Whirlwind Missions

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Drone! Grandgirls! School! Dryer! 1.5.21

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:01 pm  

I’m super careful with my stuff. When I bought my DJI Mini SE drone, I also got all the accessories that it needed. Last night I installed the landing extension arms. This raises the drone off the ground nearly an inch which allows the gimble (the part that holds the camera steady) to do its adjustments without running the lens into the ground.

I also installed the mini SD card into its slot. I still have a couple of small things I’m waiting for. In particular, the ND filters which will protect the lens of the camera from debris.


It was great to have Kathy with me today. It was fun to see Penelope in action.

There were fourteen kids in her class on line.

I spent most of my time with Everly. We drew figures.

Penelope got a fifteen minute break about every forty five minutes.

I liked this. Thanks for the help from heaven.

We did a lot of counting and sorting.

She counted to thirty three today without stopping and only made one mistake.

I organized the after school program closet. Chucked a lot of stuff.

Here is the closet when it was pretty sell sorted. I still had a lot of cleanup to do.


I thought the programs for her school were pretty cool.

Penelope drew this. She said it was Kathy and me.

Everly cut these pictures out and glued them. Can you tell what these three were for? It was the example of the sounds D, E and F.



There were a bunch of kids that didn’t get to come to the Christmas Party. I had gifts for them. I didn’t want to forget them just because they had a scheduling conflict. Today I let them pick things they liked. I let everyone pick a gift, then pick a second, most got three. It seemed to work out pretty well that way.

We got our new dryer installed. I think the old dryer shorted out the outlet. We have a much newer, bigger unit so it all works out. We have the electrician coming on Friday to work on the outlet.

After the party, I helped the kids at the mission with their homework.

I sent a picture of the breaker box to the electrician. If it turns out the outlet is ok, it has to be the breaker. Since I smelled a hot wire odor when it conked out, I’m pretty sure it’s the outlet. That old dryer caused the issue.