Whirlwind Missions

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Podcast! Dentist!

Tim A. Cummins @ 10:21 pm  

Studied Swahili and Spanish.

Jesse brought home a drainage hose I needed to replace for the house. I’ll install that soon.
Recorded a new podcast! Whenever I’m under stress, I seem to do a lot more recording. Financial issues related to the dentist I reckon.

Captured and released squirrel #24.

Honestly, I can’t tell any fewer in the neighborhood. But I do know that I got the ones that were in my house. We haven’t heard any gnawing in weeks.

Spent a little time at Stone Mountain before I went to the dentist to chill out. It’s so beautiful over there.
It’s a strict place.

Department of Redundancy Department.

I couldn’t figure out why a squirrel would want to chew on the towel container.

Went to my dentist.

Put the new incisor crown in.

It really is an amazing science. And blindingly expensive.

Interesting molds and casts.

I studied Spanish between treatments.

After gluing in the new incisor crown, he sawed off an old crown that had decay under it, drilled out the decay, built and platform for a new crown and put a temporary crown in. HOPEFULLY, that crown will be ok for a month, then we can get the permanent put in. If that temporary crown has problems, then that indicates that there’s not enough tooth left to work with and the tooth has to be extracted and replaced with a bridge or implant. Talking about $4,000! Yow! So pray that this crown will work.

Came home to get the garbage and recyle out. I’ve got some extra containers I’m using. Hopefully, they’ll get it all. Not TOO much out there.

This is the recycle.

I still have this to piecemeal out over the coming weeks.

Just getting that stuff to the street takes time!

Admin duties now.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Swahili! Podcast! Mission!

Tim A. Cummins @ 10:19 pm  

Studied Spanish and Swahili.

I thought the sharp edges on these clouds were interesting.

Enjoyed lunch with Jesse. Always fascinating conversation.

Caught and released two squirrels today, one this morning and one later this afternoon.

Reading Enlightenment Now.

The cardinal likes his new perch.

Love the flowers on this new begonia. Talk about floribunda!

Dropped off some new costumes for the show at the church and picked up mail.

Went to the mission to check on the kids. We helped a couple. Mainly just hang out and talk to them.

We went on Safari around the complex.

I take Penelope on an adventure every time I’m there.

During the Spring Clean, I found my portable DVD player. I bought several of her favorite DVDs from Amazon including Super Wings (her favorite), Doc McStuffins, Paw Patrol and Dinotrux. I think the writing on these shows is really quite good. I also had to buy a current inverter so I could plug it in through a device attached to the car’s lighter. I got everything hooked up and gave it a test. Penelope loved it. I’m so happy about it. She was watching shows on her iPad (paddy) but it was killing us on data usage. This will be way better and her favorite shows!

I think the sound and picture are both really good too. The only challenge is those DVDs are so fragile. That’ll have to be a Mama change thing.

I came down the road this evening to release the second squirrel I caught today (#23). This big wisteria vine hit my windshield with tremendous force. I turned around and did my best to get it out of the roadway. I need my saw to really take care of the problem. I thought I was going to be able to just pull it down. It actually supported my weight! Tarzan!

Came home and blew the garage out. K always appreciates that. Now that I think about it, I probably should have done the back as well.

Admin duties now.
I’ll write my book’s description this evening. Last night I set up my account with the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) site.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Pictures! Podcast! Origami! Bike!

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:01 pm  

Last night, I worked on the pictures for my book Story Tim.

Checked to see the size of the file for my book. I took a lot of pictures out because I read that Amazon charges a larger percentage if it has to send big files.

I released a new episode of Verbal Surgery -549- “Fake Rake!”
Uploaded to my server.

Link on Facebook.

Did a LIVE broadcast on Facebook.

Studied Spanish and Swahili.

I’ve forgotten things that I wish I hadn’t. One is Tai Chi. I only remember a few of the 24 forms. It was hard on my knees. And the other is origami. During my great Spring Clean, I discovered some of my origami books. I was able to finally remember my two favorites: The butterfly.

And the Crane.

The kids at the mission are still doing testing. So I didn’t make the drive into Chamblee.
Went for a 7.65 mile bike ride. Beauty weather and surroundings.

Admin duties now.
Plan on signing up for the Kindle Publishers page this evening.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Book! Podcast! Mission!

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:49 pm  

Worked on my book last night. I made the Table of Contents as well as removed most of the photos and formatted each chapter properly.

You have to view all the mark up language that normally isn’t visible.

Amazon is very specific as to how the code has to be for the Kindle version–which is the only version I plan to sell.
Studied Spanish and Swahili this morning.

This angel wing begonia is really blooming. Magnificent!

Recorded a new episode of Verbal Surgery this morning! It was cold in the mobile studio.

Rained about 1.25″ yesterday.

I’m trying to keep my rooms clean. Starts with not tracking it in from outside. So keep the carpet clean and have more rugs that are shaken frequently.

I brought the succulents that I repotted back inside. It was cold. This morning my weather station said 38F. Later, it was still pretty cold.

With all the spring cleaning, I was ruthless with old socks that sucked. Got some new ones. Few things make me feel as good as fresh socks.


We are trying to figure out a way for Penelope to watch videos in the car. I got an eletric converter so the DVD portable player that I have can be used without constant charging.

I have sets of DVDs coming for Penelope to watch.

Still reading Enlightenment Now.

Took all the exhibit supplies back to our storage room at FBC Doraville.

We used it at Jodeco Road BC this Saturday.
Went to the mission to help the kids. They will be testing several days this week as well for the Milestone. Very little to no homework. I stil enjoy seeing the girls and playing with Penelope. It was pretty cold outside. Not many kids running around.

Deposited checks into the bank. Thank you, Lord!

I renewed my subscription to NASA’s “Spot the Station.” It gives me the time and coordinates for viewing by text.

More expensive dental work on Thursday. Hopefully, I won’t have to have a root canal on one of the crowns that has failed and has decay under it. Nothing hurts. Thank you, Lord!

Admin duties now.
Work on photos for my new book Story Tim.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Swahili! Westside! Replanting!

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:35 pm  

Studied Spanish and Swahili this morning.

I broke the streak by just five minutes. I finished the exercise just after midnight. So it goes. I doubt I’ll ever go 282 days again. But I just keep doing it.

Went to Westside this morning. Rainy day. Lots of people cut church. I enjoyed it. Pastor Ben talked about God having us in his grasp.

It must be hard to watch your church in decline week after week. It’s still a great church!

Part of cleaning my room involved an assesment of the plants in my collection. Many of them needed transplanting.

I looked for all the pots that I had and cleaned them up.

Then I matched each plant with its pot.

I put some paper at the bottom to help keep the soil from coming out.

Then put the soil and plant in.

I used garden soil rather than potting soil. I reckon they’ll be ok.

Sprayed down the garage and driveway.

Admin duties now.
Tonight I will also work on the Table of Contents in my new book Story Tim–Adventure Land.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Ashley at Jodeco! Cleaning!

Tim A. Cummins @ 11:40 pm  

Early morning! Picked Ashley and Everly up and drove over to Jodeco Baptist Church in Stockbridge, GA.

Studied Spanish and Swahili.

Spent a couple of hours clearing out extra stuff in my closets to either throw awa or donate.

All my stuff was just jumbled together and unorganized.

This was at the bottom of where I hang clothes.

Separted into trash.



Because the recycle guys didn’t pick up any of this stuff, I moved it off the road. I’ll have to just put part of it out there each week.

Dropped off a bed with the headboard, a humidifier, three bags of clothes, suitcases . . . other odds and ends that still could be sold to our local thrift store.

Gassed up Kathy’s car. It’s her birthday in a couple of weeks, better start doing stuff NOW!

This was my cleaning spree today.

After dropping off the stuff, I went to Walmart to bring more stuff home!

Came home and put everything up.
Admin duties now.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Girls! Cleaning!

Tim A. Cummins @ 11:14 pm  

Released a new episode of Verbal Surgery -548- “Play With Me.”

Just click on the title and groove!

Uploaded to server.

Link on Facebook.

I’ve been reading about self publishing on Amazon.

Good ideas.

Had fun with Penelope and Everly today! Baby was sad but we still had a good time!

I took them on Safari in my new Gorilla Cart.

I was teaching the girls about identification of trees. Pine tree bark is different from Sweet Gum bark for instance.

I’m introducing the girls to the keyboard. It can make an astonishing about of sounds.

We had some ice cream together.

Being silly.

After the girls left, I started cleaning the house. Blew the deck.

Swept and Swiffered the kitchen.

Vacuumed the house.

Started cleaning my downstairs area. It was pretty dirty. I had a lot of plants in there during the winter.

I started with sweeping.

Then vacuum.

Then Swiffer.

Then dry the floor with a towel. Critical step as the floor can REALLY get slippery.

Those little pads pick up a lot of dirt.

I think it’s way better than a wet mop.

Shook out all the rugs.

Put fresh bags in the trash cans.

Fresh, clean Sanctum Sanctorum!

I’m storing some of Penelope’s toys in the south corridor.

I cleaned off the table top.

I have a collection of the succulents that I need to repot. I have to evaluate how many I need against what I already have. That’s a tomorrow job.

I worked over five hours on the house this afternoon and evening.
Admin duties now.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Podcast! Cleaning!

Tim A. Cummins @ 10:06 pm  

Studied Spanish and Swahili.

Recorded a new podcast this morning!

Came home and put my new cart together.

Took about an hour to put together. Very clear instructions and parts labeling
I sure put it to good use today! BIG help!

I found interesting things as I cleaned up. This was a notification that some of my art was in an exhibition in Canada! I’ve had my stuff shown in Japan, behind the Iron Curtain and in the Dallas Museum of Fine Art!
I took a look of stuff out of the south corridor today. I’ll take this dehumidifier over to the clothes closet to sell.
Lots of stuff to recyle from my cleaning outside and inside!
I set up a workstation in side to process each box of stuff.

I found the origami book where I learned the butterfly that I love. Woot!

Also found lots of envelopes and printer paper from the days when we used color paper to print on. For the last few years, our friend Joel Harrison has been printing them for us. He’ll be retiring end of this year. Not sure what we’ll do then.

Went through all the boxes, sorted and thew stuff out that wasn’t workable.

This is the area where I had kept most of my tools. When he installed the new waterheater it was bigger than the old one, so I couldn’t squeeze beside it. That blockage is what started me cleaning out the south corridor so I could access my stuff through the back section.

We had had some flooding a few years back. I had never completely cleaned it up until now.

Gotta say I love my new cart. WAY better than a wheelbarrow. And the fat tires are sick.

Another blast from the past. Here I was explaining what a Blog was, a web log. I started blogging in 2004.

Nearly a whole box full of just printer paper.

Family pics.

I started straightenening this section too, then just pooped out. Worked more than three hours on the project. Dusty, dirty work. Being outside was way easier.

Put the heaters and fans along with two suitcases in the area under the staircase.

Sorted and set up a table to set things on.

Extra stuff in the corner.

This final load I’ll take over to the clothes closet soon. Too tired to do it today.


End of the day to be recycled.

Massive difference. Pretty much like my whole week as I attacked stuff.

I walked nearly two miles hauling stuff out to the street from my room. SO glad that cart came in today.

I found some Chinese pineapples for Ashley. Originally, the gift was for Dule Hill. It never did get to him.

I’m loving my new begonias in my window.

Studied more about adding pictures to my book. Need to rethink some things since listening to that video.

Admin duties now.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Podcast! Cleaning! Mission!

Tim A. Cummins @ 11:27 pm  

Studied Swahili and Spanish this morning. Duolingo has started a new “crown” system that means each level has multiple advanced exercises.

Recorded “Fake Rake” this morning.

I love being in the mobile studio so I can see this view.

Do you see the bird’s nest? It’s actually INSIDE this bush!

English Ivy takes over trees.

Captured squirrels #19 and #20 today. When I took this picture there were three eating the bird seed.

Right before capture.

I take them about five miles from my house and release them in the forest.

Got my new cart today. Pretty excited about it. Still have to put it together. I could have really used it this evening.

Swept and mopped all the non carpeted areas. Kitchen/Laundry room and Bathrooms.

I follow up by drying it with a towel. Otherwise it’s slick as ice.

I attacked the West Corridor this evening. My goal was to get all the clothes out and the computer monitor.

I established a work station to process all the clothes.

Went to the church to check on the mail.

To the mission! The girls were doing some exercising!

Penelope and I had fun playing with the rocks and woodchips. The kids don’t have homework because of the Milestone testing.

I liked Ashley’s chalk drawings.

Came back home to work on that corridor.

I had tons of clothes back there.
I definitely made progress!

All those hangars had a shirt.

I bagged all of the shirts up and took them to our local clothes closet.

Admin duties now.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Podcast! LIVE! Yard!

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:42 pm  

Released a new episode of Verbal Surgery -547- “Mind Vine.”
Just click on the title and GROOVE!

Uploaded to server.

Link on Facebook.

Studied Spanish and Swahili. Usually about twenty minutes.

I got grass stains on my blue jeans. What am I? A kid? Sprayed it with glass cleaner and scrubbed. Looked better.

Went LIVE on Facebook with “Mind Vine.”

Who am I? Inside or outside Tim?

Cleaning out the area under my deck. Lots of stuff to recycle.

Recycling an old art project.

Flattened out an old cage. Put it in the border area with my neighbors.

I thought I had won, but I saw two sprigs of poison ivy. Bitch.

Never feel like I’ve really been working until I get some blood going.

Raked out the leaves and pinestraw from the monkey grass.

Hard mowing.

St. Francis looking good.

Filled in some holes that the kids dug about fifteen years ago. Rocks, then sticks.

Then pine straw. I’m hoping that will fill it in, but we’ll see.

Here’s a look around the yard.

Nearly 1/2 acre!

From the north end of my yard.

Heavy duty mowing.

From the northwest corner.

Watered plants.

Raked the leaves from underneath the shrubs.

Brought the leaves up to fill in a pathway from my back door to the front.

Last job of the day is to pull off the leaves from my socks.

Worked for 3:44. Lots of exercise.

Admin duties now.
Study more on the book conversion for Story Tim.

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