Whirlwind Missions

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Grandgirls! Party/Conference Prep! Skating! 1.3.23

Tim A. Cummins @ 6:45 pm  

I liked these resolutions.

The grandgirls and I went to Waffle House this morning. We met a guy named Moussa from Senegal. Gave me a chance to speak French and show the girls were Senegal is.

Always learning or making my knowledge deeper.


Incredibly mild this morning.


Ashley and the girls had a play date yesterday with some friends. They gave the girls some bags of clothes. Everly and I worked on organizing some of them. We cleaned out one drawer so there was room to put stuff and separated those that could be given to Goodwill. Most of the families we work with are really not into used clothes. Occasionaly, the kids will go for jackets if the weather is really cold.

I let the president of our board know when we are going to have the Christmas Party. Too cold to do it earlier!

Dropped my newsletter off at FBC Doraville. The secretary has Tuesdays off. She’ll do it for me tomorrow.

I got this text late last night. It looked suspicious to me. The girls and I went to Bank of America to verify that indeed it was a scam!

The girls danced around while we waited.

We went to the Dollar Tree (now $1.25!) to get presents for the party on Thursday. One cart of toys was about $250!

The girls were a big help.

Then to the church for me to organize the things I’ll be taking to Birmingham for the missions conference there this coming weekend. I’ll also be speaking to the youth group and their parents to encourage them to come this Summer. It’s the only team we have for sure so far. Several others are on the fence.

The girls skated while I worked.

Then to Walmart to get cookies to decorate and plates for the party.

Grandgirls start back to school tomorrow!

Rainy afternoon.

Good weather for napping.

Radio from Spain on the way home.