Whirlwind Missions

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Grandgirls! Newsletters! Sleepover! Azalea! 2.1-2.21

Tim A. Cummins @ 8:48 pm  

The grandgirls spent Monday night with me. So today’s blog combines Monday/Tuesday.


Studied Spanish.

Duolingo continues to add huge chunks of new material, some of which I can’t even access yet.

I thought this was interesting.

Brain training.

OYB. Love it.


The trip is so much better since the pandemic.

Got ink for me and for Ashley. She printed off all the tax letters so we could get them in the mail with this month’s newsletter.

Got the mail from my office.

I enjoyed eating here with the girls. Of course, to go.

Really brisk outside. I had my heaviest gear on, but the wind just cut right though it.

While I worked on stuffing the newsletters into the envelopes, the girls enjoyed exploring and discovering things in my office.

Dropped the letters off. I was proud that we made the February 1st deadline for getting our tax letters out. Actually, I read that this year’s due date wasn’t until 2.12 this year. So we were early.

I added this to my room.

When the weather is really cold, I’m always extra vigilant about making sure that there is plenty of food for the birds.

My bird feeder wire had come loose on one end. I nailed it back up so it’s level.

The girls finally went to sleep about 9:30 pm. I crashed about an hour after that. I woke up a lot during the night, but my sleep tracker app said I got around eight hours.


Another really cold day. We stayed inside.

I read this word in an article.

I thought Seth Godin’s blog was particularly good this morning.


Love my girls!

She worked really hard on her writing today.

Everly enjoyed drawing with crayons.

Studied Spanish.

Vacuumed the house.

Blew the driveway and deck.

Cold, but clear. Always better when it’s sunny.

Hard to believe it, but I had a couple of kids that I helped with homework. It was about 36 degrees. I’m always like, “If you can handle it, I can.”

Came home to catch up on the blog and to release a new episode of Verbal Surgery.