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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Grandgirls! Newsletters! 4.29.20

Tim A. Cummins @ 5:48 pm  

I love this quote by Alexander Smith. We like people who are like us.

I studied Spanish and did my brain training this morning.

Nine years ago today I was in New York City with some of my best friends and I purchased this slice of brain that was originally from a medical school in New York. It’s at least 70 years old.

The grand girls came to visit with us today.

We had a lot of fun at the goose park.

I decided to figure out what kind of things we could feed geese.

t was a windy day today and made interesting patterns on the water. The same physics creates this type of clouds as well.

The girls love to jump!

I worked on the newsletter labels.

I ordered more labels.

Listened to radio from Madrid and talked with Everly while I was labeling.

Ashley got them in the mail.

I’m involved with a lawsuit against a hotel in London where a friend of mine was injured. I got the testimony done today.

I filled in a survey about non-profits for the University of Auburn.

Fun day although it was a rainy afternoon.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Bike! Newsletters! 4.28.20

Tim A. Cummins @ 10:22 pm  

I studied Spanish this morning. Spent some extra time working on verbs.

Did my Brain Training.

I released a new episode of Verbal Surgery called “Fine Vine.”

It’s a good one!

Had a good time talking with my buddy Anthony Jacquin in the UK.

I recorded a new episode of Verbal Surgery called “Green Fight.”

Beautiful day here in the ATL.

I went out for a bike ride but just felt tired today for some reason. I cut my bike ride short. I still did 5.96 miles.

I listened to radio from Madrid, Spain while I worked on labeling my Newsletters.

I got everything stuffed and ready to go, but I still need one set of labels and a few stamps. Then I can put them in the mail. Hopefully by tomorrow! I’m running a little bit early but I like to get things done on time.

I look forward to having a grand girls over at my house tomorrow.

Lots of helicopters buzzing our neighborhood this evening. That’s never good.

Tim A. Cummins
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Monday, April 27, 2020

Newsletters! Bike! Zoom!

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:39 pm  

I’m getting excited about seeing the satellites with star link soon! The first time to see things like this are always the most fun.

Here’s what it will look like. Starlink

I studied Spanish and did my brain training.

Worked on cleaning all of the sheets and pillowcases from my bed today.

Worked on printing out the newsletters that Ashley and I do. Printer wasn’t working well and I had to do a cleaning utility several times.

Took them to the church to get printed.

That was the first time I’ve been to my office in weeks. I’ve been taking this quarantine very seriously, except for my bike riding.

I had a fun talk with my buddy Anthony while I was waiting for those to get printed.

I went to Azalea to check on Ashley and her family. I took her the rugs that I cleaned.

The oak tree that I filled with the foam product looks better.

The hole went down about two feet,

Went for a 15.41 mile bike ride today.

Listened to Harry Potter in Spanish and radio from Madrid, Spain.

Beautiful today.

The tree company cut down a bunch of trees in this one neighbor’s yard. There were some big pine trees!

I had a fun zoom conference call with all my brother’s family in Georgetown, Texas. That was a good time.

Tim A. Cummins
Timacummins@ Twitter & Facebook
VerbalSurgery.com. Podcasts

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Grandgirls! Bike! 4.24-25.20

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:56 pm  

Mild today.

I studied Spanish verbs and did my brain training.

I think this may have been my best ever.

Also watched El Dragon.

Had a great talk with my friend Carl Kraeplin on Wednesday night and buddy Michael Perez and my brother Jim Thursday night.

That was fun.

Talked with my Mom Friday morning.

The grand girls came over Friday afternoon. Great time with them.

Cooked lemon squares.

We went to the park and had a lot of fun. They spent Friday night with us.

It’s Kathy’s birthday today! My gift to her was to start learning to cook. I figured that’s the best present I could give her. She agreed!

Ashley and Miles came over for a short visit.

I went for a 15.75 mile bike ride today. My Runkeeper app stopped when I started listening to radio from Madrid.

I need to make sure I keep it running.

I just had a fun Zoom call with my brother and family living in Texas. That was good.

I still need to study Spanish and do my brain training this evening before midnight to keep my streaks going.

I cleaned some rugs that Ashley had today.

That was pretty hard work.

Worked on repairing and cleaning the Equadorian fedora.

Drying out the oak tree again. Just a little water got through the bags I put up. I’ll work of filling it with foam tomorrow.

Cleaned off the driveway.

Put all the toys up from the overnight stay. Putting some in storage from Ashley’s house.

I also cleaned the stove top. Not the easiest thing either. I used a razor blade for most of it.

Did some other chores around the house like cleaning the glass doors.

Started memorizing the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi.

Productive day. As most of them are!

My little rose bush is blooming. So is my Nepenthese pitcher plant.

I liked this shot of my blue pool.

Rained about a 1/2″ on Friday.

Tim A. Cummins
Timacummins@ Twitter & Facebook
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Thursday, April 23, 2020

Groceries! Birthday! 4.23.20

Tim A. Cummins @ 7:59 pm  

Rainy day here in the ATL. Makes the plants happy.

It rained most of the evening. Most of the bad weather went south of us.

I studied Spanish on Duolingo and worked on verbs.

Got the groceries from Walmart.

I always clean everything off before bringing them inside the house. It’s a pretty sophisticated process where they tag the order with a scan code.

It’s Kathy‘s 60th birthday this weekend. Two of her brothers and one of her sisters came over to our house to have a little party. That’s always fun!

I cooked some lemon squares. Delicious!

Had a great talk with my buddy Anthony Jacquin. That’s always a good time.

I recorded a new episode of Verbal Surgery today called List-o-mania. It’s a good one to help you get things done.

I still need to do my brain training. I’ll get to it!

Fun day!

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Zoom! Tree! Bike! 4.22.20

Tim A. Cummins @ 11:19 pm  

I went out last night to see the meteor shower. It was a drought for me. Didn’t see a single one and I stayed out nearly an hour. I usually have better luck with the Leonid and Geminid meteor showers later in the year.

I thought about this poem by WH Auden that I know. I love the “Let the more loving one be ME” line.

It was a beautiful morning today. Expecting big thunderstorms this evening and tomorrow.

I did my Spanish and brain training this morning.

I set up my room in preparation for a big zoom conference call I did today.

I had a great time with the iLab experience that my buddy Anthony Jacquin is leading. My overwhelming humility keeps me from going on and on about how awesome I was. Teehee.

I sealed up the outside of the oak tree that has a hole in it this afternoon before the rain comes in tonight. I’m trying to get it completely dried out before I seal it with foam.

I rode my bike 8.68 miles.

I didn’t go as far as usual because I got a late start and I was afraid it was going to start raining on me.

I cleaned out my rain gauge.

I moved some of my plants so they won’t get caught in the storm.

My little rosebush that I got Kathy for Valentines is growing well.

I cleaned out all of my bird baths.

The raccoons like to sit in this dog water bowl. It’s hilarious to watch them wash their food.

Cleaned outside my door.

Filled the bird seed and suet.

I scrape suet near the base of the tree. Many of the birds can’t grip the tree like others can.

Was a fun and productive day today.

Tim A. Cummins
Timacummins@ Twitter & Facebook
VerbalSurgery.com. Podcasts

Monday, April 20, 2020

Groceries! Tree! Bike! 4.20.20

Tim A. Cummins @ 10:35 pm  

I studied Spanish did my brain training this morning.

I had a fun chat with my friend Michelange today.

I watched a great interview with him and my friend Anthony Jacquin this morning.

Picked up my groceries from Walmart curbside service. Totally the way to go.

Cleaned off all of the groceries before I take them inside.

Huge amount of bags. A lot of wastage with that.

I had a little over 2 inches of rain yesterday.

I realized if I poured the rain water through one of my fishnets that it would get most of the detritus out of the water before I stored it. That was a good idea.

I’m working on cleaning out the hole I have an oak tree. I’ve scraped out all of the rotted wood.

Now I’m drying it out.

I’ve got some expanding spray foam coming in.

On my bike ride today I actually found blocks of foam that I could use and then spray the stuff around it. I couldn’t believe I found exactly what I needed on the side of the road!

I trapped squirrel number 100 today.

That’s a lot of squirrels in two years. I haven’t had any more problem with them getting inside the house, I just keep the population down. Normally, I always keep the cage covered so the squirrel doesn’t get too freaked out. I take them to a forest 5 miles from my house and let them go.

I rode my bike 15.73 miles today.

Beautiful weather.

I finished the third book in the Harry Potter series in Spanish today while I was riding.

My little magnolia tree is growing well.

I liked this plate.

Tim A. Cummins
Timacummins@ Twitter & Facebook
VerbalSurgery.com. Podcasts

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Rain! Girls! 4.19.20

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:14 pm  

Last night I did a study on Percy Bysshe Shelley. He’s one of my favorite poets. I’ve memorized several of his poems. He has an interesting biography.

His wife Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein. I love this quote of hers.

I also think about other poetry that I know in particular song lyrics. I was thinking about a section of the song “Cross Eyed and Painless” by the Talking Heads about facts. It seemed very appropriate in these days of so much false information about COVID-19.

Ashley brought the girls over to visit today. It’s always good to spend time with them.

We had fun jumping on the bed.

I made some lemon squares today. They were delicious. My buddy Anthony Jacquin would’ve been proud of me for that. Yes, I even broke the eggs, Anthony!

Very rainy day today. No outside exercise for me.

I did my Spanish study and brain training.

Enjoyed watching Rockbridge Baptist Church online.

I specially enjoyed my friend Pat Barrington‘s presentation on Peru. It’s my favorite country to visit in Latin American.

I thought Pastor Greg did a good job today speaking from Zechariah. I always remember my trip to Jerusalem whenever I hear sermons from Zechariah. He talked about the Mount of Olives I can visualize it very easily.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Good Samaritan! Gardenia! 4.18.20

Tim A. Cummins @ 10:10 pm  

I studied Spanish this morning. That included some extra work with verbs.

I also saw that Duolingo has a program to help children learn to read. I forwarded that on to Ashley for the girls.

I did my brain training this morning. I did it yesterday too, but later in the day.

I have been listening to Radio Garden from Madrid, Spain.

Had a good chat with my buddy, Anthony.

While I was recording an episode of Verbal Surgery this morning, I had a neighbor friend come and talk to me.

She needed some help to put some oil in her car. I was glad she asked because she was getting ready to pour oil into her radiator! I showed her the right place to put it.

I taught her how to read the stick and how to do the oil if she needed to. Her check engine light had come on and she thought that meant that the car was low on oil. She had no idea what that was so I felt like a Good Samaritan today.

It doesn’t always turn out perfectly, however. I was helping another lady with another project that involved getting gift cards for her from Amazon. Amazon thought that me buying these hundreds of dollars of gift cards was unusual behavior and froze my account.

That’s not zesty. So I had to redo all the passwords. Last year I went from a PC to a Mac environment. I would never go back to a PC. Mac set up a password and then talks to my iPhone and everything is on the same page now. It’s a wonderful system when my laptop can talk to my phone. I’m still waiting from an email from Amazon to verify I can get the last gift card. I may have to end up resetting the passwords again. I have sent a total of 45 emails back and forth on this one project. Sometimes it seems I’m too nice for my own good.

I cleaned and refilled all of my bird baths today.

I also noticed a zipper cloud with sharp edges. I’ve never seen that before.

I tried using Door Dash for the first time this evening. I went to pick up the food and I got freaked out because there was a big crowd and I didn’t want to go inside. The delivery system worked great for only a few more bucks.

I planted a gardenia bush that a friend had given me. I hope it does well it hasn’t been looking very healthy.

I had a good week of exercise this week. I exercised over 10 hours and had biked over 82 miles. That sounds like a lot to me. I had a rest day from exercise today.

Tim A. Cummins
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Friday, April 17, 2020

Bike! Clouds! 4.17.20

Tim A. Cummins @ 6:34 pm  

Beautiful sunny day here in the ATL!

I studied Spanish this morning. I’ve been emphasizing verb work.

I spent some time in my blue pool catching some rays. I only stay in the sun about ten to fifteen minutes.

I studied Spanish while I was doing that.

Released a new episode of Verbal Surgery today. It’s a great one about getting things done called,“Great Big Log.”

I’m working on filling in the hole that one of my trees has developed. I cleaned out the hole. I’m letting it dry out right now. It’s supposed to rain for the next few days so I’ve covered it up with plastic.

When it gets dry again, I’ll use some expanding foam material to fill up the hole. If it rains, the water will just drain out rather than stay at the bottom of the tree and rot the center of the tree some more.

I had a 15.67 mile bike ride today. It was a lot of fun.

The clouds were especially interesting to me today. Some of the formations I like to call “zipper clouds.”

I’ve actually talked to NASA about naming these clouds.

Some contrails are very smooth on both sides and others have the zipper formation.

Today, I actually saw one contrail with a zipper going up and further down the zipper going down. Tha’s very unusual.

I also saw a contrail going through another contrail. You get a feeling for how big that first one is when you see the second line go through the size of an airplane.

Beautiful clouds.

I love this little rose blooming in my front yard. Beautiful color of pink.

Tim A. Cummins
Timacummins@ Twitter & Facebook
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