Whirlwind Missions

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Doug! Azalea! PE & Holi! Squirrel! 3.8.23

Tim A. Cummins @ 10:11 pm  

I like the artistic style of my buddy Jim Pirtle in Houston.

I talked with a friend of mine who lives in Sacramento. Glad he’s ok!

I always thought this was one of the coolest holidays ever. Holi is the Hindu festival of color.



It was great to see my pal Doug Allison today! We go WAY back! Took him over to Masala in Decatur. Since today is Holi, I wanted to go do something Indian. I actually bought a set of color powders at the Patel Brothers grocery store.

We went to White Windmill for dessert. It was super good. Tiramisu and lemon pound cake.

Good to see my new checks are on the way. They are kind of expensive, but I get the ones with a carbon sheet attached so I always know what checks I write.

The girls were intrigued by the brilliantly colored powder.

I helped the kids with their homework while we waited for Ashley to get home. Miles and I figured we’d better let Mama get home before we did anything too crazy.

The girls had a lot of fun. Their friend Tasfia from Bangladesh also joined in the festivities.

The kids at the mission found a juvenile squirrel. I tried to let it got. Crazy squirrel kept coming back. Finally, put it up in a tree. Still don’t know for sure what happened to it.

Cleaned my shoes after the Holi fun.

Verified that my taxes got to my tax people. Amen.

Just. Keep. Going. Didn’t spend as much time today on Duolingo because of my lunch with Doug. Listened to radio from Madrid for about 45 minutes. It adds up!