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Monday, July 8, 2024

PE! Azalea! Dentist! Downtown! 7.8.24

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:17 pm  

I’ve become intrigued with the slang that young people use today.

Big storm blew through the ATL last night. Knocked our power out for about an hour.

Came in #6 last week. Broke two million points this morning! That’s a LOT of studying.

Now that’s hot.




I liked Eric Barker’s blog on Resilience today.

Love my girls!

Kids worked hard on their homework and times tables.

I don’t have good cell reception near my house. Frankly, most everywhere since I got Mint Mobile. So when the power cuts out and I don’t have wi-fi either, we are really cut off. Feels pretty weird/bad.

As we were leaving the mission, I got a call from Miles asking me if I could take the girls over to the dentist. Big departure from what we were planning on doing. We still did it. Cleaning went well. Everly has a number of cavities she needs working on.

After the dentist, we jumped on the MARTA at Doraville and went downtown which was our original plan.

While we were at Metro Diner for lunch, I met our server who was from Albania. I learned a couple of words and practiced them with her. Of course that always blows them a way when I’m able to greet them or say thanks in their own language.

We enjoyed playing at the Hyatt. We do different games in the underground ballroom areas. Sort of like hide and seek plus kick the can.

I use Google Maps for navigation. Did you know it can look up the price of gas at each station?

Don Cheto.

Got home pretty quickly.

Keep going.

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