Whirlwind Missions

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Grandgirls! Waffle House with K! Thunderstorms! 6.10.21

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:15 pm  

Glad to hear this!

Duolingo en EspaƱol!

Morning light!

Picked up the girls then went to Waffle House. Kathy was with us too.

Hard for me to get fired up about memorizing this word. Not like I use it every day.

We saw another traveling fair near Global Mall. We stopped to check it out.


Ordered groceries.

Now these phrases I might use.

I spotted these tiny white balls on the leaves and sweet gum balls. I think it’s tiny mycelium that will produce mushrooms.

Who else do you know would’ve noticed something like that?

Package for Ashley. She said it’s outfits for the girls.

The sheets of Tyvek for my map jacket project came in today! I hope my tailor can work with it. It certainly isn’t cheap! But that map jacket is one of my trademark looks. It is exactly what my jackets are made of.

I’m always getting the girls to help me with projects.

They enjoyed practicing with the wobble board.

I do a little touch up when they get bored.

I went back to the Liriope project. Planted about 25 plants.

I dug 51 holes.

I try not to do it for too long, makes my back start hurting.

I added the fourth row. Eventually, the whole front area will be covered with it. I’ll leave it till maybe next Spring, then start mowing it.

I’m doing the curves so it always looks kind of finished.

Everly brought her dolls outside for camping.

I filled up the blue pool and they had a pool party with the Barbies.

Some big thunderstorms blew through this afternoon.

I had to wait outside the apartment at Azalea for a few minutes to let it blow over. The girls were sleeping.

Went to the office to check the mail, processed a check, then deposited it on the way home.

My car had a bad time with the traffic and started overheating. I pulled off the road to restart it several times. In the past, that has always fixed the problem. This time, no. Scary. And right before the team comes. Spiritual warfare.

Picked up groceries.