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Friday, August 5, 2022

Grandgirls! J! Keswick! Fernbank! 8.5.22

Tim A. Cummins @ 6:41 pm  

Today marks the end of a major chapter in my life. For over two years, I’ve been getting up early in the morning and meeting Ashley and the grandgirls at Global Mall and taking care of them all day long. As of Monday, they both start school! I’ll be there to pick them up from the bus stop at 2:30 PM. But the early mornings are officially over except for when there are school breaks.



Paid bills.

Some of Penelope’s art from yesterday.


Took the grandgirls over to Keswick park this morning. I picked them up at Azalea because Ashley wasn’t feeling well. I think she had the same thing I was dealing with all day on Wednesday.

We went by McDonalds to get some breakfast and ate it at my office at FBC Doraville.

Then to the park below the church.

Went back to my house to pick up Jessi. We’d been talking about going over to Fernbank today to see the T. Rex exhibit for weeks! Started out with lunch at El T. The girls and I just ate some chips and a bit of quesadilla. We were still full from breakfast.

Fernbank! Tyrannosaurs!

First time for the girls in a real movie theatre. IMAX! We watched a film about Ireland. It was ok.

Cool interactive exhibits for the kids at Fernbank.

Picked up some meds for Ashley.

Hot today!

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