Whirlwind Missions

Friday, March 3, 2023

ENT! Taxes! Homestead Exemption! Podcast! 3.3.23

Tim A. Cummins @ 6:08 pm  

I got some things clarified about a 1099 form we received. Turned out to be ongoing education that Kathy is doing.

I’ll be talking to my health insurance guy on Tuesday to get the Medicare stuff started for me since I turn 65 in July.


Cooler and drizzly.


Had a chat with my brother in law Bill about his web site and web name domain.

We had a good meeting with Jessi’s ENT Doctor Hoddeson. J’s really breathing great now!

J also had an auditory test to verify that her auditory nerve is functioning properly. We will set up an appointment soon to talk with another doctor to see what can be done to help her hearing situation.

Powerful thunderstorms narrowly missed us. Sure am glad I had those trees trimmed. Those big dead limbs were a disaster waiting to happen.

Studied Spanish and did a 1.27 mile walk.

Paid bills.

Did my taxes. PTL! That’s always a relief. I’ll get that in the mail on Monday.

Ordered more checks.

Made the application for the Homestead Exemption. Another big job!

Released a new episode of Verbal Surgery called,
“What I Am.”

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