Whirlwind Missions

Sunday, June 23, 2024

Español! Podcast! Heat! 6.23.24

Tim A. Cummins @ 3:36 pm  

This sounds like fun.

Spent extra time studying Español last night, in particular word placement and pronouns.

I don’t have my podcast on Spotify. A friend was telling me I should do it. I don’t really care.


Cleaned the area behind my toilet.

My old (#3) shoes turned out looking good after the paint job. I decided to repaint my #2 set of shoes.

I went to Ann’s house to turn her AC down a bit. Her wheelchair was inside the garage. She was gone. As I expected, I later heard that she had been transported to the ER. She’s not in good shape.

Ordered back up earbuds. I couldn’t find mine this afternoon. Eventually, I realized they were underneath another set of cords.

I use these little bags to carry my vitamins around. I also put little gifts in them.

Recorded a new episode of Verbal Surgery called “The Other Side.” Excellent.

Saturday, June 22, 2024

Español! Weather Apps! Bike! 6.22.24

Tim A. Cummins @ 6:33 pm  

No wonder we are so hot.

I’ve been enjoying looking at the wind, weather and satellite apps. So beautiful.

Even Apple’s wx app is interesting. These days I’m particularly interested in learning about high and low pressure areas and the direction of the winds.

I’ve been into Personal Knowledge Management for decades but I’ve never had a place I could put things that was easily searchable before. I’m using the My Mind app now. It’s like visual notes with AI search power.



I put a new flag up. It’s the NoZe Brotherhood’s colors.

Did the laundry.


Prepped my bike.

Rode 12.58 miles.

Hilly ride.

During my ride I saw this big snake skin. Not sure what kind.

I wore these shoes to ride. When I got home, I painted them.

Most weeks I would think I was going to come in #2. We’ll see.

Friday, June 21, 2024

PE! Azalea! Library! Websites! 6.21.24

Tim A. Cummins @ 7:12 pm  


Corresponded with Bluehost a lot today about my websites. I went ahead and signed up for three more years to get a massive discount. They will reimburse me what I had been charged. The price for hosting my websites will go from about $800/year to around $150.


Nice in the morning.

Washed J’s comforter at Azalea in the industrial strength machines.

Love my girls!

Sprayed my Pink Magnolia with fungicide. Hope it helps.

The girls found some beads outside the mission. They made a little town for them.

Kids worked hard in Super School this morning.

We do some of the workbooks and then focus on multiplication tables.

We still have about six weeks left of the Summer.

I found out today that a flag like this means they support the January 6th coup.

We ate at the Downwind restaurant at the airport today. Delicious.

Had fun at the Chamblee Library.

Everly read seven books and Penelope read nine. They have a goal of twenty five during the Summer.

Don Cheto.

Bank to deposit a check.

Keep going.

Thursday, June 20, 2024

Solstice! PE! Stone Mountain! 6.20.24

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:13 pm  

The girls were confused when I told them that today was officially the first day of Summer.

I can see this being a total disaster in Mecca.



Get out early if you’re going to do anything.

The girls and I hiked Stone Mountain this morning.

We enjoyed looking at the carvings.

The oldest one we found was near the top from 1816. Two hundred years old!

We did great on the hike. They were very strong.

We had ice cream, pretzels and popcorn for a treat.

We hiked a little over 2.54 miles. This was how long it took us to get to the summit.

They like to climb on the trees at the top.

Practicing their balancing skills.

Bubble gum rock.

The big P.

I showed the girls my favorite carving. It’s from the “old ones.” Some ancient language that has been lost to antiquity. I’ve spent hours doing research on who might have done this.

Everly is especially interested in lizards. We saw four on our hike. We saw two Fence Lizards and two five lined skinks.

Went to the museum after our hike to see how Stone Mountain was formed.

Then to see if the German Bakery was being repaired. It was not. That was really sad for us. It was one of our favorite places.

Then to Chick Fil A to eat. The girls tried to enjoy the playground but it was way too small for them.

Went to Ann’s house to check on her phone. She said it was working fine. The house reeked of urine. We made a hasty retreat out of there.

Got a pie and some gum from Kroger. This looked funny to me.

I’m not sure what this is about. I sent it to my tech guy to determine what’s going on. I thought he updated this already.

I’ve started using My Mind to organize the notes I take every day. Wish I would have been using this over the years. It would make it super easy to search what went on when. I upgraded to the paid version today. I can see myself using this a lot.

I find the wind app Ventusky fascinating.

Relentless with knowledge acquisition.

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

PE! Hill! K! Lazy River! 6.19.24

Tim A. Cummins @ 10:53 pm  


The grandgirls made a fort this morning.

K and I took her truck over to Garmon to get the oil changed. They said the check engine light was some type of evap system malfunction. Doesn’t effect performance.

Cooler today.

Powerful winds in the gulf.


The girls got some exercise with me.


Hiked 2.54 miles. Eighteen hills.

PEK came with me to the Mountain Park Aquatic Center. We call it the Lazy River. We had a good time.

Called Nana. Left her a voice mail.

We ate at MJs this evening.

Enjoyed UNO with the girls. I taught Penelope and K how to play this evening.

Girls blowing their parents kisses.


Continued the Apple Care on my Air Mac.

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

PE! Azalea! Bank! Car! 6.18.24

Tim A. Cummins @ 7:11 pm  

I like this.

I dig the wind.



Ordered groceries.

Keep going.

Nice in the morning. The clouds kept it cooler.

Stopped by my office to check the mail.

Went to the mission and installed the new toilet seat.

Love my girls!

Super School! We’ve been working hard on the multiplication tables the last two days.

We play games and have treats after the work is done.

Processed and deposited checks. Thank you, Jesus!

The girls look cute in their new classes and bonnets.

Buford Highway Farmers Market for lunch.

They usually get German chocolate for lunch. Unfortunately, she got dark chocolate and didn’t like it.

On the way home we stopped by Young World to see K. She always likes that.

The girls helped me clean my car.

I detailed the interior and cleaned all the windows.

Don Cheto!

Gassed up my car and checked the oil. It was fine.

Decided to get some of this for the next time I clean my car.

Got the groceries and put them up.

Checked to make sure that this will be open tomorrow. Looking forward to the Lazy River pool.

I got pizza for P and I and picked up beans and rice from El Torreros and cooked eggs for Everly.

Back and forth we go.

Monday, June 17, 2024

Español! PE! Lenox Mall! 6.17.24

Tim A. Cummins @ 6:56 pm  


Came in #1 last week.

This is near where my family in Texas lives.

Not bad in the morning.



Love my girls!

Super School.

We worked on measuring things and started learning the multiplication tables.

I made a calendar for us today. It shows when the teams will be in town and when school starts again. Fifty days from tomorrow!

I’ve noticed some white powdery mildew on my Pink Magnolia plants again. I ordered more spray for it. Hope I caught it early enough this time.

She actually had a bloom!

After we study, we play some card games.

I talked with the leader from one of the teams coming in July. We nailed down where we would be taking the kids to eat.

The girls went with me to Lowes to get some bug spray, a measuring tape and a new toilet seat for the mission.

We dropped off my old modem at the Comcast store. I hooked up the new one yesterday at my house.

We ate lunch at Lenox Mall. Unfortunately, there was a problem in one of the kitchens in the food court and we suffered through at least twenty minutes of the most horrible alarm you can imagine. Ear splitting. It kind of freaked Penelope out.

We liked the food. Went to Ponko chicken for P and Wok Garden for E and me.

I liked this statue.

Stopped at DQ for ice cream.

I told the girls that this is where Sugamama went to high school.

Got word from my brother that our Mom had a safe transfer to her new spot for her rehab of her hip.

Don Cheto.

Left the girls with their Dad and went to the UPS store to drop off the remote control that I couldn’t get to synch up with my Mac.

I ran out of checks today. Totally caught me off guard. That is very unlike me. Ordered more.

This may be a tight week.

Sunday, June 16, 2024

Español! Podcast! Feeders! 6.16.24

Tim A. Cummins @ 6:21 pm  

It’s hot.

Still trying to get Jessi’s website back up and running.

I liked this collage Ash did for Milo. Cute. He’s a great Dad!



Don Cheto.

My debit card chip hasn’t been working. I not a new card today. Tried to use the chip and it gave a malfunction message. I’ll try it at another place tomorrow. The tap works so I know the card is activated. I sent an email to my mortgage banker to make sure I don’t need to update any information for my account since I’m on a auto debit.

I recorded a new episode of Verbal Surgery called “Large Language Models.” Good one. Placed it on Facebook.

I like some of the songs from this album.

Did I mention it’s hot?

I got a new modem/router today. Hooked it up with the help of J and tech support.

Vacuumed the house.

Cleaned the device.

Watered my outdoor plants. I felt like I needed to give the grass some water after the trimming yesterday.

Cleaned and refilled the hummingbird feeders. I don’t see them very often.

Cleaned and refilled the bird baths.

I’ll probably come in #1 this week. But sometimes people make a big push. I don’t really care. I just have a goal of being in the top 3.

Saturday, June 15, 2024

Español! Yard Work!

Tim A. Cummins @ 6:48 pm  




Made a donation to the Biden campaign.

I bought myself three shirts for Father’s Day.

I hooked up my new clicker for my computer, but it didn’t want to synch properly with my Mac. Went with the type I had before, which was just fine.

I no longer mow. I only use a trimmer. Way better for the environment, no fumes, not very loud and way lighter. It might take a few minutes longer, but not by much.

Watered the plants on the deck.

Picked up a lot of sticks.

Blew the driveway.

Yard looks better.

Clean the shoes.

It was hot and humid. Not an easy job, but still way better than mowing.

Father’s Day. Even the Groundhogs beat us.


Keep going.

Friday, June 14, 2024

PE! Downtown ATL! Bank! 6.14.24

Tim A. Cummins @ 6:08 pm  

I don’t think the Supreme Court is doing a good job. Letting bump stocks back? Are they crazy?!

This doesn’t surprise me.

I dig enthusiasm.



I hooked up the new RF cord into the router this morning. Everything works great.

Love my girls!

Worked with the kids at the mission.

We went on Safari to downtown ATL today. We enjoy the Marta train.

Peachtree Center escalator. It’s huge! London has a couple like this.

So many cool things to experience.

We got to see some of the real life versions of these Legoland buildings.

Kamala Harris is in town. We had fun talking to all the motorcycle cops.

Going up or going down?

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