Whirlwind Missions

Monday, March 13, 2023

Rob’s Book! SS! AZ! Plants! 3.13.23

Tim A. Cummins @ 9:42 pm  

I found this interesting.

After such drought! It reminds me of the power of prayer. Sometimes it just takes time . . . and then those prayers for rain are granted in spades!

Looks like I’ll be #1 this week. We’ll see. Had a good effort last week.

Got on the phone with Tim Deter about the name change for the SSA web site. He reminded me that the website had my account under Tim A. Cummins. I needed to add the Timothy, which is what we did. It should jibe with what the SSA has as my legal name.

Left a voice mail for Ian. He started homeschooling his son today. That’s a big step. It was one he needed to do.

My friend Rob Chapman wrote a book. He asked me to read it and write a preface for him, which I did this morning.

The temperature is dropping. I brought my carnivorous plants in today till next Winter. They have been in dormant conditions for over four months which is just about right.



Walked 1.41 miles while I studied.

I sent an email to my tax guy today about the $0s under a few years for my SS account. He gave a reply I know wasn’t based on my true situation. I corrected him. I’m sure we’ll get it worked out.

Tried to log in onto the Medicare site. Tim Deter explained to me how to access it.

Gassed up my car. Checked and added oil. When I got home, I filled up my quart can of oil again. I have a 2 gallon jug I pour from.

Listened to radio from Spain.

Everly showed me some new climbing moves. The wind was really blowing and super cold.

Keeps going up!

Ordered a book for a girl at the mission.

Helped the kids at the mission. Really hard because of the wind and cold, plus the email I got about the SS right before they started showing up. I wasn’t in a good mood at all.

Fixed one of Penelope’s toys. I like that they want to take care of their stuff.

Got the carnivores back inside and under grow lights.

Watered the rest of my plants.

Just keep going . . .