Whirlwind Missions

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Grandgirls! Stone Mountain! Podcast! 4.6.21

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:28 pm  

I saw the International Space Station for the 69th time Monday night.

I liked this from Seth Godin’s blog this morning.

And this from the Art of Noticing blog.

I wish Auto correct would be better with stuff I do all the time like snd for and.

One of the best things about having been in quarantine for two weeks is that picking up the grandgirls is now done completely in the light. Beautiful sunrise.

Kathy rode with me this morning so she could say hi to Ashley.

We stopped at the grocery store to pick up some apples, watermelon and corn. Such a healthy breakfast!

I saw one of these while we were on the porch eating. A woodpecker as big as a crow!

The corn was super good.

An elderly lady at Walmart once told me how she cooked corn. Leave the husk on it, wrap it in a dry washrag and microwave for three minutes. Awesome!

Studied Spanish.


3/4″ of rain. Several days ago.

The flowers in my yard are magnificent. I need to mow to make the yard really pop. Just been too tired.

Kathy went with us to Stone Mountain. We bought her an annual pass (we call it a “super ticket”) for just a $25 more. Hopefully, she’ll go with us more.

We rode the train and did mini golf. After that we were pooped.

Sent my mileage log to Ashley.

We got ice cream on the way home. That was fun! The traffic to Azalea was absolutely brutal. Took over an hour. Usually less that twenty five minutes. And no faster alternate route!

We sang a lot of tunes to keep us occupied and happy!

Went by the office to pick up mail!

One of our partnering churches sent us $1,500 to help with the septic repairs. Amen!

Processed and deposited the checks.

Uploaded Verbal Surgery “Clogs and Logs” to my server and Facebook.

Had a good chat with my Mom on the way home. We’ve been talking a least an hour every day during the last two weeks of quarantine.

Tired. Still need to study Spanish a bit more before I go to sleep.

Yesterday, Baylor won the national championship for the NCAA in Basketball! Sic ’em, BEARS!