Whirlwind Missions

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Grandgirls! Stone Mountain! Car Problems! Podcast! 2.23.21

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:30 pm  

This is crazy.

New week with the grandgirls! Always great!


Every time I pass Rockbridge Baptist Church, I always pray for the Cordreys in Costa Rica studying Spanish.

So beautiful!

Incredible weather!

We went to Stone Mountain to walk up to our camp site.

They had fun digging in the sand.

I love the tiny plants.

And water on a big rock.


Everly peed on her pants so I had to improvise a dress made of the girl’s jackets hung in the front and back.

Ran the air conditioner!

Studied Spanish.

Helped the kids with their homework. Very little to do.

I watched Penelope ride her bike while Miles took care of Everly who was sleeping.

Full Sun Moon!

Catching some rays.

I got almost all the way home and while I was stopped in traffic, my car started to overheat! That’s not zesty! Went to QT to gas her up and check the fluid levels. Everything seemed to be fine. I got home and it looked like the antifreeze reservoir was completely empty. I added some then I realized it was completely FULL. That means that the radiator had been hot and filled it up.

I decided to take her straight to T and G while the traffic wasn’t bad.

Got her there just fine, locked her up and put the key in an envelope describing what had happened. I also want them to change the oil and the windshield wipers. Needs to get done.

I called Ashley and told her what the situation is. She said she’d bring the girls over to my house tomorrow morning around 8:00 am. Hopefully, it won’t take them long to fix my car. Radiator issues can be a real hassle in that car. Last time it seemed they had to take a LOT of stuff out to get at it.

I walked home. Kathy picked me up near the entrance to our sub-division.

Released a new episode of Verbal Surgery “Clock and Watch!”

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