Whirlwind Missions

Friday, January 28, 2022

Everly! Flooding! Cold! 1.28.22

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:09 pm  

Did my brain training last night. Did remarkably well considering I haven’t been practicing.


Describes me.

I’ve been encouraging Everly to work on her writing. We’ll start with her name!


Never too much Ashley!

We had an online conference with Kathy’s Pulmonary Doctor this morning. Her CPAP has not been working. That’s not good. He sent over an order to our CPAP distributor but he warned us that because of this massive Phillips recall they may not have any machines.

Ordered groceries. I’m not sure why a lot more people don’t take advantage of this FREE service (If you buy over $35 of groceries. Who doesn’t do that?).

The new washing machine is working well. Have to get the old one hauled off.

Went by Dr. Abraham’s office to get paperwork for Kathy’s handicapped hangar for her car.

I thought we were going to pick up the hangar. Instead, they gave me the application form that the doctor had signed. We still have to apply and go to the DMV. That’s not zesty.

After lunch, we went to the Dollar Tree ($1.25!) to look for calculators for the kids at the mission. The fish store was next door so we took a quick tour through that too.

She didn’t really want to go, but afterwards she said, “You were right Pop Pop, that was fun!”

We decided to go straight on back to Azalea. Man! Was it good we did! The upstairs neighbor’s hot water heater was leaking which went straight into Ashley’s house! I went in the front door and headed to the kitchen and was sloshing around in about 2″ of water! That will get your attention!

I immediately called the manager to alert the maintenance guy, got out a bunch a towels to block off the living room and bedrooms, got a dust pan and started filling up an empty trash can with water just as fast as I could. Dumped it into the bathtub and just kept going.

I probably scraped up and dumped at least ten gallons of water. Used the broom to keep the water towards the bathroom and away from the bedrooms.

Then I got the last of the water up with a thin towel. I wrung it out into the bathtub. I did that for about an hour.

Mr. Chin came over to get the leak upstairs stopped, then came in to completely dry out the heater. He used what looked like a hair dryer on steroids.

Eventually I got everything dried up then started fans blowing. Mr. Chin also brought over a dehumidifier. I think it’s actually a portable AC unit. It has the same effect, but who is going to run cold air when it’s 20 degrees tonight?

She did a beautiful job coloring this. Very precise.

While I was dealing with the water challenge, Everly was putting together a little store. She’s so cute. Her organization was very well thought out.

Repaired the zip-ties keeping the basketball net attached to the rim.

I set up the table and chairs and got all equipment out to help the kids, but the wind chill was brutal. We had really worked hard this week and everyone had completed their work. I put the gear up early since all the kids were inside their houses.

Sure am glad I live in a house with a nice heater.

Harry! I’m at a good part. Almost hated to make it home. I don’t get everything, but enough to keep up with the story.

Checked the mail at the office.

Put food out for the animals. I know they’ll be suffering this evening. At least they won’t be so hungry.