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Friday, January 12, 2018

Podcast! Portuguese! LIVE! Bank!

Tim A. Cummins @ 7:26 pm  

Released a new podcast this morning! Verbal Surgery -522- “Sloth Moss.”

Just click on the title and groove! Learn the best ways to get rid of bad behaviors!
Uploaded to server.

Link on Facebook.

Went LIVE on Facebook with “Sloth Moss” then recorded a new episode called, “Star Blind.”
Been practicing with the Vixia R80. Fun little camera! Here’s the first
screen capture that I sent wirelessly to my iPhone 7+.

Studied Portuguese. Brazil!

I’m concentrating on perfecting each skill chronologically now just as fast as I can.

My son, Jesse and I were looking at my 23 and Me DNA stuff.

I thought I was going to be 1 up. Couldn’t get it out. Too wedged in.
I got the SD cards in. Worked on getting them all formated properly.

Went to the Bank to deposit money for Whirlwind. Amen!

Did the shopping.

This could be an interesting New Year’s Resolution.

I worked on my Super Mega Placebo Mark II gag for the conference in Belo Horizonte. Hand them out. Tell them it’s a placebo. Then all the amazing things that will happen to them afterwards! Hilarious and powerful!

I decided to go with the Captain Crunch cereal “OOPS!” It’s the one that JUST has the berries. I loved the colors.

I got cute little Panda zip lock baggies to put them in.

Rainy day. Garbage day.

Admin duties now.

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