Whirlwind Missions

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Grandgirls! Stone Mountain Top! Sleep Over 4.8-10.21

Tim A. Cummins @ 10:25 am  

I thought this was interesting. This is what I’m using most of it for.

The girls and I look looking at new plants.

Always something new to learn!

Great to hear new music from Glass Animals.

It’s been mild.

K went with me to pick up the girls Thursday morning.


Studied Spanish all three days!

To Stone Mountain to play!

Wrote thank you notes.

Some of my new wysteria is doing pretty well. Others not so much.

Took my plants outside.

Redid my hummingbird feeders. Still haven’t seen any hummingbirds. Sad face.

Birdbaths are popular now.

I mowed for over an hour yesterday. It was super hard.

I forgot to turn Runkeeper on when I started.

Before sleep.


Got some rain. Not too heavy.

Playdough cafeteria.

Penelope and Everly’s art.

I like to help people get fresh water.

Everly got a booboo on her knee.

Had to put some tape on it.

The heating element for baking in my oven burned out. After watching a video on You Tube about it, I decided I could handle it. I ordered the replacement part about a week ago.

Turned off the breaker for the stove. Fortunately, it was actually labeled on the breaker box. I knew it’d be a 50 amp breaker, but there were multiple of those. Unscrewed the old element and held onto the wires with vice grips so they wouldn’t slip back into the insulation. That’s what those YouTube videos warn you about.

It was pretty easy to install, but I was still glad when it powered up the element so I could cook my brownies which were excellent.

I cancelled my Walmart+ account. I got a free two weeks which worked out perfectly for when I was in quarantine with Covid. I’d just as soon go pick it up as to feel bad for not tipping someone well.

Got a little over .5″ of rain today. After taking this picture, I completely cleaned out my rain gauge. Looks a lot better now.

Ashley picked up the girls around 3:15pm. We had a marvelous time together.

I vacuumed the house. I need to clean the carpet. Maybe Monday if it’s weather’s dry.

Released Verbal Surgery 843 “Problems and Soblems.” It’s all about how you describe what’s going on!