Whirlwind Missions

Friday, February 12, 2021

Grandgirls! Goodwill! Podcast! 2.12.21

Tim A. Cummins @ 5:46 pm  

I liked this from Seth Godin’s blog this morning. He is the premier marketing guru in America. We have corresponded many times.

I got to Global Mall at my regular time around 8:00 AM. At about 8:15 AM, Ashley texted me saying that the girls had had her phone so her alarm didn’t wake her up. To speed things up, I came on into Chamblee to pick up the girls at her house. I shot Ashley screen grabs as I got closer.

Glad I was able to help.

After I picked them up, I took them by the new Doraville United Elementary School that is near the church. We watched them build it over the last year. Then went to Huntley Hills which is where Penelope will start school in August.


From Exodus 32/33.

From Matthew 33.

We went by my office to check the mail.

Ordered glue and some lights to help me see my driveway better at night.

Studied Spanish.

Didn’t know this Latin phrase.

Penelope having fun on the potty with her red dress.

Just kept getting colder and colder.

We went to Goodwill to look for jackets, red pants and toys. We hit the jackpot with Anna and Elsa dolls, which are Everly’s favorite.

We got a fun skateboard for Penelope, a scooter for Everly and a couple more toys for the dolls.

We got Valentine cards from Nana! They loved them.

Rained about .5″ yesterday.

Kathy ran into one of the posts that supports the garage. I got a heavy hammer to beat it back into place. I used another board to protect the beam. Got a level to make sure it was plumb.

Finally, got it close enough.

Miles came to pick them up around 4:00 PM.

Released a new episode of Verbal Surgery -828- “Don’t Fix Me.”