Whirlwind Missions

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Anthony! Bank! Garage! Groceries! 2.4.21

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:41 pm  


I read this word in an article.

I didn’t have the girls today. I always miss them.

Long talk with our health insurance company. Made sure everything is in order and ordered our new ID cards.

Studied Spanish.

Brain training.

Super cold weather.


I tried to help Kathy’s sister cancel an appointment to get her house cleaned, but the number we had was out of service.

I went to Stone Mountain to make a call and study. While I was there, one of the cable cars got stuck. It was almost to the top. Just in case your wondering, the car is not in this shot.

The weather apps I have said it was sunny. It was completely overcast. Bizarre.

Went to the Bank of America to ask some questions about setting up a Health Savings Account.

I talked to my insurance agent who knew more about what BOA offered than the customer service people did. Surprised by that.

When we first moved to Stone Mountain, this mini-golf place always reminded me of home.

Over to the Kroger Pharmacy for Jesse’s meds.

Went to my sister-in-law’s house to work on her garage door opener. I opened one unit completely up and tried to reprogram two of the garage door clickers. Neither would program properly. I put in a new 9V battery and put the pieces back together.

I was able to get one garage door opener to work! I cleaned out the garage on one side so she could park in her new spot.

Transported squirrel #153.

I found the insurance card for the Mercury and put it in J’s car which we leave at Ann’s house.

Had about .5″ of rain over the last couple of days.

Picked up the groceries. They were running about an hour late from my original appointment. That’s the only time that’s happened.

Gassed up my car. Checked the oil and cleaned the windshield.

Sometimes it’s hard to pump gas into my car. It acts like it’s stopped up. What a hassle.

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