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Thursday, August 10, 2017

John! Ashley/Penelope! Portuguese!

Tim A. Cummins @ 5:46 pm  

Rained nearly 2.5″ yesterday!

Studied Portuguese this morning. Sick of hearing about it? Lol!

Focused on verbs this morning.

Today I started a new chapter in my life with one on one Verbal Surgery/Power Prayer sessions!

Although, I’ve gone through these techniques with thousands of people hundreds of times, it’s always special to work one on one and way more intense! Thanks to my friend John Cook for supporting me and helping himself, too!

After our time together, we went out for Vietnamese food then over to the Buford Highway Farmers Market for crepes. While there, I got to speak Spanish, Vietnamese, French, Russian, Swahili and Farsi! Good times!

Went to Clarkston to visit with Ashley and Penelope! I had some checks that I couldn’t get to go through the ATM machine at the bank. For some reason the phone works better! We got the money in the bank and had fun talking about upcoming events. Ashley is doing a phenomenal job calling people. SO proud of both my girls! She’s going to the beach tomorrow with her family. GLAD they can have some fun before the baby comes!

Miles had on his new microfiber shirt from the zoo. He looked like a super hero!

Came home in torrential rain. I hope to ride this evening, but I’m always hesitant when the roads are slick.

Working on eliminating addresses from the Research list that bounced. Fortunately, not too many!

Pray that the response will be HUGE!

Admin duties now.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Portuguese! Sing Prep! Bank! Tent!

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:50 pm  

Studied Portuguese this morning. Surprised?

Had a good talk with my Mom. I always keep her in the loop. Especially when I’m stressed out. I keep repeating, Romans 15:30. “May the God of Hope fill you with Peace and Joy as you trust in Him. So that you will overflow with Hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

Went to FBC Doraville to pick up checks, the Golden Box of Jams and the projector.
Getting ready for Sunday at Westside.

Got the projector so I can work on presentations I’m doing in September.

Went to the bank to deposit checks. Thank you, Lord!

Picked up a Roku Express + so Kathy can watch Netflix on the analog TV.

Later, I talked to Xfinity. Earlier they had told me that having internet and most basic stripped down TV was $100. Today, they told me that internet was $79 and adding TV was less than $2 more. So I guess I’ll keep the local TV stations. Still nice to have Netflix though.

Makes sense.

Worked on insurance for the mission. Back and forth and back and forth. I think we have it squared away now.

Speaking of Squared away, I got the Square card reader activated. I can now take credit card payments for my new Verbal Surgery biz.

Also added a Yelp site.

And I have my first client tomorrow. Yeah, baby!

Jesse had a huge branch crash through his tent this morning. Thank God he wasn’t hurt!

Went to Walmart to get him a new one.

Went by to see the Kendalls!

Kathy worked four hours today at the day care center. SO glad she’s feeling better.

Pray for our finances. I was overdrawn at the bank. I have many Whirlwind checks that I’ve kept. I deposited a small one to put some money in my account. Always scary when I’m broke and the ministry doesn’t have much money either. That’s one reason why Ashley and I are both creating part time jobs.

Another of our ideas is taking people on Safari. I worked on marketing that tonight. Website availability and names are job #1.

Looking at making small 5×7 signs with business cards that people can take. That would be a really cheap option for promotion.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Portuguese! Podcast! Research! Bike!

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:30 pm  

Rained a little over 1″.

This morning I worked on Portugese! Keep getting better!

Released a new edition of Verbal Surgery!

Check out Verbal Surgery -478- “Just Let Go!”

Click on the title and GROOVE!

UPloaded to server.

Link on Facebook.

Recorded a new podcast! A terrific episode called “The Write Stuff!”

Took all the stuff of Kathy’s out of my car and put it in her car.

Really bad news. I really hate what the Republicans are doing to this country!
For sure!

Isn’t one enough?

Jesse and I revised the Whirlwind Missions.org site. It needed to reflect the new standing with the missions.
Did research on the Physical Therapy centers in our area.
Biked 10.86 miles.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Portuguese! Verbal Surgery Site! Penelope!

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:02 pm  

Worked on Portugese! Surprised?
Let Pastor Ben know where our outreach event will be on August 27th @ Dunwoody Glen.
Worked for hours on my Verbal Surgery site. Updated all the podcasts. I added over 55 to the site.
Very complicated. Taking the links and descriptions from my server and putting them on the other site. WordPress has made it very tricky to do. Everything has to be exactly right or it doesn’t work. Used to be WAY easier.
It was so difficult I almost gave up once. Then I realized, hey, I don’t give up!

It all has to do with a part time job I’m working on. I’m very good at helping people deal with pain and sleep problems. It comes from a combination of interests including neurology, communication and hypnosis. I’ll be offering seminars to people to help with both those major issues.

I plan on focusing on rehab clinics first. Perhaps also helping at nursing homes as well.

I think it’ll be fun and it’s always rewarding to help people.

Had a great time with Kathy and Penelope. We took her to the pool. She liked playing with the flat, black rocks.

She’s completely intrepid and always ready for walkabout.

We heard that the insurance from the new company refused to cover us because our website had so many locations mentioned. We’ll have to clear all those out and apply again next year. I was kind of bummed out about that. Having the baby helps!

We were going to gave to pay $11,000. The company we were with said they’d drop that down to $3,000 with only one location. The other company said it would cost about $1,100. Any way we cut it we’re still saving over $8,000.

Admin duties now.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Portuguese! Westside! Seminar! Bike!

Tim A. Cummins @ 10:17 pm  

Worked on Portuguese morning. Always making progress!
New high score in ClozeMaster.
Went to Westside!
Pastor Ben baptized two men today! Amen!
John led the singing. I’ve enjoyed playing djembe with him.
I’ve been working on this verse this week. I was shocked to see that it was the verse for our church too!

I worked on my version of sermon notes.
Went for a 15.49 mile bike ride.

SO glad I was able to get some exercise before it started raining.

Beautiful clouds today!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Portuguese! Warhol! Spiderman! Yard!

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:33 pm  

Studied Portguese this morning!
Watered my plants.

Cleaned and refilled all my bird feeders.
Went to downtown Atlanta to see the Andy Warhol exhibit at the High Museum of Art.

It was a fun walk from my car to the exhibit!

I always think of the Amazon jungle when I see Verbena.

The High is a great museum!

I really like Warhol’s style.

They had a lot of his earliest work.

Lots of famous quotes by this modern art master!

This one really impacted me. I have had a camera constantly by my side for over twenty years now.

I love his industrial work.

His Marilyns are my favorites.

He did many of these works in sets of ten.

I liked his signature.

Interesting themes.

Self reflection.

I liked this one a lot.

He designed work for the Rolling Stones.

I have a fascination with skulls.

He had a major impact on Pop Art.

My favorite!

Did the grocery shopping on the way home.

Uploaded pictures to Smugmug and Instagram.

Then went to see Spiderman. Fun movie.

Came home to work in the back yard.
Picked up hundreds of sticks.
I mowed nearly a half acre.
I was drenched with sweat.

Hard to push and 1.39 miles!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Bike! Portuguese! School Supplies! Podcast!

Tim A. Cummins @ 7:47 pm  

Thursday evening I went for a 12.75 mile bike ride.
This morning I worked on Portuguese.
I’m doing well with ClozeMaster.
I think 104 is the highest I’ve ever scored.
I fixed our vacuum cleaner this morning. It wasn’t raising and lowering the levels properly. Nasty job.
I recorded a new podcast! “PROfound” is just that! It’ll release in a week or so.

We distributed the school supplies we got from our Perimeter Church partner. We took everything out of the book bags and put in just what the kids need. It’s WAY more fair that way. Then we’ll give them stuff all during the year.
Our neighbor Angela and her three daughters helped us.
We gave out 30 book bags.

We had quite a crowd. We went for the window distribution this time. We are still working on the insurance for the mission. I told management we wouldn’t have anyone inside until then.

Never too much Ashley!

I released a new edition of Verbal Surgery -477- “I Can, I WILL!” I fired up episode if there ever was one!

Just click on the title and GROOVE!
Uploaded to server.

Link on Facebook.
I repaired a bag that Kathy’s sister gave her.
Admin duties now.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Computer! Mail out! Insurance! Penelope!

Tim A. Cummins @ 4:36 pm  

Jesse helped me reapportion the drives on my computer late last night.

There was plenty of room, just not on my C: drive. It took hours for all the files to be moved around. Had to wait till today to work on my normal admin duties.

First thing this morning, I worked on the insurance forms for the mission and called our insurance agent.

We are going with another company. We worked with this agent for years before we changed. We went to another company because we got better rates for covering over 30 missions. We are now just covering one. We’ve spread the others out to other ministries or have closed them because of lack of volunteers. We cover as many as we can with our teams from out of town.

Worked on Portuguese.

It’s weird how I almost see DuoLingo as a type of fortune cookie.

I usually spend time with ClozeMaster as well.

Got the new Stone Mountain sticker in my car.

I got a new hummingbird feeder for Ashley and mixed up some fresh juice for the birds. Love them.
It’s a one to four ratio. I usually do one cup sugar and four cups of water. I have four feeders going at my house.

Went to the Post Office this morning to turn in the letters I completed last night.

I did over 500. I watched all of Season Four of Sherlock and most of Rogue One before I was finished.

Nearly midnight when I had Jesse come and figure out the drives on my computer. Man, was I glad he was here to help. I was pretty clueless as to what to do.

Did the grocery shopping.

Enjoyed watching Penelope. She’s always such a blessing.

See anything weird about this picture?

This struck me as funny.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Podcast! Mission! Antiques! Insurance! 8.2.17

Tim A. Cummins @ 4:04 pm  

Studied Portuguese. Better every day!

Started memorizing Romans 15:13.

Tuesday, I focused on getting the mailout completed. Huge job.

Recorded a new podcast! “Our Hour” is pretty dark but a very personal look inside my head! It’ll release next week.

I released Verbal Surgery -476- “Flags”! A terrific episode on how to spot your triggers in life. Just click on the title and GROOVE!

I got the newletters and the first set of letters in the 741 Research List in the mail.

Went by the mission to let moms know I was doing the School Supply distribution on Friday. Put signs up.
Filled the car up.
Ate lunch at Plaza Fiesta.
Wasn’t many people there. Our yogurt place went out of business.
I thought it was interesting that them made a sign in English, too.

While I was at the mission, I also disconnected the wifi modem and took it back to Xfinity. We are doing everything we can to save money.

Stopped at Metropolitan Artifacts.

They are going out of business. I’ve seen this place hundreds of times, but never stopped it. It was fantastic!

This is what caught my eye. I’d love to have that. But not $5,500 worth of love! And that’s half off!

It was one long photo op. Wow.

I reckon these guys are great!

I thought these were interesting.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Portuguese! Insurance! Mail out! Bike!

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:30 pm  

Studied Portuguese this morning.

Released a new edition of Verbal Surgery – 476- “Flags!” What are the warning signs that you are stressing out? Understand and use them!
Uploaded to server.
Link on Facebook.

Mileage log for July. I haven’t cashed a check for mileage since the beginning of the year to help Whirlwind with finances.

Talked to the management of Azalea Place about our situation with insurance.

Went by the church to get the mail and check on our lock up closet downstairs.
To the bank to deposit money.

Talked to the director of the Recreation Center at Doraville to get showers for a team coming in August. Looks like it’ll work out!

Went to Ashley’s house to work on the mail out. Huge job.

We also wrote letters to our insurance agents.
Baby was asleep when she got home.

She put on my socks, too! What a sweetheart!

What a wonderful family!

I have all the pieces ready for the mail out and the newsletters now!

Went for a short bike ride. I ate when I got home and had to wait for my stomach to settle. Got started late. I don’t ride when it starts getting dark.

Admin duties now.

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