Whirlwind Missions

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Cold! Anthony! Fluids! Azalea! 1.12.22

Tim A. Cummins @ 10:43 pm  


Life is Ruf.

I purchased some insurance from DJI to cover my drone in case of an accident. DJI is a Chinese company and sometimes it’s hard to understand what their website is saying.

I called Atlanta Hobby and they explained to me what to do in regard to activating the insurance. Felt better about that.

It was a cold day. Whenever it gets below 60 in my room, I start to feel it. It’s never that big a deal. I just dress for it.


I’m studying aviation again. Drones are a great way to experience the sky. I used my Flightradar24 app today. Point it at a plane and it shows all the flight information and a picture. So cool.

I heard this word today.

Added coolant to Kathy’s truck. I added this whole container and it still needs more. It has a small leak somewhere.

Never too much girl time.

I’ve really been able to use my Spanish a lot lately. It’s very gratifying.

I just realized that 781 is more than two years. Huh.

I also saw that Duolingo has opened up three new “trees” of study for Spanish. That’s months and months worth of work. I used to be able to place out of whole sections. Now, I really benefit from doing all the lessons.

Checked the levels in my car and gassed her up.

Had a fun talk with my buddy Anthony.

Helped the kids at the mission.


Picked up medicine for K and J.

Got the groceries.

Processed checks.