Whirlwind Missions

Monday, April 5, 2021

ISS! Covid! Podcast! Yard Work! 4.5.21

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:31 pm  

Sunday night I saw the International Space Station for the 68th time! A short viewing of only about three minutes. Tonight, I should also be able to see it.

Downloaded my recording of “You Beauty” onto my Mac.

Studied Spanish.

Had a good night’s sleep.


Paid bills, including a big payment towards my Mastercard bill.

I had planned on getting a second Covid test today.

When I went to talk to the medics they said a second test wasn’t necessary if I haven’t had fever for more than three days, which I haven’t. They also said that the test they gave would show positive for thirty days since first contracting the virus. I’ve had only fourteen days, so they didn’t think it would be worthwhile for me.

My poison ivy is a bit better. The aloe vera seems to be helping dry it out.

Beautiful day.

Went to Stone Mountain to record “Off/On,” a new episode of Verbal Surgery. Super good one.

I had a good chat with a friend of mine whose grandmother is going through chemo for her pancreas. Prayed for her.

I’m looking forward to seeing the grandgirls tomorrow. It’s Spring Break at Stone Mountain so everything should be open. We will probably go early so we can beat the lines. All of us have had covid so I’m not nearly as uptight about the crowds as I was before.

The dogwoods are gorgeous.

Came home to clean the garage, front porch and driveway. I blew it and then washed all the surfaces. It was a LOT of work, in particular because I’m still feeling kind of tired. That also included all the walls of the house in the area and the cars.

The final job was to drain the water hose and do the best I could to untwist it. Hard.

Looks way better.

Came inside, cleaned all my clothes and took a shower. I wore a mask to help with all that pollen affecting me.

Played some Last of Us Part 2.

I normally have been taking a nap in the afternoon. Didn’t today so I can go to sleep around 9pm. I’ll be getting up at 7:15 to pick up the girls tomorrow. I’m looking forward to having them, but my body still needs to rest.

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