Whirlwind Missions

Monday, April 12, 2021

Calls! Yard Work! 4.12.21

Tim A. Cummins @ 10:14 pm  

Studied Spanish, although not quite as much as normal.

Beautiful weather.

Brain training.


Still suffering with this poison ivy. This evening I tried calamine lotion rather than the aloe vera. The rash seemed to be healing, but also spreading to other areas. That’s not zesty.

Paid bills.

Talked with my tax guy. I need to get a one document as well as answer a couple more questions related to giving and the stimulus payments.

I’m still drying out the carpet. Most of the house is complete. I did extra on the living room so it was a bit wetter than the rest of the house.

I made a LOT of calls today.

Talked with Paul about mission work and helping folks get a job.

My Mom is dealing with some high blood pressure issues. Had a good talk with her.

Talked to my buddy Dan about doing an interview with him on his new podcast as well as being interviewed for his new book. I had some ideas about doing podcasts that I hope he’ll take to heart.

Talked with Anthony. He’s grieving over the loss of a close friend who was only 36!

I had a series of calls with buddies from Africa and Baylor. Started with my good friend Rollin Hooper who I grew up with in Kenya. Also good chat with my friend Eucled Moore, another MK. And Bob Hearn who I played soccer with at Baylor and worked together with in Houston.

Also got in touch with Doug Smith and Joe Dickey, other life long friends. I hope to talk with them soon.

Spent time doing yard work. Super hard. Involved mulching leaves which is no joke.

After mulching it looks almost like soil.

I watered it down to settle the dust and speed up the assimilation process.

Raking was also very hard. I broke my stiff rake.

I worked till after dark! Even raked the street. I got tired of seeing the leaf litter.

That was a LOT of work. Glad the hardest part is done. Still need to do more raking and edge the middle section as well as mow the other part of the front yard next to the driveway.

Then begins the BACK yard which will probably be a three day job. If I take my time I usually don’t hurt myself. I try not to do it for much more that an hour or so. Went over that today. Hope I’ll feel ok tomorrow!