Whirlwind Missions

Monday, October 1, 2018

Bills! Bed! Mission 10.1.18

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:24 pm  

Studied Spanish and Swahili.

Sometimes it’s hard to get the answers correct because the English sounds so weird to me.

Kathy got her inheritance money. Amen! I was able to pay off our gutter and carpentry bills as well as our credit cards.

We also were able to get Ashley and Miles a new bed. Awesome! Penelope approved!

We got them the King size. It should help them get a LOT better night’s sleep.

Picked up the newsletters from our partners at the Atlanta Metro Baptist Association.

Our friend Joel Harrison is retiring at the end of the year. Pray that the new director will continue that ministry to us!

Picked up the mail from FBC Doraville.

Helped the kids at the mission.
Everly was playing peek a boo with me.

Always great to see the kids.

They helped us stuff the newsletters into the envelopes.

Everly enjoyed her banana. She didn’t want Ashley to help peel it a bit more.

After we finished helping the kids with their homework, I took the crib apart in Penelope’s room. Ashley will put her old mattress into P’s room.

Glad I had the right tool!

Put all the pieces into Ashley’s Jeep.

Then took it over to St. Vincent de Paul for someone else to use.

Got the newsletters into the mail.

Deposited checks.

Ate some spicy tofu at the Buford Highway Farmers Market before I came home.

Beautiful clouds on the way home.

Printed up my ticket to see David Byrne of the Talking Heads tomorrow night. One of my all time favorite artists!

Admin duties now.