley and Miles return. Then it came in today.

I liked the sound of this.

K and I took the girls to the Doggie Park.

Went by to visit with Kathy’s sister Ann and see her dogs.

I fixed us smores after eating pizza.

Then baths and bed!

The next morning I blew the driveway.

One of the last things I do before the girls leave is to clean the house and put all their toys away for a few days. Helps lessen the clutter in our rooms.

Swept the kitchen and laundry area.

Vacuumed the house.


Blew off and washed the deck. The vivid filter makes it look a lot redder than it is.

Cleaned the glass doors.

Released Verbal Surgery “Pain and Gain.” So good.