Whirlwind Missions

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Jessi! ENT! Azalea! 1.31.23

Tim A. Cummins @ 10:11 pm  

I always appreciate hearing from listeners!

I thought this was a great shot of my nephew Jacob Cummins and his family.


EspaƱol! Walked 1.45 miles while I studied.

Jessi and I went to the ENT office to have the post-op with Dr. Hoddeson the surgeon who repaired the deviated septum in J’s nose.

Dr. Hoddeson removed the splints in J’s nose.

The report was very good and Jessi is already breathing way better. The doctor said she would continue to improve over the next few weeks as well!

Listened to radio from Madrid.

The apartment complex construction across from Azalea continues.

Penelope read a book to me about narwales. We listened to whale sounds afterwards.

I contacted my dentist’s office about finishing up my implant.

Helped the kids at the mission with their homework.

Went to my office to check the mail.

Ordered more nasal solution for J to keep the surgical site clean.

Went to the Post Office to get stamps for the newsletters.

Gassed up my car and checked the fluids.

Took the garbage can to the street. The recycling only needs to be taken out every other week. The county is very strict as to what can be recycled.

Stuffed the newsletters and put stamps on the envelopes.

We still need to enclose the tax letters before we mail them. Everything else is ready to go. Ashley and I will work on printing the letters and putting them in the envelopes and getting them into the mail on Thursday. I already have the letters in alphabetical order.

Strong competition this week. There are two people in this group that have over 1,000,000 points and nearly a hundred Top Three places. They’re hard to beat. I will very likely come in third, which is fine with me.