Whirlwind Missions

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Covid! Podcast! Calls! 3.31.21

Tim A. Cummins @ 7:59 pm  

I’m feeling stronger every day. I’m still tired and resting a lot but no fever. Glad to have the rain so the air is cleaner from pollen.

Hard to believe it could freeze tomorrow night.

I thought this was interesting. Google maps will now show the most eco-friendly route to travel.

This was a terrific movie. I enjoyed seeing how we can save the planet by better farming practices.

Studied Spanish. I’m also watching a Netflix series in Spanish called Club de los Cuervos. I’m enjoying it so far.

I look up a lot of words.

Downloaded the episode of Verbal Surgery I recorded yesterday onto my Mac.

When I got the Wysteria from FBC Doraville, I got poison ivy on my arms. Weird, since I didn’t see any at all. This stuff usually helps.

My cherry blossom tree put out some flowers. Yeah! They are almost exactly two years old from when I planted them.

Went to Stone Mountain to record and make calls. It rained almost the entire time I was there. Washing a lot of pollen out of the air. Amen!

I love Wysteria! I can’t wait to have it bloom around my house.

I had a good chat with my Mom and my buddy Anthony.

I got an email from my partners at Peachtree Corners Baptist Church that the are sending $1,500 to pay for our septic tank. PTL!

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