Whirlwind Missions

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Grandgirls! Azalea! 1.27.22

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:47 pm  

Studied air sectional maps last night.

Also a new app called B4Ufly.

Listened to live Air Traffic Control from JFK in NYC.

Here are some questions from the FAA test for drone pilots. My small drone, although high quality, is so light that it does not require taking the pilot license test. I still find the information interesting. If I ever did part time work shooting arial video I’d need to be certified with the FAA.

Here is the sectional map for where we live. As you can tell, there is a lot of air traffic near me. Hartsfield airport is the busiest in the WORLD!

This is PDK, the airport near Azalea Place apartments.

It’s easier for me to take a picture and then zoom in than to use a magnifying glass.

Here’s a zoomed in shot of the sun I took yesterday. Incredible.


I’ve known a lot of the words from this list recently.

We’ve had a significant upgrade in our washer and dryer. It’s been a hassle, I hope these two machines last us a long time.

Love my girls!


Everly helped me get the stamps for the newsletters this morning.

Deposited checks.

Everly is such a blessing.

Helped the kids with their homework. I didn’t think I’d have many today. I had a lot. They are taking multiplication tests and needed the reviews and timed tests.


Harry! I’ve listened to over fifteen hours of this book already.

Checked the mail at my office.

Also picked up a dolly I had in my storage room at the church and took it to Jimmy Kendall. His dolly was light duty and I think it broke when he was trying to move the washing machine around. I felt bad about that.

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Grandgirls! Miles! Washing Machine! Yard! Azalea! 1.26.22

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:12 pm  

Sounds helpful.


Cold day, but warmed up and felt nice.





Love my girls!

I got the “new” (It’s actually Ashley and Miles’ old one that they had years ago.) washing machine installed this morning. Took a while because I had to clear a path for the machine to get in. Everything seemed to work fine.

Vacuumed the house.

I dump the dirt that was collected and clean the parts every time.

Deposited checks.

I cut the pumpkin into big pieces so the animals could eat what they want. The raccoons got a lot of it out through the holes I had cut in it yesterday.

I raked and swept the area in front of my door.

Everly wanted to get involved. She’s a sweetheart!

We cleaned up my St.Francis shrine and put some new pinecones out.

Scrubbed my shoes. Air dried them.

I enjoy Penelope’s art so much.

A new favorite.

Helped the kids with their homework.

Took Miles and the girls out for Vietnamese food. I’m SO happy that Penelope likes it now.

Incredible clouds!


I’ve never shot the sun that looked like this.

Added a little more silicon caulk to a corner in my bathroom.

Collected tax documents that were sent to me on line.

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Everly! Test! Azalea! Washing Machine! Podcast! 1.25.22

Tim A. Cummins @ 10:04 pm  

Did some research on the Apple Weather app. Wasn’t sure what the bars meant.

Always learning.

Helped Kathy with her on line classes.

Need to work on this.


New week!

Today I had a helicopter hovering over Global Mall (where I wait for the girls) for about twenty minutes. I’ve never seen anything like that before. I’m thinking perhaps it was a news chopper, although most of them have their logo somewhere. Looks like a big camera lens at the bottom.

Mild today.


Love my Everly!

Talked to Everly’s other grandfather today! Jim Kendall is a great guy. He helped me get the washing machine over to my house from his house. It’s the one that Ashley and Miles used to use in Clarkston. It’s been at Jimmy’s house for years.

I saw pictures from the Yellow River Game Sanctuary about giving their raccoons pumpkins. They cut holes in them and the raccoons would reach in and scrape out the seeds and other goodies. I decided to do the same thing.

Kathy spent the day with us. We enjoyed Taco Veloz.

Helped the kids at the mission.

Checked the mail at the office.

I texted Jim Kendall when I was on my way to his house.

We moved the washing machine over to my house. I’ll move the old one out and put install the other one tomorrow. Doesn’t pay to try and do that stuff in the dark.

Released Verbal Surgery -914- “Fire Breathing.” So good.

Monday, January 24, 2022

Anthony! Podcast! CPAP! Radiator! 1.24.22

Tim A. Cummins @ 6:55 pm  


The old days.


Good one.



Picture from last week. Looking forward to seeing my girls tomorrow!

I may check this out.

Helped Kathy with some curriculum and tests she’s taking.

This is a pretty big deal to me. There are over 142 million people studying Spanish on Duolingo now.

I liked these ideas.



We got Kathy’s car to T&G this morning. Looks like it needs a new radiator.


Beautiful day.

Went to Stone Mountain to record and call my buddy Anthony.

Always be part of the solution.


Kathy’s CPAP went dead today. That’s not good. I had a new power supply delivered today, but that didn’t work.

I immediately sent a request in to Kathy’s doctor to get help with a replacement. This machine is actually under a recall! We’re supposed to have a new one by now, but not yet.

I’ll be in touch with these guys again soon.

Gassed up the car and checked fluids. Windshield wiper fluid was low. I topped it off when I got home.

I’m returning the power supply I just got for the CPAP that’s not working. I thought it was interesting that I bring in the part “naked.”

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Podcast! Calls! 1.23.22

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:01 pm  

After testing positive, the last two tests Kathy has taken have been negative.

I may do this with my pumpkin. Looks like the coons would have fun with it!

That’s not zesty.



Cold again.

Ya yo se esta palabra.


Keep going.

Ashley worked on our websites. I gave her the information that I had and she reset passwords.

I’m not putting my carnivorous plants outside till after all this weather in the 20s abates.

Recorded the podcast “Lookist” this morning at Stone Mountain.

Talked to my Mom.

And to my buddy Anthony.


Saturday, January 22, 2022

Covid! Testing! Podcast! Boba Fett! 1.22.22

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:36 pm  

Everly wanted the Rapunzel doll. Came in last night.



Had a good prayer time with my buddy Mark Commagere in Texas. Sent him a little gift for a blessing. I used some of this oil for it.

I got my result for the covid test. I had a negative result as did Miles, Everly and Penelope. I also took J for a test and hers came out negative as well. Kathy also took a second test yesterday and hers was negative after showing positive just the day before. She went back for a third test today!


I ordered a new power supply for Kathy’s CPAP. The wire has been shorting out.

And filters.

I released a new episode of Verbal Surgery called “First Thirst.”

I enjoyed watching Boba Fett on Disney+.

Had a good rest day. Didn’t even leave the house which is rare for me.

Friday, January 21, 2022

Covid! 1.21.22

Tim A. Cummins @ 5:50 pm  



I like this.

We are dealing with Covid today.




Knew this one from Harry.

I got the test results on Kathy’s swab this morning. Turned out Positive. That’s not good.

Everly and I went to Huntley Hills to get Penelope out of school. I called Miles and let him know the situation. He came straight home and then all four of us went to get the test today. Hopefully, we all turn out negative and they can all go back to normal, EXCEPT I won’t be able to help. I’m not sure who will be able to watch Everly. I’ll be exposed to Covid every day, at least for the next five days I guess. Then K and I will need to take another test insure we both are Covid free.

I thought this art by Penelope was really cool.

Mas Harry.

I’m surprised they don’t say to get tested.

Resting now. It’s been a hard week.

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Grandgirls! Azalea! Freezing! 1.20.22

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:49 pm  


C’mon, guys!

Glad to see this.

We can do better.

Still good, baby!


Tallulah is a lifetime favorite. I turned 30 there.


Cold and wet.


Love my girls!

Grouping and counting.


Deposited checks.

I’ve started recording the stories I make up for Everly when it’s nap time.

Dreary day. It’s what I call “Europe Weather.”

Kathy was told yesterday that she had been exposed to Covid. She took a home test that came out negative, but the test was expired by a month. So she went to a testing center in Chamblee. We should get the results tomorrow, I hope.

There were National Guard folks out there helping.

Honestly, I couldn’t believe I had a bunch of kids come for help with homework. It was a new record for us: A wind chill of 30 degrees. We just keep going and I was constantly cracking jokes so it turned out fine. We were out there for about two hours. I was glad I had some extra hats. I gave them all away.

Checked the mail at the church.

Went by Walmart to pick up my groceries.

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Grandgirls! Azalea! Sunset! 1.19.22

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:26 pm  

I ordered my set yesterday.


I’m not exactly sure what happened, but I got to Global Mall earlier than ever! You know it’s early when Google Maps is still black!


My girls!

So many beautiful clouds today.

Everly helped me clean the glass doors.

We got more rain than snow and ice.

Everly and I went to Pho 24 today. Vietnamese sandwiches are so good.

She had fun playing with Play dough.

Went to Walmart to pick up a few things including strawberries!

I thought it was pretty windy, surprised at this reading. We don’t have wind from the South very often.

Turned out to be a nice day. Still pretty cool for me!

Our new thing is to wait for Penelope to get off the bus while we wait near her apartment. I think she felt like only the parents with really little kids met the bus. Cool with me if she wants to feel grown up.

Penelope liked the strawberries too.

I called my appliance guys to see if I could get someone to come look at my washing machine. They told me they’d give him the message. He didn’t work today.

Helped the kids with their homework.

Juvenile Red Tailed Hawk I think.


The shots I was getting this evening were amazing.

So beautiful!

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Grandgirls! Azalea! ISS! 1.18.22

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:30 pm  

Good one.

From the Willpower Instinct by Kelly McGonigal.


First thing this morning I checked Google Maps to see how my commute to Global Mall would be after the snow and ice. Clear sailing.

Cold morning.


Gorgeous! This was from my morning drive.

And this from when I got home this evening.

Great to see my girls!

I’m helping a friend with an unusual problem. He’s interested in using a botanica.

Adelante! After I write my blog, I’ll probably spend at least twenty minutes studying this evening. Particularly practicing pronunciation at full speed.

Got gas and checked fluids. Everly played on the rocks.

Ordered groceries. I’ll pick them up tomorrow on the way home. I hope. Sometimes they’re super busy and don’t have mine done.

Never too much Penelope! She’s such a blessing.

Took them to El Torerros for chips and cheese.

She’s learning to blow bubbles.

Helped the kids with their homework. It’s pretty hard for them. Impossible without my help, really. They need someone to explain how to do the stuff. Like how to multiply two large numbers with decimal points. Where to put the decimal point when the problem is finished.

As you can tell, it’s cold outside. I’m usually outside with them for two hours. Or more.

I remember giving her those hat and gloves.

Notification of the International Space Station. Tonight I saw it for my 75th time!


Getting ready for the big mission conference in Alabama in a couple of weeks.

Ordered Covid tests.

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